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The Victims of This Marriage

If marriage was abuse, then, there would always and forever BE two victims, as it still takes TWO to T-A-N-G-O!!!

So, who’s to blame, because this marriage got totally FUCKED up here?  We are both, victims of this marriage, or rather, we fell prey to love’s lies.

The victims of this marriage, there would be two, because we are both the victims, and also, the perpetrators, after all, we DID agree, on this SUICIDE pact (sorry, but that, is what marriage is!), and we willingly said “YES” to that important question willingly, and now, we want to back out of it, but we can’t, and thus, we turned ourselves into victims of this marriage.

The victims of this marriage?  Don’t play that innocent card with me!  You’re the ones willingly signed your lives away, you’re the ones who agreed to his proposal, when he got down on his knees, and popped that question?  And you, you had one more chance to RUN, when the preacher man asked, “who here OBJECTS?”, and yet, you still chose to hold your peace?

So, who, exactly, ARE the victims of this marriage?  It’s those kiddies that you or your wives (1 @ a time, as always!!!) are currently POPPING out right now!

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