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The Halo of Having a Higher Degree

Is it, myth, or truth, fact, or fiction, I wonder…

The halo of having a higher degree, this, is what the world is currently, affect by, because in this day and age, IF you only have a bachelor’s degree (hey, wait a sec, that, is what I had!!!), you ain’t gettin’ NOWHERE in the workforce, as those major companies are looking for those who can withstand the stresses that comes with doing presentations, taking examination, and, juggling those research papers, all at the same time, isn’t that right?

The halo of having a higher degree, however, is slowly, losing color, because, as this society ages, people are more focused on having a viable skill, after all, if you have a master or up, and NO job, how the HECK you gonna FEED yourselves?  And so, the halo of having a higher degree is slowly, losing importance, as people today are coming to the realizations of hey, an IVY LEAGUE education ain’t WORTH shit, after all, just because you’d graduated from an IVY LEAGUE, that still doesn’t mean, that you’d have a smooth ride, to the very T-O-P, in the workforce, does it???  Nope, so, looks like the values, the emphasis, they’re, slowly shifting in this world here………


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My Dreams When I Grow Up: Baker & Hairdresser, a Survey of Middle School Students

A shift, in the views of dreams now, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

From before, there were a TON of students who had the goals of becoming a lawyer, a doctor, or an accountant as their future dreams, but, the newest survey of seventh and eighth graders by the Child Welfare Foundation found, that the occupational dreams had clearly, shifted, chef, baker, professional athletes, hairstylist, manicurist, makeup artists, is now, the most popular profession among kids in this age group.

The Child Welfare Foundation yesterday published the findings of the 2014 Middle School Student’s Future Dreams Survey, at the bottom of May and middle of June, they surveyed nearly 1,500 students on the island of Taiwan, and, in the 95 percent accuracy, and by a ±2.565 standard deviation measures.

The boys’ top three professions were “Chef, Baker”, “Professional Athlete” and “Architect, Engineer”; for the girls’, it’s “Beautician, Manicurist, Hairstylist”, “Chef, Baker”, “Nurse”, this, had drifted from the original “three masters”: Lawyers, actuaries, doctors/physicians, the analysis found, that the middle schoolers now believed, that having a viable skill is the “small kind of happiness” jobs that they want.

There was a female middle school student, when being asked by the Child Welfare Foundation that stated, “So long as I’m able to feed myself”.  Seeing how the makeup artists, the hair stylists for the media can earn $2,000, $3,000 at a time, and it seemed that they didn’t need to study for too long, or take some difficult exams, so, she would want to become a manicurist, or a beautician, and this girl is open at being a nurse too.

“Must be stabilized and can do for a long time”, is the primary factor to which the middle schoolers are choosing a job, and this makes up about 90 percent of the population currently, the remaining ten percent was split among “making a contribution to the world”, and “Being able to keep myself and my family fed”.  Almost thirty percent of the middle school students expected that their starting salary after they graduated from college to be less than $22,000N.T. per month.

There were thirty-two percent surveyed who were unsure about the futures, which showed that there’s more work needed, in helping kids discover their areas of interests.  Even though, the students counted on the counsels of the school teachers and the parents on their education, but there were forty-two percent who were found to be in conflict, when they were filling out the areas of interests sheet with the parents.

The survey found, that the most admired professionals by the middle schoolers are Jeremy Lin, the NBA player, the Chef, Yen-Ji Cheng, comic artist, Wan-Wan, along with the professional baker who’d brought home the titles, Bao-Chun Wu, the film maker, Chang, the Cloth Designer, Wu, and the a novelist.

So, the doctors had lost their appeal, because there’s this S-H-I-F-T in values, and this is still due to the environment, and, that, is normal, because every era, every generation is different, so, what your granddaddies took to be wonderful, may, or may NOT apply to your generations, and this is good, because the kids are now, more able, more encouraged, more driven, to work toward their own goals.

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