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Meeting Face-to-Face

On the brand-new ways of how humans shared interactions, translated…

From before when we missed someone, we’d called him up, and now, when we miss our friends, we simply, check their Facebook pages.  But, there are still, some friends who CHOOSE to live beyond the clouds, and NOT get logged on Facebook, for instance, Johnson.

Three days out of a week, Johnson taught classes in Hualien, and, my workdays at the newspaper office end at ten at earliest, and so, it was, really hard, for us, to match up the time, even so, we’d still meet up together every once in awhile, in the late night pubs, or drinking houses, sharing a midnight snack together, and used the goings-on of our lives, as the side dishes, and this, would be the only way I get to “follow” him, after all, he doesn’t use Facebook.

In today’s world, with Facebook, ruling the world, those who are comfortable, being outside the “kingdom” of Facebook, has that kind of solitude about them, like someone who’d insisted on following one’s own ways, instead of flowing along with the crowds, it’s almost, a sort of a personal style, I suppose.

I’d entered into the Facebook “train’’ kinda late myself, had it not been David Finch’s “Social Network”, that’d sparked my curiosities, making me want to see what Facebook was all about, maybe, I wouldn’t even have a Facebook account too.  Because I’d felt, that Facebook had started from the dorm rooms of some college boys, has that sense of losing control one of these days feel to it.  Facebook is a huge bulletin board, the receiving and exchanging of information is a hyper speed, but, you’d get easily mixed up in others’ businesses, and, you will lose your own privacies easily too, so, it is needed, that we keep a safe distance from it, not talking about the private matters, not talking about what’s on one’s mind, because after you’d said it, you WILL regret it.

And, those things you can’t post on Facebook, you can only, disclose them to your trusty friends.

The real feeling, still must be experienced, through the livings of day to day.  Even IF you’d gotten really connected with someone on Facebook, the physical distances between the two of you is still ocean wide.  If you couldn’t feel his breaths, touch his hands or arms, see his facial expressions, then, how can you hear what’s truly in his heart?

So, when I miss some friend, and was driven to check his goings-on on Facebook, I couldn’t help wonder, what hidden messages are unstated, behind those simply stated words?  Is he happy?  How are things going for him lately?  If it’s possible, it’s best, that we meet out at a café or something.

Just like how books in print is still not replaced by e-books, meeting face to face, is still, all too important, the exchanges of feelings, in the end, it still shouldn’t be imagined from the ends of the tablets or laptops.  The exchanges that people share with each other, the temperatures, the hugs, the facial expressions you see, the looks and the smiles, NO amount of advanced technologies can duplicate.  The moment the two of you meet up, the external environments, as well as how the two of you were feeling, right at the moment, will all become worth-savoring memories in the futures, and, the pictures that entered into your heart, can NEVER be replaced, by any kind of electronic products.

Collecting three thousand different accounts on Facebook as your friends, is not as good as having just ONE person you can share heart-to-heart talks with.  So, just ask the person out one day, and, take that long-awaited walk together then.

So, this, is telling us, that we NEED to return to our most primitive form of human interactions, FACE-to-FACE, and, even though inventions such as Facebook can bring people who are so far apart physically closer together, it still wouldn’t feel as real, as having someone who can hear you, pour out your heart, when you got your hearts broken, can it?  Of course N-O-T.  So, STOP getting too addicted to the friendships online, and make friends, physically, the ones you can talk to, face-to-face, after all, FACE-to-FACE interactions are an important part of HUMAN interactions, unless, you want to become a ROBOT, then, I REST my C-A-S-E!!!


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