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A Ninety-Five Year Old Elderly Woman Used a Paintbrush, to Help Herself Recover from Her Brain Injuries

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A ninety-five year old elderly woman in Nantou, ten years ago, picked up her paintbrush again, and joined in the elderly watercolor class, to fulfill the dreams she couldn’t get to in her childhood years; later, she was even able to use painting, to help herself out of the troubles from subdural hematoma, to help herself paint a colorful world, in her elderly years.

Given Up on Her Studies, and Worked as a Female Seamstress to Help the Family Out

“The household is poor, we must help out in the fields, how would we have the time to study the books?”, back in 1929, Cheng-Chang, because she was from a poverty-stricken home, she didn’t have any normal schooling until she was ten, in the elementary schools.  The elderly woman recalled, that because of her outstanding academic performances, she was chosen as a competitor in the arts by her second grade teacher, to represent her school, but, because of her household economics, after she’d graduated elementary school, she’d entered into the workforce.

In 1935, Cheng-Chang entered into a paper factory, and because of how skilled she was, she’d represented the factory, and won the second place trophy for paper making.  When she was twenty-five, she’d followed her mother’s lead, married as a second wife, and became the mother of four stepchildren, and so, she’d quitted her job, and focused on being a full-time housewife and mother, and her dreams of writing calligraphy and painting, dissipated into the wind.

At Age Near Eighty, She’d Picked Up the Paintbrush Again

The time flies, Cheng-Chang met up with art once more, but, it was already sixty years since, at the age of over eighty, because she no longer needed to worry about household chores anymore, on one afternoon, the memories of her, writing and painting came up, it’d made her picked up the paint brushes again, and this accidental twist in her life had become an opportunity for her, to take up painting once more.

At age eighty-five back in 2004, in her daughter’s encouragement, the elderly woman entered a class of elderly painters, and, in the instructors of a professional instructor, she’d focused very hard, whether it be flowers, birds, people, even memories from the past, they all came to life under her paintbrush.

It’s just, that you can’t expect the unexpected, at age eighty-seven, Cheng-Chang had an accidental fall, and had hematoma in her brain, and stayed in the ICU, but, as she was just recovering, she’d picked up the brush again, and she couldn’t tell the difference between the varied colored or shapes.  But gladly, the family kept encouraging the elderly woman to practice, and so, she was able to get back to the skill level she was at from before, and, turns out, painting became an alternative form of physical therapy for her!

At age ninety-five right now, she’d focused on reciting the Buddhist verses daily and painting, to allow herself to “live and paint until death”, a life filled with colors.

And so, that, is how it goes, to keep one’s mind sharp, you MUST find a hobby and pursue it, endlessly, and, just like this elderly woman here, she didn’t give up, even AFTER she had problems with her brain, and, her art became an alternative form of physical therapy for her, it’d helped her get better.

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The True Meaning of Success

Making a Difference in the Lives of Others, Making Your Lives Count!

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A Child Returned the Money She’d Found, and the Grandmother Scolded Her, and Falsified to the Police that the Money the Child Found Was Hers

A very B-A-D role model this grandmother is setting for the child here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“We could withdraw the money, and go dine at McDonald’s!”, the eleven year old girl who found a purse, and delivered it to the offices was scolded by her grandmother for being “stupid”; then, the grandmother falsified that she’s the one who’d lost the money, and got the money, later, she was caught, and is now, being sued.  The grandmother showed a deep sense of remorse, and the person who’d lost the money, a student named Wu was willing to forgive her, the D.A. stated that the grandmother will have a delayed sentence, but she must attend two seminars of education of the laws.

The sixth grade child, Yeh early in the year on March 8th, at around eleven o’clock, was waiting for her grandmother to pick them up with her younger brother at the elementary school MRT station, before the grandmother arrived, the little girl went to the bathroom, she’d found a black wallet, with a little over $1,700N.T., she’d turned it into the counters.

As the child was picked up by her grandmother and was going home with her, she’d told the grandmother the good deed she’d done, she thought her grandmother would praise her, but she was scolded, “You STUPID child, you don’t need to return it, finders keepers.”, then, the grandmother told the granddaughter to lead her back to the MRT station, and told the manager at the office, Hsu, that she’d dropped her wallet, after they’d gotten the wallet, the grandmother-grandchild went to McDonald’s to dine too. not long thereafter, a high school girl, Wu, went to the MRT, giving the description of the wallet, and said that it had a piano keyboard pattern on it; as Hsu heard, he felt that something wasn’t right, and believed, that someone had falsified her/himself as the owner, and called the police.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and found that the wallet did indeed, belong to Wu, and, they’d tracked down the elderly based off of the information she’d left them, the grandmother stated, that she was overcome with greed, and that she’d already found the wallet with the money, might as well spend it, she’d become a bad role model for her granddaughter.

The man running the D.A.’s office, Huang pointed out, that based off of the civil laws number 805, after the citizens found money, in six months, they could ask for a payment from the people who’d lost the money, and get ten percent of the found amount, and called out to the people, to NOT be overcome with greed that they’d broken a law.

And we still have a very B-A-D role model here, and, guess how this child will REact the next time she’d found some money that’s NOT hers at the side of the road?  She’s more than likely to take it as her own, and, it’s all because of this elderly woman who FAILED to instill the RIGHT kind of values in the child she was taking care of.

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A Child with Downs’s Syndrome Learned to Weave Baskets and Helped His Mother Sell Them on the Side of the Road

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-seven year old Downs’s Syndrome guy, Wei-Wei, Hong-Wei Chen, could not articulate, his hands are NOT very able, but, he’d worked on his skills, learned to weave up baskets; in the past six years, he’d set up a roadside stand with his mother on the tourism attraction streets of Lugang, from not knowing how to count, to giving the customers the correct changes, and said, “Come in for a browse” to his customers.  Seeing how much her son had improved, the mother, Peng was moved beyond words.

Peng said, she is a single mother, as she’d taken her son, Wei-Wei to set up her roadside stands, Wei-Wei would get weird looks from passersby, or people would shout bad things out to insult him, she felt sad about that, but, Wei-Wei would always walk to her, and give her a hug, and kissed her, said, “Mom, I love you”; Wei-Wei’s understanding became the motivation for her, to keep going.

When Hong-Wei Chen was born, he was diagnosed with Downs’s Syndrome, and accompanied by not having an anus, he couldn’t go on his own, later, the doctors surgically placed an anus inside of his body, he couldn’t control his bowel movements; Peng taught her son to clean up after his own messes, and now, not only can he clean himself up, he’d also helped his mother with simple household chores, such as folding the laundry and sweeping the floors.

Peng originally worked in a factory, and her mother took over the care for her son, and, at age four, Wei-Wei became extremely mischievous, plus her mother is aging, and so, Peng quit her job and stayed at home to care for her son, at the same time, she took over work in handicrafts, or other simple things that people needed help on.

In order to provide for the family, Peng would often work until after ten at night, Wei-Wei told her he wanted to help out, she’d taught her son to weave the baskets that her customers can carry the things they bought from her away; even though, Wei-Wei is not really able-bodied with his hands, he’d still worked hard to learn, she’d used encouragements instead of reprimands or punishments, to allow him to have a TON of practices, and now, weaving baskets is NO trouble for him.

In order to teach Wei-Wei to get along with others, she’d gone into the arts and crafts village in Lugang, and sold bags made from recycled materials, and, Wei-Wei sold the toys, the candies they’d bought from the wholesalers, and helped his mother make the bags.  As he was focused on making the takeaway bags, the customers standing around gave him applause and encouraged him, “Wei Wei, you’re so amazing!”

And so, this mother gave her son an important thing, she’d taught him HOW to make a living, she’d trained him to have a skill that he could live off of, and that, is the MOST important thing in the world right now, having viable skills, and, this is despite his condition too.

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Helping the Tribe Out of Poverty, a Doctoral Graduate Went Back Home and Helped Sell Vegetables from His Hometown

Giving back to the community here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, from the Maliguan Tribe in Hsinchu is a doctoral student, he’d originally wanted to use his studies, to get himself away from what he thought to be a washed out hometown, but, he saw how his people are facing the hardships of planting the vegetables, and gotten cheated out of what they should’ve earned by the businessmen, he’d returned home, and helped his father advertize the vegetables planted by his tribesmen, not only did he manage to bring about new business ventures for his people, he’d also instill that life back into his own tribe.

En-Jia Lo was a doctoral student of the Poli-Sci University’s Nationality Department, because he missed his hometown so very much, he’d returned back to the tribe, and worked in the “Program to help the natives achieve their dreams” program, to help the kids with tutoring sessions, hoping that they can get better educated, and make a better life for themselves, “As the tribes become self-sufficient, there would be hopes for the next generation.”

He saw how his parents had, in order to make more money for him and his siblings’ tuition, sprayed large amounts of agricultural chemicals, his father was diagnosed with a skin conditions and illness of the respiratory tracks, his mother too, was diagnosed with cancer; and, the field of vegetables that they managed to reproduce would often sell at a lower prices because the middleman’s “there’s a LOT of this kind of vegetable, you MUST sell it at a lower price”, they often had to get loans from their friends and relatives, he’d decided to change the situations of being scammed by the middleman, to help better the tribe’s economical conditions.

Six years ago, he’d the Atayal way of coexisting with nature in peace as the basis of his planting, went to Korea to learn how to use enzymes, to get the field better; as he’d returned, he’d gone all over Taiwan, to find the rotten leaves, and found the condition for which the microorganisms thrived the best in, and found a way to extract, from the plants, to be used, as the fertilizers.

And now, he’d only needed to feed his field for just three weeks, his vegetables are growing faster and healthier too, and, other tribes from Kaohsiung, Nantou, and Chiayi, had all come to him to seek out the way.

Two years ago, Lo and his father used the “communal plans” of the Atayal people, started the “Atayal Eating Club”.  They’d planted just ONE kind of vegetables per year, and the members would pay first, and, when they get the harvest, they’d receive their produces, they make two deliveries a month, and, at most, one kilogram can be sold at as high as $200N.T.s, it’s a LOT higher than the market prices, as the middleman is eliminated, not only would the buyers get the best quality foods, also, the planters can make some small profits.

And so, this man took his ideals, and put it into actions, and, it worked, and, his drive for returning back home is obvious, he wanted to do something for his people, and, he did JUST that.

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Strategies for Reading in the World Wide Web Age


On a cool afternoon, in the silent classroom, the kids had their heads down on the desks, taking a nap, focused on reading, or, doing their free writing.

In the back of the class, I have a book of essays, flipping through the pages leisurely.  Three children bounced toward me, asked a question, “Teacher, do you think that reading the writings on the textbooks, checking your e-mails, reading the news online, check out your friends’ activities on Facebook, read up on the news online, and you’d still had to make time for exercises and household chores, that you don’t really have enough time?”

Yeah, sure, kids today are very busy!  Plus if you added in the talent classes, studying for the examinations, doing assignments every single evening, no wonder in those youthful faces, there are panda eyes appearing now.

I’d tilted my head and thought for about ten minutes, I’d said to the child lightly, “There’s so much you need to read, it’s really difficult!”, then, I’d asked, “What do you do to your clothes before you’d stacked them inside the closets?”

“Of course we’d fold them first, then, sorted them into piles.”, the child answered me quickly.

“That, should be the same way you deal with your reading materials,” I’d told them, “Some materials, you must read closely, some, you can just skim through; and others, you can save up, and when you have the time, take it out, at read it.”

“Teacher, you’re saying, that whether it be on the textbooks, or e-mail, or the news online, we must classify them first, then, treat each of the piles differently?”

“Sure, think about it, there’s so much to read, and if you must read everything carefully, and know every single detail about everything you’d read, I’m afraid, that even IF you have seventy-two hours in a day, it wouldn’t be enough.  And, even for someone as studious as Confucius, I’m sure he’d have troubles too!”, I’d continued, “the important texts and information, you must read them thoroughly, chew them over; but, if it’s words between the classmates that you think are interesting or wise, you can save these, and take them out on the weekends; as for the gossips between the friends or leisure reading materials, just skim through those.”

In this day and age, where there is a wealth-full of information online, if we don’t classify the information then read through them, not only would the kids feel that they don’t have enough time in the day, the adults would suffocate, getting pounded down by the enormous amount of information too.

And so, time management is everything here, isn’t it?  And, the instructor gave the kids a guideline, to help them sort through what are important things, and what are NOT so important things, and that, is a very important lesson that’s NOT on the lesson plans, time management.

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Turning a Refrigerator into a Bookcase, Children in the Distant Regions Learned to Love Reading Now

Teaching kids to love reading, in an alternative way here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

If you drove pass the Wu-Feng Region in Hsinchu, and see a refrigerator by the side of the road, don’t be alarmed, and, we also welcome you, to stop and take from it.  The refrigerator is filled with books that can enrich your spirits and minds.

Turning the refrigerator into a bookcase, the inspirations came from the tribal Taoshan Elementary School in Wu Feng.

Last December, the Eslite Culture Foundation donated books to the school, but the instructor discovered, that even though the library was filled with a TON of books, but, the kids have little to NO interests in reading, and, the number they’d gone into the libraries to check out books can be counted with one hand.

The principal, Chen, used his mind, came up with a way, he’d taken the broken refrigerator from his office, and turned it into a bookcase, “Which child isn’t interested in opening up the fridge?”  We’d let the kids open up the fridge, to get some spiritual food.”  This transformation took all the hard work from the instructors, they’d made the outside of the refrigerator colorful, and, in the freezer section, the refrigerating section, and the vegetable bins down at the very bottom, the instructor placed picture books, and novels inside.

The kids who came out to the center of the school campus during their time between classes saw that there was a fridge next to the podium, they were all curious, and opened it up, “Wow!”, everybody is now, fighting, to get her/his hands inside, to get some “food”.  Every book is appealing to someone, and the children who used to run off and play now came to the fridge, and started flipping through the books, standing next to the fridge.

As the parents heard the kids talked of the refrigerator bookcase, they’re all glad that the kids are taking up reading now, and, the families started donating multiple refrigerators they didn’t need, and, after Taoshan had two refrigerator bookcases, the number of kids who took to reading increased quickly.

After the Tourist Official of Wufeng learned of this, he’d decided to duplicate the experience across the entire region.

“There would be NO more than TEN books being checked out by the month,” he said, that the Wufeng Tribe is located in the mountain regions, so, it was hard, for people, to check out books from the libraries.

The land office contacted the sanitations department, to ask them to help keep the refrigerators that people threw away, and, in a National Cleaning Week, they’d gotten FIVE.

Lo, the man in charge of tourism of the region said, that a refrigerator fits about fifty books, “the refrigerator can withstand the wind and the rain, nothing’s MORE fitting in a mountainous regions”.

And so, this, is how you CAN duplicate a good behavior, and transfer it to the rest of the known world, and, it’d still started just ONE simple thought, an idea, that came out of someone’s mind, and that, is the difference that just ONE inspiration CAN make, imagine how many differences all those inspirations will BE able to make, if you ALL put your heads together???

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The Adults’ Desires of Winning and Losing Became Too Hard to Bear for the Children

The price of the adults’ VANITY is still too COSTLY for the children here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The parents, as well as the coaches, all knew well, that breaking the rules will be costly, but, for the sake of winning the games, the adults still decided to take that gamble.  Most coach knew, that the purpose of junior baseball leagues is for the sake of having fun when playing, but, that, is NOT allowed by the reality, because without the high scores from the teams, the schools won’t get funding from the government, and the teams will break up for it.

The Guo-Cheng Hsieh Cup is the yearly competitor selection game, the winners get to represent this country in the LLB Asian Junior Baseball Leagues, and, if they’d won, they could go toward the William Porter Cup in their Taiwanese uniform; becoming a representation player for the nation, is every player’s dreams, even for the elementary school students too.

Winning the games can get more funding, winning the games can get you to compete internationally.  The education in Taiwan often tell the kids, the good parts about winning the game, but on their young shoulders, they’d carried the adult desires of winning.

And so, this, is the EFFECTS of your pressure on the games for your kids, you’d NOT only taken away the LOVE for the games that they have, you’d added on top, MORE pressures, for them to win, by forcing your unfulfilled desires, dreams or whatever onto those kids, what are you accomplishing?  Oh yeah, M-U-R-D-E-R, that’s what, you’d MURDERED their LOVE of the game, and so, why can’t you, STUPID adults just sit in them bleachers, and start cheering, like you’re SUPPOSED to, at your kids’ games?

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How We Played the Game Called Life…

Let’s just roll the D-I-E, why don’t we???  How we play the game called “life”, NOBODY else can tell us, NOBODY can control H-O-W we want to play this “game” called life.  We can live vicariously, like there are NO consequences, or we can always be careful, so much so, that we ended up, letting life pass us by (and yeah, those two are the O-N-L-Y options!!!).

How we play the game called “life”, nobody knows, until we’re in the game, until we’re faced with our own faults, something that defeats us completely, had us beaten and bruised, and how we BOUNCE back from being beat, or how we don’t.  How we play the game called “life”, and, who won at the end?  Nobody knows, until the very L-A-S-T second of one’s own life.

How we play the game called “life”, we play it, like it was OUR very last time, lived each of our moments to ITS fullest potential possible, to make sure that there are NO time well wasted.  How we play the game called “life”?  Do we really have to tell you?  HECK no, we only have to ANSWER to ourselves, and JUST ourselves, and N-O-B-O-D-Y else!!!








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Accompanied by the Arts, She Never Grows Older

Hobbies, help someone age gracefully, translated…

The eighty-years-old Grandma Yushu, is my classmate from oil painting.  From the very first time I saw her in class, I was deeply attracted to this elegant, eloquent grandmother figure with a special air about her.

The elderly woman had a pair of eyebrows that looked like the new moon, a radiant smiling pair of eyes, never raised her voice, didn’t like gossiping about others either.  She’d slowly used her pencil and paper to make the sketches, kept practicing, her focus, her concentration, is measurable to all of us in the classroom.

Back when she was younger, she was a well-known ballerina, she’d not only gone to Japan to take dancing lessons, she’d also gone on tour around the world.  Right at the moment when her dancing career was at its height, she’d hung up her ballet shoes, and started working behind the stage to train her students, to pass the values of traditional dancing style down to the next generation.

A few years ago, she’d missed the awe she felt when she’d gone to Japan to see Mt. Fuji, she’d wanted to record down what she saw with colored pencils, and that, was her first step in the world of artistry.

On one occasion, I’d asked her how to enjoy a dancing performance.

She’d smiled and told me, “a show is very savory from the dancers movements, to the staging designs, so long as you open your hearts, the more you’d watch, the more you’d love.”  When she was asked a professional question, she would spread her arms out, put on a pose, and, it’s as if I could see how she looked back then when she’d performed on stage too, it was very awesome.

Whether it be her past as a ballerina underneath the spotlight, or her current colorful world of art, Grandma Yu-Shu who is accompanied by the artistic, is seemingly, saved, in the freeze frame of the most beautiful age she had ever been in.

And so, this, is how you can age gracefully, but finding something you’d enjoy doing, and just GO after it, and besides, you would need something to occupy the hours AFTER you’d retired too, wouldn’t you???

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