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The Thirty-Year-Old Who’s Still Young at Heart, Experience in the Workplace


When my son first started working in sales at a travel agency, to tell the truth, I didn’t think he was going to make it.  he was naturally shy, not good with words, how can he compete with those experienced agents?  Plus, there was an unspoken rule that if someone didn’t meet her/his sales quota for three months continuously, then, the person is fired, I’d consoled him to take another job, but he’d insisted on giving it a try.  In the decade’s time, he’d used his smiley face, in this highly competitive field, worked his magic, had outstanding performances, and, it’d left me in awe.

My son told, that he’d gotten called into his boss’s office because he didn’t make the monthly quota too, but he didn’t get into a serious verbal altercation with his boss like some of the workers, he’d smiled to say he was sorry, admitted that he wasn’t working hard enough, begged the boss for one more chance.  There’s a saying, “You don’t HIT someone who smiles at you,” it truly worked!  Smiling, not only managed to shorten the distance between people, it’s also the key to being popular, and it’d helped up his sales.

There was a group of older woman who volunteered at the hospitals who were my son’s set clientele, even after awhile my son was transferred to another unit, where he’d stopped taking single persons, they’d still insisted that he be their salesperson.  My son said, that every time he’d be surrounded by these ladies who had an outflow of maternal love, and they would fight to feed him with their best dishes.  And, on Children’s Day, he’d received the older ladies’ homemade cakes, with a smiley face as the decoration, he must’ve been treated by them like he was their own.  “The volunteer moms are always energetic and so, they never grow old”, my son told me to use them as my role models.

Awhile ago, my son was driving to the marketplace at Tienmu with his girlfriend, then, a call came, told him to rush to Heping E. Road, to pick up a passport, without another word, he’d turned the car around, he’d explained to me, that the family had scheduled to travel to Canada, and that he’d gone twice to the visa department and couldn’t get it all set up, and that today was his day off, and he’d had to be on call.

I asked him if he was angry.  He’d told me.  We’d made a short pit stop on Heping E. Road, and, we were so lucky, found a parking space right away, he’d exclaimed, “I’m so lucky!” later as he’d arrived at the marketplace in Tienmu, he’d gotten a parking spot very shortly thereafter too, my son was laughing and saying, “hmmmmm, wearing a smile, luck will be with me; relax, everything will settle in its place.”

He’s over thirty, and still kept this heart of gold, maybe, this, is why my son is successful in everything he does!

Because this man has a positive attitude, that, is why everything works in his favor, and that still just shows how important attitude is.

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No Need to Fear Cancer


After the diagnosis, translated…

As my daughter went to her freshmen orientation in middle school, I found myself to have cancer.  Until the very day before my scheduled operation, I’d confirmed, that I was at the terminal stage of ovarian cancer, and I must stay in the hospital for more than ten days.  I was in a panic, NOT because of my illness, but, what would happen to my child?  She must face everything on her own: going to school, eating the meals, sleeping, laundry, everything that’s going on in life.  Maybe, it’s because how I’d directed ALL of my attention onto my child, I failed to notice my body, hurting, after the operation, or the pains from the chemotherapy, other than my daughter, I’d paid attention to NOTHING else.

After my chemotherapy ended, I’d rested for just a couple of months, and started working again, but, in just a few short months’ time, my cancer came back.  Since, every year, it’d revisited me again and again, and, I’d gone to chemo again and again too, and to date, it’s been five years.

I’d entered and exited the wards for five years, I’d gotten to know every single nurse, every single intern, some of the nurses even sighed on how I have more seniority than they do inside the hospital wards; and those who are ill and the families who come to stay with the patients are all very curious, how I was able to keep myself so positive.  And the manager of the nurses’ station had often wanted me to go and visit with other patients, so I can spread some of my positive thinking to them all too.

Last month, when I’d gone in for my chemotherapy, I’d tried to hold conversations with other people who are ill in the sun room, but, I’d found, that they carried different attitude than I had, to the point, that I couldn’t even get my points across to them, they were ALL talking about how they’re at the terminal stage, and aching all over, and some of the people there were extremely shocked at how I can remain so positive, even lived until now.

In the multiple years of chemotherapy I’d had, I deeply understood, that cancer is merely using ITS own way, to tell us, that there’s something that needed change in our lives in its own way; it told us that we MUST fix our mistakes from the past, maybe, it’s how we ate, or maybe, it’s how we lived, you can just change those habits one by one, slowly, day, by day, to NOT allow yourselves to get beaten.

And so, it must’ve been hard, getting rid of the cancer and watching it comes back to you again, again, and again, and, it must be getting annoying and painful, going through the bouts of chemotherapy that you’re enduring, but, you did NOT let any of that beat you, instead, you’d turned your experience with cancer into something positive, and you’re still making a very HUGE difference, trying to help others, and that, is making one’s life meaningful!


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