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Using Gaming Tokens as a “Bait”, He Was Suspected of Raping Over Ten Young Boys

Enticing someone who’s unsuspecting, the BAD behaviors of an ADULT, from the Newspapers, translated…

An eight-year-old boy in the city of Taipei was suspected of being too caught up in playing the online games, in a single month, he had been taken away by a man named Tseng, who used virtual coins as “bait”, and had had sex with him EIGHT times.  The police had also found photos of the child’s pubic area, and they suspected that there may have been over ten victims.

Tseng, as he was brought in to the police station, stated, that back when he was in the second year of middle school, he was raped by a former classmate, and couldn’t get out of the shadows ever since, that, was what got him interested in little boys and he’d started sexually molesting them.

“If you take shots of your own winkies, then, I’ll give you fifty gold coins!”, the man, Tseng (age 27), in Yonghe, through the online game, “Time Hunter”, chatted it up with an eight-year-old boy, and used “virtual coins” to tempt the child to have sex with him.

After the little boy agreed, they’d met up in the public restrooms of the Dongmen MRT station, other than giving the young child fellatios, he’d even asked the child to pee inside of his mouth; in order to get the boy to come out again, other than paying the virtual gold coins to the child, Tseng had even given the child anywhere from $50 to $300 N.T.s each time.

In the middle of August, the child’s mother found that he’d been emotionally unstable a lot, and would get scared when he saw others, and asked the child’s sister to go online to check, to see if the online games are affecting her son.

As the older sister logged online, Tseng mistakenly thought that it was the eight-year-old who was logged on, and asked him to send him photos of his own penis; the older sister reacted very quickly, immediately asked him, “Why don’t you send me your shots first?”, and, after Tseng sent the photos of his own penis, the older sister and the mother immediately took it in as evidence, and went to the police.

Tseng after getting caught by the police, admitted to having raped the child, and claimed, that back when he was a second year middle school student, he was bullied by his classmates, that, was what caused him to act out like this.

Based off of understanding, Tseng had NO priors, after he graduated college, he started working in the computer industry, the police found a TON of photos of little boys’ pubic areas on his laptop, and they estimated that there were at LEAST ten victims.  After he was interrogated, the Yonghe Subprecinct took him into custody based off of obstruction of sexual freedom.

So, if what the loser said was true, then, that just shows you, how easily abuse can pass from one person to another, and, because this man was picked on (or so he’d told) back in middle school, and now, he’d become a sexual predator, and that, is the general development of these kinds of incidences.


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Raping a Young Boy, the Nude Photos Got Out Over the Coast

Once again, a man who works with children from a CHURCH raped, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A homework counselor, Chen, from a certain church in Pingdong had sexually raped, molested a young boy for multiple years, and he’d even used his cell, took pictures of the child’s penis and testicles, last year, he’d used a communication program in China, to show off the child’s privates, and it was during the time when China started the sweep for sexually illicit materials online, the photographs were found by the police in China, and, they’d notified the police in Taiwan, and that, was how this rape got out into the open.

At the start of the court sessions, Chen started telling the judge, that the officers who’d interrogated him cussed him out, and started him down for thirty seconds, causing him to fear, that, was why he’d made the false statements, he’d denied having fellated the young boy.  The judge reviewed the surveillance of the interrogation rooms, turns out, that there was only a small space for interrogation, and at the time of him being questions, there were other officers, discussing another public endangerment case, and one of the officers had cussed and stated the name of another perpetrator.

The judge believed, that the officers who had lost control, was engaged in the discussion of the public endangerment case, and it was NOT the same case that Chen was apparently involved in, and believed that Chen’s words are not truth, and sentenced him to seven years six months for obstruction of sexual freedom, and, for the solicitations of underage sexually illicit photos, he was given four months, and this, he can get out of serving time by paying a charge.

The police pointed out, that two years ago, Chen took the advantage of his afterschool help sessions, took the young boy back to his place multiple times, had the child fellate him, and touched the child’s penis and testicles, even though the child said no, he’d still forced himself on him, the child worried that he might get angered, and so, he didn’t tell anyone.  Until last year when China did an Anti-Sex sweep online, and found that he’d uploaded the photos of the victim to someone in China, the police force in China started contacting the police stations here, and, the detectives went to check out and confiscated his laptop, and that, was how this whole thing went bust.

And so, we still have a man that this child trusted, who’d abused his trust, and used his position of power, to rape the child, and this man works in a C-H-U-R-C-H for crying out loud, and what does that tell you about those who preached about god again???  Oh yeah, they’re LIARS!!!


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Felt Horny When He Saw His Cohabiting Partner’s Sixth Grade Granddaughter, the Man Who Cohabited with the Child’s Grandmother was Found Guilty

What SHOULD be done in THIS sort of a situation is that you, L-O-S-E-R, should just GO, and JACK yourself O-F-F (no offense, and I apologize for the disgusting “visuals”) and no, I still didn’t just make THIS one up either, from the Newspapers Online, translated…

A sixth grade girl went to visit her grandmother on the weekends, when she was taking her naps, her grandmother’s cohabiting partner had his eyes on her.  He’d forcibly pulled OFF her panties, and attempted to RAPE her, the sixth grade child started crying very loudly, but, NOBODY had heard her cries for help, when Chen was changing into another “position”, the young girl took advantage of the time, and ran to the bathroom, hid out there, and, observed to see if Chen was coming after her, when she realized that Chen wasn’t coming after her, she ran to her cousin uncle’s place to ask for help.  The Tainan District Court gave the man three years ten months on this first trial.

The sixth grader who’d attended school away from her home town, on the weekends, had visited her maternal grandmother’s place, earlier this March, and, the grandmother took the advantage, and introduced her to her cohabiting partner.  On the morning of March 10, at eleven in the morn, Chen got home drunk, saw that the fifth grader was napping all alone, told her, that he was coming into the room to get something, wanted her to open up the doors.

After the child opened up the door, Chen let his sexual urges take over, locked the door behind him, covered the child’s mouth and nose, forcefully got her into bed, stripped her shirt off, forcefully kissed her breasts, and pubic area, the child started screaming, “Mom, Grandma, help me!”, Chen pulled down his pants, and rubbed his own DICK against the child’s “private parts”, and the child took advantage of the time when Chen was switching to another position, to get away, she ran out and hid in the bathrooms, after she found that Chen wasn’t behind her, she ran out quickly, to her mother’s cousin’s place to get help.

After the uncle heard what’d happened, he was furious, he’d immediately notified the child’s mother, called the police, and went to confront Chen.  The verdict stated, that from the child’s underwear, they were able to extract the DNA from Chen, and Chen had admitted to wrongdoing in interrogation too.  In this first trial, the Tainan District Court found, that the man who’d cohabited with the child’s grandmother was equivalent to her grandfather, had raped the child, and, believed that Chen was raping his own granddaughter, and that it was awful what he’d done, sentenced him to three years, ten months’ jail term for attempted rape of a child.

Once again, this, is still a crime of opportunity, and this just also shows, NO matter how old you LOSERS get, you will still BE using your D-I-C-K-S, if you’re NOT neutered, and, you still don’t think, that you need to get “fixed”???  Yeah, uh, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me here!!!

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On Her Field Trip, She’d Pointed to the Distance, “That’s the Home of a Wolf”

And, can you IMAGINE, for how LONG this child must’ve endured this??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“This, is the porn uncle’s house”, the elementary school child’s childish words had alarmed the school teacher, and had helped catch the pedophile that was sexually molesting young children in the neighborhood, Chiu, yesterday, the highest court found Chiu guilty of forced sexual acts, and sentenced him to a confirmed five years in prison.

Chiu works as a caterer, was nicknamed Chiu Meats, and had once acted as the man, in charge of his neighborhood too, he’d had two priors in sexually molesting children and adolescents already.

The verdict pointed out, that from September, 2010 to February, 2011, he’d enticed young girls with money and candies, and had multiple times, sexually molested five children younger than nine, the youngest was only a little over six years of age.

Chiu had asked the victims to touch his penis, or after he’d touched their pubic areas, he’d given them money from $100 N.T. to $1,000N.T., or candy, and, some of the kids complied, and afterwards, they’d given the money to their mothers, while others didn’t want to, and Chiu still forced himself on them.

One of the victims, on a fieldtrip, on the way back to the schools, they’d passed Chiu’s place, and the child told the teacher, “That, is the horny uncle’s house”, after the instructor pressed on, the child said, “He’d touched us where we peed”, the instructor immediately called the authorities.

After Chiu was caught, he’d already reached settlements with five of his victims, and used the excuse of how his ex-wife had an affair and he couldn’t withstand the blows, that he had an impaired judgment, along with a handful of other reasons, hoping that he’d get a lighter sentence.

The judge couldn’t tell if Chiu is, indeed, a pedophile, and that when he’d committed the crimes, he was well aware of it, that it didn’t fit the criteria of a reduction of sentence; the judge took into considerations that Chiu had seriously damaged the psyche and the bodies of the young children, and that there are countless victims, found him guilty, on five counts of molestation; and the sentences for the crimes ranged anywhere from a year to three years, four months, that he would be mandated to serve a five year sentence.

But, if you ask me (hey, who asked Y-O-U!!!), five years is still WAY too lenient, and even IF this LOSER go into forced therapy, as mandated by the courts, how will you know that he’d be “cured”, from his pedophile tendencies, and, because he’d raped before, he will surely, RAPE again, as past behaviors are clear indicators of predictions of FUTURE actions, you DO understand that, don’t you???



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A “Wolf” that Worked at a Funeral Home Cut the Face of a Woman, and Kept Her Locked Up for Four Hours

Like I said, they still don’t have the TATTOO across their foreheads here, do they? Of course N-O-T, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-seven year old woman, because her father was on his deathbed, two nights ago, she’d gone to a funeral home, to set up the plans, without knowing, that the owner’s son who was out on parole from rape locked her up in the room, and attempted to rape her; the woman fought hard with her life, and had her face destroyed by a pair of scissors that he had, four hours later, she’d finally broken free, the police managed to capture the perpetrator, and chased the leads the entire night.

The police found, that the perpetrator was Chang, who was thirty-two, and after the family was notified of what he’d done, they’d gotten angered, and told the police, that they’d warned him to NOT hurt anybody again, and here he is now, fouling up again. Chang claimed, that because he was feeling very low, that, was why he’d gotten into an argument with the woman, that he had NO intentions of raping her.

The police said, that the victim is the eldest of her family, and, other than taking care of her younger siblings, she’d still had to make the money, to pay for her father’s cancer treatments; recently, his father’s health worsened, and, through the introductions of a friend, she’d gone to a funeral home, and after she’d finalized the plans, she didn’t expect that she’d meet up with such a horrible “wolf”.

The victim claimed, that back then, she’d only traded a few words with Chang, and he’d pulled down the steel doors, and ran toward her, and forcibly took her clothes off; she’d begged him to spare her life, and Chang was going mad, started waving a pair of sharpened scissors at her, and it’s cut her face, her hands, and her feet too.

She said, that she’d fought hard, and Chang didn’t get to rape her, and he’d kept her locked up on the first floor, took away her cell phone, and threatened her, “If you try to leave, I’ll do something really awful!”, she was trapped for four hours, and, she’d used the time that he’d gone up the stairs, and ran out the back door, and asked a bystander to help her to the hospital, and to notify the police.

“The methods he used was extremely vicious! Her face was so swollen that you couldn’t recognize the features.”, as the police went to the hospital to take down the statements of the victim, she was cut everywhere, and was barely breathing.

The police said, that after Chang had attempted raping the woman, he’d asked for a few thousand dollars from his family, then, disappeared, and the police suspected that he was hiding in a friend’s place, and last night, they managed to catch him, and found the victim’s cell phone on him.

After Chang was arrested, he was going in and out of consciousness, and he would NOT give exact answers, to clarify the events that occurred, and the police are still examining the entire case right now.

And so, this is, a CRIME of opportunity, and because this L-O-S-E-R took advantage of the fact that the woman came to make funeral arrangements for her dying parents, he raped her, and you still believe, that a SEX offender CAN be reformed? Tell that to the woman who was violated here, or, must something like this happen to someone close to you, like your daughters, your wives (1 @ a time), your sisters, your aunts, nieces, or ANY other FEMALE relatives you may have, then, it’d become a “cause”? How many times must this sort of SHIT happen, before the world REALIZES, uh, I dunno!!!

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The Husband of a Child Day Care Operator Charged with Sexual Assault of a Four-Year-Old

All I need you to do, is to get ANGERED, by news like this, because then, maybe, you’d be MOTIVATED, to do SOMETHING, to help put an END to this SORT of S-H-I-T!!! From the Houston Chronicles online, written by: C. Hlavaty…

A Santa Fe man has been charged with sexual assault stemming from allegations made by a 4-year-old, according to the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

Thomas Joseph Perthuis, 76, has been arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child after the girl reported to a counselor and her mother that Perthuis had assaulted her, the sheriff’s office said in a prepared statement. Perthuis’ wife was running an in-home day care center at their residence in the 4500 block of Tower, which is located in an unincorporated part of Santa Fe. The incident was reported to officials Feb. 21, but deputies said that once Perthuis got wind of the allegations, he put himself in a local hospital. This prevented detectives from speaking with him until earlier this week. Perthuis is currently in the Galveston County Jail with bond set at $100,000.

That is why, you’d rather spend MORE money, place your kid, into a school that’s funded by the government, at L-E-A-S-T, the chance of THIS sort of shit would be reduced, wouldn’t it??? And this LOSER had put himself into the hospital, to EVADE arrest too, can you believe it!!! And, what’s gonna happen, IF this M***ER F***ER rapes another kid again? Then, maybe, just M-A-Y-B-E, the governemnt, will take this seriously then? Or maybe, some KID has to KILL her/himself because of the rape, the sexual molestations, or whatever improper misconducts, then, it’d get the WORLD’s attention??? Who knows, I’m just G-L-A-D, that this SHIT did NOT “go down” in MY neighborhood!!!




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A Daughter Spoke on Behalf of Her Stepfather Who Raped Her…the Man Got a Delayed Sentence

This, is quite common, when the victim identifies with the P-E-R-P, from the Newspapers online, translated…

A young woman in Hsinchu, started in fifth grade, was attacked by her stepfather, he would touch her breasts, along with fondled her genitalia, had sexually molested her, a total of ELEVEN times, after the school instructor turned him in, the father admitted to it, said that it was only a “game” he was playing with his stepdaughter, that he’d acted on his own impulses, that he didn’t mean it, and had apologized to the victim, and she’d forgiven him already.  The victim, along with her mother, all begged the judge, because the household is reliant on the man’s wages to survive, that neither one of them wanted him to be locked up.  The district court found the man guilty, of sexual molestations and gave him a two-year sentence, which he would be allowed, to serve it, delayed for five years.

This man, started back in February of 2011, all the way into October of 2012, took advantage of the time with his stepdaughter alone, touched her breasts, along with her genitals, to satisfy himself.  The victim did NOT dare tell her own mother about it, but, she’d told her school classmates, and the classmates told the teacher, and the teacher reported to the police.  When the court was in session, the victim spoke on behalf of the perpetrator, stated, “I’m willing to forgive my father”.  And the mother and daughter were able to get to the judge, and the father showed signs of remorse, and showed that he still had a conscience, so, the judge gave him a delayed sentence.

Are you FUCKING kidding me?  Because a man C-R-I-E-D, therefore, these two ladies (the daughter AND the mother) softened, and that, is how the two of them continue to be VICTIMIZED, as we already K-N-O-W, how we CANNOT reform a rapist, after all, he’d done it before, what makes you think that he won’t do it again?  And that there’s this “PRIOR”, of the VICTIM, dropping the charges.






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