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The More Years Underneath Her Belt, the Younger She’d Become

How does she DO it???  Translated…

The very last class of community college, there was, the cold fronts, attacking, the temperature dropped to 10˚C.  Out seventy-year-old instructor walked in, everybody was thrilled, she was wearing a snow white long coat, with faux fur scarf, wrapped around her neck, the students exclaimed, “You look like a movie star!”

She’d smiled and took in the compliments, took off her coat, showed the bright red sweater inside, and, shook her red dangling earrings, lifted her chin proudly, “Of course, I’m looking younger as I age!”

She’d told us, that we can’t avoid the aging process, but she hoped that we could successfully age, that we couldn’t let the years slip on by, that, is why, learning became, especially important in old age, and that everybody who was in class had managed that already. And, “dressing hot at old age”, was a concept, she was portraying that day, that as we age, we should put even more time into dolling ourselves up, to not be unwilling to spend the money, we’d worked hard all our lives, and, it’s okay, for us, to be a bit more extravagant in old age; while our bodies still allowed, enjoy life, and carry a laissez-faire attitude toward the younger generations’ affairs in life.  The teacher also provided us with a few restaurants that she and her friends loved dining in, and they’re all, reasonably priced, so, several classmates already made a date, to head over to try it out after class.

The shops she’d referred to us are really good, with an order of hot pot, we’d sweated while eating.  As a classmate wiped away the sweats, she couldn’t help but say good things about it, said, that she’d already lost her sense of taste for many days, because her only son was about to marry, she’d gone shopping for the dress, and tried on over twenty, and still had no feel, right when she was about to head home, she saw a newly designed Chinese traditional dress in the display window, like it was made for her, she didn’t need it altered, without a second thought, she’d bought it.

As she’d returned home, her husband poured cold water on her head, “Dressed so pink, at your age?”, her son also had something to say, “my newly wedded bride would be in pink, and so would my mother, are you, dressing up like twins?” but, pink made her looked even better, she’d looked amazing in the mirror too, but, the father and son talked down to her, and she’d felt bad.

The classmate sitting close consoled her, “It’s good that you and your daughter-in-law dressed alike, you two are in synch, just tell your son that.”, and the other classmates chimed in as well: pink is not designated to younger ladies, says who, that as we get older, we should, stay away from that color?

Dressing younger appropriately, can make us look younger and feel younger as we age.  We’re all students who followed the advice of the teacher, and so, naturally, we will, live by her never-aging philosophy, the next time we have a gathering, we shall all, dress up in pink, to show the supports of our friend’s style.

And so, this instructor is instilling the right kind of values in her pupils, because, just because you’re older, doesn’t meant that you can’t dress in the bright colors, plus, the bright colors can make you look better, so, why not, right???


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A Sixth Grader Who’d Been Paralyzed for Eight Years, with Her Mother’s Help, She Managed to Walk on Stage to Receive an Award

A story of inspiration, from the Newspapers, translated…

At age three, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, yesterday, with her mother’s help, she’d walked on stage.

The school of special needs children, the sixth grader, Lai was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was only three, she was also paralyzed and couldn’t speak, her parents took her to multiple doctors, hoped that she could be like other kids, have the abilities to walk, to go to the bathrooms by herself, and to eat.  Yesterday, she was awarded the model student award by the city of Taipei, she was helped by her mom, walked onto the stage, step-by-step, her mother said in a heartfelt manner, that in the future, she will be taking her daughter around the world too.

The model student awards ceremony was hosted in Fu-Shing Elementary School yesterday, the mayor of the city of Taipei, How handed out the awards to 156 elementary school students personally, and encouraged them to keep being the role model for the rest of the students their age.

Lai’s mom, Wang said, that at the young age of three years and eight months old, her daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, back then, she was like a vegetable, couldn’t even move, couldn’t talk, and can only use gestures, and her tone of voice to show them how she felt.  The parents took the child to seek out treatment, and, in the desperations, they’d accepted the early treatment programs, and, with the assistance of equipments, helped her walk.

Wang said, that her daughter had been wheelchair bound for eight years, and, finally, this year, she’d gotten off her wheelchair and started learning to walk slowly, in her classes, she’d worked hard to learn, and was selected the head of her class, and, this year, she was chosen as the role model for all the students.  Yesterday when Lai went on stage to receive her award, she’d worked really hard, to take her steps one by one, to receive the awards herself, it’d allowed everybody there to see her progress.

Her father, Lai said, that his daughter couldn’t talk, but would often take his hand, to show how much she loved him, and, the small steps she’d taken in her practices of walking, became a huge LEAP for her in life, and, if her physical health is getting better, the family hoped to go on a trip together.

Another model student was the sixth grader from Ximen Elementary School, Hsieh, her parents were divorced since she was very young, she saw how hard her mother worked as a masseur at a massage place, and so, after her classes were over, she’d headed over to her mother’s workplace, to help hand out the towels, and the hot teas for the customers, and became her mother’s little helper.

And so, from this, you can see, how hard this young girl must’ve worked, to get to where she is today, and, imagine the difficulties she still has to face for the rest of her life, but at least, her parents had instilled the right kinds of attitude in her.


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