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The Empty Nest of a Single Mother

This, would be especially hard, I imagine, translated…

I was way too young and didn’t know any better, married because I had a daughter at the age of twenty-two, in two short years, I’d become a single mother, even though, I was quite young, I’d still worked hard, to raise my daughter, and, during the time when she was growing up, I’d felt strained a lot.

And now, my daughter is out of college, and she’d decided to move to Taipei, and, looking at how enthusiastic she was, I’d said yes to her verbally, but deep down, I didn’t want to let go.  I’d used the excuse of no longer under economic stress and health difficulties, to declare my retirement.  The house that the two of us, mother and daughter had shared for twenty-four years, was like my heart, all of a sudden, turned cold, and becoming lifeless now.

Recalling the happenings of these over twenty years’ time, I’d focused solely on my daughter, rarely done anything for myself, without friends, OR hobbies, and, the people I saw, other than family, there’s NOT a friend I can share my thoughts with, I’m like a caveman, living alone, deep, in the woods.  At first, I’d felt that the society had little kindness and support toward us, single mothers, to the point of keeping us outside the circles, and so, I’d been forced to keep my marital status hidden, to lock down my social circle, and kept making excuses for myself, to not go out to socializing, and, slowly, I’d come to discover, that I’d spent more and more time at home.

I’d know clearly, that I still have hopes and dreams for my own future, what I lacked, was the courage, how did I miss, that there are so many fears, worries when I was younger?

Turns out, that in the over-twenty-year’s time, I’d had my daughter with me, and now, she’s grown, and found her own set of skies to soar, and I, stood still, I can’t adapt myself, to walking this path alone now.

In an early morning filled with sunshine, I’d cleaned myself up, then, put on workout clothes, with a backpack behind me, in my sneakers, guess I’ll be on a journey around the island, a trip for one then!

I’d written this article at the hotel and resort in Hualien, that day, I’d gone on the high speed trains, took the bus, passed through the Shue-Shan Tunnel, saw the Pacific Ocean, saw the other side of the Central Mountain Ranges, it’s been a really long time, since I’d stopped, and enjoyed the great views in Taiwan.

The road is up ahead all this time, and I need not plan anything, I just had to get up, and walk out.  Life is filled with endless possibilities, just take it as it come then! So, here, we have the adjustment to empty nest, because her daughter is grown and flown from the nest, and, she being a single mother, it was harder for her to adapt, but, she refused to get depressed for long, she took actions, to make her own life better.

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Do What is Right, Taking It Easy on the Weekends


An entrepreneur said once, “Monday through Friday, do your jobs right; on weekends, do what’s right.”, and I’d lived like that, so, every single weekend, was my happiest and most fulfilled time.

In the mornings, I’d headed out to shop at the marketplaces, to make sure that I’d gotten every single grocery that I wasn’t able to get regularly on the weekdays; then, I’d entered the libraries, to flip through the magazines and the papers, the world is constantly changing, to keep track of what’s going on all around, that is the right way to live.  And so, in the mornings, I’d gone to the marketplace, and chit-chatted with the elderly folks who’d set up stands, and I’d read up on the papers, and skimmed through books, it’s so very relaxing!

At noon, I’d cooked my well-balanced meals, to make up for the unbalanced-out diet I’d had during the weekdays; in the early afternoon, I’d take a quick nap, then, I’d rode my bicycle out, to stroll through the city, and, it’s the spring season, the weather’s warm and comfortable too, and the skies are sunny, and it’d lifted my moods up.  Sometimes, I’d loved riding to a lecture, sometimes I’d ride to my friend’s house, and sometimes, I’d go to attend the activities hosted by some group, or just rode out to the country sides, to enjoy the scenery.

In the evenings, it’s my free time for one, I could go to the night markets to stroll, to take up a course in community college, and I can also right.  Sometimes, I’d made an unplanned visit to friends, to allow them to accompany me to enjoy life.

I’d also loved SPA, and I’d also enjoyed taking a leisure stroll down the walking path, this sort of a life, is very simplistic and yet, it’s fulfilled to me.

I did NOT plan out my weekends, I’d allowed my moods to lead the way for me, I can spend it quick or slow, I can get wind up or relax, this, is my day of perfection.

So, all you’re doing here on the weekends, is to just let loose, to NOT plan, to be spontaneous, because you couldn’t afford to do it during the work week, and that, is a great way to relax, to do something that’s OUT of the ordinary from your daily living schedules.

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Now, Put THAT Shoe on the Other Foot

The story is on, feel free to CHECK it out…

A mother whose son, at age seventeen, back in 1998, slept with a girl at a party, and got convicted of sexual assault, which “earned” him a sex offender registry for the REST of his life, plus six months in the county jail, and, ten years later, after the Halloween Law, she felt compelled to take action.

And, IF you ask me, but hey, who asked Y-O-U (yeah, I know, I know!!!), that’s just WRONG, I mean, ALL I see here, is a mother who felt that the law just got SLAMMED down on HER baby boy a bit too hard (hello, how can RAPE be something that’s taken so NOT serious enough, even IF he was still JUST a minor???  And, isn’t reckless drinking AND driving “filed” under the same “category” too???), who’s trying to hover over HER baby boy, as ALL mothers do still, and she’s just making this statement, hoping, that people can see HER side of the story, and yeah, we SEE it, we’re just NOT feeling ENOUGH sympathy for ya, lady!!!  Once again, feel free to say WHATEVER you want to on the issue, and, this original article WAS posted on, feel free to CHECK it out.

And, how would YOU feel, IF your daughter got offended, RAPED by a drunken teenager, would you still want the leniency that you’re asking the public for right now?  I think N-O-T, then again, that’s just how UNFORGIVING I really am, but that’s just ME…

And, consider this, the woman’s SON OD’s on heroin, and so, the mother’s blaming his death on how he had to “register” as a SEX offender, because had this LOSER who had SEX with a younger girl who was still a MINOR then (so it really wouldn’t matter if it WAS consensual or not!!!) NOT been forced to “register” as a sex offender, then, he may have gotten too depressed and took to HEROIN, and you still don’t see that you’re the one spoiling HIM rotten?  Are you FUCKING kidding me here???  Yeah, feel free to TAKE yet another offense in T-H-I-S too, if you want to, I really don’t give a SHIT here.








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A Small Kind of Bliss on a Starry Night

Taking it easy on the weekends here, translated…

Back then, when I found this house, one of the primary reasons why I loved it was because it had a lanai that separated us from the rest of the world, looking out from there, there was the green mountains and hilltops, and when the weather’s clear in the evenings, I can also gaze up and see those stars too.  And, with two old wooden chairs, a small wooden table, that, was our own little corner on the weekends.

On the weekends, we’d steeped up a kettle of hot tea, or crack open a bottle of red wine, with the books we picked up last week, not yet finished, accompanied by the shiny stars and the moonlight too.  This sort of quiet environment became our special kind of healing from the world.  And, we’d often get caught up in small chit chat as well, and, our laughter and words of conversation became the best kind of background music.

We’d laughed and call this balcony as the place where a famous poet had died, and, after awhile, we’d started asking one another, “Same place on Friday evening again?”

Ever since we’d found the place where a famous poet died, we are no longer as rejecting to blue Mondays as we used to be.  During this time of peace and quiet, and of recharging, all of our hardship had found a way to be alleviated, and, it’d allowed us to get more energetic too, so we can face whatever comes our ways during the week.

And so, you need a place to “recharge” on the weekends, and, because you live in the cities, you must improvise, and you had, and that, is making great adjustments, and this, is what we, modern day people often needs.

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Flown Off on a Paper Airplane

I didn’t expect this journey at all, honest!!! But one day, a paper airplane came to the airport, and, I acted on my impulses, I’d boarded that plane, and, I had, flown off on a paper airplane…

Flown off on a paper airplane, but, the paper airplane is made up of such fragile material (hello, it’s made of paper you MORON, no offense!!!). Flown off on a paper airplane, it was, NOT, what I’d expected my life would take me, but, I’d boarded that “plane”…

Flown off on a paper airplane, and allowed my imagination to SOAR, and, my imagination took me to higher heights I’d ever been, it took me to beyond the other side of the rainbow, and I’d captured that Leprechaun, and he’d shared me with his pot of gold, that kind sir!!! Flown off on a paper airplane, and it was a wonderful journey too, but, as we all know, all good things, AND bad, must come, to an end, and so, I’d gotten off, of that flight…

Ever since that day I’d flown off on a paper airplane, after I’d come back, nothing was the same (kinda like how Rip Van Winkle after he’d woke up???), and, all things that used to be familiar, wasn’t anymore, and, nobody recognized me, and that, was when I glared into the mirror, and found, a strange looking guy, staring right back at me……hey, STOP mocking me, stop doing everything I’m doing, what the @#$%!!!







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The Most Beautiful Scenery in Taiwan is People

This, is what this place is known for, the kindness of strangers, translated…

One day, my son was at the shopping strip in the MRT stations, and he saw six white-haired foreigners, with maps in their hands, seemingly lost, charading, he thought, that they were lost, and went up to them, and asked if they needed any assistance.

Turns out, that they were three pairs of elderly couples over the age of sixty, who were on self-help trip here, they had wanted to take the trains to Keelung, but they’d wandered lost in the web like underground shopping strips, without being able to find the entrance to the stations.

My son took them pass the crowds, and, as he led them to the gates, he’d realized, that they hadn’t bought their tickets yet, and he’d suggested to them, that he could go with one to buy the tickets, and then, meet up with the other five members. After they’d gotten the tickets, my son accompanied them for the trains to arrive, and told them where they can find cheap and good foods in Keelung, then, he’d waved goodbye to them. And my son told them, that anybody in his place would help them out, and the elderly woman called him an “angel”, and he felt undeserving of her praises.

And, just so happened, my American good friend, Sue’s parents wanted to come to Taiwan to travel, they’d spent half their trip with the tour group, and half their trip with us. Even though, Sue’s parents are both over sixty, but they’re both very able-bodied and healthy, and they’d hoped to experience life the way that the locals would.

A few days later, they’d arrived, and started on their journey. After they’d finished with the group tour, they’d started on the trip I’d mapped out for them. One day, my relatives held an offering, and asked me to be there, and I’d asked them if they wanted to come and experience the events? And asked them if they minded dining with a group of strangers, they’d said yes and would hope to get to participate this event that happen once every decade. And when they’d learned, that every house would set up tables to treat the guests who come, and hired a group of performers to perform, and this had left a deep impression on them.

Before they left Taiwan, I’d taken them to the noodle shop I’d taken them to, to have some noodle soup and small dishes too. When I went to pay, Sue’s father saw I’d paid the shop $1,000N.T., he was shocked at how pricy the meal had cost. I explained, that this shop has the meals program for those who couldn’t pay, and that whenever I’d dined here, I’d always made donations.

After they’d learned about this, they’d given about $800 N.T. that they had, along with one hundred American dollars to the shop owner, and gave the owner a thumbs up.

After they’d finished their journeys, in the lobby of the airport, Sue’s mom hugged me, thanked me for the accompaniment, and allowed them to experience the compassion that the Taiwanese locals had.

And so, this, is how someone who’d hosted someone else in her native country, and, because the couple had never been here, and, the way that people interacted here is quite different compared to the people in their country, that, is why they’d have this great experience.

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Traveling with My Mother

Finally, we’d found the time, to SPEND, with OUR families here, translated…

In the past, because of my work, I’d always spent my New Year’s holidays working away, I couldn’t spend enough time with the family, and this year, in a hard-to-come by opportunity, I’d dropped everything, and returned back to school again, and so, I’d arranged for my mother and I to travel to Japan together, to have a new New Year’s experience there.

Actually, I knew, that this journey would prove to be a huge challenge for both me and her, because I knew how alike we both are, how we are both hard asses, it’s just that we’re NOT around one another usually, we’d gotten along fine. But this time, we will be spending a total of FIVE days together, and, before I left for the trip, it was easy, for me to worry about not being able to get along with her, due to the nitty-gritty things we may encounter.

Two days before our departure, I’d gotten a call from my travel agent, she’d said, “It’s amazing that you can still travel abroad with your mother!”, I’d recalled how she’d told me about her mother’s hospitalization, I’d asked her about it. “My mother had died”. But, she’d been sick for over a year, and we are all prepared, we’re fine! It’s just that we now regret, not spending enough time with her, to take her out traveling, so, for you, you MUST treasure the days, that your mother is still healthy, and take the advantage of the time given, take her out more often.” Her words had flipped my mindset over, and I’d carried this brand new attitude on taking my mother abroad.

And, my much-expected trip to Japan had begun, in this “cherished” state of mind. And, we’d NOT just rode through the sites, instead, every photograph became more meaningful than ever, and I had taken even MORE photos of my mother, so I can have it as a memorabilia.

Several nights, before bedtime, my mother, seemed to be able to relax even more, she’d started telling me about the days of her youth, told me about the goings on of when I was little too, those, are the days, that my mother wouldn’t talk to me about. And that, was when I’d realized, that the mother in my memories, she’d had it hard, and so, that, was why she didn’t want to recall. But thankfully, with us children, growing up, my mother was finally able to lessen her burdens, and started, living for herself.

After the five-day trip was over, it’s unexpected, that we didn’t get into anything too serious, I believe, that it’s due to the changes in my state of mind, plus I’d used a heart of softness to interact with my mother, and my mother would respect me too, and we’d gotten along real well.

After this trip, we’re both planning our next travel together again, to restart, once more.

And so, on this journey, the child got to understand the mother more, and, she’d learned W-H-Y her mother was the way she was, and, she’d gained an understanding, which made her able to get along better with her mother, and this change still started, with the child, and NOT the parent…

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