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Waking Up into a Reality with You, Or, Keeping Living in a Fantasy with You

Two sides of a C-O-I-N here!!!  Let’s FLIP for it, shall we???

Waking up into a reality without you, or, keeping living in a fantasy with you, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what ARE the PROS and CONS?

Waking up in a reality without you, it will surely be hard, but at least, it’s something that’s REAL, isn’t it???  Now, let’s look at the OTHER side of the “coin”, in a fantasy with you, that should be oh, so amazing, but, the thing about that is that dreamers WILL wake, NO matter how much they don’t want to, they WILL wake, they will get dragged OUT of bed, kicking AND screaming.

Waking up in a reality without you, because that, is the way I will be living, because I’d dealt with the hard facts of life, and, I am still coping quite well, as for that fantasy?  Well, it’s been, uh, hmmmm, let’s see, oh yeah, put OUT of my FREAKIN’ mind!!!  Just like you had been casted away from my T-H-O-U-G-H-T-S…

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Do I, or Don’t I

Hmmmmmmmm, I dunno, it’s a “toss up” here…

So, do I, or don’t I, love you, I mean?  My heart’s telling me “HELL NO!”, but, my body’s screaming: HUMP ME HONEY!!!  And, you know how we have those primitive tendencies, so, guess whose “advice” I took?

Do I, have sex with you, so you’ll hang around a bit longer?  Or, do I withhold my body from you, to make myself seem more precious, but, that has a tendency of backfiring, I’d seen it too all around me, so, I’m swayed between the two right now.

Do I love you, or don’t I?  It’s quite simple, but, when your head’s at war with your heart, then, a TRUCE won’t be agreed upon so easily I’m afraid.  Do I love you, well, let’s see, what IS there to love about you?  The way you made me feel, physically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually, all of that being considered, it’s still way too short-lived, I need something with a LONGER lasting effect, and so, that’s a NO.

But, you’re the one who made me feel so safe (something I’d never had before!!!), and so, I’m lingered between leaving and staying again.

Do I, or don’t I?  Why don’t you just list a “Pros & Cons” then, after you listed all of it out, throw it out, and GO with your instinct, that way, at least, you’d thought things do, you’re NOT acting on a HUNCH, and, you’d have less regrets, IF you do eventually start regretting…

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