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A Man Raped His Fifth Grade Daughter with His Fingers, and Asked His Wife, “Why Isn’t She Bleeding”?

A Man Raped His Fifth Grade Daughter with His Fingers, and Asked His Wife, “Why Isn’t She Bleeding”?

And you DO see, how this, is still an ABUSING-ENABLING “relationship” that we have here, right??? From the Newspapers Online, translated…

a man over the age of forty, after raping his own fifth grade daughter with his hand had even interrogated his wife, “how come she didn’t bleed?”, the wife called him a “monster”, and he’d beaten her up too. And, after she’d pressed charged, she’d learned, that her daughter had been raped for SIX times already. The District Court in Changhwa found the man guilty, and gave him nine years and two months in prison.

The father was outrageous, he’d talked so leisurely about how he’d raped his own child, like it was NOTHING, and claimed to everybody that “My wife and my daughter, are both MINE to have.”, “I’d taken care of her long enough, so, why can’t I touch her? And I must ‘save’ her for someone unknown?” The judge from the Collective Courts pointed out, that the victim had told her father “NO” each and every time he’d raped her, but, he was too strong for her to fight off.

The verdict stated that this man, between the month of September and October, had taken the advantage of the time when his child was in the baht, and gone into the bathrooms to RAPE her a total of SIX times, and the young girl didn’t dare say anything about it to anyone. It wasn’t until when the man asked his wife about how come the child didn’t bleed from her vagina when he’d stuck his finger into her, that, was when his bad actions got busted wide open.

As the court opens, the man’s lawyer claimed that he was severely depressed, and couldn’t be held accountable for his own bad behaviors, to try to get a lighter sentence, but the judge didn’t believe it, that the man had raped his own daughter multiple times, and that it wasn’t solitary incidences.

And so, this, is the BAD behaviors of a parent, and, it is so outrageous, how a man can totally be without conscience like that, I mean, this LOSER shows absolutely NO remorse, instead, he’d blamed his own behaviors, his LACK of control, on everybody else???







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