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The Landlady of the Rao River Night Market Beaten into a Coma by Her Own Son

Another BLOOD-SUCKING L-E-E-C-H we have here, as his families finally, CUT him off, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Man Couldn’t Get His Mother to Hand Over the Deeds to the Properties, the Neighbors Heard the Shrilling Cries, Called the Police.  The Police & Fire Department Broke in to Save the Woman, the Son Taken into Custody.

A man in Taipei, Jeng, couldn’t get his mother to sign over the deeds to the properties that she owned, in the midnight hours of last, he took a huge nail puller, hit his mother in her seventies until she was in a coma, his younger brother was beaten up by him too, the locals heard the shrilling “help us!”, they’d called the police, the police and fire department broke down the door and saved the injured mother and son pair, Jeng’s mother lost consciousness, was taken to the I.C.U. for observations, the district attorneys charged Jeng on domestic violence and attempted murder, and the courts mandated for his being taken into custody.

Based off of understanding, Jeng’s mother collected the rents from the Rao River Night Markets, has two sons and a daughter, after her husband died, she inherited the properties, the first floor, she’d rented the space to the shops, and lived on the second floor with her second son, and rented out the first and third floors to tenants.

Based off of understanding both of Jeng’s sons are unemployed, the eldest who was involved lives on the boundaries of Songshan and Xinyi District, at Huling Street, because he got into drugs, and had priors in drugs, he’d gone home often to ask for money, and demanded that his mother signed over the deeds to the properties, to attempt to get his hands on the family’s assets.

The fifty-year-old eldest son at around one in the morn, returned to his mother’s home, demanded that she signs over the deeds of the property that’s worth $20,000N.T.s, but the mother was already in bed, and not paid him any heed, and this caused Jeng to feel upset, he’d used the large nail puller, and attacked his mother’s head, hands, his mother lost consciousness.

This tragedy happened late at night, because the elderly screamed out the shrilling “HELP!”, the neighbors heard, and called the police immediately, as the officers arrived, nobody answered the door, but due to safety considerations, the police called over the fire department to break down the door to save the elderly.

As the police and firefighters entered, they’d found Jeng’s mother on the ground of the second floor bedroom, suffered severe head injuries, with blood over her, she’d lost consciousness, they’d sent her to the E.R. immediately, she regained consciousness, and is now, in the I.C.U., the second son who was injured, and ran to the balcony to call for help, suffered fractures on his wrist and hand, and arm.

The police subdued Jeng and arrested him, confiscated the nail puller that he used, the case is being reviewed as attempted murder from domestic violence.  The neighbors told, that Jeng was unemployed, not gotten along with his families, only when he ran out of money, would he return home, and asked for valuables from his own mother, and, they couldn’t imagine that as he got home late last night to get more money, that he’d, beaten up his family members when they refused to give him the money he asked for.

The attorneys said, that in the more severe cases of domestic violence, the families can file for an emergency protective order, and after the courts reviewed over the facts and believed that the abused are in immediate danger, then, they will issue the restraining orders in four hours, and contact the local stations to keep the records of the case on file.

And so, this, is what happens, because you allowed this son of yours to SUCK you dry all those years, and now, you’d finally decided that ENOUGH is ENOUGH, and he couldn’t get the money from you this time, and, he flew into a rage, and, started attacking you, and this is still caused by the parents’ spoiling their own young, because you allowed him to SUCK you dry before, so why would this time be any different?  That I think, was the main reason why this man had, blown up and attacked his family members.


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He Wanted Your Money, and Not You

So, why won’t you just WAKE up already, woman???  A Q&A, translated…

Q Ms. A Wrote…

About a year ago, she’d caught her boyfriend in bed with another at his place, turns out, that the “spare” was her boyfriend’s boss, she’s eighteen years older than he.  The boyfriend took out $30,000N.T. from his bank accounts to keep her, acted as her chauffeur and fuck buddy, the two of them would go everywhere together, and the woman had promised to give him two million dollars too.

A worked real hard, to get her boyfriend back, but the boyfriend stated it all too clear, that he would rather have the money than the love, that he couldn’t live without the money the other woman gave him, so, he chose to break up with A.  A felt taken, decided to destroy both, so, she’d told her boyfriend’s other partner, and, the other woman, after realizing this, kicked her boyfriend to the curb, and ended the relationship.

After the boyfriend had been “fired”, he’d come back to A again, and A, who was unwilling to let go of the love they’d shared for three years, took him back, and moved in to his place with him, and she’d also shouldered up the responsibilities to providing for his family, his parents, AND him too.  The boyfriend’s family is registered as one of the low income households that lived off of government assistance, the family of three, none of them had jobs, the parents are easy-going in daily living, and when they have extra cash, they’d blow it off on lottery tickets, or donated it the church; and A, in order to help provide for the boyfriend and his family, she’d nickeled and dimed, saved up every penny she could, really lived, like a low income person too.

A had thought about, so long as she’d moved back home, she wouldn’t need to worry about her boyfriend and his family anymore, but she didn’t want to break up with him because of this.  She didn’t know what she should do?
A My Opinion

Let’s return back to the moment, the scenario when A caught her boyfriend in bed with another: he’d told her clearly, that he wanted the money, and NOT the love.  He’d chosen the spare with the money, and NOT want someone who gets a regular paycheck from a regular nine to five like A, that, was his true self.  And the reason why the boyfriend came back, was because the other woman dropped him, and so, he’d settled for lesser, just wanted to use his original motive, of scamming and living off of her!

A is merely a “substitute”, until he is able to find another richer “supplier”, he would dump A, without a second thought!  He’s a truly useless man, with NO ties to emotions, A did everything she could, to keep him and his family fed, not only the boyfriend, but his parents, they showed NO gratitude toward her, and, A risked getting dumped, when there’s a richer girl.

This, is not yet considering how his mother would waste the use of the utilities and the toilet paper too, do WAKE UP soon!

And, this woman still get TRAPPED, why is that?  Oh yeah, because she IS involved in all of this, so, she couldn’t see it clearly.  It will take something ELSE (oh wait, he’d cheated, and stole, and lived OFF of her too!!!), even W-O-R-S-E, like she nearly dying, and he still don’t pay ANY attention, for her to finally turn cold, I suppose, and, she’s currently S-T-U-C-K!!!

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