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The Retired Actor Doesn’t Fear Being Elderly and is Enjoying the Love from the Interactions with His Family Members

How to age gracefully, with the right kind of attitude and everything too!  Translated…

Note from the editor: the moment this article was published, Uncle Yueh Sun’s old time friend, COPD paid him a visit once more, the uncertainties of life would always create a discussion for Yueh Sun and his families abruptly, then, returned that much-needed serenity back to the family, and, leaving behind, the realizations, the understandings, in Mr. Sun’s systems.

As one ages, one must establish stable relations, this, is not the relationships that ended with the termination of his life, it’s something that will continue on, the filial closeness, the brotherly loves, the love for one’s offspring, we normally set up this good way of interactions, and to affect them, to allow them to get along well with each other too, this, is my responsibility.

With the Company of His Wife, They’d Found Life to Be More Interesting

You may have your plans in life, but, whether or not those plans follow through, it may not be up to you to decide.

This year, my children scheduled two family outings, on the day we set to depart for the first trip, my COPD acted up, a cold turned into pneumonia, I got hospitalized; on the eve of the second trip, the same thing happened.  But, it never affected me, my wife was right there, next to me, imagine, flying the business class to Europe, getting on the Love Cruises, how amazing IS that!

I’d asked myself: if at this moment, my life suddenly came to an end, would I accept the finality of it?  The answer is: I do.  Who’s to guarantee that the floods from the typhoons wouldn’t happen, or the events of September 11th, you can’t possibly prepare yourselves for what you don’t know would happen, and, these tragedies may fall on you any instant, and so, you must take advantage of the days before today, and live them all, to the fullest you can.

I’d watched movies, news with my wife normally, or when thoughts just invaded my mind, I’d discussed my tomorrows with my family, or maybe, there wouldn’t even BE a tomorrow, but, we’d held an open attitude on these discussions, filling this serious matter with a lighter note, and, in the seriousness, there stemmed this scent of warmth.

Using LINE, to Show His Daughter His Love

Life, won’t allow you to do as you please, at its varied stages, when you can no longer do as you pleased, review what you have left behind, and, know, what it is, you’re supposed to do in the stage of life you’re currently on.

I’d started preparing for my old age at the age of forty-one, after that age, I’d started adapting my life of the elderly, during the process, I saw some things that I didn’t like, eliminated them. Back then, I’d thought, I may not have an old age to get to, or that, even if I lived that long, all of my old friends would leave me, or maybe, the time would have changed, a lot of unpredictabilities are there, and so, I’d used a more interesting approach, to get honed with the technologies.

For instance, I’d proclaimed my love to my daughter using LINE, “It’s only been two days, and I’m already filled with this sentiment of missing you already!”, and my daughter would return with a smiley face.

We often treated the elderly as filled with a ton of dignity, and all we could do, was show our filial piety toward them, without interacting with them at all.  But, the elderly CAN admit to wrongdoing to one’s own children, they can also joke, can tell the kids what they’re thinking of, and this sort of interactions can change a lot of the things, and the elderly persons won’t feel so isolated either.

Showing Concerns to His Old Friends, Helping Them Get Closure

Life is like the seasons, all the seasons can be beautiful in their own ways.

In midlife, you can’t understand the grace that comes at old age, only through the accumulations of the years, and when you finally reached maturity, eureka!  You’d get to enjoy the things in your lives, when you recalled an old friend, give her/him a call, when you recalled the painful pasts, you can come up with ways to reach closure, I’d done it all already.

I don’t want to be happy by myself, I want someone else to be happy alongside me, the wisdom from the older years can not only help one find closure, but also show some care and concerns to the other person, return to the beginning, recall, what made your love so worthwhile, so wonderful.

I’m currently spending my elderly years, it’s an enjoyment to me, even though, I’d treated each and every day, as if it were my very last, but, this made me more active, in taking advantage of today, today doesn’t just mean today, it also meant the past years, how one can improve the relationships with one’s own families, to utilize the times, to make the best of it.

Younger generations, the middle generations don’t necessarily understand us, but, if we can empathize with them on what they’d gone through in their lives, what their needs are, and interact with one another with love, I believe, that the elderly years would be very wonderful for all.

The prerequisite for this sort of interactions is that NOTHING had gone wrong, like there is NO abuse or neglect, and, it’s easy for this man to say this, because he’d devoted his life to charitable purpose, he’d given everything to others, and, because he has a good heart, that, is why he has it so easy in his elderly years.

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What I Learned from That Girl, Experiences in the Workplace


Awhile ago, a part-timer came to our office, Ru, even though she was born in the 1980s, she’d broken the stereotypes that ordinary people have toward those who are easily shattered, and couldn’t take the pressures.

Ru is an avid worker, and has a positive attitude toward clients, during lunch time, while everybody is talking about what they should get for lunch, and, every time we’d asked her, she’d always smiled and told that she’d brought her own, and, everybody believed that it was packed by her mother.  One time, at a company meal, we’d all started asking her, ‘Your mom would pack your lunch for you every single day, you’re so very lucky!  But, don’t all you younger kids like to try new things, and drinks too?  Why don’t you like the same things?  How did you mother manage to teach you so well?”

Ru smiled sweetly, “My mother died when I was just two of illness, since I was a child, my parents were divorced, I’m the only child, and, ever since my mother died, it’s just myself, and so, I MUST find ways to survive on my own, and, those yummy delicacies, I can have, only once in a while.” She’d continued, “Actually, living on my own can be lonely sometimes, and I’d miss my mom, but, because of it, I’d gotten a depth of knowledge and understanding, I know where to shop for cheaper things, or, which markets has the freshest and cheapest foods, and after work, I’d prepare the meals for the next day, a lot of people would tell me that I have it hard, but I don’t feel that way, compare to a lot of others, I can still use my abilities to make ends meet, to get closer to my dreams on my own, to NOT live up to anybody else’s expectations, I just need to focus on being me.”

I gave her a bear hug, and said to her, “You’re amazing!  Your attitude had already determined how you will live on in your life, maybe your life is hard, but, your heart is very fulfilled.”  Thanks, Ru, for teaching me so very much.

And so, because this young woman had her share of hardships in her life, she’s more appreciative of what she has right now, and, it is ALSO because of her hardship in life that she is capable of treasure what she has too.

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