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Kept Alive, Against the Family’s Wishes


The last time that Erick Munoz saw his pregnant wife conscious, she had gotten up before 2a.m. to give their son a bottle. 

When Marlise didn’t return to bed and with the boy still crying, Erick went in search for her.  He found her unresponsive, on the kitchen floor, her face blue, from the lack of oxygen.  A short time later, the doctors at the Fort Worth hospital declared her brain-dead.

Munoz had been clear about her wishes, never to be hooked up to life support if she were fatally injured.  But when the unthinkable happened to the 33-year-old mom, doctors told the family, that they could NOT respect her wishes.  Because she was fourteen weeks pregnant, and they’d have to follow a Texas statute that made it illegal, to unplug a pregnant woman.

“The doctor told us that even if a pregnant woman has a DNR, or a living will, the law will supersede that,” Munoz’s mom, L. Machado told NBC News.  So any pregnant woman MUST be kept alive, because of her fetus.  We had never heard of this, and we wanted to get the information out there, because NO families should have to go through this, it’s pure hell.”

Although the doctors have been sympathetic to the family’s plight, they feel that they have no other choice.

“We follow the state law on this”, J.R. Labbe, VP of communications and community affairs for JPS Health Network.  “We cannot withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment for a pregnant patient”.

Nobody knows exactly what happened to Munoz before she was found and rushed to the hospital on Nov. 26, but the doctors suspected that blood clot traveled to her lungs, and blocked her oxygen.  

When Machado and her husband arrived at the emergency room, they found doctors and nurses, hovering over their daughter, assessing her condition.

“They did a CAT scan and EEG and there was NO brain activity,” Machado said, “She was clinically declared brain dead.  The doctors said she’d been without oxygen for well over an hour.”

And, the doctors did NOT disconnect her, because she was pregnant, and, they did it, because the laws of TX stated that you MUST save the baby, and, maybe, from a humanistic angle, they did what was right, but, the members of the family is the one with the wrenching pains in their hearts, watching their daughter and wife got needles all over her body, hooked up to an oxygen machine.








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So who, in the end, finished???  Translated…

In 1967, there was something BIG that happened, in the Boston Marathon, a nineteen-year-old woman with the name of K. Switzer, used the androgynous name of K. Switzer to sign up.

Back then, the Boston Marathon didn’t allow any women entrants, and, there were doctors who provided literatures for why women should NOT run marathons, believed, that running a marathon will make a woman’s calf too muscular, and it would cause them to grow hairs in unsightly places of their bodies, and what’s more outrageous—that it would cause their ovaries to fall out of their bodies.  This young woman became the first female to finish the event, with a number on her back.  But, at the time she ran, there was another woman, Bobbi Gibb, she’d already run the Boston Marathon without a number on her back.

When they’d entered into the races, the officials had attempted to stop them from it, and had even gotten physical, to try to make them NOT want to enter.  After five years’ worth of hard work, in 1972, the Boston Marathon finally allowed women to enter.  The now outrageous and unbelievable events that we thought about today, had actually happened, NOT very long ago.  It’s just a marathon, so, why couldn’t women enter?  Maybe, those who tried to put a stop to them entering in the competitions thought: why must women run marathons?
Whether or not women ran marathons, is of NOBODY else’s business, but, trying to prevent them from doing so, then, this behavior is problematic in itself!

Rather than asking why, ask “why not” instead.  Maybe, there are a LOT of women who didn’t want to run marathons (fine, there are a LOT of men who wouldn’t, like me, for instance.), but, whether or not one wants to, is entirely separate issues from whether or not one can.

Back then, the reasons for why women shouldn’t run are rational, and the memories of pre-1972 when women are NOT allowed to run, looked very ridiculous today, and funny too.  But back then, these two women’s behaviors, is one-hundred-percent bravery.

The accumulation of human rights lies NOT only in amending the constitution, nor is it verbally speaking of it (the “I respect you, but”, even though, it may piss people off, but at least, you’d put forth the word, “respect”, and we can optimistically, decipher it as a kind of progress), and, in the progresses made slowly, there’s still backward steps taken too, and maybe, moving two steps forward, one step back is unavoided, and this, still doesn’t deter us from moving forward.

People who came under fire, being discriminated against, must’ve gone a very L-O-N-G way, to get to where they are currently.  Didn’t the Christians who offered incense to their ancestors get shunned on?  “Why can’t you just offer incense to your ancestors, if you want to believe in the religion, do it on your own, but you don’t necessarily have to attend the rituals of offering respect to the ancestors!”

And now, we all know, that everybody has a right to choose one’s own religion, because it is a free country that we live in.

And still, the example from the marathon is mind-evoking, in the process of running a marathon, we may feel the strains, the pains, sweat, self-doubt, but so long as we persisted, the finishing lines are not far up ahead.

And so, even though we pride ourselves on being democratic, being free, there are actually a TON of examples of how this world isn’t at all free, and, we’re still very F-A-R off, from being completely free here………

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The Price of Freedom

“If the price for free speech is the complete sacrifice of a person’s privacy, then, it becomes merely a victory that is feared”.  Anthony Lewis, former NY Times Reporter.

And so, those “freedoms” you took to be YOURS, are really NOT yours, after all, in order to report freely about some issues, you’d have to rack some MUCK, meaning that you would need to DIG, into people’s business, and, some of those “businesses” are too private, therefore, those individuals’ privacies end up, getting sacrificed.  But that, is the downside of having these “freedoms”, those freedoms, that makes this a F-R-E-E country, and, ALL the “freedoms” of the United States Bill of Rights are still ALL C-O-N-D-I-T-I-O-N-A-L, and, it’s like I said: the ONLY place a person can go, to be FREE (from fear of prosecution, etc., etc., etc.) is in one’s OWN mind, unless, of course, you are a paranoid schizophrenic, then, it’s a WHOLE other story………








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De-Criminalizing Adultery

The debate is still ongoing here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Justice Department held a hearing on the de-criminalizing cheating, and the majority of the votes were for how the people who are for de-criminalizing cheating, stating that stepping into marriage doesn’t mean giving UP the right to one’s own bodies, and that the ones being sued were mostly women, meaning that the law was punishing women for the infidelities solely; the people who are against it believed that if cheating became a criminal offense, then, it would have the ability to prevent the extramarital affairs, and to maintain the value of families, “Everything for the children, the children are everything.”

This March, the International specialist came to investigate if this country is breaching into the citizens’ private lives, and if it was violating the people’s right to privacy, suggested the government to toss out the punishments of cheating people, because it didn’t match up to the 17th rule of “the International Pact for Citizens and Politics”.  But the justice department did its own survey just this April and May, and found that people here who were sampled showed 82% against the decriminalization and 77% percent against it respectively.

The secretary of the Women’s New Knowledge Foundation, along with a lawyer, Lin believed that de-criminalizing infidelity doesn’t help out a marriage, that the ones being sued in these cases were women in majority, because they didn’t know that the ones they’re with are already married; and the men became the plaintiff’s witness, stating that the “spare” was the one who slept with him; and the laws against adultery is merely a weapon that the first wives can use against the spares, for the sake of getting even.

A female attorney stated that from her experiences of taking cases of adultery, the first wives normally dropped the charges because they wanted to give their kids a complete home to grow up in, and so, they’d all sucked it up.  She suspected, that the women’s organizations being against de-criminalizing adultery is fighting for sexual rights and sexual freedoms, but, is it necessarily good for the nation?
And so, should we, or should we NOT treat adultery as a crime?  I mean, other than feelings that are damaged, what else was taken?  Oh yeah, the trust, the family will totally get BROKEN up, and, what OF the “victims” of the cases, the CHILDREN, after all, you DO know, how they’d be the ones, suffering the most, in that mess, don’t you???  And no, I don’t believe, that adultery should BE de-criminalized, but that’s just my opinion, so…


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Accidentally Shot, and You Still Stand Firm Behind Those Second Amendment Rights?

Those of you who are SUPPORTERS of the Second Amendment ALONG with members of the NRA or whatever OTHER gun fanatic groups, listen UP, from…

The New Jersey father of a 4-year-old boy who accidentally shot and killed his 6-year-old neighbor has been arrested, accused of having multiple unsecured weapons accessible to children, the Atlantic County prosecutor’s office announced Monday.

Anthony Senatore, 33, has been charged with six counts of child endangerment and a disorderly person’s offense for enabling access by minors to a loaded firearm.

Senatore’s son and 6-year-old Brandon Holt were playing in their neighborhood April 8 when The New Jersey father of a 4-year-old boy who accidentally shot and killed his 6-year-old neighbor has been arrested, accused of having multiple unsecured weapons accessible to children, the Atlantic County prosecutor’s office announced Monday.

Senatore’s son and 6-year-old Brandon Holt were playing in their neighborhood April 8 when the 4-year-old got a loaded .22-caliber rifle from his family’s home and shot Brandon in the head, authorities said. The boys were about 15 yards apart.

Brandon died at a hospital a day later.

Brandon’s grandmother told NBC 4 New York at the time she was angry the family failed to take enough caution in locking up their guns.

“I can’t believe that they found 11 guns in that house,” said Donna Elefante. “I mean, with three kids? Give me a break.”

Attorney information for Senatore was not immediately available, and a phone number was not listed in the public pages.

The Atlantic County prosecutor’s office took over investigation of the case early on because the Senatores have relatives who worked in law enforcement in Ocean County, where Toms River is located.

One resident said the two families had not lived in the neighborhood for long and she did not know them well.

“I’m sad for the children involved and their families, but I’m angry with whoever owns that gun and allowed a little child to get hold of it,” Debi Coto, who lives a few doors down, said after the shooting.

The shooting came just days after a 4-year-old boy in Tennessee grabbed a loaded gun at a family cookout and accidentally shot to death the wife of a sheriff’s deputy and amid debate over gun control laws in the wake of December’s Newtown, Conn., elementary school massacre, in which 20 first-graders

Moral of the story???  If you’re a GUN FANATIC, or a SECOND-AMENDMENT RIGHT fanatic, DO keep your GUNS out of child’s reach, because you KNOW how they got the tendency to GET not just their ONE of TWO hands STUCK inside that “cookie jar”, they may SHOVE their child-sized HEADS in there too!!!  And, you should NEVER keep weapons in the reach of children, OR alcohol either, because you KNOW those kids?  They WILL be kids, touch, and, BAM, something accidentally goes O-F-F, and, you, the parents would be made to take the RESPONSIBILITIES for them…


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