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Threatening to Get Back Together

Dangerous lover alert!!!

Threatening to get back together, because I need you in my love, darlin’, I can’t live without you, you’re everything to me, now I know, I shouldn’t have gotten drunk and came home late that night, and beat the SHIT out of you, but, had I not gotten FIRED by my DICK HEAD boss, and as I’d left the office, I can feel my coworkers, laughing AT me, I wouldn’t have needed to go to that local bar to get WASTED, and, had you not NAGGED me nonstop after I got home from drinking, then, I wouldn’t have HIT you, and punched your eyes!

And now, after that nasty hangover, I saw things more clearly, and I realized, that I shouldn’t have hit you, and so, that, is why, I’m on my knees (if you want to make it believable, get on ALL FOURS!!!), begging you please, please forgive me, and I promise I will NEVER lose my temper, or beat the SHIT out of you again.

And, because you still wasn’t moved, I got MAD, because it’s MY incompetence that caused me to lose you, but, I don’t want to admit to myself, that I am, indeed, incompetent, and so, I projected my anger onto you.

Threatening to get back together, and, so what if you got back together, is the relationship mended?  Or, is it even MORE broken from before?  After all, you’d FORCED the other person to take you back, against her/his will, didn’t you?  So, how can you be sure, that her/his heart will forever BE true?

Threatening to get back together, and if you don’t, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll SET myself on F-I-R-E in front of you, so you can watch me B-U-R-N, and, after I die, you’d be left with the guilts, of NOT allowing me back into your life.

What DOES this sound like?  Emotional blackmail, abuse, THE V-I-C-I-O-U-S C-Y-C-L-E?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, what do Y-O-U think???

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