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The Holes in the Security Nets of Society: the Case Had Been Discharged Many Times Before, and Passed the Psych Evaluations of the Professional Psychiatrists

How safe, are we, if the psych ward can’t, even, correctly identify the dangerous who might harm others, huh???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The social security nets is the vital policies of the president, Tsai, yet, there were the repeated cases of attacks on locals in Pingdong by someone with schizophrenia, the female super convenience store clerk had been severely wounded, and the president’s policies are questioned.  The head of the county, Pan stated, that this is a serious problem, a lesson learned, that he will, evaluate the laws more closely.  The psychiatrists suggested the families to get their loved ones into treatment, to not go soft of these individuals with these conditions.

Based off of understanding, Yang, the assailant from eleven years, had similar records, started in 2017, he was treated, and categorized as “difficult to cure”, every time he was admitted to the psych wards, he’d started crying that he wanted to be, released.  Pan said, Yang had been in and out of the hospitals multiple times, and had been evaluated closely each and every time, other than the related rules, all the assessment made for his discharge went through the professional evaluation of the psychiatrists.  But, the patient had injured others multiple times, Pan stressed that he’d already, requested that the hospital enforce a stricter rule of evaluation, and the man will be admitted to the psych ward as a long-term resident now.

The C.E.O. of the Pingdong Clinical Psychologist Association, Hu told, that the case has violent tendencies, always used threats of violence on others, that she’d advised to have him locked up long-term.  If the families wanted to take him home, then, they must learn how to interact with the case, to avoid violence, to change their ways of, interacting, relating to him from before.

a place like this then…photo from online

Hu said, that psychological disorders aren’t a “get-out-of-jail free card”, the penal code 19 states, that punishments shall be waived if the individual can’t tell the difference of right and wrong behaviors due to psychological disorders, or other mental conditions.  But, the third of penal code 19 also stated that “unfitting to be used if the act of harm was intentional, or the individual admitted to knowing what’s right and wrong!”, and, if treatments aren’t given, there will be, the criminal charges enforced.

Hu suggests that the family seek out help as early as they possibly can, a lot of the families, due to their lack of understanding of the psychological disorders, are afraid, with the communications with the trained professionals, they can accumulate the skills to caring for their loved ones, and can, more easily, avoid similar acts of violence from recurring.

and this is the modern-day “version” of the psych ward…

with the professional shrink’s treating the patients individually, photo from online

And so, this, is due to the lack of education, because the families aren’t trained like the professionals at the hospitals, they couldn’t offer the help that these mental patients needed to recover, and, if these mental patients aren’t getting the help they needed, then, some will become, violent, if they have the violent prior tendencies.  The system of evaluation is still, too loosened, too, lacking in this case.

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She’d Murdered Her Own Mother, Gotten High on Drugs, in a Daze for Five Hours…Then, Turned Herself in, to the Police

From the Front Page Sections, a tragedy of a family, translated…

She was displeased at her mother’s words, “You had dragged me and your younger sister down with you”, after she’d murdered her mother, she’d told her younger sister, “You’re finally free”, her younger sister told, “We had a very unhappy childhood…”

A thirty-one year-old woman Pan in Kaohsiung, because she hadn’t gotten along with her own mother for long period of time, two afternoons, she’d bought a fruit knife, gone to her mother’s place, to confront her, Pan started stabbing her mother using the fruit knife twice on the right side of her mother’s neck, the fifty-three year-old mother died, had her throat slit.

After Pan had murdered her mother, she’d started using ketamine, and fell into a daze next to her mother’s corpse, and five hours later, she’d told her younger sister what she’d done, told her younger sister, “You’re now, delivered from pain”, and was accompanied by her sister, to turn herself in.  After the D.A.s interrogated her, they’d asked her to be taken into custody, which was approved.

The police investigated, that Pan had medical history of being diagnosed with bipolar, is currently unemployed, and got into a drug habit, lived with her mother, who has a mildly mental illness manual, also diagnosed with bipolar mother, and the two of them would argue a lot, over the smallest matters.  A week ago, after Pan had a verbal altercation with her mother, her mother kicked her out of the house, and changed the lock on the door, and so, Pan could only move in with her younger sister.

When the police interrogated her, Pan told them, that lately, her mother had come to her younger sister’s place to harass her, she’d gotten more and more furious, as she thought about it, two afternoons ago at five in the afternoon, she’d gone to the marketplace, bought a fruit knife, at close to six in the evening, she ran back to her mother’s house, after the mother opened the door, they’d started fighting again shortly; the mother just kept putting her down over, and over, and over, and cussed at her, “You are the one who was dragging both me and your younger sister down!”, in a moment of heated anger, she took out the knife, SLASHED her mother on the right side of her neck twice hard, her mother fell, and, blood came pouring out of her neck.

In the process of hacking up her own mother, she’d accidentally cut herself on the left side of her own palm, she’d dressed her own wound, and washed the knife off, sat on the chair next to her mother’s dead body, started using ketamine; she left, at around a little past ten in the evening, rode her motorcycle to her younger sister’s, she’d accompanied her mother’s corpse for almost five hours after she’d killed her.

The moment Pan saw her younger sister, she’d told her, “I’d saved you from your miseries!”, the sister became confused at what she meant, and, after she’d forced the truth out of her sister, she’d learned that her older sister had murdered her mother; after the younger sister consoled with her for an hour, Pan finally turned herself in to the police in the early morning hours.

The police investigated, that Pan had two prior records of domestic violence, four years ago, she’d injured her own mother with a knife, after the police were called, they’d reported the incident to the Department of Social Services; last year in September, Pan became verbally abusive toward her mother, the mother notified the police, but never got a restraining order.

The man in charge of the local borough said, that Pan’s parents were divorced when she was young, eleven years ago, her mother moved into the borough with her, and back then, Pan still had a job, but five years ago, she got fired, and took to drug abuse, and, that, was when everything started going south; because neither the mother and her had work, they’d lived off of the mother’s handicap payments by the government, as well as her younger sister’s support, and the two of them would often argue about money, and, every time when the mother was unhappy, she’d kicked her daughter out.

The police disclosed, that because Pan didn’t have any money, she’d often starved, in the first half of March, she’d once taken a knife, to rob a super convenience store, called, “I’m going to ROB you!”, begged the cashiers to call it in, because she wanted to be on the “free meal plans of jail”.

After the incident, Pan’s younger sister didn’t blame her, and, toward the inquiries of the outside, she’d started crying, told, that her mother had been emotionally unstable for long term, would kick the doors down, and use verbal insults on the two of them a lot, that they had a very unhappy childhood, “Nobody would kill her/his mother without reasons at all.”, this was all too painful, for her older sister too.

The coroner examined, that the cause of Pan’s mother’s death was from the loss of too much blood of the severing of her right carotid, as well as her windpipes.

And so, she finally CRACKED, and, this, is still a BUILD-UP over time, and, because the woman was high on drugs, she’d become impulsive, and, unable to judge her own behaviors, and this, could’ve been avoided, had someone STEP in earlier, but, it wasn’t, because this had gone on, for WAY too long, and this time, the woman finally CRACKED!!!

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Marching Out of the Valleys of Depression, Don’t Give Up on the Treatments


The incidence of the German Wings airplane, hitting into a mountain, causing 150 passengers to die, and, the black box that’s already been recovered shed some light to what actually happened, and the officials believed, that the crash was caused by the copilot, and confirmed that he had a history of depression, and had been hospitalized due to his suicidal attempts.

In recent years, because of the advances in medicine, the mental illness of depression became better known and understood, but, what is certain was, that depression CAN be treated, and the methods of treatment rnaged from biological, psychological and social ways, the writer of this article had been assisting patients long term, and offers a couple of suggestions, to make the treatments better accepted:

  1. Losing the Bad Reputation: the causes of psychological disorders are related to one’s physical wellbeing, getting treatment after being ill can greatly improve the chance of healing, from before, when the psychological disorders were thought to be untreatable, most of those who have it feel ashamed for having the troubles, and even stayed away from the doctors, this can only cause the illnesses to get worsened.

Actually, there are a wide variety of medication for depression to choose from, plus the variations of group of client-centered therapies, as well as family therapies, so long as the individuals are willing to face their conditions, not giving up on the treatments, there’s a huge chance that their lives are going to get normal.

2. Improving the Social Support Systems: the moods of the depressed individual can be improved with the help of medication, and, if the families and friends around the person are willing to listen, to accompany, it would help improve the motivation of the patients to get treated, and, the family can also help reduce the stressors in the living environment, thus, greatly reduces chances of relapses.

3. Be Patient as One is Undergoing Treatment: psychological illnesses are a long-term condition, even though, there are no apparent symptoms, the follow-ups are still needed, following a routine is a must, for instance, stay away from smoking, alcohol, illegal substances, not staying up all night long, pay special attention to one’s diets, sleep, exercises, etc., etc., etc., and, there are bound to be side effects to the medications, and you can learn, to adjust to accommodate yourselves to these side effects.

4. Establish a Sense of Pathology: most of those who were diagnosed, after treatment, will come to know one’s own condition better, and would worry that one might have moments of weakness where one does something one regrets, and so, the professionals encouraged to accompany those who were diagnosed with depression, other than going into therapy, the reminders of helping the patients feel better when the patients are beginning to spiral downward is also very important.This, is in the light of the airplane crash, where the pilot was depressed, but was still allowed to fly, and, it’s all in hindsight too, had this person gone through the needed measures for the treatment of his own depression, then, so many lives would’ve been spared, but they weren’t, and this, is still all, hindsight, working ITS magic!

The plane crash was very awful, but, we wouldn’t stay off of airplanes for the rest of our lives, because we knew, that this, was just an accident, that we can reduce the risks of it happening again, by applying the needed measures, like facing the psychological illnesses, the public can use a more proactive, more accepting attitude, through working in all areas, from prevention to treatment, to help those who are diagnosed, to have as normal a life as they possibly can.

This, is in the light of the airplane crash, where the pilot was depressed, but was still allowed to fly, and, it’s all in hindsight too, had this person gone through the needed measures for the treatment of his own depression, then, so many lives would’ve been spared, but they weren’t, and this, is still all, hindsight, working ITS magic!

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The Young Mother Who Was Saved from Suicide, “I’d Strangled My Two Children to Death”

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A young married woman, Lin, awhile back, took her two young kids to commit suicide by overdosing, the two kids are dead, the woman was rushed to the hospital and is now, out of danger, the police officers yesterday went to interrogate Lin, she’d cried and told them that she was emotionally unstable that day, that she’d fed her kids some medication, waited until they passed out, then, strangled them both.

Lin was very emotional when the police interrogated her, mentioned how “in the current world, there’s nothing keeping us here, I don’t want to let them live, so they’d have to weather through more pains in the futures”, “After I’d killed them both, I’d tried committing suicide.”

Lin said, in the little over six years, she’d been troubled by mental difficulties, went to two clinics to see doctors, and got medicines, later she’d gone off her meds, and in the past year, she’d started back on them once more.

On the 27th of last month, in the afternoon, she’d driven her kids to Kenting, and, on the way, she’d become emotionally unstable again, and gone off the freeways, bought some fast food at a fast food joint in Mingshyong, then, took her kids to a motel, mixed the pills into their drinks, waited until her kids passed out, she’d strangled them, her daughter tried to fight, then, she’d strangled her daughter with a rope, then, she’d downed the rest of the pills.

Lin said, she wanted to commit suicide, and didn’t want to leave her kids, to become burdens to her families, decided to take them with her, that, was why she’d strangled them to death.  Lin also said, that she and her husband were getting along very well, other than the occasional altercations, there was NO economic stresses, nor was there affair on her husband’s part, or domestic violence.

After Lin woke up yesterday, the family members consoled her that everything was all right, that the kids are fine, that they’d been taken back to Taichung already, but Lin knew, that she’d killed her kids by strangulation, as the police was about to interrogate her, she’d started crying, and when she told them how she’d strangled her kids, she was crying so hard she couldn’t even talk, said that she is in deep regret.

Yesterday as the coroner’s autopsied the young children, they’d found that the muscles of the young girl’s hyoid muscles had hemorrhages, and that there were finger markings on her neck, that she’d died of suffocation, the coroners then took samples of the internal organs, and sent the sample to the justice department to determine if there are drugs in the systems.  Because Lin had histories in depression, she’s still in the I.C.U., with the police, keeping a close eye on her.

And so, this mother has a history of depression, and, she didn’t want to keep her kids on this earth without her, so that, was why she’d killed them first, then, attempted suicide, and now, she’s going to have to live with the fact, the guilt, that she’d MURDERED her own young, for what?  Her own selfish reasons!

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A Young Married Woman Failed in Her Suicide Attempt, and Her Children Had Died

With a history of mental illness here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Lin, aged 32, with a history of depression, two afternoons ago, she took her eight year-old daughter and three-year-old son, checked into a motel, yesterday, they were found, to have passed out from overdosing on sleeping pills, the two children were found dead, after Lin passed out, she was taken to the hospitals, and is now, out of danger.  Lin left four notes, but without stating why she attempted suicide, and her husband blamed himself, “I didn’t spend enough time with my wife.”

Lin who lived in Taichung, two afternoons ago, at around two, texted her husband, said that she was taking the kids on a trip.  Drove the imported sedan south to Mingshyong, Chiayi, checked into a motel, the three of them didn’t head out again.

Yesterday at around noon, they didn’t check out, the room service workers went inside, saw all three of them wearing casual clothes, with the quilts on them, and, they couldn’t wake them up.  As the fire department and paramedics came, they took Lin who’d passed out to the hospital, but her two children had already died.

The police found letterheads from the hotel, which Lin wrote four separate notes on, thanking her parents, saying goodbye to her friends, but without the reasons of her suicide attempt; other than showing her gratitude toward her husband, she believed that she was a block in his career, wanted him to move on with his life, to work hard at what he did, “The kids and I will watch over you from up in heaven.”

Relatives from Lin’s family, as well as her husband’s side of the family rushed to the scene, and started crying, Lin’s mother cried until she passed out several times, seeing her grandson’s dead body, she’d called out, “My good grandchild!”  The police discovered an empty bag from a fast food shop, and an empty pill box, with eighty sleeping pills, with a bottle of sorghum whiskey, there was vomit inside the trash can.

Lin’s husband told the police, that these couple of days, his wife acted normally, and they didn’t get into an argument either.  Later on, as he’d gone to the funeral homes to make the arrangements, he’d mentioned that two days ago, they fought, and, in the afternoon, his wife took the kids out, he’d searched for them the entire night.  The family members mentioned how both he and his wife have forceful personalities.

The D.A. confirmed that Lin had a history of mental depression, and experienced the emotions to the extremes; the two children showed positive to drug reactions, they will be autopsied next week.  The D.A. said, that the children may have been enticed, and force fed the drugs, causing them to die, that Lin may have gotten involved in murder, and that they will pursue the case.

Yesterday, Lin’s comatose rose to a level three, there was clearly, remains of drugs, she was kept in the ICU for observations.  The hospital said that her vital signs were stabilized, that after the effects of the drugs she took wore off, she will regain her consciousness.  The super at Lin’s residence said, that he’d often watched the whole family leave home happy, and they’d interacted very close, that they don’t look like a family that had problems.

The school where Lin’s daughter attended said, that the parents interacted with the teachers well, the children were very active and outgoing, that they’re “very surprised” that something like this had happened.

So, we don’t know what caused this woman to CRACK, but one thing’s for certain, because she didn’t want to live anymore, she’d ended up, murdering her own offspring, and, maybe, in her mind, she believed that she’s doing them right, by taking them with her, and, this, would be the worst case scenario, of how depression, left untreated ends.

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His Delusion, Triggered by Stress

Ever since when he was a teen, whenever he felt stressed out, he’d started, having, delusions, but, he hadn’t realized, that his delusions were, triggered, by stress at all…

His delusions, triggered by stress, and, it took him, multiple decades, for him, to finally figure it all out, the sources, of his delusions.  It took him, on that journey inward, and, it was, not an easy ride toward the inner core of his own mind.

His delusions, triggered by stress, but, there’s, absolutely, NO way, that he can possibly, eliminate, ALL the stresses from his life now, is there?  Of course not, as we all must, deal with, the insurmountable number of stress factors that are constantly, ongoing, in our lives.

His delusions, triggered by stress, that, is the way it goes, and yet, there is, NO sure method, to, eliminate, ALL sources of stressors in his life, and so, he will, forever be, troubled, by his delusions, until the day that he died………

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“She Put Everybody in the Household Under Enormous Amount of Pressure”, on Killing His Older Sister

The stresses of living with someone with a mental illness, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wang in Kaohsiung, after stabbing his sister to death in her sleep, he’d turned himself in, claimed that he was displeased at how his older sister would defecate and urinate all over the places in the house, and took their mother’s saving without her consent, that, became the motive of him, murdering her; but the police found, that last year, Wang had taken his mother’s money, and his sister found out, and he’d beaten his older sister up, and they will look more into his claims.  The D.A. asked the courts for his incarceration.

The police investigated, that the forty-four year old man, Wang, and his forty-five year old older sister were both unmarried, and had long time, lived with their seventy year old mother, yesterday morning, he’d walked into the subprecinct, got down on his knees, said to the officers, “I’d murdered my own sister.”, the police were in doubt, took him to their residence, and, lifted up the quilt, found his sister already dead; the police immediately arrested Wang, and they managed to find the murder weapon in a corner of the room; as Wang cried and pleaded to the police, “Do save my mother, she’s had it hard.”

Wang claimed that his older sister had put both him and his mother under great emotional distress because of her mental health conditions, other than urinating and defecating everywhere inside their residence, she’d tossed her used tampons everywhere on the floor too, “there are spots of blood on the floors, and, my mother still had to clean up after my older sister.”

“It’s bad enough that she’d picked on our mother, she’d also stolen money from my mom.”  Wang said, that when his older sister ran out of money, she’d started thinking of how she could get money from their mother, and would make illegal withdrawals from her mother’s bank accounts, “it’s bad enough that she couldn’t make money to help out the house, she’d started taking advantage of mother too.”

Wang said, awhile ago, he’d found that his sister threw some feathers into the washer, and he’d finally had it with her, he’d written out a note, waited until his mother was out, used a fruits knife and murdered his sister.  He said, he’d gone to the kitchens, got two knives, walked to his sister’s bedroom, while she was asleep, he’d stabbed her, over, over, and over again, until the blade of the knife broke in half, saw that his sister was dead, he’d pulled the quilts over her, then, turned himself in at the subprecinct.

The medical examiners checked, that the deceased had multiple knife wounds on her, and the fatal wounds are on her chest, at least five times, and, they’d booked Wang on murder charges.

“He is a very good son to his mother,” the man in charge of the borough stated to the police, that Wang’s mother was demented, and, had been long-term, cared for by Wang, and, all the neighbors knew he was a wonderful son.  “How can this have happened, my two precious children.”, after realizing what her son did, Wang’s mother melted down, held onto her younger sister and cried, “I’d loved them both, how am I supposed to handle it?”

And so, you CAN imagine, the amount of stress this man lives under, can’t you?  Having to deal with everything that’s going on inside, being unemployed, and, his older sister, making a mess in his life, no wonder he’d cracked.

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Arguing About Who Should Earn the Living, the Father Stabbed His Own Son Eight Times and Killed Him

A history of mental illness, plus, emotions are raging, and, this, was the end result, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A father and son, the Chens, on the matters of who should go out and make the money, got into an argument, the father, who had a mental condition had a relapse of his illness, used a fruit knife and stabbed his own son’s abdomen, arms, and back a total of eight times, the son died.  As Chen was taken into the interrogation rooms at the police subprecinct, he was told the news, and he’d blamed himself, “I didn’t mean to kill you!”, and he’d told the police, that the reason why he bought the knife was to commit suicide; his wife was feeling bad about her son being murdered by her husband, ratted him out, “he was using amphetamine!”

The subprecinct in Shihlin booked Chen’s father (age 51) based off of murder charges, the D.A.’s office in Shihlin asked the judge for incarceration, and the judge allowed it.  the police also took urine sample from Chen, to clarify if he was, abusing drugs; Chen said, “go ahead, take my sample!”

The couple has two sons and a daughter, the children are all grown, plus, they didn’t get along with the father, and had all left their rental home.  Chen has a mildly handicap manual, and relied on his wife, selling noodles, to live; the two sons worked as temp workers, they didn’t have a stable source of income, Chen’s wife had once accused him of domestic violent, but later, dropped the charges.

Two nights ago at around ten, the eldest son (age 26) went home with his girlfriend and two other friends to visit his mother, the group started talking.  Chen’s father came home in the early morning hours, saw his son hanging out with his buddies, grilled him, “Why don’t you bring some money home, to help pay for the rent?”, they’d become uneasy.

The son yelled back, “You’re not making a contribution either!”, Chen’s father got angered, and stated, “I do help out at the noodle stand”, and his son said, “it’s mom who’s doing that!”, they’d shouted at one another for two hours.  The friends left first, the eldest son didn’t want to fight with him, walked toward the basement, and, came a loud yelp, everybody went downstairs to check, and found the eldest, lying, in a pool of his own blood.

The police were notified, Chen’s father was taken away, barefoot; the moment he was sat down at the subprecinct, the officers told him, “your son is dead”, he’d become lucid, as if, waken from a dream, broke down.

The father became very emotional, stressed that he’d only wanted to teach his son a lesson.  Chen told the police, that he’d gotten the fruit knife not long ago, that it was for cutting up fruits, but, he was often angered by his son, “maybe someday, I’ll commit suicide with it”.

The deceased had priors in injuries, and owning for illegal firearms, and was involved in gang related marches held by the temple closely.  The neighbors stated, that there would often be young people who gathered around Chen’s place, and, whenever Chen’s father had a little too much to drink, he’d go crazy, the father and son got into it often.  And, there were someone that said, that two days ago, Chen’s father had begged the employee of a super convenience shop to help him right a note, claimed, “dad is taking mom with him”, but the police didn’t discover such a letter.

The police disclosed, that for all the years, Chen’s wife kept putting up with her husband, but seeing how her son was stabbed to death by him, she could no longer keep it all in, disclosed the truth of her husband’s drug abuse.  The attorney for the father, Jiang said, that Chen believed that his son was attacking him, and he’d only defended himself; and, in the future, Chen will go through a complete psych evaluation, to determine his state of mind.

And so, this, is how someone killed his own son, with that history of violence, and his mental states being unstable, it’s a bomb, waiting to explode at home, and this time, it’d exploded all right!

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A Woman with Depression Suspected Her Husband Was Having an Affair, She’d Sharpened the Kitchen Knives Night After Night, and Her Jealous Gained Her 14 Years in Prison

The downside of having a mental condition, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Chien in the city of Kaohsiung was diagnosed with depression and suspected her husband was having an affair, last year, she saw how her husband had flirtatious conversation with a woman on LINE, she’d gotten so angry at him, hacked her husband to death in his sleep, then, castrated him, screamed out at his corpse, “Just try and whore around again!”, later she’d turned herself in to the police.

The Highest Court took into considerations that Chien had hacked her husband to death during her depression relapse, that she had NO impulse control at all, and how she’d turned herself in, and had shown remorse, and decided to give her a lighter sentence based off of desecration of his corpse and murder for fourteen years six months.

The verdict stated, that last year in November, Chien (age 56) saw how her husband was having flirtations with a woman on LINE and started contemplating murder, the very next month, she’d taken her kitchen knives to be sharpened by someone, wrote a final note to her families; at two on the 16th of the same month, he’d hacked her sleeping husband eleven times, and severed off his penis and testicles and shoved them into his right palm.

At around eight in the morn, Chien’s son heard the alarm went off in his parents’ bedroom, went in, and found his father dead, called the police.  After Chien came back home, she snuck into the bathrooms to take her sleeping pills to attempt suicide, the police found her in time, and originally, they thought that she was too sad over her husband’s death, but she’d confessed to murdering him.  On her first trial, she was given an eighteen years six months’ sentence.

At the second trial, Chien told that she’d cut off his penis and testicles, shoved it into his palms, she said, “I was very furious then, and now, thinking back, after I’d done that, I don’t have anything anymore, my family won’t speak to me again, and even my children, they’re ignoring me.” She thought, since she couldn’t complete suicide, couldn’t get the D.A. to shoot her either, “Now, I’m going to live, and start my penance, and maybe, when I’m released, I’ll do volunteer, to make up for the wrongs I’d done.”

At her second trial, the judge believed, that when the crimes were committed, Chien had a relapse of her depression, and so, the sentence was reduced to fourteen years six months, and the highest courts maintained the originally rulings from before.

So, in that moment of anger, the woman killed her husband, and, for her murdering her husband, along with uncontrolled jealousy, she’d gotten fourteen years behind bars, and that, would just show, how hard it would be, to control your impulses, when you’re angry.

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A Man Who Killed His Own Father Had Amnesia of the Event, on the Murder of His Own Grandmother, He’d Recalled the Events, He Was Given a Ten-Year Sentence

With a history of mental illness, now, this man killed again, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Eight years ago, a man named Lee killed his own father, the D.A. believed, that he had psychological difficulties, lost his memory and had cognitive difficulties, so, he’d gotten off on the murder charges; in February of this year, the man took up a screw driver and a hammer, killed his own grandmother, the Chiayi District Courts believed that even though he had a mental condition, but, when he murdered his own grandmother, he still knew how to differentiate what’s real and what’s fantasy, that his judgment wasn’t completely lost, he was sentenced to ten years, and, after he served the completely time, he will be out on parole for five more years.

On the early morning of February 28 of this year, Lee, after he’d been hospitalized for nine times, rested up after returning home, he thought that he was spied on by the investigative bureaus, and controlled, he couldn’t fall asleep, and he had auditory hallucinations too, there was a voice that threatened to hurt him, he’d picked up a screw driver, a craft’s knife, along with a hammer, and headed to his grandmother’s room, after he’d kicked her down, he’d stabbed her eyes with the screw driver, then, pounded her head several times with the hammer, causing the grandmother to die.  After he’d murdered his own grandmother, he’d told his mother that he had murdered his own grandmother, the mother was so shocked that she’d called the police.

When his trial was held, Lee admitted to the judge that he did commit the murder of his own grandmother, claimed, “I’d heard voices, someone wants to harm me, and, I’d hallucinated that someone was in my grandmother’s room, I thought it was something evil, and followed it…”

The judge believed that Lee has a long-term mental condition, and on the day of the crime, his judgment was impaired, it wasn’t like eight years ago, when he couldn’t recall the events of the time when he’d murdered his own father, and that it constitutes as domestic violence murder, but, gave him leniency, because of his condition.

This, is still caused by an untreated mental condition, the man clearly has schizophrenia, and, when he’d murdered his father, he was in a daze, and this time, when he’d remembered murdering his own grandmother, that meant, that he wasn’t completely OUT of it, like how when he’d murdered his father, and this, is what happens, IF you don’t get treatment for the more serious of the psychological disorders such as schizophrenia.

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