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Married for Six Months, He Cheated on Her, and She Was Granted a Divorce by the Courts

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man who works at the Hsinchu Scientific Park, Huang, after he’d married for just six months, he cheated on his wife, and because of the discount coupon his wife found in his pant pocket, that, was how she came to know about his affair.  And Huang’s wife found, that the “spare” is the classmate from Huang’s graduate class, Yen, she’d sued them both of obstruction of her family, and filed for divorce.  Yen admitted to having sexual intercourse just once with Huang, and she was prosecuted by the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office yesterday; and because Huang’s wife dropped the charges against him, he wasn’t indicted, but they are already divorced.

Based off of understanding, Huang and Wang were classmates from the same public university, the two of them started dating back when they were in school, they were very steady; later on, as Huang went to grad school, he’d met Yen, and, afterwards, they’d worked at the Scientific Park in Hsinchu together, and, that, was how their love got started.

Based off of understanding, at the start of last year, Huang and Wang registered for their marriage and had a banquet at the start of last year, but, not long after they wed, Huang went behind his wife’s back, and started dating Yen, not only did they have sexual intercourse, they’d gone on various outings together, and captured their happy times with their cell phones.

One day, as Wang was doing her husband’s laundry, she’d accidentally found a discount coupon for a motel inside his pant pocket, suspected that he was having an affair, and asked him if he was?  Driven by his guilt, the man admitted to cheating, and had even given the photographs he took of him and Yen to his wife, and Wang realized, that the “spare” was someone she knew, she couldn’t deal with it, got angered, and sued him.

Another loser who got caught with his PANTS down, and, they’d only BEEN married for SIX months, wow, how short lived the love is, and that still just shows, how you LOSERS just can’t KEEP your DICKS inside of your P-A-N-T-S!!!

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