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Date-Raping a Classmate’s Girlfriend, He Was Prosecuted for Rape

From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Hong in Hsinbei City was suspected of date raping his classmate’s girlfriend, and his classmate just walked in, on him, raping his girlfriend, but the classmate was angrier at how drunk his girlfriend got, and kicked her, then left; after the girl hung over, she found out what Hong did, she sued him; Hong claimed that it was consensual, but the D.A. didn’t believe him, and prosecuted him based off of forced sexual behaviors.

The D.A. investigated and found, last year on October 21, Hong and his classmate, and his girlfriend, and some other individuals went to a pub to drink, the classmate had something that came up, so he had to leave, Hong and the two other ladies drank until seven in the morn that very next day, Hong saw how his classmate’s girlfriend was so drunk she’d passed out, he’d date raped her, then, took her home.

As Hong arrived at the female’s residence, he’d used her keys to open the door, then, took advantage of her being drunk, raped her.  His classmate just walked in, saw how his girlfriend was having sex with Hong, he’d called out, “What are you doing!”, then blamed his girlfriend for getting too drunk, and he got angered, kicked his girlfriend, then left, Hong pulled his pants back on, to try to explain, but he couldn’t catch up to him.

The victim girl woke the next day, found her panties pulled down, after she’d asked her boyfriend, and he’d told her what happened, she’d reported it to the police.

This is still, a CRIME of opportunity, the man took advantage of the situation, because the woman’s passed out from drinking, and her boyfriend wasn’t around, and so, he’d RAPED her, and, what’s worse was that this woman also got blamed by her boyfriend, for being raped too, and that just shows, how much gender inequality there still is in the world today.

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He Saw a Pair of Sexy, Long Legs, Couldn’t Help Himself, Falsified that He Was Lost, and Attacked the Woman Who Tried to Help Him

You have GOT to be SHITTING me here, oh wait, I’m NOT shitting, from the Newspapers, translated…

A forty-five year old man, Yang, last month, as he’d passed through Wen-Shen Street of Banciao District, he saw a female college student, wearing her shorts, showing her pale calves, he got horny, followed the female college student to the intersections, pretended to be lost, and took the opportunity when he’d asked her for directions, attacked her breasts; the police followed the leads, and found Yang, he’d admitted to not being able to control his urges, and, after the police interrogated him, he was taken in to custody, based off of laws that prevented sexual harassments.

The police investigated and found, that the incident happened at eleven in the morn, as the female college student was on her way to the MRT to her class, she’d found Yang, following her, didn’t pay much attention, but, as she got closer to the MRT stations, Yang walked toward her quickly, and, attacked her breasts, the female college student was so shocked that she didn’t know how to react.

Uh, hello, what you should’ve done, was GRAB that LOSER’S arms, and, DRAGGED his ASS into the police station, and SUE him, and, that still just shows, how easily you M***ER F***ING (maxed out???) losers can ACT on your impulses, I mean, when we see one of you, MORONS with such large you-know-where, we wouldn’t reach our hands out, to GRAB ‘em now, would we???  HELL NO!  And so, you still HAVE to wonder, what’s UP with all of you, LOSERS, and this LACK of SELF-CONTROL???

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Fearing Date Rape, a Woman Who Got Drunk at a Party Went to the Super Convenience Shops to Sleep it Off, But Was Still Sexually Molested

Watch out, ladies!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman who works at Hsinchu Scientific Park, she’d feared that she might get date raped after she got drunk, she’d intentionally went into a populated super convenience shop to rest up, but, she’d still gotten molested by a bad man, and, the man also managed to steal all of her possessions; as she’d hung over, she’d hollered out for help, that, was when the store clerk realized that something wasn’t quite right, and, the police are now, advocating, that people go straight home after getting drunk, for their own safety concerns.

This 42-year-old woman who works at Hsinchu Scientific Park, last week, she’d gotten too drunk, and parties too hard, until eight in the morn, at a karaoke bar with her coworkers, she’d passed out, as the party was over; she feared getting date raped because she could barely stand up straight, she’d found a 24-hour super convenience shop, put her head down on the dining area to rest for a short while, but, a man in his twenties, Hsu crept up next to her, started molesting her, because he felt turned on, and, stole her iPhone, and the $4,000N.T. cash she had on her.

The sexual molestation lasted over half an hour, but, nobody discovered it.  The store clerk explained, that the woman had her head down on the tables, resting, and, not long thereafter, the man walked toward her, and, because both were intoxicated, they’d hugged, the clerk thought they were a couple, until the woman hollered for help, did the clerk realize, that he was a thief and a molester, but the man ran out right away.

The woman told the police, that she’d gotten too drunk, and became totally unaware, after she’d rested for a short while, she’d felt better, and, realized, that someone was extending his hands up and down her body, she started hollering for help; as she and the store clerk confronted the man, he ran.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and found, that the 23-year-old Hsu was involved, and they’d found the woman’s cell phone, along with the cash on him.  The police stated, that when the woman was partying with her coworkers at the karaoke, Hsu was right there, in the box next to her, partying too, and, the time the parties were over were about the same time.

Hsu saw that the woman went into the super convenience shop alone to rest, followed her in, first, he’d tapped her on the shoulders gently, to see if she was responding, but she was too drunk, and, he was able to move his hands up and down her body.  Hsu admitted to what he’d done, and, after he was questioned, he was sent to be processed on theft, sexual molestations, and some other charges.

The police suggested, that when you go out to drink, you need to tell your families where you’re going, and, have your family members pick you up at specific times, or, have someone from the same gender drop you off at home; and, if you sensed danger, you need to notify the police immediately.

And so, this, is still, a crime of opportunity that’s happened, and, this LOSER just took advantage of a situation, and, he was caught, and, it’s still NOWHERE NEAR justice, because the woman WAS sexually molested, and, NO amount of jail time that this LOSER does will be enough, to give HER back her innocence, that still just tell you, that IF you want to party hard, DO have a buddy system, so, you won’t be in this sort of a predicament too!

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A Man Who Has a Crush on a Random Hottie, Followed Her Off the MRT, and Bear-Hugged Her on the Streets

Here, we still have a LOSER who can’t keep his HANDS to HIMSELF!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Japanese man who works as a namely clothing store as a store manager, on the MRTs, saw a hottie, followed her off, then, bear-hugged her; because this hottie had once had similar pranks played on her by a female friend, she’d smiled and told, “don’t”, until the Japanese man stuck his hand inside her skirt to molest her, did she start screaming, and it’d scared the man away.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office prosecuted the man on forced sexual molestations, and indicted the Japanese man.

This thirty-five year old Japanese man works at the northern region’s shop as a store manager, on the evening of a certain night in August, as he was riding the MRT from Banciao to his home in the city of Taipei, he saw a woman in a dress, sweet looking, with a hot body, he got horny, and followed her off at her stop in Xinpu Station.

The Japanese man followed the woman to the intersection of Ju-Guan Rd. and Wan-Ban Rd. saw that there was no one nearby, he’d rushed up behind her, and hugged her waist from behind, and rubbed himself up against her; and because the woman had once gotten a joke played on her by someone she knew who lived close by, she’d laughed and called the other woman’s name, said, “Come on, stop it already!”

The Japanese man saw that she didn’t get angry, then, he’d bravely stuck his hand into her skirt, to touch her pubic region, her thighs, and the buttocks, that, was when the woman realized that something was wrong, started screaming, managed to capture the man’s backside with her cell.

The woman notified the police, and the police reviewed the surveillance, and took him into custody; the D.A. called the Japanese man to appear, he claimed that on that night, he’d decided to go to the DVD store to buy some DVDs close to Xinpu Station, that, was why he’d done things out of the ordinary, followed the woman, and molested her.

Because there were NO surveillance that captured the footage of his sexual molestation, in order to make certain, the D.A. asked the police to go to the scene to check it out, and the place was residential, there was NO shop fronts; the D.A. posed the questions, the Japanese man changed his claims that that night after he got off, he’d walked out, then, realized that he’d misremembered the place, and that it was at another station.

As the D.A. continued questioning, why would the surveillance have footages of him following the woman, as she ran back to the MRT station, and had his backside captured by his cell; he claimed that he’d all of a sudden, gotten reminded of how his wife wanted him home early, that, was why he ran off, and he didn’t know why the woman was photographing him.  The D.A. believed that the man was lying, and didn’t take his words for it.

Wow, this LOSER sure did, go ALL the way in trying to WEASEL, didn’t he?  And in the end, he’s still prosecuted.  And that still just shows how losers can’t keep their hands to themselves, and that, would be why when we women go out, we must have a bottle of MACE in our purses, or something like a spray bottle with peppermint mixture, to fend off these losers.

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A Sex Offender “Checks in” at the Police Station, and Copied a Woman’s Information Down

From the Newspapers, translated…

A man with priors in sexual assault checked in at the subprecinct because of a case he was involved in, he’d taken advantage of the time when the police officers weren’t watching him, took down the information for a woman who was involved in a car accident, afterwards, he’d written her love letters and asked for a date, the woman believed that her information was leaked out, and called the police, and, the police arrested Chen.  The Hsinbei District Courts found Chen guilty for obstruction of privacy laws, gave Chen 50 days in jail, which he can pay a fine for.

Chen claimed that he’d wanted to have a girlfriend, but didn’t have a chance to, that, was why he’d written down her information, to proclaim his love to her, and even though, he didn’t know her personally, but he’d wanted to “try his luck, maybe he could have a chance”, that there was no alternative motives for his behaviors.

The courts investigated and found, that the forty-one year old Chen had priors in forced sexual behaviors, forced sexual molestations, along with other serious charges, and was sent to prison for eight years, he was released three years ago, and, based off of the laws toward sex offenders, he must check into the police precincts locally regularly.

At mid April this year, when Chen went to check in to the Sinchuan subprecinct of the Sinchuan Police Department, he’d found that there was a record of a car crash, of a woman, who’d had a run in with a man last August, the officers were about to discard the reports, but had carelessly, left it on the desks.

Chen took the time when the officers weren’t watching him, wrote down the woman’s name, her address, her birthday, along with other contact information, at the bottom of April, he’d written a love letter to this woman, said he’d wanted to meet her, and maybe, be her boyfriend, and mentioned about her birthday, and how he’d wanted to help her celebrate.

The woman was shocked when she’d received the letter of love from a stranger, she believed that her information was leaked out, but couldn’t be sure through which medium it was leaked, so she’d called the police.  And the police found Chen’s place from his love letters, and arrested him, and that, was when he’d told of how he’d gotten the information off of the car accident report on the desk of the subprecinct.

And so, a sex predator will always BE a sex predator, and, there’s absolutely NO way of reforming them, and, the police were too careless, to leave the information out in the open, anybody can get it!




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A Man Met a Sexy Woman at a Seafood Shop, After He Became Sobered Up, His Money Was Gone

See, women DO have the “upper hand”, in EVERYTHING, from the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Lin, on the eighth of this month in the evenings, went drinking at a seafood place, and was hit on by a woman, Tseng whom he didn’t know, after Lin woke, he found himself in a hotel, and, the over ten thousand dollars cash, along with his gold jewelries are gone, and he could only resort to calling the police, Tseng was captured, two days ago, and admitted to robbery, and she was charged with robbery.

The police investigated, that Lin (age 47), was having a few drinks with his two male friends at a certain seafood shop in Wanhua, Tseng (age 53) came toward him on her own, said to the men, “I’ll put up the money for the sorghum wine, and you pay for the foods, let’s have midnight snacks together!” Even though Tseng was a bit on the heavier side, but she’d passionately keep getting the men to drink.

Lin thought that he usually took longer to get drunk, but that night, he’d passed out, rather quickly, after he’d waken up, he’d found himself in the bed of a cheap roadside motel in Banciao District of Hsinbei City, he was fully clothed, but, the $16,000N.T., along with his gold jewelries, are gone, even though he couldn’t clearly recall what’d happened, but he suspected that Tseng had spiked up his drinks, to cause him to pass out.

Tseng denied having done so, claimed that the four of them shared a cab together, Lin’s two friends got off first, and she and Lin both lived in Banciao, but Lin was too drunk, to tell her where he lived, just said that he wanted to sleep, so, she’d accompanied him to a motle.

Tseng said, that when Lin was resting on the bed, she was sitting on the chair, resting, didn’t know what to do, because she’d recalled how her husband needed money for his cancer treatments, that, was why she’d decided, in the spurt of the moment, to take all his money.

And so, this, is a crime of opportunity, because the woman got the man drunk, and she took his money, because she needed the money, for her husband’s cancer treatment. And, even though her reason for drugging and robbery was valid, but that still doesn’t make what she did right, and as to how the judge will find her? Nobody knows.



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With Her Current Boyfriend Next to Her, Sleeping, in the Hospital Ward, He Still Went in, and Raped His Ex

This happened, in PUBLIC too, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man Chen, in the city of Taichung three years ago, took advantage of the time when his ex was in a car wreck and had a hospital stay, early in the morn, he’d gone into the hospital ward, disregarded the fact that her current boyfriend is sleeping close by, threatened his ex, that if she’d made a sound, he’ll sever her boyfriend’s throat, and successfully raped her.  The highest courts found Chen guilty of forced sexual behaviors and rape, gave him three years ten months in prison.

In July of 2011, the ex girlfriend got into a car wreck, and was staying at a hospital in Taichung where she had surgery.  On July 9th, at around five in the morn, after the nurses took her blood pressure, and injected her with antibiotics, Chen took the opportunity, made his way into her hospital ward, covered her mouth, to silence her.

Chen then pointed to the boyfriend who was sleeping close by, and made the gesture to cut his throat, and whispered into her ears, that if she’d made a sound, he will kill her, then, he’d forced himself onto her, kissed her lips, touched her breasts, then, raped her with his fingers.

Later on, because there were sound of feet, pacing, Chen left in a hurry.  The victim woman didn’t tell her boyfriend, until later that evening, and told him what Chen had done to her.  The boyfriend had asked the hospital to get his girlfriend switched to a new room, and sent in a complaint to the mayor’s mail box, and, the whole case was turned over to the police, to arrest Chen.

And so, because you’re no longer together, and she’d been hospitalized, you took the opportunity, and the advantage, to rape her?  And, this man will end up badly, for what he’d done too, because that, is how karma worked.

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A Man Forgot to Cover Up the Other Surveillance Camera While He Raped Someone

You KNOW what they say, about how NO good deed goes UNPUNISHED, right???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man raped a coworker from the restaurant after she’d gotten too drunk, even though, he’d managed to cover up the surveillance camera, to cover up his privates, but, he was caught on tape, by a more distant surveillance camera that recorded down his face, the district attorney’s office prosecuted him for rape of opportunity.

Wang, who’s about thirty years of age, worked in a restaurant, after the restaurant closed in the early morning hours, he’d often stayed and gotten drunk with his coworkers.  Last year, one early morn in November, he’d stayed after work, and then, went out for a midnight snack afterwards, leaving the two female coworkers who passed out from the drinking in the shop to rest up.

After the snack, Wang returned to the restaurant alone, one of the female coworkers had already slept off her drunkenness, and the two of them continued drinking in the office, until the woman passed out, then, Wang got ready to go home.  Before he got off work, he’d helped the other female coworker to the couch, and, found that she’s completely out cold, then, he got horny, used a shirt, to cover up the surveillance camera behind him on the ceiling, then, he’d raped the female coworker.

The victim woke, during the sexual assault, and had used her arms to push him off, but, she became limp from the drunkenness.  When she woke, Wang had already left, and, she’d run to the backroom for the employees, and found another female coworker, and told her what’d happened, and, she’d accompanied her to the police.

When the police inquired, Wang admitted to what he’d done, and said that he was sorry for what he’d done, but, when he was taken to the district attorney’s office, he’d retracted his claims, claimed that she wasn’t out cold from having too much alcohol, that it was consensual sex.  But, the D.A. looked into the matter, and saw the surveillance footage had been covered up, and, when a coworker inquired Wang why he’d done it, he’d texted to his victim, saying he “was sorry, and, not knowing what he can say to make her feel better”.  And so, the D.A. believed that she was, indeed, raped.

And so, once again, this, is still all caused by???  Oh yeah, A-L-C-O-H-O-L, and, the man thought he could escape, because he thought he’d covered his tracks, without knowing, that he would get caught, NO matter what.

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