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Gotten Cheated on, and He Had Sex with His Enemy’s Girlfriend

Yeah, because she cheated on you, so, you’d had SEX with the girlfriend of the man she cheated on you with, real smart (that, was S-A-R-C-A-S-M, in case someone’s wonderin’…), from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man Kuo was accused of raping of a woman, whose boyfriend stole his girlfriend, and the victim claimed that Kuo said he was going to SUE her boyfriend, and, in order to save him from it, the woman claimed, that that, was why she’d had sex with him.  But the D.A. found out, that she and Kuo plotted this revenge against each other’s boyfriend and girlfriend for having sex together, and had consensual sex, and so, Kuo wasn’t charged.

The D.A. investigated and found, that Kuo’s (age 28) girlfriend last year, in the middle of October, met another man online through a chat room, they’d talked of going out together, the woman had sent the other man his cell phone number.  The girlfriend of the male friend this woman met online had found their conversations and Kuo’s girlfriend’s cell phone number, fearing that her boyfriend might get robbed, and texted, “I’m his girlfriend, please don’t leave your place.”  Kuo felt awkward as he read through the message, and called up the other man and confirmed that his girlfriend had cheated on him, and asked the other man’s girlfriend out to chat.

Afterwards, the girlfriend of the man whom Kuo’s girlfriend met online accused him, that after the confrontations, he’d said that he still felt uneven, and threatened her to have sex with him, or, he was going to sue her boyfriend; and she was forced, and was raped by Kuo.

Kuo denied having raped the woman, said that they’d gone out to talk for over three hours, he’d suggested, “our separate partners were cheating on us, why don’t we cheat on them too?”  Because the girlfriend was hesitant, he got up and was ready to leave, but she’d pulled on him said, “okay, fine, let’s do it, then, they went to a motel, and “relieved their angers”.

Kuo said, that afterwards, he’d done what the man’s girlfriend said, called the other man up, and told him about what happened, and claimed himself to be his girlfriend’s husband, and that the other man needed to copy the Buddhist verses, or, he’ll sue him.

The D.A. reviewed the surveillance tapes from the super convenience shops as well as the motel’s, found that the woman did pull on Kuo, and, after Kuo rode her to the motels, she’d had her arms wrapped around his waist, and they’d gone in together, without any show of fear, and didn’t look like she was being forced, and during the time they’d spent in the motel, or afterwards, she did NOT call the police, and waited until her boyfriend asked about her whereabouts these couple of days, then she’d told him she was raped, but the D.A. didn’t believe her claims.

Having SEX with someone to get back for a man who was unfaithful to you, what’s WRONG with Y-O-U?  Why couldn’t you just DUMP him, that, would be a HELL of a lot easier, unlike how this woman now has to deal with getting SUED for making a FALSE statement about being raped to the cops.

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Using Gaming Tokens as a “Bait”, He Was Suspected of Raping Over Ten Young Boys

Enticing someone who’s unsuspecting, the BAD behaviors of an ADULT, from the Newspapers, translated…

An eight-year-old boy in the city of Taipei was suspected of being too caught up in playing the online games, in a single month, he had been taken away by a man named Tseng, who used virtual coins as “bait”, and had had sex with him EIGHT times.  The police had also found photos of the child’s pubic area, and they suspected that there may have been over ten victims.

Tseng, as he was brought in to the police station, stated, that back when he was in the second year of middle school, he was raped by a former classmate, and couldn’t get out of the shadows ever since, that, was what got him interested in little boys and he’d started sexually molesting them.

“If you take shots of your own winkies, then, I’ll give you fifty gold coins!”, the man, Tseng (age 27), in Yonghe, through the online game, “Time Hunter”, chatted it up with an eight-year-old boy, and used “virtual coins” to tempt the child to have sex with him.

After the little boy agreed, they’d met up in the public restrooms of the Dongmen MRT station, other than giving the young child fellatios, he’d even asked the child to pee inside of his mouth; in order to get the boy to come out again, other than paying the virtual gold coins to the child, Tseng had even given the child anywhere from $50 to $300 N.T.s each time.

In the middle of August, the child’s mother found that he’d been emotionally unstable a lot, and would get scared when he saw others, and asked the child’s sister to go online to check, to see if the online games are affecting her son.

As the older sister logged online, Tseng mistakenly thought that it was the eight-year-old who was logged on, and asked him to send him photos of his own penis; the older sister reacted very quickly, immediately asked him, “Why don’t you send me your shots first?”, and, after Tseng sent the photos of his own penis, the older sister and the mother immediately took it in as evidence, and went to the police.

Tseng after getting caught by the police, admitted to having raped the child, and claimed, that back when he was a second year middle school student, he was bullied by his classmates, that, was what caused him to act out like this.

Based off of understanding, Tseng had NO priors, after he graduated college, he started working in the computer industry, the police found a TON of photos of little boys’ pubic areas on his laptop, and they estimated that there were at LEAST ten victims.  After he was interrogated, the Yonghe Subprecinct took him into custody based off of obstruction of sexual freedom.

So, if what the loser said was true, then, that just shows you, how easily abuse can pass from one person to another, and, because this man was picked on (or so he’d told) back in middle school, and now, he’d become a sexual predator, and that, is the general development of these kinds of incidences.


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Raping a Young Boy, the Nude Photos Got Out Over the Coast

Once again, a man who works with children from a CHURCH raped, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A homework counselor, Chen, from a certain church in Pingdong had sexually raped, molested a young boy for multiple years, and he’d even used his cell, took pictures of the child’s penis and testicles, last year, he’d used a communication program in China, to show off the child’s privates, and it was during the time when China started the sweep for sexually illicit materials online, the photographs were found by the police in China, and, they’d notified the police in Taiwan, and that, was how this rape got out into the open.

At the start of the court sessions, Chen started telling the judge, that the officers who’d interrogated him cussed him out, and started him down for thirty seconds, causing him to fear, that, was why he’d made the false statements, he’d denied having fellated the young boy.  The judge reviewed the surveillance of the interrogation rooms, turns out, that there was only a small space for interrogation, and at the time of him being questions, there were other officers, discussing another public endangerment case, and one of the officers had cussed and stated the name of another perpetrator.

The judge believed, that the officers who had lost control, was engaged in the discussion of the public endangerment case, and it was NOT the same case that Chen was apparently involved in, and believed that Chen’s words are not truth, and sentenced him to seven years six months for obstruction of sexual freedom, and, for the solicitations of underage sexually illicit photos, he was given four months, and this, he can get out of serving time by paying a charge.

The police pointed out, that two years ago, Chen took the advantage of his afterschool help sessions, took the young boy back to his place multiple times, had the child fellate him, and touched the child’s penis and testicles, even though the child said no, he’d still forced himself on him, the child worried that he might get angered, and so, he didn’t tell anyone.  Until last year when China did an Anti-Sex sweep online, and found that he’d uploaded the photos of the victim to someone in China, the police force in China started contacting the police stations here, and, the detectives went to check out and confiscated his laptop, and that, was how this whole thing went bust.

And so, we still have a man that this child trusted, who’d abused his trust, and used his position of power, to rape the child, and this man works in a C-H-U-R-C-H for crying out loud, and what does that tell you about those who preached about god again???  Oh yeah, they’re LIARS!!!

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Letter of Apology to My Doll

Viewer discretion IS advised!!!

Dear doll,

I’m real sorry for what I’d done to you, I know I shouldn’t have, but I just couldn’t help it, because daddy did it to me, and, I needed to do it to someone E-L-S-E, and there’s NO one I can hurt who won’t retaliate, but Y-O-U.

I know I should’ve acted better than I had, but, you have to know, that in the heat of the moment, I just couldn’t control myself, especially, after I’d stripped OFF your dress, and saw your slender, white, porcelain legs, I got real turned on all right.

And, after I did what I’d done (a very EVIL thing!) to you, I feel oh so awful, and, I’d smothered you with kisses all over your body, just as my daddy’d done to me, every single time afterwards (don’t ask for “what”!).

I just want to let you know how remorseful I am, for what I’d done, and so, I’m writing this letter, hoping you can read it (yeah right!!!), and, after you’d read it, maybe, maybe you can forgive me, and we can be good friends again?

And because all you parents are way too M***ER F***ING stupid, there’s NO way, to save them “dolls” before it’s WAY too late, and, because you’re all way too BUSY, doing GOD-knows W-H-A-T, you’d left your kids unattended, might as well just cook them sheep, and serve it to the W-O-L-F is what I say!!!

What do Y-O-U think, doll?  And that would be another day, in the life, of an ABUSED child, and, these things that these children ARE experiencing DO show up, in their playing, so parents, WATCH them, carefully, do NOT let them out of your sights!

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They’d Played Until They Were Both Unconscious, When the Call Girl Woke Up, She’d Sued for Rape

And here, sex still S-E-L-L-S, and, they still don’t learn, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wu called up a call girl to go to his private workshop, to get drunk and play dice, and the one who lost would be punished by drinking alcohol and smoking ketamin cigarettes and swallowing ecstasy, after the woman swallowed one and half pills of ecstasy, she’d become unconscious for three whole hours; as she’d gone home and showered, she’d found something slippery in her pubic regions, she’d called the cops and accused Wu of rape.

But, even though inside her undershorts, there was evidence of Wu’s DNA, however, the forensics are not certain that whether it was sweat, bodily fluid, or semen, and so, they couldn’t prove that Wu raped her; the courts found Wu guilty of advantageous sexual molestation, and sentenced him to one year in prison, and on the part of giving out ecstasy, he was sentenced to six months in prison.

The thirty-three year old male, Wu last year on February 12, at six in the morn, asked a “Solicitation Company” for a woman to come to his place to get drunk and play games with him.

Wu and the woman rolled the dice, and made the deal that the person who lost will be smoking ketamine cigarettes and using ecstasy, the woman accused that after a few rounds, she was still quite lucid, but after she’d gone to the bathrooms, and had a drink, she felt dizzy and fell asleep, and, three hours later when she came to, she felt his hands all over her body, Wu realized that she was awake, and ushered her out the door, and called a cab for her.

After the woman returned home, she’d taken a shower, and found that her panty was wet, and she was so angry that she’d called the cops.  Fifteen days later, Wu turned himself in, gave an urine sample, and the sample showed NO positive response for drugs, and he’d denied having used illegal substances too.

The district courts called the super of the building, the super stated that when the woman went to see Wu, she was “normal”, and so, the judge believed that Wu had given false evidence, and provided illegal substances for the woman; but Wu claimed, “at most, I’d only gotten to the outside of her panties”, the judge believed, that this fit the criteria for opportune molestations.

And so, had you NOT put yourselves into that position, then, you wouldn’t have to go through all of this, would you?  And there are still a TON of women who are selling, for the sake of money, and that’s just NOT worth it!


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Falsely Claimed that He Will Give Women Three Hundred Thousand Dollars Each to Care for Them, a Man Managed to Scam Thirty Young Models into His Bed

Apparently, they ARE getting D-U-M-B-E-R by the generations here, aren’t they???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Lin, claimed himself to be a world class high-tech man, through Facebook, and lied that he was willing to pay anywhere between $100,000N.T. to $300,000N.T. if young women are willing to sleep with him, there were ten young models who believed his statements, and became his “traveling lovers”, and, some of them were filmed without their consents; of the group of ladies, five of them, after they’d slept with the man, found that his checks bounced, and sued him, the Taipei D.A.’s offices prosecuted Lin based off of fraud, along with some other charges.

Based off of the statements, Lin was also suspected of installing needle cams to take down X-rated footages of him and the ladies having sex, to force another young model to have sex with him at least once a month, and that IF she wanted the DVD back, then, she will BE his sex slave to “provide” the services for him; the D.A. last year prosecuted him based off of forced sexual acts, along with other laws, and the cases are still pending trial.

The D.A. investigated, that Lin was suspected of using the name “Easy to Keep”, and used Facebook and e-mail accounts in 2012, to openly get in touch with young models, falsely claimed that he could pay them anywhere between $100,000 to $300,000N.T. a month to keep them.

There were TEN young models who believed his lies, believed that so long as they’d slept with him, then, they’d be able to earn a six-figure income a month; after each time Lin had had sex with the models, he’d handed them a check, and the amounts ranged from $100,000N.T. to $1,000,000N.T.  Later, after the young models took the check and went to the banks to cash it, in the end, the tellers told them that the check bounced, there were FIVE young models who felt uneven, that they didn’t get paid, and that, was why they’d sued Lin for fraud.

Yeah, uh, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me here!  Hello, you’re getting P-A-I-D for sleeping with him, and you’re SUING him NOT because of that, but because of how you did NOT get paid?  What the FUCK is the matter with the values here, can someone PLEASE (yes, this is me, ASKING for “help”!!!) tell me?  And that just shows you all, how easily this brand new, younger generation of women give themselves away, and what the HELL happened to saving yourselves for marriage, OR the virginity plea?  Don’t ANY of that matter anymore?  Apparently N-O-T, and that, is just how MESSED UP the younger generations’ values had become, and it’s still ONLY the S-T-A-R-T of this whole mess in this world!!!





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He’d Stolen Pictures of Hot Girls, and Asked Adolescent Girls to Strip on Webcam

Another SEXUAL predator, found, and caught, ONLINE, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-two-year-old man, Yeou used the photos of a hottie as his own, headed online to Facebook, to befriend young adolescent females, then, solicited them to take their tops off and webcam conference him, then, he’d tell them that he’s a man, and coerced them into having sex with him; the Taipei Detective Agency caught him yesterday, found that there were a TON of nude conversations with younger women on his laptop, and suspected that there were at least, EIGHT victims.

The Taipei Police Department reminded the adolescents, that when they were making friends online, they should keep the three “not’s” in mind: not getting too into it, not exposing one’s own body, not dating in secret”; to NOT get too trapped by the online world that it’d affected your routines, to NOT overly expose one’s own information via webcam or by photographs, to NOT meet out alone with someone you’d met online, and, you must choose a public place with great lighting if you are going out to meet up with someone you just met online.

The police pointed out, that Yeou last December, flagged down the photograph of hot women, to use as his profile photo on Facebook with a female name too, claimed that he’d just returned to the country from studying abroad.  Awhile ago, after he met a girl in Changhwa, he’d claimed that it was more open in foreign places that he’d wanted to see whose body looked hotter, and had sent the photograph he’d snagged of a woman, said, if I dared to do it, then, why can’t you?

He’d enticed her, said that if she was willing to take off her clothes in front of webcam, then, he’ll give her $3,000N.T.s.  The adolescent girl fell in the tempting offers, and stripped her top off, and, after Yeou had recorded the footage, he’d told her that he was a man, and forced the girl to meet with him, then, raped her, or, he will let the photograph go viral online.

The youth told the women and children’s department of the Changhwa police department, and cooperated with their investigations; but Yeou still kept going after the adolescent.  The girl told him she’d already notified the police, Yeou said he was out of the country that the police couldn’t track him down, he just wanted to have sex with her.

The police tracked down the ISP of Yeou’s computer yesterday, and made an arrest, early yesterday morning.

How STUPID can you younger ladies get?  And, it’s still for that little money too.  And you’d think, that these days, virginities should sell at a WHOLE lot higher, but it isn’t, and that just shows you how naïve those stupid girls are, to fall for trash like this one, and now you know, so, do NOT fall for it again, but I’m 99.99 (still living that .01%) PERCENT certain, that there would be another “victim” of similar case such as this one soon, I’m sure, maybe not tomorrow, maybe NOT the day after, but, soon…




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