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Losing You to Dementia

I’m still fighting this W-A-R that I will NEVER have the chance of winning, NOT when the “enemy” is so horrific like dementia.  During the earlier stages, the medications, the classes I took you to seem to slow down the progression of the illness, but, since you’d become severely demented, NOTHING seemed to work, NO magical pill to make the symptoms of forgetting go away, you just can’t remember anything anymore.

Losing you to dementia, it hurts, real bad, just by thinking about it, that one day, you will forget about me completely, and yet, I’m burdened with the memories of you, that, is just UNFAIR, and I tried hard, real hard, separating myself from that, but I couldn’t, how can I just sever the ties?  You ARE my mother!

Losing you to dementia, there’s NO way out, as we’re BOTH trapped, inside this hard-to-manage labyrinth, and, you are sitting still, while I keep on bumping into those HARD walls, getting so many bruises, trying to get you back again…

The battles’ been fought, and WON, by D-E-M-E-N-T-I-A, and, dementia WILL have Y-O-U one day, and the war’s been lost, by ME, in my attempts, to try to get you back, and, I’d just felt more and more frustrated by the day!











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