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When Gunfire & Tear Gas are Used on the General Public

And so, I guess, there’s NO way this will end peacefully then???  From…

Hundreds of protesters, including young children, fled to safety after police wearing gas masks and body armor fired canisters of smoke to disperse them hours ahead of a planned midnight curfew. The Missouri Highway Patrol said some tear gas was used along with the smoke bombs.

Gunfire was heard, by a Reuters reporter and photographer, but it was unclear where it was coming from.

A crowd of about 400 appeared to be marching peacefully, and included numerous families with children, when police used smoke canisters to disperse them.

“The smoke bombs were completely unprovoked,” said Anthony Ellis, 45. “It (the protest) was led by kids on bikes. Next you know, they’re saying, ‘Go home, Go home!’

However, the Missouri Highway Patrol said “aggressors” were trying to infiltrate a law enforcement command post and that armored vehicles were deployed to ensure public safety.

“We ordered them back. We ordered them back again. After several attempts, we utilized the smoke to disperse these individuals,” said Missouri Highway Patrol Corporal Justin Wheetley.

He later said that at least one Molotov cocktail had been thrown at police, although some witnesses said those were tear gas canisters being thrown back at police.

The police action, which involved heavily armed officers and armored vehicles, took place hours before a midnight curfew imposed for the second night in the tense St. Louis suburb, site of ongoing protests as well as violence and looting since Michael Brown, 18, was shot to death on Aug. 9.

Earlier on Sunday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder ordered a federal autopsy of Brown’s body, seeking to assure the family and community there will be a thorough investigation into a death that has sparked days of racially charged protests.

Brown was shot by white police officer Darren Wilson.

Police say Brown was asked by Wilson to move out of the road and onto a sidewalk and that Brown reached into a patrol car and struggled with Wilson for his service gun and was shot.

A friend of Brown’s, Dorian Johnson, 22, and at least one other witness said Wilson reached out through his car window to grab at Brown and the teenager was trying to get away when shot. Brown held up his hands in a sign of surrender, but Wilson got out of his patrol car and shot Brown several times, they said.

A preliminary private autopsy, asked for by Brown’s family, shows the teenager was shot at least six times, the New York Times reported on Sunday night.

Citing Dr. Michael M. Baden, former chief medical examiner for the City of New York, the newspaper reported that Brown was shot twice in the head, and that the bullets that hit him did not appear to have been fired from very close range because no gunpowder was detected on his body.

That conclusion could change, however, if gunshot residue is found on Brown’s clothing, the newspaper said.

And so, this, had gotten, out of hand!  After all, a good student had D-I-E-D, and, the police were the ones, holding the GUNS that SHOT him, and this had sparked that buried-deep racist hatred that the African American population had held against the whites, and, this, is still a HUGE step backward, in the realm of H-I-S-T-O-R-Y…

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Exploring the Censorship Fight Over Trying to Publish “Ulysses”

From The New York Times, by D. Garner…

Kevin Birmingham’s new book, “The Most Dangerous Book: The Battle For James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’” about the long censorship fight over James Joyce’s novel, braids stories about women’s rights and heroic female editors, about World War I, about anarchism and modernism, about tenderness and syphilis, and about how literature can bend an era’s consciousness.

It isolates a great love story, that of Joyce and Nora Barnacle, one that comes with a finger-burning side order of some of the most cheerfully filthy correspondence in literary history.

About Joyce, he writes: “He wanted people to read novels and carefully as ardently as sleeplessly as they would read dirty letters sent from abroad.  It was one of modernism’s great insights.  James Joyce treated readers as if they were lovers.”

When Joyce embarked upon “Ulysses” in 1915, he was in his 30s, impoverished, unemployed, married with two children and living in Italy.  The war’s battle front was nearby.  His literary career was a shambles.  He had devastating eye problems brought on, Mr. Birmingham argues, by syphilis, and endured more than a dozen surgeries.

As excerpts from “Ulysses” appeared in the Chicago magazine The Little Review, edited by Margaret Anderson, the magazine began to be harassed by censors, partly because of its supposed links to radicals and anarchists.

Mr. Birmingham describes that while anti-vice crusaders wanted to ban “Ulysses” to protect what they considered to be female sensibilities, many of the book’s champions were women.  Upon reading Joyce’s prose, Anderson said her partner at The Little Review, Jane Heap: “This is the most beautiful thing we’ll ever have.  We’ll print it if it’s the last effort of our lives.”  Both women would end up in court.

Sylvia Beach, the owner of Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris, published the first edition of Joyce’s novel in 1922 and worked to smuggle the book into the United States.  Mr. Birmingham says of her, “She wanted to give the world something more than pajamas and condensed milk.”

Other heroes include Ezra Pound, who once explained he couldn’t help Joyce get his poems published in England, because he’d burned all his bridges.  They also include Ernest Hemingway, who helped Beach smuggle copies of “Ulysses” into the United States, and John Quinn and Morris Ernst, who each defended Joyce’s writing in court.

This book is populated by the less heroic as well.  Virginia Woolf didn’t like “Ulysses” and passed up a chance to be its first publishers.

Mr. Birmingham writes that Joyce’s novel was “a new rendering of the way people think” and he explains why good history, not just Joyce, matters.  “It can be difficult to see how Joyce’s novel (how any novel, perhaps) could have been revolutionary.  This is because all revolutions look tame from the other side.”

He adds: “We forget what the old world was like, forget even that things could have been any other way.”

And so, this, is still how censorship is going way too far, because someone writes something that offends someone else, therefore that piece of writing should be banned?  What about the freedom of the press and the freedom of the speech?  And, if not for those forward thinking people of the older times, where would we be today???

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The Business Persuaded the Government to Dismiss All the Kindergarten Teachers and Have Teachers that Taught Specific Talents Instead

This is really bad, but hey, who asked Y-O-U, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The owners of kindergartens tried to persuade the representatives to amend the laws of educating and caring for the young children, to cancel the five-year-old classes’ rule of having only ONE teacher, and to allow for the assistance of the talents instructors to help teach the classes.  The scholars stated, that if this bill gets passed, then, it would make the kindergartens into profit organizations, that focused on the talents, and it’d also damaged the rights to work for those who ARE certified as kindergarten teachers.  The kindergarten instructors united, and asked the lawmakers to withdraw the amendment, and there are now, over ten thousand teachers that had signed the petitions.

In the past, the kindergartens took in four-to-six year-olds, and the teachers came from early childhood majors of universities, and their job required teaching mostly; the daycares took in children from two to four, and the instructors are from technical high schools, high schools, along with the child care majors of technical universities, with the primary focus on babysitting and caring, they’re called “Caretakers”.  Since the start of 2013 when the reform of early childhood education took place, the daycare centers and the kindergartens became centers for young children, and, in the classes of five-year-olds, there needed to be at least ONE early childhood teacher, and the caretakers became “Teacher-Caretakers”, and they were put in charge of three, four year olds.

Turns out, that those without the qualifications can’t work at kindergarten as a caretaker for the young children.  But the lawmakers brought out an amendment that added “those who are NOT with the qualifications, when a certified individual is present, is allowed to assist in teaching.”, and they will hold a hearing on this issue on Wednesday.

The statement made by teachers along with those who had hands-on pointed out that if the five-year-old class didn’t have a professional kindergarten teacher, then, the child’s quality of education would be lowered by a lot.

The assistant professor, Lin said that the five year old classes should have kindergarten instructors and caretakers, the former is responsible of lesson planning, lesson designing, the latter would focus on caretaking, like how China has the police of “Two formal teachers and one caretaker”, or like how Finland had “One formal teacher and two caretakers.”

Lin said, that once this amendment gets passed, the kindergartens will become like cram schools, and those without the certifications, qualifications as kindergarten teachers will come in second to those who teaches a talent or a skill, and the kindergarten teachers’ duties in class became “maintaining the order in the classrooms”, “there’s absolutely NO professionalism to speak of!”, before kids entered into elementary schools, they should NOT have the courses separated, instead, the children should be able to learn through play.

And so, based off of THIS, if this law gets signed into place, your kindergarten age children will be hauling that WAY-TOO-OVERSIZED BACKPACK, to and from school, and, they would lose their childhoods completely, and if those stupid lawmakers are okay with that, then, there IS something REALLY wrong with THIS freakin’ country!!!



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Crucified, for My Beliefs

Because people (still NOT mentioning A-N-Y names there!!!) don’t like what I have to say, and so, a group of them gained UP on me, they’d fucking (oopsy!!!) stuck that wooden cross onto my front lawn (with a TOTAL DISREGARD and RESPECT for MY religious belief system too, can you believe it!!!), and then, they SET my yard ablaze…

Crucified, for my beliefs, and, there’s still NO changing WHAT I believe, even IF all that remained of me is the ashes. Crucified, for my beliefs, but why? How come YOUR values are worth MORE than mine? And, just because I have a difference of opinion compared to the VAST majority, does that mean, that I should get S-H-U-N-N-E-D? Where the FUCK (pardon the “French”!!!) IS the freedom in that?

Crucified, for my beliefs, I was already NAILED to the cross, and HUNG with that N-O-O-S-E, in the neighborhood big tree (don’t ask me which one!!!), and, I’m still here, kicking, AND screaming, LOUD as E-V-E-R, and the ONLY way for ME to SHUT the F*** (sorry, “maxed out”!!!) UP, would be IF I died, and someone put me on that dissection table, where I would have to wait (still QUITE impatiently), for MY dissections…

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It’s Time to Compromise Now

Commentaries, on the Front Page Sections, translated, on the occupation of the legislative branch here…

Conflicts happen, due to the differences of points of view, or opinions.  In order to resolve the conflicts, there would be need for interpersonal understandings, empathy, considering the pros and cons of the matter.

As the conflicts occurred, open up the field of vision, with an open mind, and hear the other side’s story, this, is NOT only important, but it’s also a form of common courtesy, morality, and understanding too.

The conflicting sides hold opposite points of view on the issues, which caused the conflicts to arise, but, either the sides would NOT admit to having a bad point of view, or having done wrong.  And so, one side, backing off, is absolutely necessary, to show, that the other side’s point of view is irrational, and incorrect.  When one side gives in, and the other still held on, and we’d compared the two sides, and, clearly, which side is biased, is plain as the day.

Taking a step back, is like looking into the mirror of truth, to show the original mindsets of the conflicting parties, and even show people the ugliness of human nature too.  “The mask of righteousness is a façade of an evil face”, and the side that held on to the foothold, will GET exposed eventually.

Shakespeare said, “When people are satisfied, they will be willing to pay a higher price”.  Allowing the other side to feel satisfied, is the source of power of your own.  Every single compromise you’d made, if you can give something back, to make someone satisfied, then, you’d have MORE advantage, and you’d have MORE power too.

Some say, that compromising, is the sign of weakness, that would mean, that when someone compromises, s/he is doing so, without knowing why.

And now, all we need, is for both sides, to sit down, with a focused mind, the honesty to get through to each other, and to find a way that both sides can be satisfied with.

Chips are needed, in compromise, and fighting FOR the compromise to happen, and the legislative branch is NOT the chip for this for either side, the support of the citizens behind the issues, that, is the “chips”.

But, how can you even DISCUSS compromise, when the sides wouldn’t even L-I-S-T-E-N, and that, is what we’re STUCK here right now, there IS no way it will work out, because there’s the PARTY factor, and politics behind this.

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A Woman Received a Life Sentence for Murdering Her Mother, as Her Verdict Was Read, She’d Become Limp

IF you couldn’t stand and take the FALLS for your own CRIMES, then, why did you do it in the first place??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Yi Chen, two years ago in May, was murdered by her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend who was her accomplice, her body was dumped by the seaside in Hualien; the Hualien District Court made its first ruling yesterday, that Tsai will be serving life, and her boyfriend, the DEATH penalty.

Tsai (age 32), upon hearing that she’d gotten life in prison, she went limp, and thankfully, the bailiff gave her a hand, to keep her from falling to the floor. The judge, Huang consoled her, “Do take care of yourself”, she’d nodded slightly. Tseng (age 51) however, still held on to his own pompous attitude, wouldn’t stand UP in court, in the end, the bailiff had to take him up to stand up, so he could hear his own verdict.

Jing-Jing Tsai’s father too, was there at the reading of the verdict, he was shocked at how his baby girl received the life sentences, he’d wanted to rebut to the judge, but, his families and friends prevented him from so doing.

Tsai said, that his daughter was well-behaved, but, after she’d met Tseng in New Zealand on her study trips abroad, her mother, Yi Chen was against them dating, she’d gone to New Zealand to prevent them from dating, but, it wasn’t successful at all. Tsai and Tseng returned to Taiwan four years ago, and they’d lived off of Yi Chen, and, the mother had paid the couple a total of three hundred thousand dollars total; the two individuals asked for another one million dollars, the mother refused, and that, was why she was murdered.

Two years ago on May first, Tsai and Tseng went to where Chen lives, and premeditated that they’d get some money from her, but they were successful in so doing, and so, they’d killed her and dumped her body; in the process, Tseng was scolded by Chen, and he got angered, took out the wires that he had prepared, and together, with Tsai, they’d strangled the woman to death, then, used a boy scout rope to tie her up, put her into a suitcase, then, dumped the body by the sea side in Hualien.

The judge, Huang stated, that he’d taken into considerations, that Tsai was emotionally dependent upon Tseng, and she’d shown signs of remorse during the trials, that it would be quite possible, for her to be reformed, and that Tsai was diagnosed with schizophrenia, so, he’d sentenced her to life in prison.

And Tseng was the primary accomplice of the entire thing, afterwards, he didn’t show ANY remorse, and that there is a need, to separate him from the rest of the society, and so, the judge gave him the death penalty.

And so, here, the motive was still M-O-N-E-Y, and, people DO kill, for a WHOLE lot less than you can imagine, and, the daughter DID plan out the mother’s murder with her boyfriend too, and so, how come she’d only gotten L-I-F-E? Oh yeah, because she’d shown “signs of remorse” at the hearings…


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The Freedom of Assembly, Put to the Test

Time to put THEORY to practice, and see how it ALL works here…

The Freedom of Assembly, put to the test, and, it still wouldn’t matter WHO threw that very FIRST punch.  Point is, this originally peaceful assembly had broken out, into a HUGE riot, and, the cops are having so hard a time, keeping the violence contained, as violence, like anything ELSE that’s infectious and contagious, can and WILL spread, too quickly.

The Freedom of the Assembly, put to the test, and, it’s either a STEP forward, toward a “freer nation”, or, it’s THREE steps BACKWARDS, into oblivion.  So, how does it all roll out?  The Freedom of Assembly, put to the test, because the world has TOO many SHIT going on, and, people are slowly, standing UP, to SHOW the government, HEY, we will NOT take it anymore, and, that, is the gist behind the Freedom of Assembly, isn’t it?  Gathering together, so OUR voice can get LOUDER, so the government will PAY attention, because ONE voice gets buried easily, and two voices, well, they’re just NOT quite strong enough yet, but three, four, or FIVE voices combined, now that’s C-H-O-I-R, isn’t it???

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Who Threw the First Punch???

This, is VITAL, in figuring out W-H-O-S-E fault it is, so, W-H-O was it? Who threw the first punch?  It doesn’t really matter now, does it?  I mean, they’d already found themselves a SCAPEGOAT they can H-A-N-G, so, the truth, is NO longer vital anymore, after all, it NEVER really mattered, W-H-O, threw the first punch.

Who threw the first punch???  This question, is extremely necessary, but, these days, it seems, that the seriousness of the injuries “counted” more.  Who threw the first punch?  It wouldn’t matter now, would it, as that, was OVER a MILLION “memory bytes” ago, and, if the one responsible for starting this FIGHT is no longer holding that grudge, then, shouldn’t you let go too???

So, in the end, it still wouldn’t matter, W-H-O, threw the first punch, but because this, is a first step TOWARD a more independent (yeah, right, just keep on telling yourselves THAT, why don’t you???) country, that, is why the PRESS is ALL over the N-E-W-S here………

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Kept Alive, Against the Family’s Wishes


The last time that Erick Munoz saw his pregnant wife conscious, she had gotten up before 2a.m. to give their son a bottle. 

When Marlise didn’t return to bed and with the boy still crying, Erick went in search for her.  He found her unresponsive, on the kitchen floor, her face blue, from the lack of oxygen.  A short time later, the doctors at the Fort Worth hospital declared her brain-dead.

Munoz had been clear about her wishes, never to be hooked up to life support if she were fatally injured.  But when the unthinkable happened to the 33-year-old mom, doctors told the family, that they could NOT respect her wishes.  Because she was fourteen weeks pregnant, and they’d have to follow a Texas statute that made it illegal, to unplug a pregnant woman.

“The doctor told us that even if a pregnant woman has a DNR, or a living will, the law will supersede that,” Munoz’s mom, L. Machado told NBC News.  So any pregnant woman MUST be kept alive, because of her fetus.  We had never heard of this, and we wanted to get the information out there, because NO families should have to go through this, it’s pure hell.”

Although the doctors have been sympathetic to the family’s plight, they feel that they have no other choice.

“We follow the state law on this”, J.R. Labbe, VP of communications and community affairs for JPS Health Network.  “We cannot withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment for a pregnant patient”.

Nobody knows exactly what happened to Munoz before she was found and rushed to the hospital on Nov. 26, but the doctors suspected that blood clot traveled to her lungs, and blocked her oxygen.  

When Machado and her husband arrived at the emergency room, they found doctors and nurses, hovering over their daughter, assessing her condition.

“They did a CAT scan and EEG and there was NO brain activity,” Machado said, “She was clinically declared brain dead.  The doctors said she’d been without oxygen for well over an hour.”

And, the doctors did NOT disconnect her, because she was pregnant, and, they did it, because the laws of TX stated that you MUST save the baby, and, maybe, from a humanistic angle, they did what was right, but, the members of the family is the one with the wrenching pains in their hearts, watching their daughter and wife got needles all over her body, hooked up to an oxygen machine.








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So who, in the end, finished???  Translated…

In 1967, there was something BIG that happened, in the Boston Marathon, a nineteen-year-old woman with the name of K. Switzer, used the androgynous name of K. Switzer to sign up.

Back then, the Boston Marathon didn’t allow any women entrants, and, there were doctors who provided literatures for why women should NOT run marathons, believed, that running a marathon will make a woman’s calf too muscular, and it would cause them to grow hairs in unsightly places of their bodies, and what’s more outrageous—that it would cause their ovaries to fall out of their bodies.  This young woman became the first female to finish the event, with a number on her back.  But, at the time she ran, there was another woman, Bobbi Gibb, she’d already run the Boston Marathon without a number on her back.

When they’d entered into the races, the officials had attempted to stop them from it, and had even gotten physical, to try to make them NOT want to enter.  After five years’ worth of hard work, in 1972, the Boston Marathon finally allowed women to enter.  The now outrageous and unbelievable events that we thought about today, had actually happened, NOT very long ago.  It’s just a marathon, so, why couldn’t women enter?  Maybe, those who tried to put a stop to them entering in the competitions thought: why must women run marathons?
Whether or not women ran marathons, is of NOBODY else’s business, but, trying to prevent them from doing so, then, this behavior is problematic in itself!

Rather than asking why, ask “why not” instead.  Maybe, there are a LOT of women who didn’t want to run marathons (fine, there are a LOT of men who wouldn’t, like me, for instance.), but, whether or not one wants to, is entirely separate issues from whether or not one can.

Back then, the reasons for why women shouldn’t run are rational, and the memories of pre-1972 when women are NOT allowed to run, looked very ridiculous today, and funny too.  But back then, these two women’s behaviors, is one-hundred-percent bravery.

The accumulation of human rights lies NOT only in amending the constitution, nor is it verbally speaking of it (the “I respect you, but”, even though, it may piss people off, but at least, you’d put forth the word, “respect”, and we can optimistically, decipher it as a kind of progress), and, in the progresses made slowly, there’s still backward steps taken too, and maybe, moving two steps forward, one step back is unavoided, and this, still doesn’t deter us from moving forward.

People who came under fire, being discriminated against, must’ve gone a very L-O-N-G way, to get to where they are currently.  Didn’t the Christians who offered incense to their ancestors get shunned on?  “Why can’t you just offer incense to your ancestors, if you want to believe in the religion, do it on your own, but you don’t necessarily have to attend the rituals of offering respect to the ancestors!”

And now, we all know, that everybody has a right to choose one’s own religion, because it is a free country that we live in.

And still, the example from the marathon is mind-evoking, in the process of running a marathon, we may feel the strains, the pains, sweat, self-doubt, but so long as we persisted, the finishing lines are not far up ahead.

And so, even though we pride ourselves on being democratic, being free, there are actually a TON of examples of how this world isn’t at all free, and, we’re still very F-A-R off, from being completely free here………

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