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On New Year’s Eve, He Bore Witness to His Father Killing His Mother, Then, Committing Suicide

And, the one who found the bodies were the only son too, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A tour bus driver in Hsinbei City, Jing had a bad relationship with his wife, Huang, and, it was suspected, that Huang was violent toward his wife, and his wife took out a restraining order, and then, separated from him, causing Jing to get angered, after he’d learned that Huang had returned to her family’s house for New Year’s Eve, last night, he took a gun, to his in-laws’ house in Yangmei, Taoyuan, the couple got into a fierce argument, Jing lost control, fired off five shots, killed his own wife, then, committed suicide, they were both dead, it had shocked the families.

The police investigations found, that Jing (age 51) and his wife, Huang (age 42) lived in Shulin, Hsinbei City, they’d been married almost twenty years, had a son, who is currently attending a night school, Jing works as a bus driver, and Huang works at a factory in Hsinbei City.

Jing, was suspected of not getting along with his wife, Huang, they’d often fought, and he’d raised his arms at her a lot, last year in July, she’d taken out a restraining order, then, left where they lived, and only kept in contact with her only son, Jing was displeased, but there was nothing he could do about it, at, last year in October, he too, left the home, leaving his own son to live off on his own.

Awhile ago, Huang received a phone call from her mother, telling her to come home for the New Year’s, two days ago, she’d taken along her only son, to her mother’s household in Yangmei, Taoyuan.

She didn’t expect that her ex found out, and early morning that day, he’d gotten angered, took a gun to his in-laws.  The two of them got into a disagreement in the living room on the first floor, Jing lost control, fired five shots, one of the shots got jammed, didn’t fire off, but two shots had hit Huang’s left eye and her chest.  Huang died on the scene, then, Jing used the gun on himself, on his chest, and the right side of his own chin, the two died, right on the scene.

Huang’s family said, that after Jing and Huang had divorced, he’d rarely came to visit, that early in the morning, they’d heard two shots that sounded like firecrackers, went downstairs, and found Jing, and Huang dead, in the living room, and blood was everywhere.

The police closed the scene, and the CSI found a gun that’s been remodeled, four shell casings, a bullet that wasn’t fired, five total shots, there was NO last note in the houses, the son that Jing and Huang had had bore witness to the murder-suicide early in the morning.

The police stated, that it was suspected that Jing and Huang had finally fallen out, due to long-term unhappy marriage, domestic violence, the police had asked the D.A. and coroner, to set up a day for the autopsies, to find out the actual causes of the deaths, and they’d taken the gun to the detective departments, to cross check the ballistics, to find out where the gun came from.

And so, another NUT still C-R-A-C-K-E-D, and this time, it’s still a murder-suicide, and, this sort of SHIT just can’t be avoided, after all, we can and WILL get dissatisfied with our lives, and, because we couldn’t find an effective outlet for our angers and displeasures, we’d resorted to V-I-O-L-E-N-C-E!!!




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