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A Man Used His Words, Took Up Over Hundreds of Different Identities, in Just Three Years, Managed to Scam Seventy People

Getting SCAMMED here, and, LOOK at the total number of SUCKERS who fell for it too!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man who had an active arrest warrant on him for fraud, Jia-Xing Lin used the name of “Jun-Yi Lin”, to scam people, he’d often made huge orders at the shops, and lied about how his car got towed, “Please just loan me $2,000N.T., so I can get my car back”.  He was very articulate, kind and gentle, claimed that he’s the older cousin of a certain city councilman, that he knew a lot of big names in business, and, so many shops fell for it.  Two nights ago when he’d gone to scam again, the police found, that three years ago, after his release from jail, he’d started scamming people over seventy times, and they’re now, looking at it, on a grander scale.

“He’d told of how rich he was, like it was real, with the ultimate goal of scamming others for money!”, as the shops that fell for it notified the police, they’d all, gotten angered and started, cussing him out.  And because he’d scammed in both Hsinbei and Taipei, as well as Taoyuan, Yilan, a lot of the shops had even set up self-help network fan clubs, to remind one another, to not fall for the scams.

The police investigated, that the fifty-year-old Lin had gone in and out of jail for fraud cases; in 2012, after his release, he’d started scamming again, and had an active arrest warrant out on him by the Taoyuan District Attorney’s Office.   In order to evade arrest, he’d started scamming smaller amounts in couple of thousand dollars at a time, and because the victims thought that it was grueling to have to notify the cops, so, they’d let him slide, which, was why he’d changed his criminal behaviors.

In the three years’ time, Lin had targeted the golf specialty shops, the jewelry stores, the pharmacies, places that sold the high-priced items, claimed that he was going to buy something that’s high priced, for instance, “I need a fish tank of half a million dollars…”, as he’d gone into the golf specialty shops, he’d talked like he knew the sport and was an expert in the game, and had claimed, I knew Yani Tseng’s parents well.

And, the shops would always thought, that he was some VIP customer, and welcomed him, but he’d always ran out of the shop in a hurry, then, returned back to the shops, told of how “my car got towed, my cell, my wallet, are all in my car, can you loan me some cash?” if the shops are doubtful, then, he’d told them, “Do I look like a scammer?” or claimed himself to be the cousin of some councilman, friends of some television star, to get himself out.

The police said, that before Lin committed his scams, he’d always dress up accordingly, like if he’d gone to an aquarium, he’d put on his glasses, and wore his Polo shirt, pretended that he was, a Yuppi man; gone to the jewelry stores in a suit, making himself look like a businessman, and had even dressed himself up as a woman, confusing the shops that he’d managed to scam.

And so, this, was how a chameleon worked HIS magic, and, because those shops bought into this man’s lies, that, was why they fell victim, and that still just shows, how when someone tells a story that too believable, that, should RAISE a red flag for you…

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