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Paying Someone Back for the Kindness of Letting Him Borrow a Bicycle, He’d Searched for the Man for Thirty Years, and Finally Found Him

Keeping someone’s kindness toward you in mind, and, finally, paying the person back, from the Newspapers, translated…

An elementary school instructor in Pingdong, Huang, thirty years ago, felt bad for his student, Wu, that he was from a poverty stricken background, and couldn’t afford to buy a bicycle, he’d taken money out of his own pockets and bought one for him.  After Wu graduated from elementary school, he’d left Pingdong, and Huang, his teacher also went to teach at another school, the two of them lost contact, until last year in September, they’d got reconnected on Facebook, in order to pay back his instructor’s kindness, Wu had found resources, and managed to help kids from poverty stricken backgrounds.

Huang, who was from a farming family, had taught for thirty years to date, Kenting Elementary School was the very first school he’d taught at, back then, he saw that Wu and his younger sister wanted a bicycle so badly, and back then, his paycheck was only $16,000N.T. per month, and he’d bought a bicycle worth eight to nine thousand dollars for Wu, he said, “I just simply wanted him to have a happy childhood!”

After graduating out of elementary school, Wu took the bicycle from his teacher and left Pingdong, and Huang also went to another school to teach, Wu had kept Huang, who’s like a big brother to him in the back of his mind, and wanted to find him again, but he didn’t know where to look.  Until last year in September, Wu saw that someone posted Huang’s pictures on Facebook with the captions, “Happy Teacher’s Day”.  He’d finally found out where Huang is, he is now, working in Hsing-Feng Elementary School.  They’d met through the “air” and decided to meet back up during the New Year’s Holidays.

Wu said, in order to repay his instructor’s kindness, after he’d become an owner of a company, he too, had helped out the less fortunate, and gotten resources into the distant regions, to give the children who were born into poverty stricken backgrounds a pull, that he had the intentions of passing the legacy of kindness from his teacher on.

Huang had taught for thirty years, and had made up a TON of methods to teach the kids effectively, toward students who were troubles and couldn’t sit still, he’d “steamed tea” for them, to help the kids relax, to tell him what was going on in their lives to him.  He had set up multiple teaching plans for various students, a student who didn’t like going to school ended up becoming the “little helper in the creeks”, responsible for fishing the fish and the turtles out of the small creek that the school’s close to out, to help the plants in the water regenerate, not only were the students more willing to come to school, they’d behaved themselves more and more too.

Huang said, if he taught, to get the students up to speed, then, there would be eighty percent of class that will be “given up on”.  He kept true to his teaching beliefs of “leaving NO student behind” that he had at the very beginning, “If the child was given up in his elementary school years, then, could s/he be able to find her/himself again?  They’d more than likely to become someone who will drain the resources of the society later on in life!”

And so, this instructor had the heart of kindness, and he really cared about his students, and, he managed to help a LOT of his students, by showing them care and concerns, to help steer them into the right directions.

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