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Pictures, Instead of Words

This, is more than just that ONE step back, it’s, god KNOWS how many steps backwards that we’re taking here…

Pictures, instead of words, because pictures are easier to “process”, after all, pictures only needed to be “registered” through the visual cortex, then, we can make sense of it, while words?  Words take a longer passageway, after all, you don’t JUST read those words, you must also “reroute” those words into your Wernicke’s Area (somewhere in the temporal lobe???), and then, you’d have to have the word in your medial temporal lobes, to get the meanings, IF you’d thumbedacross it, etc., etc., etc., and it’s just WAY too much trouble, compared to seeing those pictures.

Pictures, instead of words, this, is what this world’s been reduced, because NOBODY wants to sort through the letter-by-letter, to read the words that formed from the letters combined together, and then, you’d have to “file” those words into the brains to get the meanings of it, and, it will take you, say???  ‘bout five seconds to read a word (don’t really know), but, it only takes you say???  One second, to process the pictures, and, this, is still aiding, to the modern day illiteracy problems out there.

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Thankful that My Father Didn’t Give Me a Smartphone

Because these modern day inventions end up taking up ALL of your times???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the days I took the trains, there is this HUGE impact that those who lowered their heads on the trains, focusing on their cell phones had given me.

One day, I was so surprised, to find, that I could actually classify the group of cell phone users into two categories, there were over half of the population on the trains that lowered their heads, tuned into their cell phones, the cell phones became invincible, they’d allowed you to talk with those who are NOT in your close vicinities, to allow you to know the latest of your friends, and even, play a game too.

But, I believe, that this, is NOT a life, even IF you’d get that ecstasy of the moment, but, that moment’s happiness does NOT come from one’s own self, it comes from other people, and, the things that other people may sure, are bliss in their lives, but, nothing long lasting.  People would often take out their cell phones, and, it seemed, as though that, is the size of the entire world, on the screens, and the interactions with the outside world become reduced, and so, where is one to get the heartfelt experiences?  That, is something that a smart phone can’t give you, isn’t it?

I’m glad, that my father insisted on NOT buying me one of those smart phones for now, to allow me, to make the observations of how the warmth of interaction outside the cell phones are occurring between parents and children in the trains, the birds that stayed on the rocks by the streams outside the train windows, or to hear the conversations of foreigners, and it’d allowed to me to enjoy watching that richness in their body languages too.  Even though I believe, that I will eventually have a Smart Phone too, but now, I’d told myself, that by then, I hope that it won’t take me over completely, otherwise, I’d missed out on what’s going on in the real world, and that, would be such a shame!

And so, you CAN live without a smart phone after all, it’s just that people today are way too taken, way too drawn in by the “actions” provided by their cell phones that they’d FAILED to focus on what’s important, the interactions between people, after all, we ARE a relatively, very S-O-C-I-A-L species, aren’t we???

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The Family Life That’s Been Interrupted Because of a Cell Phone Gaming Addiction

A downside to the modern day technology that’s supposed to bring about convenience here, translated…

After I’d heard that everybody’s playing candy crush, I’d held it in for so very long, and finally, in the summers, I’d gotten me a smartphone, and, ever since, I was kidnapped by it.

Just like being in love, the days we shared at the very beginning are so wonderful.  I’d wheezed through the chores inside the household, and, whenever I’d found time to spare, I’d buried myself in the fun of passing every level, and my two sons are both affected dearly by me too, and would talk with me on how to pass the levels.  Before bedtime, the three of us would crowd around the cell phones, which replaced our bedtime story rituals that we’d kept.

What’s more magical, was that in the morning, when I’d put on the ring of the game, the two sleepy kids would automatic wake, and they wouldn’t give me any trouble, waking them up again, even my youngest, who never had a big appetite, when I’d given him the game to play, he would finish up his meals without much troubles.  I naively believed, that so long as I’d used this to my advantage, then, I can help my children change their unwanted behaviors, and I’d rationalized why I am allowed to play the games more and more.

Slowly, however, the problems started surfacing, I would get super angry when my kids secretly played my unfinished game; and, when I’d gotten STUCK on a level, I’d get up in the middle of the nights, and, try to pass it secretly; and, every time I’d pass fifteen levels, the two days afterwards would be especially hard to crack; my children too, our conversations became limited to “crush”, they did not get drawn to the point that they couldn’t eat or sleep, but, they’d started yelling out the names of the candies in the middle of the nights in their dreams, and my two sons would fight over the game, and they’d lost interests in other things in their lives.

My husband reminded me, that my life had been kidnapped by crush already, but I’d believed, that so long as I don’t play the game in front of my children, then, things will look up, until that evening………

Just as usual, as I’d put my youngest down to sleep, I’d started playing crush next to him, and my oldest son snuck into the room abruptly, and I’d feared that the sounds from the game would wake my child up, and I’d taken my oldest to the living room to play.  When we’re hot on the games, there came a huge THUD from the bedrooms, my youngest had fallen off the bed!  My husband quickly rushed my son to the hospitals, and I’d broken down, and worried like crazy at home, and prayed to the gods, that my child is okay.

Thankfully, my son is okay, but, after this hard-hitting wake up call, I’d quit the game I’d kept to for three months, the game that’s gotten to level 275, and since then, I’d broken free from ITS controls.

I’m grateful to the heavens, for giving me this LOUD warning sign, to allow me to enjoy watching my kids in their sweet dreams, to enjoy every blank moment in my life, to NO longer feel the need to use cell phone gaming, to feel up the boring moments in my life.

And, here is HER wake up call, her son fell off the bed, and got a bump, and that, was enough to get the mother to Q-U-I-T, because this wakeup call helped her set her priorities straight.

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When the Electronic Devices Became Parents, Children are Feared to Become Emotionless Toward Humans

Those of you, parents, who still believed it to be okay, to PARK your kids’ asses in front of that electronic device, here’s a story that’ll DEFY your original beliefs that’s for sure, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The paper had a report on the growth of the emotionally difficult children yesterday, the instructor and the experts suspected that this “trend” has something to do with the spurs of smart phones and I-Pads.  Certainly, if you’d linked the findings of this, with the animal behaviorist, K. Lorenz’s research on “critical period developments”, then, the results should become even MORE shocking.

In Lorenz’s research, the ten plus hours after a duckling hatches is the time that it attached itself to its mother, and the ducklings would often taken the object that’s right in front of it that’s moving, as its mother.

And, from this, we can speculate, that newborn babies are similar in this matter.  But, the modern day parents, because of the convenience of calming the child down, would put a flat screen in front of the child and let the child interact with it, and it would be easy, to make the conclusions of whether or not the children will attach themselves to the machines as their parents, and become only interested in interacting with the machines and not people in the futures?  If so, then, this, will be a sort of an imminent danger for the entire nation.

Now, the younger generations’ intrigue with electronic devices are only affecting their necks and shoulders, but, if the children who are born later become completely disinterested in people, then, the society of humans are facing a downfall.  So, I truly hope, that the media or the groups out there, should exert their ability to influence the masses, and WARN of this, to get the parents to interact with the kids more, so, the next generations of humans being born to this world have a chance, living AS normal human beings.

So, this retired school instructor’s worries ARE warranted, like that case from awhile back, where a parent calms a crying child down by showing the kid the cell phone, that, is worrisome, I mean, after all, as parents, your imminent concern is to SHUT the crying kid up, and, there’s only the way of distracting the kid, and, if you’re on a crowded train, the only thing you can pull out of your hats are those smartphones and such, and, your kid WILL become conditioned by that, and, everything s/he cries, you WILL be pulling out that electronic device to shut the child UP, and so, the vicious cycle still rolls………START talking to your kids, even IF they’re at an age that they don’t understand the words, they WILL appreciate the fact, that I had mommy and daddy’s voices accompanying me to sleep!








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Addiction to Cell Phone Usage

Because cell phones had become completely IRREPLACEABLE in our lives, story from the N-E-W-S, translated…

The Child Social Services Organization had found that nearly 40 percent children show signs of “cell phone usage addiction”, including when waking up, on the way to classes, and after eleven o’clock at night, they’re all “playing with” their cell phones.  The experts pointed out, that the parents should NOT “expose” the children to cell phone at an early age, and they also need to set up guidelines for their cell phone usage.

The Child Services Surveys found that more than half of 5th to 6th graders have cell phones, and 70 percent of middle school students own and used cell phone, and this rate is higher compared to the ratios of children using cell phones in China, Japan, and the U.S., and the rate had increased by more than twenty percent compared to six years ago.

What do students use their cell phones most for?  The studies showed that 70% of children often used their cell phones for music, taking pictures, and over sixty percent used cell phones to play video games, to text message, like on busses, you’d see young children using cell phones to play games, and, the real purpose of cell phone, for communication, this is less than five minutes a day.

The C.E.O. of the Child Social Services Organization pointed out, that from the studies, there are three “mores” of cell phone usage for children in Taiwan: more cell phones, more functions, and more times wasted, with the onset of intelligent phones, with web capacities, the children might “accidentally” click onto “pay” or “sex” websites by “accident”.

The C.E.O. specified, that more than forty percent of children show an addiction to cell phone usage, and that the parents AND the government should pay close attention to this problem.  She stressed that the parents should N-O-T spend a lot of money to buy “intelligent cell phones” for children, and that if the kid requires a cell, then, the parents must specify the usage rules, and to monitor their usage activities.

Cell phone had become a necessity to the population of the world, and, with these advances in technologies, the cell phone is now, a machine for the purpose of NOT just communications, BUT also entertainment, and, this is just like playing video games, equally addictive, and, once you’re H-I-G-H on something, it’s hard for you to get back down, because you will have to go through the healing process, the denial of having a problem, to finally accept that you DO have a problem, the 12-Step Program for ALCOHOLI CS, remember?

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A Second-Year High Schooler Was Able to Infiltrate into Over a Thousand Websites

Using one’s intelligence for BAD things here, let’s see what, had caused this high schooler to misbehave in such a manner, shall we??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…
A second-year high school student in just two month, managed to HACK into multiple colleges in Taiwan and overseas, the governments, along with multiple companies, totally up to over 1,200 websites, and left the image of the main character in the movie of “V for Vendetta”, yesterday, he was arrested for misusing computer resources.
Hsu claimed himself as the “gray-hat hacker”, is a self-proclaimed freedom fighter of the WWW; he told that he worshipped the character of the movie in “V for Vendetta”, and the reason why he’d hacked into those websites was merely to remind the companies or the government facilities that there are HOLES in the system.
The police investigations found, that Hsu’s father is in a vegetative state, the parents are divorced, and he was raised by his paternal grandfather. His grades in school are pretty low, and after school, he’d spent almost ALL of his time at home, online, and he became a self-taught hacker, and was excellent in hacking into websites; and even those websites that were designed by professionals were hacked in by him too.
The person in charge of the Hsinbei Detective Squad, Lu said, because the two universities’ central web pages were hacked in, it was difficult for them to log on properly, the police chased the leads, and found that the Education Department of Kingmen, along with the web pages of a high school in Yunlin was also hacked in by the same person “Xer19MeI”, and he’d left the message, “Hacking is NOT against the laws”, and “this website’s protection is NOT up to standards, please improve”.
Later the police got reports from chain chicken fried steak and stewed foods vendors, that the business web pages had been hacked into as well, the hacker not only changed the contents, had even left the pictures of the movie character in “V for Vendetta”, along with messages, “You got hacked by XerL9MeI”.
The technical team chased down the web’s IP address, and sorted through the messages left by the hacker, and found that it was Hsu, the student who was behind all of this, two days ago, they’d gone to Yunlin to bring Hsu in, and had found the computer main switchboards, the mask he used, along with other items as evidence.
And this, is DUE to a misdirection, and, basically this young man was left in the care of HIS grandparents, his father was ill, and his mother left, so, coming from a broken background like that, he turned back, because he was affected by his environments, and he didn’t have a strong enough mind, and, nobody guided him, pointed him in the right direction, and that just shows you how easily it is, for a child to turn bad, and in this case, it’s still an interaction of NATURE and NURTURE.
Here’s the follow up to this story…
The private middle school that Hsu attends didn’t know what Hsu’d been up to until the moment they were notified by the police, and, the school, all of a sudden, realized that the normally quiet boy was actually a master hacker, the students and the teachers were all shocked, the school spoke on his behalf, believed that it was his family background that’s caused him to turn bad, hoping that the judge will be lenient on him.
The school said, Hsu did NOT live in the dormitories, so, there’s NO way of them knowing what he’d been up to after hours, none of the instructors or his classmates knew he was so excellent with computers, until the whole thing busted wide open, did the teachers and the students learn that three years ago his father was in a car wreck and became a vegetable, and is currently at a home, his Filipino mother left home six months ago too, and this series of difficulties was hard on Hsu, and, maybe that, was why he’d turned to the computers, becoming a hacker, to seek his thrills.
The school told the officials, that Hsu is very introverted, rarely talked in class, is a good student in the instructors’ views; from middle school to his first year in high school, he’d made good grades, and all of a sudden in his second year of high school, his grades started dropping, the instructor talked to him face-to-face, but Hsu told her, “nothing’s wrong!”, and the teacher couldn’t get anything else out of him.
Two days ago, the police notified the school that Hsu was the hacker, everybody, the teachers, along with his classmates were shocked, “How could this be?”, after they’d listened to how he hacked people’s websites, they’re ALL in awe of his abilities.
And so, maybe, this kid was only looking for some attention, and like I’d said, NEGATIVE attention is WAY better than NO attention at all, and this young man got his MORE than sixty second of fame, and, if he isn’t counseled, then, he will keep on traveling down that wrong road that he’d gotten on way back when.


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When Cell Phones Start Telling Your Kids Bedtime Stories

There is NOW, one (I think there’s just ONLY one!!!) such “program”, invented by some IDIOT, to HELP the parents to CUT their times spent with their kids even shorter.

When cell phones start telling your kids bedtime stories, well, then, you GOT a problem, because if you let your cell phones (as opposed to your televisions, DVD player, DVR whatever’s) babysit your offspring, meaning that you can be like that mommy, who “parked” her infant child on a BUSY bus, in front of her smart phone, to DISTRACT him so he don’t BUG you, you are basically USELESS!!!

When cell phones start telling your kids bedtime stories, you MIGHT think that this will alleviate your load, but, it wouldn’t, because just like those stupid stories on tapes that his EX-wife played for us while we go to bed as children, it only distances the parental-child interactions, and that will RUN on until later on in their lives.

So, STOP letting everything ELSE help you raise your kids up, YOU are the ones who decided, hey, let’s have us ONE, and now that Little John had POPPED out of YOUR vaginas, you realized, wow, this, is NOT at all what I wanted, I wanted to SHOVE him back inside, are you FUCKING kidding me?  And, remember, “children”, the Storks still WON’T take any returns, they got ZERO return AND “refund” policy, and, there’s still NO way you will EVER get the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to get the Storks to change their ways here!!!

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