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She’d Asked Along Eight of Her Female Friends, He’d Called on His Seven Buddies, They’d Gotten into a Street Fight

Gang-related activities here, and, see what makes those young teenage kids CRACK these days???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The love went sour, she couldn’t withstand the beatings, took her girlfriends, was ready, to move out, he learned, asked along some guys, to blockade the ladies, causing open fire, causing one wounded, one brain damaged, and, everybody gets arrested.

A bar girl, Chen in Hsinchu couldn’t put up with getting beaten by her boyfriend, Chung any longer, yesterday, she’d asked the manager of the bar where she worked, Yang, along with eight other bar ladies, to help her go to her boyfriend’s place to get her things packed up, after Chung learned of this, he too, took along seven buddies, brought the weapons, the guns, as well as the knives, rushed back home, and, fight breaks out, in the chaos, Chung was shot in the head, became brain dead, and Yang was shot in the shoulders, the group was arrested by the police.

Based off of investigations, Chung (age 28) had dated Chen (age 23) for multiple years on end, two days ago, they got into an altercation in front of the entry to a mall in Hsinchu, Chen was beaten up by Chung, and she’d cried to the girls with whom she worked with at the bars, and, everybody consoled her, “Stop seeing him then!”

Yesterday morning, Chen took the advantage of Chung not being at home, she’d gone to his place, with the accompaniment of the manager of her bar, Chen’s god brother, Yang, and eight other ladies from the bar she worked, returned to Chung’s home in Baoshan, Hsinchu, to get her things back.

Chung’s mother saw the group of them arriving at her place, she’d notified her son immediately, after Chung heard, he was furious, he’d called out to seven members of his gang, rode three separate cars home, forcibly took Chen and Yang with them, drove to a private residential area to talk.

“Get out of the car!”, Chung and his buddies flashed the knives, the altered guns, wanted Chen and Yang, “to clarify things!”, in the spur of the moment, Yang took Chung’s gun, and fired it on Chung’s right forehead.

Chung’s friend, Wu saw, took out another gun, retaliated, managed to shoot Yang on the left side of his shoulders, and, the rest of them, ganged up on Yang at the same time, and, Chen was scratched in the midst of this chaos.

“What’s up with the firecrackers?  It’s after the New Year’s”, the eighty-year-old lady who living in the neighborhood heard three loud bangs, went outside to check, and found someone wounded on the ground, she’d immediately called her son who lives nearby, who then notified the police.

The police took in the evidence, took the altered guns, three shell casings, and two bullets that were stuck in the gun barrels, and, were managed to break the guards of the member of Chung’s party, and they’d found the second altered gun, buried, in Chung’s friend’s banana farm.

After Chung was rushed to the hospitals, his life was spared, but, he’d become a vegetable, because of his brain injuries.  The police charged the group with possessions of guns, obstructions of freedom, damages, attempted murders, etc., etc., etc., sent the group to Hsinchu’s District Attorney’s office to be prosecuted.

And so, this time, a break up caused an UNRELATED third party to become BRAIN dead, and, it’s still because of the man’s unwillingness, to LET go, and, all of this mess could’ve been avoided too, had the man been a little MORE mature, but, he wasn’t.


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Couldn’t Find the Man Who Turned His Girlfriend’s Heart, So, He’d Hacked His Girlfriend Eleven Times to Death Instead

Love still turned to revenge AND hate here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Kaohsiung Forest Rebuilding Foundation After the Typhoon’s foundation manager, Yang, was displeased at how his girlfriend had a change of heart, tried to find the man she was now seeing, Pan, but couldn’t, he’d turned his rage toward his girlfriend, and Pan’s friend, Lin, hacked his girlfriend eleven times until she died, and almost chopped off Lin’s nose too, afterwards, he’d turned himself in.

The police investigated, that Yang (age 65) had been dating his forty-five year old girlfriend, Tsai, but he’d suspected that his girlfriend still had a thing for her ex, they’d broken up three days ago.

Two nights ago at a little past ten thirty, the neighbors saw the two met up at the Da-Ai Basketball court for a confrontation, and they’d started arguing, the neighbors had heard Yang called, “I love you very much, why are you so cruel?”, the neighbors tried to put an end to the altercation, but Yang threatened them, “If you come close, I’ll kill you too.”

The neighbor didn’t dare approach, returned home, and called up the police, as the police came to the scene, Yang was already gone, and Tsai had been hacked to death, and was lying in the grasses, close to the ball field, the officers called up the ambulance, then, got another report, that just a meter away, a man, Lin was wounded by a knife outside of his house, the police zoomed in on Yang.

As the police were chasing the leads, to find out where Yang was hiding, he’d come out and turned himself in, he had a knife, along with a taser, wanted to find Pan to take his anger out on him, but couldn’t find him, so he’d called up his girlfriend, and because she’d insulted him over and over again in the talks, he’d hacked her to death.

He’d first tasered his girlfriend, then, hacked her over ten times, saw how his girlfriend was then, lying in a pool of her own blood, he’d decided to go after Pan, and, on the way to confront Pan, he saw Pan’s friend, Lin was at home, he’d suspected that Lin had told Pan of what was about to happen, so, he’d changed his mind, went to the super convenience store first, to clean off his knife, then, went to Lin’s place to take revenge.

Lin stated, that when Yang came knocking, he didn’t suspect anything, opened the door, and got hacked three times. And because he has an elderly father at home, and worried about his father’s safety, he’d forcefully taken the knife from Yang, and that, was when Yang fled.

“I was ruined by her (the girlfriend)”, after Yang killed two people, his anger was still raging. Yang’s neighbor told, that Yang had been emotionally unstable regularly, seeming depressed.  The police stated, that the suspect took along a knife and a taser to the confrontation, clearly, it was premeditated.

And so, that, is how this love ended, because the girlfriend had a change of heart, the man couldn’t handle it, and started HACKING everybody up, and that’s still NOT right, why can’t you all just let go, and move on??? Oh yeah, you got too much invested in the relationship, and “pulling out” right now, well, you’d lose B-I-G, isn’t that right???


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A Three-Way Love? The Police Officer Was Getting Married, the Bar Girl Sued for Sexual Molestation

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A bar girl in Da-Tong District accused an officer, Hsu, from the area for touching her breasts after getting drunk, along with sexually molesting her, Hsu sued the woman for libel and slander; the investigators from the police department found, that it was, a matter of dispute in love, but because the woman had pressed charges, the case was sent to Shihlin District Attorney’s Office to process.

Based off of understanding, the officer, Hsu, has a steady girlfriend, and recently, she’d found signs of his infidelity, and she’d called a meeting of all the parties, and, it didn’t end well, Hsu consoled his girlfriend to leave first, then, he’d returned to the room, to continue the discussion with the woman who worked at the bar; he’d told her he wanted to marry his girlfriend, that it was over between them, and, they got into an argument.

This bar girl yesterday went to the Department for Protection of Women and Children to report, claimed that after Hsu got drunk, he was inappropriate with her, touched her breasts, and her pubic region, and that she wanted to sue him for sexual assault, but she didn’t have a witness; after the department took her case, they’d processed the case based off of a sexual assault case, and called the D.A. to investigate the matter further.

Because this, is sensitive matter, the manager of the city police department, Huang got pissed, the manager at the Da-Tong subdivision, although admitted to this, but after meeting up with the manager of the investigations department, he didn’t come out to clarify or to make a statement on the press, he kept dodging the press.

And so, you were a cop, and you’d sexually molested a woman who works at a bar, and now, you’re caught, you try to WEASEL your way out of it, and it didn’t work, and, if this cop was fired because of this, it’s still too lenient…

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An Alternative Kind of Threats: the Man Claimed He’ll Kill His Ex-Wife’s New Love, and He Broke the Laws

LOSERS just won’t let go, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wu, had called up his ex, and threatened to take the life of her new love, and was SUED for threats.  On the first trial, the judge thought that the man did NOT make DIRECT threats to the person, or the person’s close of kin, so, it didn’t stand up in court; but on the second trial, the judge thought, that the man’s behaviors created her freedoms AFTER the divorce, and that the charges of violence in the family would uphold, and gave Wu fifty days in jail, that he could pay his way out of saving hard time.  The whole case was settled.

Wu and Yeou had been married in May of 1992, after they married, they’d had two children together; back in 2008, they’d agreed to divorce, and the children are in the woman’s custody, and Yeou had moved out of Wu’s place.  Wu was displeased at how his ex-wife was dating a man she worked with, Chen, at the food court of a mall, he’d called her up, “Then, why don’t you take your boyfriend and come out to meet me, I’d really like to kill him today you know?”  Yeou felt scared, she’d SUED her ex for threats.  On the second trial, the judge believed, that Wu had used the excuse of debts, to force his ex to come out, and forced her to decide between breaking up with her new love and getting back with him, it would certainly make her fear, that his behaviors obstructed his ex-wife’s freedom of dating, to choose her own spouse, and to remarry.

The verdict of the second appeal stated that BOTH the man and the woman have equal rights in a marriage, stressed the importance of gender equality, to break the vicious cycle of abuse AFTER the marriage; to respect the differences of genders, without the specifications of sex, that everybody has the freedom of choice in choosing who to marry, along with one’s own dignity.

But, the judge took into the considerations that the reason why he’d done what he had was because he couldn’t adjust his attitudes quick enough, so he’d only gotten fifty days in jail, and allowed him to serve it three years from now, to help Wu get out from his own negative mindsets, but, in order to protect Yeou’s rights of choosing her own friends, the dignity of being able to find a safe place to live in, and told Wu to STOP stalking his wife during the time he’s awaiting his sentence.

And so, do you think that the restraining order would work?  Of course N-O-T, and this still starts with your LOSER tendencies of “marking your territories”, and that, is still SEXISM, and there’s NOTHING we can do ’bout that…

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