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Held Her Grudges Toward Her Ex-Boyfriends, She’d Committed Arson

Look how long, a woman can and will hold her grudges, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Wang, believed that she was unjustly dumped by her two former boyfriends, several times, in the depth of the nights, she’d broken the windows of their cars, and had committed arson, set their cars on fire, as a way, of taking revenge on them for dumping her; the victims suspected that Wang was responsible for their cars being set ablaze, they’d installed surveillance cameras, and the cameras captured Wang, dressing up as someone else, and setting their cars on fire.  The police arrested the mildly emotional and physically handicapped woman, she was very emotional, stressed, “I just felt uneven!”, that, was why she’d committed arson, on her former boyfriends’ cars, the D.A. asked the judge to allow for her incarceration based off of public endangerment, the judge allowed.

The police investigated and found, that Wang had been divorced for several years, a little over a decade ago, started dating a man named Tsai, three years ago after they broke up, she’d met Cheng, last year, she and Cheng broke up too, although, Wang is now, with her third boyfriend, however, she felt that she was abandoned by both of her previous exes, she felt that it was unfair.

This January, in the middle of the nights, Wang was suspected of breaking the windows of Tsai and Cheng’s sedans, and, they’d instinctively believed, that the incidents were related to Wang, but, they’d kept it quiet.  Late one night in March, Wang went to the parking lot across from the community where Tsai lived, set his truck on fire, then, went to Tsai’s resident, and, set the sedan and motorcycle that Tsai parked by the side of the road on fire too, the fire almost burned to the residential areas, the firefighters were able to make it to both spots, to prevent further damages.

Later on, Cheng had installed surveillance cameras where he lived, and at around two in the morning on May 12th, he’d captured footage of how Wang rode her motorcycle to Cheng’s residence, she’d even gotten dressed up, with a big sombrero on, wearing rain boots, and, she’d managed, to wrap the headlights on her motorcycle up as well.

Wang broken Cheng’s car window, poured gasoline into the car, then, set the fire, but because the fire wasn’t big enough, she’d gone back, to set it ablaze one more time, and, the third time she’d lit it up, the fire got too out of control, she’d gotten burned herself.  Afterwards, Wang went to Tsai’s residence, set a motorcycle and his front doors on fire, the fire got to his living room, gladly, it was put out quickly, before anybody got hurt.

The police found that it was Wang, based off of the surveillance footage, made an arrest yesterday.

Tsai and Cheng refused to talk about their ex further, they’d both stated, “She doesn’t have any money, it’s no use to sue her anyway.”

Because this woman felt unjustly dumped, that, was why she’d taken revenge over her ex-boyfriends, and, maybe, she felt bad about herself, and just, projected her angers onto how the boyfriends had broken up with her, which was what caused her, to commit arson.







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A Woman Suspected that Her Husband Had a Spare, Drew a Smiley Face for Him, and Took Her Four-Year-Old Daughter to Commit Suicide

A woman’s revenge, call it that if you will, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The thirty-eight year old Filipino wife suspected that her Taiwanese husband was having an affair, early yesterday morning, after she’d burned charcoal inside her bedroom, she’d hung herself, the eight-year-old son who slept in the same room as she woke up to go to the bathrooms found his mother, he’d called up “119”, to save her, but by the time the fire department arrived, she was already dead, and the four-year-old daughter is in a coma, and she’d died on the way to the hospitals.

Ko’s husband rushed back from China yesterday, and went to the funeral home with the son that survived, he was dumbfounded, and couldn’t manage a word, the D.A. asked about their interactions, and he’d denied that he’d had an affair.

“The reason why I did this, was after I’d found out that you’d kept a girlfriend in China, I can keep going on like this.”  The police discovered Ko’s English note to her husband on the scene, it’d stated that she’d realized that her husband was deeply in love with his spare, and couldn’t put up with her own broken heart, and so, she could only choose to “say goodbye”.

In the note, she’d hoped that her husband would file for her death certificate in English, so her families and friends in the Philippines can use it; lastly, she’d thanked him for all the help he’d given her, and drew a smiley face.

The police investigated, that Ko’s foreign wife and her husband met, while both were working at a tech company, they’d married for a decade, and has a son and a daughter, after her husband was sent to China to work, she’d started suspecting that he’d found himself another woman, last month, she’d taken the kids to confront him in China, along with travel and sightsee too, she’d just returned to Taiwan last week.

The police stated, that Ko and her children slept in the second-floor bedroom, that at four in the morn yesterday, her son woke to go to the bathrooms, found his mother hanging from the ceiling, and burning charcoal, the child called the police immediately, and frantically ran outside to flag down an ambulance.  As the fire department arrived on scene, they’d lifted the daughter who’s in a coma to the hospital, but she was pronounced dead on the ride to the hospital.

The police instigated, that there may have been an opening in the windows, and the son was sleeping, right next to the windows, that, was why he’d survived; the daughter, however, was NOT so lucky.

And so, whether or not the husband was having an affair, NOBODY knows for real, but, the effects of the wife, believing that he was having an affair, was what drove HER to suicide, and, on top of that, she’d taken the innocent life of her own daughter too, and, ALL of this, could still have been, prevented too.

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