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Mistaken for Someone’s Whore

Things that happened at work, translated…

Very shortly after I’d started working, my superior would often assign me to specific cases, and would have one-on-one discussions with me inside the meeting rooms, or when there are businesses to attend to, he’d always taken me along.

At first, I thought that he thought I was capable, that, was why he’d given me such important tasks.  Until one time as the meetings drew to an end, he’d asked me to stay behind, took out a name-brand bag, and that, was when it’d finally HIT me.  The boss said, that it was for his wife, but his wife didn’t like it, he didn’t know who to give it to, thought that I’d stood out in such a short time I’d started working, so he’d wanted me to have it.  I kept telling him no, he insisted that I take it.  And, we just pushed the bag back and forth, and, seeing how my boss was about to get angry at me, I’d taken it, but the name brand bag weighed a million tons in my arms.

Awhile ago, I’d told people I work with that I’m about to be married, but my boss would still find ways to spend time alone with me.  I thought, I’m about to get married, and my boss would probably back off!  A few weeks later, after a business dinner, my boss said that he wanted to buy a coffee machine for the department, that he saw me with a cup of coffee from a day-to-day basis, hoping that I can go with him to the shop on Saturday evening to help him pick an espresso machine out.

After I’d gotten home, I’d wanted to call my husband overseas, to discuss if there are ways I can say no, but I’d worried that if I’d told him, it’d only make him worry.  I’d contemplated the whole night through, after careful thought, I’d decided to go.

I’d asked my younger brother to take me to the shop.  My boss wasn’t there yet, so, I’d gone in, to browse.  After about twenty minutes’ time, my boss arrived, and, the shop owner, upon seeing him, he became ecstatic like he’d seen a long lost friend or something, turns out, they’d known each other since a very long time.

The three of us sat down, the owner made some coffee for us.  In the conversations, the owner kept mentioning about my boss’s pregnant wife, and he’d had nothing but sarcasms and mockery, along with degrading things to say to me.

That, was when I’d realized, that the coffee machine shop owner thought that I was the whore, I felt so taken, but, I could only swallow my tears down.  After fifteen minutes, my cell phone rang, it was my younger brother, I’d picked it up, said, “Honey, you’re here already?  Oh, I’m almost done here, I’ll see you soon.”

After I hung up, I’d told my boss, “I’m sorry, something came up, I should leave now”.  Then, my boss became red in the face, said, “I’m truly sorry, to have wasted so much of your time!”

After six months, I’d decided to quit, and fly overseas, to work alongside my husband.  The day I left the office, I’d placed the name brand bag, on my boss’s desk.

And so, clearly, you can see, that this LOSER who’s wife WAS pregnant at the time, was hitting on the woman who was working for him, and, the woman figured it out, just in time too, and, prevented this about-to-happen affair from happening, such a smart woman, isn’t she???

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The Man Whom She Had an Affair with Became Blind and His Face Had Been Destroyed by a Strong Acid

From the Newspapers, call it BAD karma if you want to, translated…

A man, Huang sued his wife’s affair, Jeng, a plumber for obstruction of family and had received a $200,000N.T. payment, but he still didn’t feel that it was just, he’d twice instructed his friends to pepper-spray Jeng and splashed a strong acid on Jeng, to destroy his face, Jeng became nearly blind and had lost his olfactory sense.  The Hsinbei District Court found Huang guilty for severe damages, sentenced him to five years two months in prison.

The courts investigated, that Huang and Jeng were neighbors, the two households got along well regularly, and Jeng started having an affair with Huang’s wife.  In June of 2010, Jeng’s wife heard the neighbors say, that they’d seen Jeng take Huang’s wife home, she’d suspected that her husband was unfaithful, so she’d installed a spycam at home, and it’d captured footages of them, having sex, later she’d forgiven her husband, but she’d kept the recordings, as “evidence”.

Without knowing, that this had spread throughout the neighborhood; Huang got angered and asked his wife, and his wife claimed that Jeng had raped her.  The next day, Huang and his wife SUED Jeng for obstruction of sexual freedoms and obstruction of family.  Jeng took out the sex tapes that his wife had kept, to prove that he did NOT rape Huang, and that it was consensual.

The judge reviewed over the footage, the two of them had sex in the woman on top, man on bottom, and Huang’s wife looked like she was enjoying it, later, Jeng handed some money to Huang.  And the tapes proved that Jeng was “innocent”, and he wasn’t indicted for it; and the sex tapes showed that he did, break the obstructions of family laws, and he was sentenced to three months in prison for certain, and mandated to pay Huang $200,000N.T.

Huang still didn’t feel that it was enough, two years ago, toward the end of September, he’d asked a friend, Chou, to show Jeng who’s the boss, they’d gone to Jeng’s home, assaulted Jeng’s face with Tasers, and then, they’d sprayed a pepper spray in Jeng’s eyes, causing Jeng’s eyes to be burned, and Jeng’s cornea started rotting away.

Later, Huang didn’t believe that he’d taught Jeng his lesson, asked Chou to help him out again, Chou had once again, found a man, to splash a strong acid mixture on Jeng’s head which still hadn’t healed back up properly, then, ran off.  Jeng’s face was destroyed, his face had severe burns, both his eyes are nearly blind, and he’d lost his sense of smell completely.

Wow, the EXTREME measures that this man took, as he’d found out that his wife WAS sleeping with another, and it wasn’t as IF the man didn’t pay for HIS sins (but if you ask me, who asked Y-O-U???, it still wasn’t QUTIE enough!!!), it’s just that the husband felt that he’d been offended, because his WIFE.





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The Second Spring for May

Finding the love that’s right for you, after the last one had gone wrong, learning to love again, translated…

Hsien got married after he’d fallen in love with a woman, after they wed, they lived happily, but, after his wife, May had given birth to FOUR daughters consecutively, the marriage started going downhill.

Hsien is the eldest grandson from a huge family, his grandfather was a namely landowner of his area. The grandfather told him, that if they had a son, then, this eldest grandson from Hsien will get an extra share of his assets, and so, he’d decided to have another son, and May was under the risk of being an older pregnant woman, and had gotten pregnant with a fifth, but, after the prenatal checks, the doctors told her that the fetus was abnormal, and so, she painstakingly got an abortion, and the doctor also warned May, that with her health conditions, she should NOT be fitting, to get pregnant again.

After the dreams of having a son shattered, Hsien turned cold toward May, and had gone to across the straits for business. He’d brought some money, gone alone there, and quickly, he’d met up with a bar girl there, after the two started cohabiting together, he’d followed her back to her hometown to invest, and opened up a hotpot shop. He’d falsely claimed to his family members in Taiwan, that it was a business venture with another person from Taiwan, and had used the excuse of needing more funding, to have May wire money to China from time to time too.

Until Hsien managed to have a son with this other woman, did the whole thing blow wide open. And Hsien thought, that he now had the ACE of having a son, that his family would be behind him, without realizing, that his family members got ANGERED at how badly Hsien had misbehaved, they’d ALL sided with May instead. His grandfather, due to anger, openly denounced Hsien’s right to inherit his money.

At which time, the hotpot shop that Hsien helped started in China bankrupted because of bad management, the bar girl sold the shop, kicked Hsien out, and went back to her own mother’s house with her son. Hsien had lost everything, money, and love, and he’d returned to Taiwan, like he’d just awaken from a dream, because he was too ashamed of his own behaviors, he couldn’t face his own ex-wife and his daughter, he’d left a signed divorced agreement, and, disappeared.

As for May, who was heartbroken by Hsien’s betrayals, gladly, she’d gained the support of her family members, slowly gotten out of the gloom, she’d found a job again, and on her ride to work every morning, she’d met up with a single bus driver, and the bus driver showed empathy and compassion toward her predicament, and started pursuing her, and May had finally found a man who really DO love her now. Awhile ago, I’d met up with May, she couldn’t hide her happiness, as she’d told me that they’re about to get wed. Seeing how she glowed, I truly wish her nothing BUT the best.

And here, as you CAN see, payback (or karma, if you want to call it that!!!) is still a B-I-T-C-H!!! And, the man had it coming, because he’d left HIS wife who couldn’t give him a son (once again, this, is still the traditional sexist views working!!!), he’d dumped his wife, and shacked UP with a WHORE in China, and, after the whore in China used him up, well, she’d tossed him out, just as he’d abandoned HIS own wife, and, if that’s not karma, I don’t know what is!!!

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Banking on Love

Despite ALL the “warnings” you’d received from those TRAINED PROFESSIONALS (your investment bankers???), you still went ahead…

Banking on love, well, that’s a G-A-M-B-L-E that I’m not willing to make, after all, there might NOT even BE a chance of “returns”, instead, I might be losing everything. Banking on love, because I mistook your gestures, and I went HEAD-FIRST, put ALL of my “chips” in one bet: Y-O-U, and, I ended up losing everything and now, I’m three sheets to the W-I-N-D here.

Banking on love, is there a guaranteed return? If not, then, don’t talk to me, because I’m NOT willing to throw the dice and see where it lands, and besides, I want something with a hell of a LOT higher odds than that.

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A College Student was Unsuccessful in Telling a Younger Classmate that He Loved Her, So He’d Posted His Sexual Fantasies of Her on a School Discussion Board

You’d have to wonder, when something like this happens: What the F*** (sorry, “maxed out”!!!) is WRONG with the youth today, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

After a male graduate student got turned down for his proclamations of love to a younger woman of his same class, he’d modeled after the scenes of the pornography, wrong down sexually illicit messages and sent it as an e-mail to her, and put her picture, alongside those words, and spread the flyers all over the school’s bulletin boards; when the police called in this grad student, he claimed to have NOT known the woman, but she’d told the police that she’d turned him away, and his lies went bust.  The police sent him to the Taipei D.A.’s office based off of obstruction of reputation.

The twenty-five year old male graduate student, after the end of last year, he’d met this woman, he’d started his pursuit of her like crazy; the woman told him she wasn’t interested, and told him that they wouldn’t fit well with each other, and, the male grad student started hating her, and started his revenge.

The male graduate student first falsely applied a Facebook account in her name, and claimed her to be his “wife”, and started writing about his sexual fantasies of her, and wrote down the segments of them making love on Facebook; then, he’d used his mother’s smart phone, connected to a foreign website, and forwarded the segment of his fantasies to the younger woman, attempted to confuse her with the IP addresses, so she couldn’t track him down.

After the woman received the sexually illicit messages, she’d wanted to ignore, but he’d gone farther, he’d copied her photograph, her personal information, and his imaginary segments of them making love, and posted the flyers all over the campus; it’d gotten the discussions of a TON of the professors and students, and the woman finally called the police about it.

After the police dug into the matter, they’d found that most the e-mails were from foreign web addresses; but, the male grad student had a small mishap, one of the letters, he’d sent, via his cell phone, and so, the police zoomed in on his involvement.

The police called the grad student in, he’d denied having threatened the woman, claimed that he’d lent his cell phone to someone else, which caused someone to hack into the accounts, and claimed that he didn’t know the woman he was threatening, but when the police asked him who he’d allowed to borrow his cell phone, he couldn’t answer them, and the younger woman told the cops that he’d professed his love for her, and that broke his lies of how they don’t know one another.

And so, this, is obsession on the man’s part, because he couldn’t have her, the woman flatly told him she wasn’t interested, and, maybe he felt that his pride was wounded, so, he got her back, by spreading sexually-illicit photos, and, that still just shows, that IF you do something B-A-D, then, you WILL get C-A-U-G-H-T, you will NOT escape, and this man had thrown away a perfectly good future, simply because he could NOT get his ways, are you FUCKING kidding me here???

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He Wanted Your Money, and Not You

So, why won’t you just WAKE up already, woman???  A Q&A, translated…

Q Ms. A Wrote…

About a year ago, she’d caught her boyfriend in bed with another at his place, turns out, that the “spare” was her boyfriend’s boss, she’s eighteen years older than he.  The boyfriend took out $30,000N.T. from his bank accounts to keep her, acted as her chauffeur and fuck buddy, the two of them would go everywhere together, and the woman had promised to give him two million dollars too.

A worked real hard, to get her boyfriend back, but the boyfriend stated it all too clear, that he would rather have the money than the love, that he couldn’t live without the money the other woman gave him, so, he chose to break up with A.  A felt taken, decided to destroy both, so, she’d told her boyfriend’s other partner, and, the other woman, after realizing this, kicked her boyfriend to the curb, and ended the relationship.

After the boyfriend had been “fired”, he’d come back to A again, and A, who was unwilling to let go of the love they’d shared for three years, took him back, and moved in to his place with him, and she’d also shouldered up the responsibilities to providing for his family, his parents, AND him too.  The boyfriend’s family is registered as one of the low income households that lived off of government assistance, the family of three, none of them had jobs, the parents are easy-going in daily living, and when they have extra cash, they’d blow it off on lottery tickets, or donated it the church; and A, in order to help provide for the boyfriend and his family, she’d nickeled and dimed, saved up every penny she could, really lived, like a low income person too.

A had thought about, so long as she’d moved back home, she wouldn’t need to worry about her boyfriend and his family anymore, but she didn’t want to break up with him because of this.  She didn’t know what she should do?
A My Opinion

Let’s return back to the moment, the scenario when A caught her boyfriend in bed with another: he’d told her clearly, that he wanted the money, and NOT the love.  He’d chosen the spare with the money, and NOT want someone who gets a regular paycheck from a regular nine to five like A, that, was his true self.  And the reason why the boyfriend came back, was because the other woman dropped him, and so, he’d settled for lesser, just wanted to use his original motive, of scamming and living off of her!

A is merely a “substitute”, until he is able to find another richer “supplier”, he would dump A, without a second thought!  He’s a truly useless man, with NO ties to emotions, A did everything she could, to keep him and his family fed, not only the boyfriend, but his parents, they showed NO gratitude toward her, and, A risked getting dumped, when there’s a richer girl.

This, is not yet considering how his mother would waste the use of the utilities and the toilet paper too, do WAKE UP soon!

And, this woman still get TRAPPED, why is that?  Oh yeah, because she IS involved in all of this, so, she couldn’t see it clearly.  It will take something ELSE (oh wait, he’d cheated, and stole, and lived OFF of her too!!!), even W-O-R-S-E, like she nearly dying, and he still don’t pay ANY attention, for her to finally turn cold, I suppose, and, she’s currently S-T-U-C-K!!!

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We Lay Love Down to Rest

We all gathered, as the reverend or the father or whoever it is, that oversees the burial process, said those final words, and, we lay love down to rest…

We lay love down to rest, and, there was just silence, on the ride, back home, the only thing we’d shared (that WAS love you know???) is now, completely dead and gone, and we’re still both just waiting, for the sadness, the sorrows from this HUGE loss in our lives, to set in.

We lay love down to rest, there was NOTHING else we could do, it’d fallen ill, and, we were the culprits that caused it to fall completely ill, and eventually, leading, to its untimely demise.

We lay love down to rest, and that, was that, there was NOTHING more we need to say to each other, the death of love said it all, and so, on the way back, from love’s funeral, we went to the courthouse, and finalized that long-awaited divorce, and I’d never looked back since…………

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