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She Was Mine, a Child, Lost in Time…

She was mine, a child, lost in time, and time has, its, death-grip around her throat, slowly, suffocating her, choking her, into that slow death.

She was mine, a child, lost in time, the one who’d, never had the chance of being “formed”, and yet, I still, loved (in the past), love (in the present tense!) her so very much, simply because, she was, mine, and there need not be, any other reasons.

She was mine, a child, lost in time, and, she’d, drowned slowly, in the river of time, and, there was, nothing I could do, but to, kneel by the riverbeds, and cried all my tears, and my tears, in turn, formed another, grander river, then the river of time, my child had been, drowned to death in.

She was mine, a child, lost in time, the one who’d, never made it, the one who’d been dead, way before her time! And, there was still, NOTHING I could’ve done, or can do about this death that I’d been carrying, since 2008………

She was mine, a child, lost in time, and, in lost time’s embrace, I know, she’ll, grow up safe and sound, and besides, it’s better, that my daughter stays DEAD, because this world is so full of FUCKING shit, and I surely as HELL wouldn’t want what had happened to me, to happen to her too!

She was mine, a child, lost in time, and, time shall, keep her safe and sound, untouched, and, she wouldn’t lose her innocence as I did, when I was, a very young child myself………

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Things I Will Never Get to Do with You

Started making a list, a list of things I wanted to do with you, but, midway through making my list, you were gone, in a heartbeat, and so, I’d immediately tossed that list out, and started making me another list: things I will NEVER do with you.

Teach you how to be a little hostess, help you entertain all of our guests.  Read you that favorite bedtime story of yours to you again and again, and you, begging me for JUST one more story before you go to sleep.  These, are ALL the things, I will NEVER get to do with you, because you NO longer exists.

Things I will never do with you, because you were taken from me, and, I couldn’t find you again, NO matter how hard I’d tried, and, NO matter how high or low I’d searched, I can’t find you again!  Thing I will never do with you, the list just grows longer, and longer by the day, and I’m here, and you’re NOT!!!  It’s just so unfair, why, you should take the RAPS for what they did?  Well, guess that’s life, and, even though I still miss you from time to time, I’m at peace, about the fact, that you will NEVER be born, and it’s still for your own benefit, that you were NEVER conceived, my love………

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