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In a Bad Mood…Took Along a Fighting Knife, a Youth Stabbed a Man Who Was Heading Home Late in the Evenings

Raging hormones AND a foul mood are N-E-V-E-R a good “mix” here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In four hours, the teen was captured, and he’d said, “the whole world is out to get me”, stabbed someone in the back…the wound was fifteen centimeters long, and into the liver and lungs, two years ago, there had been similar incidences, and the judge mandated that the teen get taken into custody.

There had been an incidence of stabbing that happened abruptly and for no reasons at all!  The sixteen-year-old youth, Chou followed Lee who was on his way home early yesterday morning in the hours of midnight, with a thirty centimeter long fighting knife, and stabbed and attempted to kill Lee, then, ran off in a hurry, four hours later, the youth was caught at his own home by police ambush.  He seemed to have psychological difficulties, he’d told the police, that he thought the man was out to get him; Lee was seriously injured, and is in the ICU, and closely monitored.

The police took the adolescent in on attempted murder charges.  The judge reviewed the teenager’s “misbehavior record”, and found, that in the year of 2012, he’d taken a knife and hurt someone, and, the court mandated him get taken into protective custody, and the protective custody is still ongoing; and when Chou was caught by the police yesterday, he had a knife as he walked down the streets, and made the pose of attacking the police, and, taken into consideration that he is more than likely to repeatedly offend, and that his parents had NO way of control, and so, the judge mandated him to remain in juvenile detention hall.

“This is outrageous!”, Lee’s father said painfully, that his son didn’t even know the teenager, he couldn’t understand why the teenager was so cruel to his son; back then, he was asleep, he’d heard the police downstairs and quickly answered, saw his son, lying on the ground, covered in blood, “What’s happened to this world?”

Lee (age 21) who is a currently student of the night school part-timed, yesterday, he’d gotten off work at a little past midnight, rode his motorcycle back to his place, as he’d turned the keys to his apartment, he was ambushed by someone from behind; Lee felt a pain on his right side, and fell forward onto the ground, and turned around, and asked the attacker, “What do you want?”, the attacker didn’t say a word, and just ran off, Lee called the police for assistance.

There was a knife used by soldiers sticking out of Lee’s right back side, the fifteen centimeter depth wound got into his body, it’d nearly killed him; as the police and fire department arrived on scene, his blood was overflowing really quickly, he’d become semi-conscious, and was lifted to the hospital, with the knife still on his back.  The knife had cut into his lung and liver, but gladly, it’d missed the heart, and, after the emergency resuscitation, the bleeding finally stopped and he was taken to the I.C.U., and is still in critical condition.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and went to interview the residents nearby, and targeted that it was Chou, the adolescent who lived nearby, and went to his house. The youth’s mother was at home, stated that her son went out to buy some midnight snacks, the police set up an ambush outside, and the youth returned home at four in the morning, and was confronted by the police, at which time, he’d taken out the knife to defend himself; the police showed their guns, and subdued him to the ground, and very shortly, the youth admitted, “I did it!”

The youth stated that he carried a knife to protect himself, that it was NOT used for premeditated murder, because “the world is out to get me”, and the reason why he’d resisted arrest was also because the “police was out to get me as well!”.  He said, he’d gone to the super convenience shops to get some midnight snacks, as he’d gotten out, he saw Lee walking up front, back then, he was in a foul mood, and he believed that Lee was going to harm him.

As the police interrogated him, the youth reacted very slowly, with an empty gaze, and, had long pauses between his answers, and had a lack of facial expression.  He needed the police to remind him to answer the questions, with NO emotional up and down, and he seemed to feel numb.  The police suspected that the youth was paranoid schizophrenic, but he didn’t have a handicap manual or record of him seeing a psychiatrist at the hospital either.

The youth’s father worked at a construction site, the mother is a housewife.  The mother rushed to the police precinct yesterday and told that after her son graduated middle school, he’d hung out at home, he wasn’t studious at all, without many friends either, and would play on his cell phone whenever he’s at home; the son had NO record of visiting a psychiatrist, and had never shown signs of violence either, and would tell her where he’s going whenever he’d headed out, she was surprised at her son’s behaviors, “I really don’t know why he acted like that!”

And so, based off of what’s given here, which was still NOT that much, I’m thinking, that this teen is suffering from an early onset of schizophrenia, because he had delusions of persecution, and yet, because there was NO medical records, there’s NO way to be sure, and that still just shows you how easily those N-U-T-S can C-R-A-C-K, and, these are all, time bombs, waiting to EXPLODE, and you just don’t know W-H-E-N they’re going to go KA-BOOM!!!

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A Homeless Man Got Stabbed Twenty Times and Bled to Death on the Streets

Apparently, NOT all lives are created equal here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixty-one year-old unemployed man was found, dead next to the shrine of the public cemetery in Bei-Pu, Hualien; the medical examiners found, that the over twenty stab wounds on him were caused by different weapons, and there was blunt force trauma from his head, and they’re suspecting that he was abused, then, tortured to death.

In April and May, there had been incidence of how after youth got drunk, they’d ganged up on homeless people, and, there was one homeless man who’d gotten murdered; and, there were NO incidences like this in Hualien, and the police are worried that the same thing might have happened to Lin too, and had already reviewed the surveillance footage, and chasing down the suspects.

The police said, that at eight in the morn yesterday, they’d gotten reports that there was a male dead body next to the shrine tower in the cemetery, the body was badly injured, without an I.D.  There were two managers of nearby villages who came to identify him, and they’d all said that the deceased was NOT a homeless man, and, the police used his finger prints, and found that he was a vagabond who lived in Hualien, with priors in theft, Lin.

The younger brother of the deceased received the call from the police, he didn’t show much emotion about his own brother’s death.

He’d stated, that his parents died, and that he’d regularly lived in with his older brother, and, after the older brother divorced, he’d been depressed and couldn’t hold a job, and would get drunk all day, and came home at night, drunk, and would pass out; that he’s a regular nine-to-fiver, and would work until late at night, that he and his brother rarely socialized at all.

The police found that there were two residents who’d told, that two nights ago, around five in the evenings, they’d seen the man wandering about without his shoes close by, as they passed by the public cemetery, and his clothes looked worn out too.

The medical examiners checked, and found that there were at least TWENTY stab wounds on the deceased, that his ribs, the back of his head, along with his forehead had been hit by blunt force, and the kill shot was the broken rib on the left side of his chest, and the puncture would from the left side of his back.

The police suspected that the deceased was beaten, passed out from getting beaten, then, stabbed with something sharp and tortured, causing him to bleed out, and that there may be MORE than one who’d done this, they’re already checking the surveillance footages now.

The police stated, that when the victim was found, his hand reached upward, limbs are stiffened, and his blood had drained dry; but, there was NO sign of struggle where they’d found him, and couldn’t find any traces of blood, so, they’re suspecting that he may have been tortured elsewhere, then, left by the bone tower.

The medical examiners speculated that the time of the body being dumped is at 5:30p.m. on May 21 to the morning of May 22, and that they’re asking the public, that IF anybody knows anything, please help the police.

And so, a HOMELESS man gets brutally murdered, and, nobody knows who’d done it, and, that just still shows that there’s this LACK of respect for life from the world, and, IF the man was murdered by youths, then, it, would be even MORE awful, but, we don’t know, because the report didn’t say anything on that, and, everything is still JUST speculations here.

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Addicted to Online Gaming, Confusing Fantasy with Reality

Problem of the society here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The random hacking of people on the Taipei MRT is shocking to the society in Taiwan, everybody can’t understand the motive of the suspect at all, based off of his families, the man rarely interacted with others, and his only activity is playing online games, and it’s the kind that has violence and mock killings.

The national and international psychiatrists studies had found, that playing video games for a while, the frontal lobe that’s in charge of higher thinking processes and emotions will have less blood flow, and for long term, it may affect learning and emotional states.  Especially for these kinds of violent games that it’d given a high to the players killing the enemies, and it’d made the gamers addicted, and still, this, is virtual reality, and, if the players get engaged in this long term, they may not be able to decipher the difference between what’s real and what’s fantasy.

The writer’s students are taken with video games, and would often show a lack of concentration in class, and would doze off, and get distracted and tired easily, causing them to experience this emotional down, and leading to their attitude in learning that’s awful.  I’d once asked those kids the affect of those violent games on their lives one by one.

The children only told me, that once they’re addicted, it was hard for them to get off, and kids would get up in the middle of the nights, behind their parents’ backs to play.  And some of the kids would even find excuses for themselves, they’d told me that they can make money off of selling the treasures, the problem lies in that before they’d sold their “treasures”, they’d wasted a TON of time already, and it just doesn’t even out.  What’s worse, they’d thrown away their school work, their futures, and even lose their original state of mind, and, isn’t that losing more? I’d often tell the kids, “The games online, they’re NOT real, leave it, turn around, come back.  After all, there are a TON of wonderful things waiting for you in the reality here.”  Go out, make some friends, play some hoops, help out at volunteer events, anything, don’t get trapped by the world of online gaming.

And so, this instructor voices her worries, and, her worries are warranted too, because a TON of children ARE getting taken, attracted, to the world of online gaming, and, some of those games are extremely violent, and, the kids are absorbing the violent ways that they’re stimulated by, playing the games, whether or not they like to admit it.

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Fearing Her Daughter’s Emotional Distresses, the Mother Didn’t Dare Go Visit Her

Let’s take a look at the family dynamics here, shall we???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The high school age girl who went missing, Chen, is the middle child in her household, and, is a simple-minded child in her parents’ beliefs.  After Chen was taken off the mountains, she’d disclosed that she was unhappy with the amount of pressures that her mother placed on her life and her studies, that, was why she’d wanted to run away.

For the forty-six days that Chen went miss, the mother used a TON of methods to try to find her, not only did the mother put up flyers everywhere, she’d even called the major of the city of Bade for assistance.  As Chen was taken off the mountains, the mother feared that the daughter would be emotional, that she didn’t even dare to pick her up in Yilan Station.

The school stated, that the girl was performing well in school, made decent enough grades, acted as the head of the English Conversations Club, got along well with her classmates.  Chen’s father said, that she’d head off to cram school after her regular school, and would come home at ten in the nights, a few days before she’d run away, she’d acted normally, and that the family did NOT get into an argument with her.

On the seventh, Chen, accompanied by her older cousin, went to the station, to retract the missing person’s report, on the tenth, the mother came to the police station, to explain the interactions with her daughter, back then, the mother was somewhat worked up, and somewhat out of it, she’d only stated, “So long she’s home safe.”

The manager for the Lifelines, Chang said, that the background of the parents and the children are not the same, and children now are affected by the social media online, their thoughts are much more active, and, it’s unfitting for the parents to use the way they grew up, and FIT the children; when there are huge conflicts, the parents should step back, to allow the kids to have room to breathe.

And so, you still see this generation G-A-P, between the parents and the children, because we are raised in different environments, so, naturally the generations don’t perceive things the same, and, in this case, the mother was afraid that the daughter might get too worked up, and that, was why she didn’t go see her, which was a wise decision, because you MUST allow those teens to cool down, because back when I was in high school, I’d wanted to be left alone, and his ex-wife just didn’t get it, just kept prodding, prodding, and prodding, and so, naturally, I BLEW UP!!!

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The Adolescent Male and Female Ran Away From Home Together, Lived Together for Nineteen Days Alone

PROBLEMS of the TEENAGE YEARS, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

After attending the student movement in March, a certain all-star high school female student from Taoyuan ran away with a young man, Chang, on the fifth, the police were able to recover them in a mountain top shack, the mountain was 3,400 meters above sea level; they’d claimed that they were there, to “isolate themselves”.

The Nanhu Big Mountain is located in Taroko National Park, the main peak was 3,742 meters above sea level, is the third highest of the mountain range, it’s really hard to climb, and the weather is very cold, and the two teens managed to spend at LEAST nineteen days, as to how they’d passed these nineteen days, everybody is curious to know.

The police used the call that the adolescent male made to his mother around the end of last month, and found out where they were hiding; and, through the volunteers of the national park, they’d found the cabin the teens stayed in, and consoled them to come back down.

The police pointed out, that the adolescent male and female ran away from home for a total of forty-six days, and they were living together for almost forty-five days, but the adolescent girl claimed that the youth had gotten a sex reassignment operation; but because the youth was only fifteen and the adolescent girl, seventeen, the police are trying to sort through whether or not they were lured by someone else.

The adolescent girl, Chen, last year in October, met Chang through a fans page.  And, the members of the page are all into sci-fi adventure stories and role playing in video games.

The police found that on March 21, after Chen went up to Taipei to join the student movement, had met up with Chang, but she’d told her family, “I couldn’t get away, I met an older school mate, I’ll be home tomorrow.”, then, she’d lost contact with her family.

Chen’s father managed to find the daughter, but she’d used the excuse of needing to make a call, to get her clothes, to get away from him; on the 28th, the young woman texted, “I can’t go back now”, then, she wasn’t heard of again.

The police stated, that the youth, Chang invited the adolescent girl to his rental place, because he’d liked mountain climbing, on the seventeenth of April, he’d used the excuse of making a new cover for the Sound Mirror, the Fans Page on Facebook, to invite the girl to come along, and they’d even taken along the banners from the group to have their photos taken.  In the cabin on the mountains, they’d lived off of the hotpot items, along with the leftovers from other climbers.

On April 28, the young man called up his mother, “I will take Chen home to see you on Mother’s Day”, the police traced the calls, and found them, they were at the entrance of the mountain pass in Heping District of Taichung.  The police feared that they would go up higher to hide, and didn’t DARE go and find them, they’d asked the volunteers and the climbers to help discover the youths.

The cousin of the girl wrote a letter to her, asked the climbers to bring it up to her, three climbers had found the girl in the shack, after the adolescent girl saw the letter, she’d decided to head home, and, she was picked up by her older cousin and her maternal grandmother.

“So long you’re home safe”, the cousin said, “They’re like the two kids in Jimi’s Starry Night, children who couldn’t communicate with the world, and, they’d felt fear from the world, and tried to make their escapes.”  The police said, that the adolescent girl didn’t like how her parents disciplined her, and has NO intention of going back home yet.

And, can you imagine what would’ve happened, had those climbers NOT found the two?  They could’ve gotten killed, and all of this is still because they felt misunderstood (and no, that’s still NOT my ASSumption), and that, just shows you how important it is, to GET to know your teens, and the process for them to want to talk to you still starts when they were very young, because everything should start young, if you, STUPID (b/c you are!!!) parents FAILED to establish that rapport with your kids when they were younger, how the FUCK (my B-A-D!!!) can you possibly expect them to talk to you as they grow older???  Exactly.

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A Pair of Middle School Aged Lovers Committed Suicide Together, for a Forbidden Love?

And look what happened to this “pair of ‘star-crossed’ lovers” too, huh???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The fifteen year old pair started dating at the end of last year, the girl’s parents feared that dating would affect her grades, and so, they’d forbidden the love, the young kids went missing four days ago, and their bodies floated out of Bei-Gang Creek, and the police ruled out foul play.

The pair of middle school aged kids, because they were in love and their parents were against it, on the third of this month, they’d taken their own lives by diving into the streams and drowning themselves, their bodies were found, one right after the other’s, at the side of Beigang Creek; the medical examiners performed the autopsies, and ruled out foul play, and they’re trying to figure out what killed them.

The police investigated and found, that even though the two pairs of parents denied their children being in love, but, from the records at the counseling office at school, along with their intimate conversations on Facebook, they’re NOT ruling out “suicide because of love”.

The deceased were a girl named Chang and a boy named Lee, both were fifteen years of age, and they went to the same middle school together, a second, and a third year, the girl being older.  The two started dating at the end of last year, and, they’d posted statements like “Baby I miss you right now”, “Happy Valentine’s Day, dear”, along with other words of intimacies; their classrooms were right next to each other’s, and they’d been seen together in between classes by people too.

The teachers found out, and started counseling them, from January to April of this year, the girl’s family worried that because the girl was about to take the examinations, that she’d be distracted, prohibited the two young lovers from seeing one another; on the second of this month, Chang had a huge argument with her mother on the issue of friends, and, on the afternoon of the third, after Chang had Lee come to her grandmother’s to pick her up, she’d lost contact with her family.

Both their parents called in to the police station, reporting their kids missing, and, two nights ago, Lee’s body floated up to near the bridge in the bridge between Yunlin and Chiayi; the police realized how serious this was, yesterday,, they’d sent the firefighters out for a search, and, they’d found that about six hundred meters off from where Lee was discovered, the girl’s body was found, but the police had yet to discover the bicycle that the two had ridden off together in.

“They’d only told us they were going off to see their classmates, how can they be missing?”, after the parents were notified, they were very upset.  Lee’s father stated, that he worked in Tainan, and that the child was under the mother’s care, and is really well-behaved, only that he’d returned late from time to time.

The Lee’s denied the claims of how the kids killed themselves for love, stated that the two were only considered as “closer than good friends”, but nobody can understand WHY they’d committed suicide.  The Changs turned down media interviews, and strictly denied that their daughter had been involved in a romantic relationship with Lee.

Chang, in her classmates’ views, was a sunny kind of girl, and, as the news of her death reached the classroom, her friends in class started crying.  The manager of the shop she’d part-timed in also said, that on the second of this month, as Chang went to work, she was still laughing, that it was hard for him to imagine that she’d done something so stupid.

And, all of this is still in hindsight, and, maybe the parents’ worries are warranted, after all, there’s NO way you can possibly juggle BOTH school work AND romance well, and, they wanted their daughter to focus on the studies, and that, is where the parents “went wrong”, because the parents did NOT listen close, to the children’s statements, and that, is how these two suicides wasn’t prevented.

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She Didn’t Know Her Middle-School Aged Daughter Was Accompanying Men for Drinks Until She’d Found Her Passed Out, Wearing Heavy Makeup

Uh, hello, what HAPPENED, to those MATERNAL INSTINCTS???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Peng started sending out the message of “Are there any girls who want to work” on LINE, a fifteen-year-old middle school age girl inquired, and was introduced by Peng’s boyfriend to work at a bar, to allow the drinkers to touch her all over, to accompany them in getting drunk; Hong had also provided drugs for the adolescent girl, the girl had accepted it when the customers took her out to have sex with her.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office, prosecuted Peng and her boyfriend on charges that offended child and adolescent welfare.

This adolescent, raised by a single mother, had been numbed by the alcohol and the illegal substances, had gotten even higher with the customers; every day as she got off work, she’d take off her work uniform from the pub, take off her heavy makeup, pretended to go off early to school, the mother was way too busy at work, she didn’t notice.  Until the end of January this year, she’d gotten too drunk, forgot to take her makeup off, passed out at her house, that, was when the mother realized that something wasn’t right and notified the police.

Hong (Age 21) is the manager of the pub, Peng (age 18) was a whore under him, along with his girlfriend; at the start of last November, Peng started soliciting the girls on LINE, and randomly sent out “Are there girls who want work, the job pays $160N.T./hour”, and started “hooking” up with the middle school aged girl.

Peng and the girl met, and told her that the job was a pub girl, the adolescent said that she is okay with it, and Peng gave the girl a grown woman, Yen’s identification, because the girl is still not yet of age, then, Hong had sent the girl to a pub in the city of Taipei.

When the adolescent was hired as a full-time employee, Hong told her, that the company policy stated that the dancing girls must take their clothes off slowly, to allow the customers to touch them, and that if the customer asked, they will have to JACK them off too; in order to get her braver, to get her in the mood, Hong had also provided drugs for her to use.

As the D.A. interrogated, that, was when Hong and Peng admitted to knowing that the adolescent was NOT yet of age, and that they’d provided her with a false I.D., and introduced her to work at a pub, but denied having provided the illegal substances for her to use; they’d also claimed, that the girl had agreed to the dealings with the customers separately, that it was her own free will, that they had nothing to do with it; but the D.A. didn’t believe them.

And so, how, does a mother NOT find out, until the child was found, PASSED OUT?  Are you plain STUPID, parents?  And, this just shows you how OFF the values are getting, and, teenagers are still willing to SELL their bodies for just about anything here, and that, is what this world had gone to here.


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A Female Police Officer Struck Up Conversations with Wandering Teenagers, and in Just Six Months, She’d Helped Recover Eleven Runaways

From the newspapers, on “search & rescue”, translated…

The police officer from the first subprecinct of An-Ping District, Hsieh, just graduated from the academy last October, because she loved children, she would often head over to Park #4 close to the precinct, to hand out pamphlets to children and teens, and played with them too, and, in the six short months she’d started working as a police officer, she’d helped recover eleven run away teenagers already.

The twenty-one year old Hsieh is cute looking, but, she’d had that maturity in her speech. She was from Chiayi, the eldest of the family, in order to help out with her family’s economic issues, plus she was “influenced by the shows”, believed that being a female police officer is “awesome”, after she’d graduated high school, she’d decided to take the police academy examinations.

Hsieh would often go to Park #4, to strike up conversations with teenagers who were wandering about, to be accepted by them, several times, as she’d looked into the identities of the teens, she’d found that they were reported missing by members of their families, Hsieh had once encountered a high school age daughter, who was angered at how harsh her father had disciplined her, and she’d run off from her home several times, and when Hsieh took the girl back to her house, the father was at wits ends, at how to get through to the daughter.

Another middle school teenage girl who’d dropped out of school, even though Hsieh was able to get in contact with her mother, however, the mother couldn’t come and pick the teen up, and so, Hsieh had found other relatives who would take her in. Hsieh said, that she often worried about these kids, “Where are they supposed to go? How will their futures turn out?”

And, because she’d come into contact with teens a lot, Hsieh had made a TON of observations about teens. She’d said, that teens are influenced most by their peers, “The words of a friend weigh a WHOLE LOT heavier than the words of the parents’.”; and when she’d found a rebellious teen, she’d used herself as an example, told them, “You must hit the books hard, that way, you’d have the competitive edge in life.”

Hsieh said, that when she’d taken the runaway teens back to the parents, she saw the look of gratitude in the parents’ eyes, it’d made her feel that what she was doing was worthwhile.

The man in charge of the An-Ping police office station, Lin said, even though, Hsieh is quite young, she’d just started working as a police officer, but she’d found her purpose in police work.

And so, this YOUNG woman had the empathy, that, was why she was able to reach out to the teens, and, she’d gotten the teenagers to accept her, by NOT being forceful, by NOT lecturing to them about life the way that the teachers and the parents had, which made her more acceptable by the teens, because the teens are usually, in need of someone who understands them, who don’t tell them what or what not to do, someone who can be a friend, and this, is exactly what this young woman did, while making her influence, subtly on them too.


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The First Taste of Love that Came in Elementary School, What are the Parents to Do?

You can’t just BAN them from falling in love, can you??? Who do you think you are? Their “masters”??? Translated…

The Daughter Told the Parents, and the Parents are Panicky

The national teacher’s guild’s national secretary, an elementary school instructor in Hsinbei City, Lee pointed out, that these days, children are maturing earlier than their parents had, plus coming into contact with blogs, Facebook, even LINE, the elementary children are taking a more open approach to love nowadays too.

Lee said, that children in the third and fourth grade years are still not really clear on the differentiation of gender differences, that their mindsets are simpler, that if they feel an affinity toward a member of the opposite sex, it would be more like a best friend, it’s just that the best friend happens to be a member of the opposite sex is all, that they wouldn’t think too much into it.

Listen More, Lecture Less

Lee said, that children like Li who’d told her parents about her troubles, they’re naturally more outgoing; those who are truly introverts and shy, would keep the feelings of affinity, locked up on the inside. And, when the parents hear the kids talk, do NOT lecture, or tell the kids right away, that they’re still too young for love, instead, they should really listen to what the kids have to say, and then, discuss with the children, which way to best solve the issues.

But, as the children marched toward the higher grade levels, slowly getting into their puberty, they may find the members of the opposite sex more intriguing. Especially in the big cities, there are cases of little boys and little girls, writing love letters, and proclaiming the love for the ones they are into.

Lee said, that some children would also go to their teachers in private, to consult about their young affinities, and made the instructor swear to NEVER tell the person that they liked about it; and some had even asked the instructors bluntly, for the photos of the ones they have the eyes for too.

Having a Crush on the Instructor, Transfer Out of the School Became the Only Option

Lee recalled, that she had a fourth grade female student who fell madly for the tall and handsome single male class instructor, she’d become crazy about it, would often block him to let him know that she loved him, it got to the point that the male instructor didn’t know what to do, and had other female school teachers to give her guidance and counsel, but it still didn’t work.

In the end, the school contacted the mother, and the little girl got transferred to another school, the child didn’t understand why the mother forcibly transferred her away, but, because they had good parent-child relationship, and, after awhile, they’d interacted on good terms again.

Enlarging the Social Circles, to Learn to Interact with Each Other

The Child Development Specialist, Lee pointed out, that with the advances and frequencies of cell phones and I-Pads, the children are more and more acquainted with online interactions, but the down side was that they didn’t know how to have face-to-face interactions.

Lee suggested the parents, that they should help the children enlarge their social circles, for instance, encourage them to go for band, or other extracurricular activities, or to sign up for camps, to meet and interact with more children their age, that way, they would NO longer focus their attention on JUST that one person, and, they would be more at ease, in dealing with issues of gender too.

And so, because children are maturing younger, younger AND younger still, and the parents are becoming more, and more worried about it, that, is why this issue was brought up, and, it is hard, for a kid who had NO “priors” in relationship to know how to deal with a brand new situation, and, the parents and the instructors, along with the guidance counselors can only stand on the sidelines, and give them advice, as to HOW the kids will handle their relationship matters? Well, they’d have to get BURNED, to learn.

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The Middle School Teacher Took Down Evidence of the Students Smoking, and Was Threatened

This is ME, asking for “assistance” here, and, can someone PLEASE tell me, what the F*** (‘cuz I’d “maxed out”???) is WRONG with the youth today??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A female middle school instructor, Lu, used her cell phone, to document four students smoking in the school, and the students shouted back, “What right have you to record us?”, later on, two of the four smokers stopped Lu on the stairways, and had gone to Lu’s class to flip the desks over to show their displeasures. Lu called the cops, and not only did the two students NOT show any remorse, they’d even claimed, “We should SPANK the instructor when she misbehaved!”

Awhile ago, while Lu, the instructor acted as the crossing guard, she’d discovered that Chang, Hsieh, along with two others, three males and a female, smoking, back then, it was right when the school was out, the four were puffing in front of the students AND the parents who came to pick up the students, their actions were outrageous; Lu had told the school, the school said passively, “there’s NO evidence supporting your accusations”.

Last week, as Lu worked as the cross guard instructor again, she’d found the four smoking right outside the school again, she’d taken out her cell, planned to show it to the school officials; the four students got angered, started cussing at her, and said, “We have the right to our own portraits, what right have you, to photograph us?”

After the four students are finished yelling and screaming, they’re NOT done yet, they’d waited at the stairs after Lu finished her crossing guard duties; of the four, the adolescent female, Hsieh intentionally walked close to her, and bumped into her, Chang, went into her classroom, and tipped over the desks and the chairs, to show their displeasures.

Lu the instructor had had it with the students’ behaviors, she’d called the cops, and said that the students humiliated her in public. She’d claimed, that she was NOT the only one whom the students had cussed out, but because the school doesn’t do anything, the other instructors can only get angry on their own times, and so, she’s SUING the students, NOT as the school’s teacher.

The police three days ago, called Chang (age 16) and Hsieh (age 15) into questioning, they’d admitted openly, to cussing out the instructors, and claimed, “It’s NO big deal, we merely used verbal reprimands, IF the instructor misbehaves, we will spank her too!”, the attitudes of the adolescents shocked even the police, after the interrogations, they were sent to juvenile court to be processed.

The police pointed out, that on the part where the students destroyed the furniture in the class, because the school didn’t press charges, so, they’d only be prosecuted for public insults; the two students who were found guilty were also involved in theft and damages from before; just two months ago, they were sent to the police for calling up a crowd, to BEAT on a woman.

And, you still must wonder, what the FUCK (pardon the “French” here!!!) is WRONG with the adolescents today? I mean, back when I was growing up, and no, that still wasn’t in the 1940s!!! We would get mad, sure, but, we still didn’t CRACK that easily, so, it must be the food, the air pollution, or maybe, how the kids are being exposed to some DEADLY, but UNIDENTIFIED chemicals then???



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