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Suspected that She Had a Change of Hearts, Too Late for Regrets…Tragic, the Couple Was Divorced, the Money Gone, the Elderly Ex-Husband Murdered His Ex-Wife

So, this marriage is ruined by jealousy then???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elderly man, Lee, wanted to get back together with his wife, Chiu, but she refused, he’d suspected that she had another man, yesterday, he’d broken into her place to confront her about it, in the heat of the anguish moment, Lee picked up a chair, bashed it on Chiu’s head, then, stabbed her in the chest, killing her.  After Lee murdered his ex-wife, he was dumbfounded, sat in the living room, and opened up the door for the police, admitted to murder, and said, “it’s too late to regret now, I’d done it already!”, he was charged with murder.

Lee (age 71) told the police, that he and his ex-wife, Chiu (age 66), divorced two years ago, and Chiu started ignoring him, he’d tried to get their love back again, but she wouldn’t allow it, he’d suspected that she was with another man, and thinking of how he’d given her all the wages all those years, and after the divorce, he couldn’t get it back, he’d gotten angry about it, and, in the heat of his own anger, he’d committed the murder.

The police investigated that Lee had been a cabdriver, and was married to Chiu for forty years, and the children are all grown, Chiu, two years ago, stated that she wanted a divorce, two months ago, she’d bought another property, and the neighbors said they’d seen Lee over to visit her.

At a little after four yesterday, Lee went to Chiu’s residence to find her, and because there was a sensor key and the woman told the super to not let Lee in, he’d gotten stopped twice by the security guard, Lee waited until after the security guard was off his shift at five, and entered the building alongside other residents.

After Lee entered into Chiu’s place, the neighbors heard her cry out for help, they’d knocked on the doors, asked, “what’s going on”, Lee replied, “family matter, butt out,” refused to open the door, the neighbors called the police; as the police arrived, Lee opened up the door, and Chiu was lying in a pool of blood, without a pulse.

The paramedics from the fire department rushed Chiu to the hospital, the doctors found that she had been hit hard on the back of the head, and there were slash marks on her chest, and that she’d died before they arrived at the hospital, and, they couldn’t save her.

So, we still have, yet another “love” that ended in murder, and it’s still because the man felt angered, that he’d gotten nothing from his marriage, and, because he felt unfair, that, became his primary motive, and, they weren’t on good terms from the start either, so that made things exacerbate even more.

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