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A College Student Copied the Behaviors of the Random MRT Shooter, Stabbed His Older Girl Schoolmate’s Father to Death, Turned Himself in, Received 20 Years in Prison

The copycat effect, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The college dropout from Soochow University, Lee admired his older schoolmate, Hong, was displeased at how she intentionally distanced herself from him, last year in May, he’d taken a knife to the Hong’s household, didn’t see the woman, instead, he’d stabbed her father to death, the District Court of Hsinchu gave him twenty years in prison yesterday, and, Lee was told of the news of his sentence through the internet, showed NO signs of remorse or any other emotions.

At the start of his trial, Lee said, that back then, the case where Jie Cheng went on a random shooting spree on the MRT, which he took, to be inspiring; after he’d murdered others, he wanted to commit suicide, but, wasn’t at all, satisfied, with his decisions because he hadn’t done enough damages yet.  The mental hospital in Taoyuan evaluated Lee that at the time of the murder, he was, not yet of mental problems, but he did have the diagnoses of depression, bipolar, and has a lowered impulse and emotional control.

During the time of the trial, the families of the victim showed up in court, but didn’t say anything, both parties had not agreed on the settlement in the civil suit.  Lee said, that right now, he couldn’t possibly get the moment, that after he’d served his sentence in full, then, he will be willing, to work, and make the amends to the family.  The reporters went to Hong’s house, the neighbors told, that Hong’s wife and her family went to the southern tip of the island, that they didn’t know how the family felt about the rulings.

The verdict stated, that the 22-year-old Lee rented his resident, where he’d met up with the older female schoolmate, Hong, and felt infatuated over her.  Two years ago in October, Hong went to Macau to work, and they’d become distant, Lee was displeased with this.  Last year in the afternoon of May 15, Lee went to Hong’s house, where Hong’s mother told him, that her daughter went to Macau.

On the same month, on the 21st, Jie Cheng started hacking people at random on the MRT, on the 23rd, Lee LINED the message of “we’re nearing the end of our roads, they are all gonna die” “I’m just totally pissed that you ran off to Macau, I swear I will NEVER let you go”, “I will make sure, that you never smile or laugh again!” to Hong.

On that same afternoon, Lee took a fruit and a steak knife, rode his motorcycle from Taichung to Hsinchu.  The very next day, he’d gone to the Hong’s to find Hong, but, she wasn’t there, he’d gotten into a confrontation with Hong’s father, he’d stabbed Hong’s father in the chest with the knife he had on him, through his heart, Hong lost too much blood and died.

After Lee committed the murder, he’d fled the scene, and flagged down someone on the roads, to lift him to the police station, he saw a patrol car, told the police that he’d murdered someone, and was immediately, arrested.  The Collective Courts believed that Lee turned himself in, and gave him a reduced sentence.

So, this, is still because of how the man wasn’t willing to let the woman go, and, because of her, distancing from him slowly from before, all of that accumulated, and, he’d cracked too.

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A Man from Malaysia Bought a Fake Passport, Returned to Taiwan, and Splashed Strong Acid to Get His Girlfriend Back for Turning Him in to the Immigrations’ Offices

Another love that ended in revenge, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man with Malay descent came to Taiwan to study, and he was extradited because his visa expired, the very next year, he’d come back, using a fake Malay passport, stayed here without visa for twenty-eight years, at the start of the year, his girlfriend turned him in to the immigrations offices, he was extradited, he bought a fake passport and came back here again, sprayed a strong acid on his girlfriend as a revenge for turning him in, and this time, he was charged with forgery of legal documentation and harm, and, after he is convicted and done serving his time here, he will again, be extradited back to Malaysia.

The First Specialist Squad of the Immigrations Department in Taichung said, that Hsia (age 54) lived in Taiwan for twenty-eight years, after he’d met up with his girlfriend, Lee, had NO intentions of returning back to Malaysia again, opened up a karaoke with friends, and had set up stands at the marketplaces to make more money, planned to spend his life with his girlfriend.

Because Hsia has the status of an illegal immigrant, the house and the car he’d bought are both registered under his girlfriend’s name, at the start of the year, he suspected that she’d had a change of heart, they fought and had a fall out, Hsia said he wanted his house and car back, and the girlfriend reported his illegal immigrant status to the police, he was arrested, and extradited.

After Hsia returned to Malaysia he still felt very bad about being kicked out, decided to put himself out on a limb, to come back here, to avenge his girlfriend, he’d found an Indonesian man who forged documents, and paid him $800,000N.T., and falsified himself as an Indonesian-Taiwanese man, Lin, pasted his own picture onto the passport, and came to Taiwan in August of this year.

Hsia bought a strong bottle of acid in Taichung, and ambushed outside of the shrine that his girlfriend visited regularly, and when he saw her, he’d gone up and was ready to spray the acid on her, was discovered by a female monk, pushed Lee away, and, Lee had a small burn on her face, with burned markings on her shirt too.  after Hsia sprayed the acid, he ran away.

The Immigrations Department worked with the First Squad of Taichung, and started tracking the motorcycle which Hsia borrowed from his friend, and found that he was hiding in a suite in Beitun District in the city of Taichung, they’d arrested him a month ago, and found the forged Indonesian passport and his Malay identification.

Lee’s friend told the press yesterday, that the primary reason for Hsia’s trip this time, was to get his girlfriend back, and, was almost able to destroy her face too, that it was too scary.  The specialist team told, that Hsia is now, put into a shelter for foreigners in Nantou, and waited until the legal processes are done, he will be extradited back to Malaysia again.

Going the distance, JUST to get back at your girlfriend, are you freakin’ kidding me?  Just because she doesn’t love you anymore, and you got extradited and, all of that compounded, had made you CRACK, that just shows how easily people cracked these days, and how dangerous someone becomes when the person falls out of love too.










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