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Pittsburgh Detective, Jack Mook, Took Matters Into His Own Hands. “I Had Enough’

A Father He Didn’t Have to Be…

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Jack Mook, a detective and boxing instructor in Pittsburgh, got curious when two of his students stopped showing up.

He went searching for them and found them at an abusive foster home. Then he took matters into his own hands. This is a classic tale of a by-the-books detective with a soft heart.

What a truly wonderful man! 🙂

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The Prince of Veggies and the Princess of Fruits, a Story on Marriage

A match made in heaven, perhaps?  Because even they worked in the same “industries”, they’d sold different products, so, there’s NOT any competition, translated…

These couple of days, the marketplace close by held a wedding, Xiang, who sold veggies around the corner became Mr. Fruit’s son-in-law, and, Mr. Fruit’s stand was just opposite of Xiang’s veggie stand.  As the news got out, everybody offered the newly wedded couple their blessings.

Xiang’s mother had been selling veggies, when her husband died a long time ago, for the sake of making ends meet, she’d sold veggies during the daytime, and at night, she’d worked as a dishwasher at the night markets.  And because of how busy she was, she’d failed to pay attention to Xiang, who was in his teenage rebellion state.  And because Xiang’s mother worked hard, and neglected to pay attention to Xiang, Xiang got involved with some bad friends, and, was sent to jail.

Two years ago, Xiang was out on parole, and because he couldn’t find a fitting job, he could only stay by his mother, to help out.  Maybe it’s because of the wrong roads he’d taken, or maybe he watched his mother age, and realized how hard life was for her, so he’d worked hard to help his mother, and, he understood the philosophy of produce and methods of selling, was extremely kind to the ladies who came to shop.

If he saw the shoppers with bags big and small, he’d asked, “Are you in a hurry?”  If not, he’d waited until he put up the stand, then, he’d deliver the goods.

His “Home-Services” is extremely popular, a TON of the shoppers would buy more from him, because they needed not haul it home themselves.  And because of his involvement with his mother’s business, the stand was doing quite well.

Xiang had found his direction in the marketplaces, other than taking good care of the veggie stand, he’d part-timed as a deliveryman for his friend’s business, to make the extra cash.  Because of how hard he worked, his kindness toward others, without ANY bad habits, nobody knew of his bad pasts.

Because Uncle Fruit saw him working so hard, he was willing to give his daughter’s hand in marriage to him.  At first, Xiang was reluctant to accept, he’d opened up about his history to Uncle Fruit, he feared that he may NOT be good enough, for the gentle and kind girl.

After six months, Uncle Fruit believed that this young man was amazing, other than working hard, he knew how to act properly, and that this boy, is someone he feels comfortable, giving his daughter’s hand to.

And just so, the Prince of Veggies and the Princess of Fruits became an “it couple”.  They did NOT go on their honeymoon, the very next day after they wed, they’d started working at the marketplaces.  Xiang was understanding that Uncle Fruit needed the extra help, and so, the bride would still help out there, and, after Xiang finished selling his veggies, he’d gone over to the fruit stands to help them out.

Everybody said Uncle Fruit was lucky, gained himself a helper.  Xiang was thankful toward his parents-in-law, to give him a new chance at life, he will work even harder, and be kinder to them both.

Seeing how Xiang had turned over a new leaf, started on his new life, I give my blessing to him.

And so, this man, who’d gotten into trouble from when he was younger, had started anew, now, he works hard, making an honest living, and, he was able to move the man to give him his daughter’s hand in marriage, and, this man is now, on the RIGHT path in life.

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Accompanying My Child as He Grew Up, a Gift from God

Accompaniment is the MOST important thing, especially when the child is growing up, translated…

On my Facebook pages came my son’s dialogue abruptly, “On the June 7th graduation, will you and dad come?”, and, it’s as if I feared he might retract the invitation, I quickly wrote back, “of course!”, this graduation is a gift from god to me.

Getting diagnosed with cancer, is it scary?  Not to be taken lightly, this is a huge challenge, not only to myself, and my family as well.  Those who hadn’t had the experience, wouldn’t get to know what it’s like, living “not knowing if there’s a tomorrow”.  And still, changing my mind, what’s wonderful is, that I do NOT need to live like the rest, wasting my time away on planning the futures, just need to take advantage of now.  And so, the word “dream”, is totally excluded from my dictionaries.

My friends would jokingly call me “type A”, and I’d made fun of myself as a “busybody”.  Actually, getting to the root of all of this, I just wanted that on the day I died, there would be NO unfinished business left for me to handle,

And, outside of my expectations, I’d gotten through over twenty harsh winters, I’d cried when my son was in kindergarten, believed that I couldn’t accompany him, the heavens granted me the wish, of seeing him all the way out of graduate school, how he’d gotten a full scholarship to Princeton University.

In order to repay the kindness from the heavens above, I’d made use of the remain of my years.  I’d stepped down from my public post, and started working as a reporter of events, with my pen, reported the scene of beauty, hidden in all corners of this place, to let everybody see, the wonders of this land.

I am a cancer survivor, I’d bore witness to how being diagnosed with cancer isn’t necessarily a death sentence, I hope, that all of you who read this, can find encouragements from my words.

And so, because this woman was diagnosed with cancer (that’s a near-death experience???), and now she’s free from it, she’d naturally taken advantage of ALL the extra years she’d been endowed, and, it’s with this sort of a good attitude, she will keep on doing things that matter, and she got to see her son grow into a man too.

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