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Slow-to-Learn, But Hard-Working, Finally, Reaching One’s Goals, Observations from the Workforce

Hard work will PAY off, so long as you don’t give up on it, translated…

My good friend, A’s daughter, May, several years ago, after she’d graduated from high school, when she’d taken the national entrance exams for college, she didn’t get in.  When she felt beaten down, her aunt told her, “Now, there is a recently started college of management that’s hosting a second call for registration.”  And so, May signed up for it right away, and, prepared herself for the examinations, and she got in.

My good friend A reminded her college-bound daughter, May, “the most important thing for a woman is having a stable job, to NOT be reliant on someone else, to make your own ends meet, I hope, you’ll use this time in university to enrich yourself, I encourage that you go for the public positions examinations later.”

At first, May didn’t take her dad’s words to heart, during her first two years of university, she’d partied too hard with her friends and classmates.  She’s tiny in frame, gotten involved in several relationships, but, the guys she’d dated either that they cheated on her, or decided, to start dating someone else who looked prettier.

May was sad, and, she was, all of a sudden, reminded of her dad’s words, “Woman need to become self-reliant”, and so, in her spare time from her courses, she’d started preparing for the public positions examinations.  She’d chosen the basic level exams that didn’t look at degree, but was with the lowest rate of passing.

The first time she took the exams in her senior year in university, she’d failed, but she’d still used her drive, kept studying hard.  And, her hard work eventually paid off, the year after she’d graduated from university, she’d gotten in, as the last spot of the “backup lists”, and, she didn’t mind, that she was sent to a distant country region to work, that all who’d passed the examinations tried to avoid, she’d set out, to take the job.

Awhile ago, May got her wish, transferred back to her hometown to work, and, there was a boy, who works in a public facility too, who’d started, pursuing her as well.

Recently, A took his daughter’s wedding invitation, to give it to me, and that, was when I’d heard May’s story from top to bottom.  I’d congratulated his daughter one winning double on her work, as well as in her marriage.  A said, in a heartfelt manner, “So, the slow birds must fly out first, so, they can reach their goals as well!”

Although this woman didn’t have the homing advantage, but, she’d made up for it with her hard work, and, never gave up, and that, was how she was able to success, in achieving her goals, that just shows, that persistence will eventually pay off, so long as you’re persisting toward the right things in life.







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The Taichung First High School’s Biology Instructor Became a Woman, His Mother Allowed Him to Dress as a Woman, But Hadn’t Nodded on the Sex-Change Operations

At least, his mother was willing to COMPROMISE here, and, it’s still all about BABY STEPS here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The biology teacher, Tseng from the First High School in Taichung went on the process of sex change, after she’d come out, she’d received a ton of supports, but, she’d cared most about her mother’s views.  Last week, she’d put on makeup, and worn a dress, as she’d gone back home, her mother who’d originally accused her of being “a joke” told her, “You can dress up as a woman, but, you can’t go through the sex reassignment operations,” her mother’s words against her having a sex-change operation had her mother’s love after she’d changed her mind.

The principal of the First High School in Taichung, Chen said, in the past week, there were over a hundred thousand members of the online community who caused the story of “Him Becoming Her” to go viral, he’d originally feared that there would be people who’d talked trash, but, surprisingly, he’d heard nothing BUT voices of support mostly, and, there were four calls that showed great concerns for the subjects; this story is a positive lesson, a few of the classes used this story as a discussion, to teach the teachers, as well as the students, to show respect to a person, no matter the gender, the sexual orientations, or professions of the person.

From Tseng’s Facebook pages, she’d received numerous supports from places like Malaysia, Singapore, as well as Hong Kong too, and, there are a ton of mails, from parents, sharing the issues they’d had with their own children’s sexual orientation, and identifications with the genders too.

Tseng said, after her mother saw the news about her getting a sex-reassignment, she’d gotten furious, and called her up, to blame her, last weekend, she’d accompanied her mother and aunt, to a religious gathering, and, she’d worked up the courage, to put on her dress, her makeup too, with earrings, and bracelets as well, “formally” appeared in a form of a woman in front of her mother.

“Even though I’d already received a ton of support from the society and all around, I’d wanted my mother’s blessings the most!”, Tseng had been taking female hormones for a year and a half now, and her secondary sex traits had already been altered, but because of how her mother was against it, in the past, she only dared to dress in androgynous clothes, and this time, she’d dressed herself like a woman, hoping, that she could gain the support of her mother, to finish the final step in transforming from “him” to “her” finally.

And so, despite ALL the support that this person received, what “she” needed and wanted the most, was still “her” mother’s support, and, “her” mother had compromised slowly too, from NOT allowing “her” to dress up as a woman, to only NOT permitting for the gender reassignment operations, and, that just shows how the mother’s attitude about what was happening is slowly, altered, and, I’m sure, that one day in the future, the mother will embrace this new “daughter”, who was once, her son!

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Walking Through Life, with a Blindfold On

This, was the former life I’d had, walking through life, with a blindfold on, allowing others, to lead me, simply because, I had yet to, learn to distrust!

Walking through life, with a blindfold on, I couldn’t see, and so, I turned to trust, I became, too easily tricked, because I had NO other choices, but to trust others, and it was still, for survival’s sake…

Walking through life, with a blindfold on, it got hard, as the days marched on, and on, and on, and on.  Walking through life, with a blindfold on, we’re the blind, leading the blind, and, none of us knew, where we’re headed, we’re just, walking blind here!  Walking through life, with a blindfold on, I couldn’t see, and so, my other senses took over, and, because I walked through life, with a blindfold on, I’d learned to NOT trust what I see, instead, I’d become, too trusting, to the words that I’d heard, and that, got me screwed too!

Walking through life, with a blindfold on, I hope you will NEVER have to, I hope, that you can be born, and grow up, with your eyes, seeing the light, but, it would be hard, in this day and age, to NOT raise a child up, the EXACT same way you were once, raised yourselves…


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After She Had Walked Through the Valleys of Death, the Retired Teacher Volunteered at an Art Gallery

The turn of events in one’s life here, from the Newspapers, translated…

“If there’s something you want to do, do it, RIGHT NOW!”, the sixty-five year-old retired elementary school instructor, Yang from Taishan Elementary School, had taken a trip, around death’s door because of her brain tumors, and, ever since she got well again, she’d poured her heart and soul into volunteering, and learned to paint using pastels, with her hard working mannerisms, she could finally fulfill her dreams of having her own exhibition, at the Taishan Public Library, and now, she hoped to use her own life experiences, to inspire those who are currently going through the lows of their lives, to find some light.

With a head of silvery white hair, Yang, who greeted everybody with her radiant smiles, had once marched through the valleys of shadows because of a brain tumor, and after she’d gone through extensive treatments, she’d slowly regained her health back: “Back then, I thought I was almost dead”, Yang said, after being led down that valley of shadows and doubts, she’d gained a brand new perspective toward life, felt that she was blessed by the heavens above, and that she should give back to the community, help those who needed the assistance, other than working as a volunteer, she’d gotten introduced to pastel painting, which made her realize, that there’s passions and inspirations all around her.

The dentist, who shared similar zests toward art, Lee, had taken up photography for over two decades, and his work had once been admitted into the international competitions too, he’d used the early morning hours, to take walks through the woods, to capture the images of multiple flowers, and birds as well, and, he’d shown the rare birds he was able to encounter in the Taishan region.

The passionate-about-volunteering retired school instructor, with the dentist who’s into photography, they’d shared an exhibition together.

So, this, is how the turns of someone’s life made her realize that she needed to take the time she has, and make as many differences in others’ lives as she possibly can, and, by volunteering, I’m sure, that this retired school instructor had managed to make her own retirement even MORE colorful too.

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When Your Childhood Became “Disabled”

And no, you still claim DISABILITY on that childhood of yours, once it’d become, DISABLED…

When your childhood became “disabled”, do you NOT recall when, or even HOW it happened?  Of course N-O-T, you’d worked, WAY too hard is the thing, to put those FUCKED days behind you, and, you ran, the first chance you got, away, from that place you were raised, that place, with the memories that haunted and hurt you like hell.

When your childhood became “disabled”, there’s NO way, to help it get rehabilitated, because it’s not like that twisted ankle, that broken wrist that will, eventually, heal back up, with the right kinds of medical treatment processes.

When your childhood became “disabled”, there’s NOTHING you can do, but to sit with it, as it weathers, through ALL the pains and sufferings that it’s due.  When your childhood became “disabled”, you may work, real hard, to get it to, function properly, but, you will NOT be able to, because, those days of your youths are, long, long, L-O-N-G gone, and, you have, absolutely NO way, to TURN back the hands of time, do you?  Nope, so, you’ll forever, LIVE, with a disabled childhood…

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No Matter How Hard It Got, He Still Made His Art, a Student with Cerebral Palsy: I Found My Wings, in My Art

A story of inspiration here, to all, from the Newspapers, translated…

A severely handicapped third-year student with cerebral palsy, who is in the Public He-Mei Experimental School, in the art departments, He enjoyed going to school a lot, and, loved art more, but, his limbs are slowly, becoming more and more stiff by the day, he couldn’t draw or paint on his own, gladly, with the help of his physical therapist and art instructor, they’d made instruments to help him draw and paint, he had the chance, of developing his art skills further, and was able to, knock on the doors of related majors of the varied universities.

He lives in Nantou, in the past twelve years’ time, his mother, Ke would drive him to and from school, and help him to study in the arts.  Ke said, He loved going to school, and, even when he’d fallen ill, he still refused to take a leave of absence, several times that he was kept at home to rest up, he’d started getting upset, and her and her husband had lifted up the white flags toward their son’s requests, and, allowed her child, to “play video games to his heart’s desires, and eat whatever he wanted to,” to stop him from objecting on not being in school.

“I’d made new discoveries at school every single day!”, said He, the teacher taught him to draw, taught him how to use the computer programs to create art, although he was immobilized, his heart soared in the creations freely, he’d hoped, to be like the main character of the latest Miyazaki animated feature, to fly with the wind, to never give up, until he’d achieved his own dreams too.

Every time before he’d started creating his art, He would put on the special wrist support created for him by his art teacher, Lin, and others, and he’d used a sponge, to help him hold on to the pen that he was drawing with, dipped the brush, into the specialized foam cup, and worked hard, to “dip” onto the drawing papers, the multiple dots had formed a picture, like the Western Impressionist artworks.

He’s handicaps exacerbated by the days, and, he’d needed six to eight times more the time that regular students would take, to finish a painting, he’d taken an entire semester, to finish the watercolor piece, “Autumn”, he’d used bright colors, it was breathtaking, and he was invited to put on an art exhibition with the He-Mei Art School.

The principal, Lee, from He-Mei Art School said, that He is of normal intelligence, and knew well, that he is slowly, losing control of his own body, and, the angle to which his wrists and arms are able to move is being reduced by the day, and so, he’d started, planning his studies after he gets admitted into university, and, his spirits are moving, and he is, a role model for his peers.

And so, this high school aged kid didn’t let his handicap stop him from doing what he enjoys, and, with the accommodations made by his teachers and school, as well as with the support from his parents, he was able, to live his dreams.

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A Penny Saved in Love as the Basis of the Marriage

A story on marriage, translated…

As I’d gone home to the southern strips, I was picking out the vegetables by the door, I saw my mother-in-law washed a plastic bag, then, hung it upside down on the stick of the mop, to let it drip dry.

I thought, this, is the saving attitude of the older generations, they couldn’t even throw away a dirty plastic bag, no wonder every time we’re due back in Taipei, my mother-in-law could pull out a TON of plastic bags like magic, and fill them up with the homegrown vegetables from her own garden.

Actually, this, isn’t weird at all, every time I’d bought items from the bakery, the clerk would always place the buns inside smaller bags, then, put the wrapped up buns inside a plastic bag.  After the buns are finished, I’d saved all those bags, and the next time I’d bought meats from the marketplaces, I’d separated them into portions, placed them inside these smaller plastic bags, then, put them into the freezer.  Both my mother-in-law and I held the same values in saving our foods.

When I was washing up the vegetables, I’d noticed that there was a CRACK in my mother-in-law’s wash basin, which was glued back together with super glue, then, used again and again.  I was all too familiar with that crack, that was the wash basin that was broken over ten years ago, that my father managed to glue back together, and reused.  This cheap wash basin, was being used, in my mother’s as well as my mother-in-law’s households.

Some had said, what kind of person will end up with those like her/him”, and so, although my husband and I were raised in different families, but, we’d both held the attitude of cherishing everything we owned, to not waste anything, that, was why we’re so well matched up.

Who says, that when things break, you must replace with new ones, if it can be fixed, then, it shall be used over, and over again; who says, that after something gets dirty, it shall get thrown out, washing it off, it’s, clean as new again.

So this, is how values are passed down from one generation to the next, by observation, and by watching how the older generations cherished what they had, this next generation of people will also, pick up the values.

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My Chubby Hubby Became a “Hottie”

Between a husband and a wife, translated…

Before I married, my husband is a standard fit handsome lad, after the marriage, his life became stable, with his wife’s looking after him well, his body became like a balloon, bloated up.  He is only in his forties, but he’d gained over ten kilograms compared to before we married, plus there’s genes, his head of whites made him look like an elderly person.  He’d gone by the trains to and from work, and there would be students who’d let up the seats for him, and, there would be young children who’d called him, “Grandpa”, it’d hurt him so.

Seeing all of this happening to him, I’d decided, to set up a diet plan for him.  I’d gone online, searched for the information, because my husband would need to take the night shifts from time to time, and some of the diet meals wouldn’t fit his schedules, and so, I’d set up my own, I’d given him only fruits for breakfast, and skipped all the omelets, the sandwiches, the stir-fried buns, and I’d chosen those fruits that are low in sugar, tomatoes, apples, guava, as the basis, added in the seasonal fruits, totally up to six to seven kinds, the remaining two meals, he’d taken them regularly, added in the exercises, and, the results were amazing in a couple of months, he’d lost two, three kilograms already.  A few years had passed, my husband’s amazing stamina had reduced over ten kilograms to his weight, and he’d not gained it back, to this date, he’s still taken the diet plans I’d scheduled for him, and exercised regularly.  And now, he has smooth skins, light strides, looking better by the day.

A few days ago, we’d gone to a banquet, and I’d dyed his hair, after his weight loss, he looked like a hottie, it’d shocked a lot of the relatives we hadn’t seen in quite a while, and they’d all asked him how he’d done it.  I, being ignored, gained a deep understanding of how there’s NO difficult thing in life, only humans who thought the things are unmanageable, my husband’s persistence to dieting, is a great example of this.

And so, it still takes a TON of persistence, of course, with the wife’s watching the man on what he ate, and, without his wife pushing him, this man probably wouldn’t have been as successful in losing weight, which still shows how we women are pushing you, because you’d slack off, and, we’re there, to MAKE sure that you keep to the tight schedules.

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At the End of Dreams


Life, most of the time, you’d spent, working away, when you’d wanted to do something of interests to you, you still have to wait, until you clock out after work.  During the daytime, I’d write out computer programs at the office, and, at nights, I’d gone home, and write my novels, both of these jobs are the quiet types, emphasis on thinking, with high freedom, and very challenging.  It’s fitting to my personality, and they’re closely related too—the organization skills for the programming, using it to write my novels; the imaginations I took to creating the novels, helps out with writing the programs for the computers.  Both benefitted, I’d gained a lot.

And still, at close to age forty, I’m starting to realize, that my memories are slowly fading, my ability to react became slower.  And, this made me wondered, if I wanted to keep on writing after retirement, how long, is the “shelf life” of a detective novelist?  And so, I’d decided to investigate, to confirm for myself, if there IS an expiration date for detective novelist.

Lillian Braun died in 2011, at the age of ninety-seven, her last work, “The Cat Who Smelled Smoke”, was originally set to be published in 2008, but because she didn’t finish it, it was canceled, the former, “The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers”, was published when she was ninety-four years old.

The British writer, P.D. James died at the end of the year, 2014, at age ninety-four, her last work, Death Comes to Pemberley, was published in 2011, when she was ninety-one.  To mention, this book was the aftermath of “Pride & Prejudice”, about the murder in their estate, after Darcy and Elizabeth were married for six years.

That Japanese writer, died in 2011, at age ninety-four, his last, “On the Night that the Puppet Died” was published when he turned ninety.


In other words, to make one’s dreams come true, one shouldn’t wait until retirement.  Although writing is a quiet kind of activity, at the borderline of life, I’d still have to put an end to it eventually.

But, because I’m an engineer, naturally, I wouldn’t give up on my dreams that easily.  I’m going to write a program first, to analyze my own writing, and turn it into a database.  When I input an idea, the program will automatically write a novel for me.  In theory, this would still be, my novel, and the readers should not have any problems about that.  Then, all I needed, is to come up with a hundred great ideas, and, crank out one novel per year, by inputting it into the computer program I’d designed.  And even until after I died, I can still be cranking out “new ideas” until ALL my ideas run out.

It’s great!  By this method, I can break the “age barrier” that most detective writers have.  Okay, now, I must, contemplate when this program will get started……What?  After I retire?

So, this, is how reality still CRASHED into the dreams, because you MUST give into the demands made by your realities, there are those overdue bills on the counters, mouths to feed, etc., etc., etc., and so, even IF you had big dreams, you MUST, put them ALL off, until later, but, when “later” actually comes, you won’t have the energy, to actually, live out ALL those dreams you used to have, when you were still, younger, and this still just shows, how you should NOT procrastinate on your dreams, and, when you dream, DREAM more realistically, that way, those dreams will be easier to achieve, hello, hello, hello???

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Sick of Y-O-U, and SICK of Your Dreams

I’m just, sick of Y-O-U, and sick of your dreams, you’d never allowed me to have my own dreams, just forced your god DAMN dreams that you weren’t able to live up to earlier, onto me!

Sick of Y-O-U, and SICK of your dreams, but, there’s NOTHING I can do, as I still needed you very much, and os, guess I’ll just, have to, allow you, to RUN my life a bit longer then.  Sick of Y-O-U, and SICK of your dreams, I want to cut, to sever my ties from you, but, each and every time I’d tried, you’d give me some BOGUS shit like: blood IS thicker than blood, or whatever, and I’d allowed you to, CONTROL me all over again.

Sick of Y-O-U, sick of your dreams, I know, I must get away from you, but, I can’t, because, you’d given me breath, given me my heartrate, and what?  I’m just supposed to, OWE you now, is that it?

Sick of Y-O-U, sick of your dreams, just wish that there is a way, I can, to get away, from your controlling ways, but, I can’t find one, and, I’m just, NOT going to allow you to control me ever again!

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