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A Teenage Girl Cussed Out a Police Officer, Got Fined $6,000N.T.,

So, the six thousand dollar fine was WAY more than worth it, wasn’t it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Sergeant from Hsinbei Police Station, Shu stopped a female student, Yang, and her boyfriend, for running a red light, gave them both a red slip, later, Yang called Shu a bad cop on her blog, and after Shu knew, he’d sued her for libel and slander, awhile ago, they’d agreed to settle for the amount of $6,000N.T., and Shu put up $4,000N.T more, to buy MRT passes for the poor students, hoped that Yang could donate it on his behalf, to help put forth this kindness cycle.

“It’s nothing new, that cops get cussed out by the public”, Shu, who’d worked as a police officer for almost thirty years stated, she’d met a LOT of members of the public who’d cussed him out, and yet, this, was the very first time he’d decided to sue, it wasn’t for the sake of the money, but because he wanted to teach the female student a lesson.  After Yang’s parents learned about this, they kept thanking Shu.

Four years ago, Shu worked at the Pingling Subprecinct of Hsintien Police Department, he’d pulled Yang and her boyfriend who ran a red light, back then, the two were going to Pingling, other than running the red light, the boyfriend didn’t bring his license or registration, and he was ticketed for both.

Back then, Yang, who was still in high school later wrote on her blog, “Today, at Pingling, I’d met a BAD cop!”  “There are so many riders without helmets, I can’t believe that you didn’t see…Shu is such a LOUSY cop!”

Last year, Shu surfed online, and found this post, and collected the evidence, and sued the female student for libel and slander.  The judge believed, that Yang had seriously broken the libel and slander laws, but believed that she was only venting, and she was younger then, and that Shu had agreed on the six thousand dollar settlement, so, the judge didn’t let the case go to the courts.

Now, Yang, who is already in college, openly apologized to Shu, her parents were also ashamed.  Yang said, that she’s a student, and didn’t have any money, the judge agreed that she could pay the fines in six installments.  Shu also told Yang and her parents, “I will use the money to do something good.”, the parents are both very agreeing to it.

Awhile ago, Shu heard that the man in charge of the Rui-Xing Borough was giving breakfast vouchers to poor students, he’d added $4,000N.T., plus, the donations from kind people all around, two days ago, he’d bought twenty-five bus and MRT passes for the twenty-five students, and he’d also bought rice and noodles to give it to the families with low incomes.

And so, this officer truly has a heart of kindness, and, he’d used a harsh way to make a difference, and that, is what TOUGH love is all about.

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Twelve Year-Old Girls Stabbed Their Friend Nineteen Times

The world had fallen I-L-L here, from…

Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls accused of holding down and stabbing their 12-year-old friend were charged as adults in court Monday.

Police in Waukesha say the girls lured their friend into a wooded area Saturday where one girl held her down and the other stabbed the victim 19 times.

Both suspects were charged as adults with attempted first-degree intentional homicide, as a party to a crime. If convicted, they could each serve 65 years in prison. (NBC 5 is not naming the suspects or showing their faces due to their age).

The 12-year-old girl survived the attack, and police say her condition is stable.

The girls may have been motivated by a fictitious character named “Slenderman,” a criminal complaint revealed Monday.

Slenderman is a character thought to have originated as an Internet meme around 2009. He is often depicted as a tall, thin man wearing a suit with a blank face.

According to the criminal complaint, one of the girls stated that “many people do not believe Slenderman is real,” and she “wanted to prove the skeptics wrong.” Their goal may have been to become a “proxy of Slender,” which required the girls to “physically kill someone,” the complaint says.

Authorities said the two suspects had planned to kill the victim for several months before Saturday’s attack. The girls all attended the same middle school, according to police, and were together at a sleepover over the weekend.

The two suspects are accused of luring the girl into a wooded area near Rivera Drive and Big Bend Road under the premise of playing a game, police said.

The victim was stabbed in the torso, legs and arms but was able to crawl out of the woods to a road, where she was discovered by a passing bicyclist.

Authorities say the suspects were arrested several hours later. A knife believed to have been used in the stabbing has been recovered.

And so, these couple of teens still STABBED someone because they “felt like it”, and this, is what’s going on with the current youths today, and, there is still NO cure for this problem in the world, and this still happened in YOUR (well, maybe) backyards, so, what does that make you T-H-I-N-K?

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The Son Killed at Random…the Mother Took Out a Loan to Send Money to the Family of the Victim

And NO, I still did NOT just make this up, it was found, on the newspaper pages today, translated…

A sixteen-year-old adolescent male, Chou, on the early morning of the first of May, followed a twenty-one year old college student whom he didn’t know, and he’d stabbed Lee on the back uncontrollably like crazy, and Lee is still in critical condition to date.

Chou’s mother tried to visit Lee at the hospitals but wasn’t successful, she’d cried to the family, and given them the amount of $10,000N.T. to say she’s sorry for what her son did to their son, but the family refused to take the money, stressed that they’d only want their son to get better soon, and everything else will be based off of the court rulings.

Chou’s mother, Wu took along $10,000N.T. in cash, and was accompanied by the man in charge of her borough to the hospital to visit Lee, even though, she’d missed the visiting time, she’d still stayed outside the ICU, and said she’s sorry for what her son did with tears running down her face.

Lee’s father said, that his son originally went to college in Hsinchu, and wanted to help save the money for his family, that, was why he’d transferred back to Taipei and took up part-time jobs, and he couldn’t understand, how he was brutally stabbed by someone whom he didn’t even know, “The way he’d stabbed my son is meant to take his life!”

Wu said, that Chou was the child from her ex-husband, because he was bullied in the elementary school years, he’d often thought that people are out to get him.  He didn’t continue his education beyond the middle school years, just stayed at home and played on his cell phone, without many friends, how was she to know, that he’d attacked someone as he’d gone out to get some food in the evenings?

As for the medical payments and for the damages, she didn’t know how she’ll make that, because she is a low-income household that’s registered with the system, the $10,000N.T. she’d taken to the hospitals yesterday, she’d borrowed from someone too.

And so, this MOTHER had a FAILED attempt in WIPING UP her teenage son’s A-S-S, and, the family did NOT take the money, because they are NOT supposed to, after all, their son is in CRITICAL condition, and, the stabbing happened at RANDOM, because the teen was in a foul mood, and that just shows you, how BAD the teens are getting these days…

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In a Bad Mood…Took Along a Fighting Knife, a Youth Stabbed a Man Who Was Heading Home Late in the Evenings

Raging hormones AND a foul mood are N-E-V-E-R a good “mix” here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In four hours, the teen was captured, and he’d said, “the whole world is out to get me”, stabbed someone in the back…the wound was fifteen centimeters long, and into the liver and lungs, two years ago, there had been similar incidences, and the judge mandated that the teen get taken into custody.

There had been an incidence of stabbing that happened abruptly and for no reasons at all!  The sixteen-year-old youth, Chou followed Lee who was on his way home early yesterday morning in the hours of midnight, with a thirty centimeter long fighting knife, and stabbed and attempted to kill Lee, then, ran off in a hurry, four hours later, the youth was caught at his own home by police ambush.  He seemed to have psychological difficulties, he’d told the police, that he thought the man was out to get him; Lee was seriously injured, and is in the ICU, and closely monitored.

The police took the adolescent in on attempted murder charges.  The judge reviewed the teenager’s “misbehavior record”, and found, that in the year of 2012, he’d taken a knife and hurt someone, and, the court mandated him get taken into protective custody, and the protective custody is still ongoing; and when Chou was caught by the police yesterday, he had a knife as he walked down the streets, and made the pose of attacking the police, and, taken into consideration that he is more than likely to repeatedly offend, and that his parents had NO way of control, and so, the judge mandated him to remain in juvenile detention hall.

“This is outrageous!”, Lee’s father said painfully, that his son didn’t even know the teenager, he couldn’t understand why the teenager was so cruel to his son; back then, he was asleep, he’d heard the police downstairs and quickly answered, saw his son, lying on the ground, covered in blood, “What’s happened to this world?”

Lee (age 21) who is a currently student of the night school part-timed, yesterday, he’d gotten off work at a little past midnight, rode his motorcycle back to his place, as he’d turned the keys to his apartment, he was ambushed by someone from behind; Lee felt a pain on his right side, and fell forward onto the ground, and turned around, and asked the attacker, “What do you want?”, the attacker didn’t say a word, and just ran off, Lee called the police for assistance.

There was a knife used by soldiers sticking out of Lee’s right back side, the fifteen centimeter depth wound got into his body, it’d nearly killed him; as the police and fire department arrived on scene, his blood was overflowing really quickly, he’d become semi-conscious, and was lifted to the hospital, with the knife still on his back.  The knife had cut into his lung and liver, but gladly, it’d missed the heart, and, after the emergency resuscitation, the bleeding finally stopped and he was taken to the I.C.U., and is still in critical condition.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and went to interview the residents nearby, and targeted that it was Chou, the adolescent who lived nearby, and went to his house. The youth’s mother was at home, stated that her son went out to buy some midnight snacks, the police set up an ambush outside, and the youth returned home at four in the morning, and was confronted by the police, at which time, he’d taken out the knife to defend himself; the police showed their guns, and subdued him to the ground, and very shortly, the youth admitted, “I did it!”

The youth stated that he carried a knife to protect himself, that it was NOT used for premeditated murder, because “the world is out to get me”, and the reason why he’d resisted arrest was also because the “police was out to get me as well!”.  He said, he’d gone to the super convenience shops to get some midnight snacks, as he’d gotten out, he saw Lee walking up front, back then, he was in a foul mood, and he believed that Lee was going to harm him.

As the police interrogated him, the youth reacted very slowly, with an empty gaze, and, had long pauses between his answers, and had a lack of facial expression.  He needed the police to remind him to answer the questions, with NO emotional up and down, and he seemed to feel numb.  The police suspected that the youth was paranoid schizophrenic, but he didn’t have a handicap manual or record of him seeing a psychiatrist at the hospital either.

The youth’s father worked at a construction site, the mother is a housewife.  The mother rushed to the police precinct yesterday and told that after her son graduated middle school, he’d hung out at home, he wasn’t studious at all, without many friends either, and would play on his cell phone whenever he’s at home; the son had NO record of visiting a psychiatrist, and had never shown signs of violence either, and would tell her where he’s going whenever he’d headed out, she was surprised at her son’s behaviors, “I really don’t know why he acted like that!”

And so, based off of what’s given here, which was still NOT that much, I’m thinking, that this teen is suffering from an early onset of schizophrenia, because he had delusions of persecution, and yet, because there was NO medical records, there’s NO way to be sure, and that still just shows you how easily those N-U-T-S can C-R-A-C-K, and, these are all, time bombs, waiting to EXPLODE, and you just don’t know W-H-E-N they’re going to go KA-BOOM!!!

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A Homeless Man Got Stabbed Twenty Times and Bled to Death on the Streets

Apparently, NOT all lives are created equal here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixty-one year-old unemployed man was found, dead next to the shrine of the public cemetery in Bei-Pu, Hualien; the medical examiners found, that the over twenty stab wounds on him were caused by different weapons, and there was blunt force trauma from his head, and they’re suspecting that he was abused, then, tortured to death.

In April and May, there had been incidence of how after youth got drunk, they’d ganged up on homeless people, and, there was one homeless man who’d gotten murdered; and, there were NO incidences like this in Hualien, and the police are worried that the same thing might have happened to Lin too, and had already reviewed the surveillance footage, and chasing down the suspects.

The police said, that at eight in the morn yesterday, they’d gotten reports that there was a male dead body next to the shrine tower in the cemetery, the body was badly injured, without an I.D.  There were two managers of nearby villages who came to identify him, and they’d all said that the deceased was NOT a homeless man, and, the police used his finger prints, and found that he was a vagabond who lived in Hualien, with priors in theft, Lin.

The younger brother of the deceased received the call from the police, he didn’t show much emotion about his own brother’s death.

He’d stated, that his parents died, and that he’d regularly lived in with his older brother, and, after the older brother divorced, he’d been depressed and couldn’t hold a job, and would get drunk all day, and came home at night, drunk, and would pass out; that he’s a regular nine-to-fiver, and would work until late at night, that he and his brother rarely socialized at all.

The police found that there were two residents who’d told, that two nights ago, around five in the evenings, they’d seen the man wandering about without his shoes close by, as they passed by the public cemetery, and his clothes looked worn out too.

The medical examiners checked, and found that there were at least TWENTY stab wounds on the deceased, that his ribs, the back of his head, along with his forehead had been hit by blunt force, and the kill shot was the broken rib on the left side of his chest, and the puncture would from the left side of his back.

The police suspected that the deceased was beaten, passed out from getting beaten, then, stabbed with something sharp and tortured, causing him to bleed out, and that there may be MORE than one who’d done this, they’re already checking the surveillance footages now.

The police stated, that when the victim was found, his hand reached upward, limbs are stiffened, and his blood had drained dry; but, there was NO sign of struggle where they’d found him, and couldn’t find any traces of blood, so, they’re suspecting that he may have been tortured elsewhere, then, left by the bone tower.

The medical examiners speculated that the time of the body being dumped is at 5:30p.m. on May 21 to the morning of May 22, and that they’re asking the public, that IF anybody knows anything, please help the police.

And so, a HOMELESS man gets brutally murdered, and, nobody knows who’d done it, and, that just still shows that there’s this LACK of respect for life from the world, and, IF the man was murdered by youths, then, it, would be even MORE awful, but, we don’t know, because the report didn’t say anything on that, and, everything is still JUST speculations here.

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Addicted to Online Gaming, Confusing Fantasy with Reality

Problem of the society here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The random hacking of people on the Taipei MRT is shocking to the society in Taiwan, everybody can’t understand the motive of the suspect at all, based off of his families, the man rarely interacted with others, and his only activity is playing online games, and it’s the kind that has violence and mock killings.

The national and international psychiatrists studies had found, that playing video games for a while, the frontal lobe that’s in charge of higher thinking processes and emotions will have less blood flow, and for long term, it may affect learning and emotional states.  Especially for these kinds of violent games that it’d given a high to the players killing the enemies, and it’d made the gamers addicted, and still, this, is virtual reality, and, if the players get engaged in this long term, they may not be able to decipher the difference between what’s real and what’s fantasy.

The writer’s students are taken with video games, and would often show a lack of concentration in class, and would doze off, and get distracted and tired easily, causing them to experience this emotional down, and leading to their attitude in learning that’s awful.  I’d once asked those kids the affect of those violent games on their lives one by one.

The children only told me, that once they’re addicted, it was hard for them to get off, and kids would get up in the middle of the nights, behind their parents’ backs to play.  And some of the kids would even find excuses for themselves, they’d told me that they can make money off of selling the treasures, the problem lies in that before they’d sold their “treasures”, they’d wasted a TON of time already, and it just doesn’t even out.  What’s worse, they’d thrown away their school work, their futures, and even lose their original state of mind, and, isn’t that losing more? I’d often tell the kids, “The games online, they’re NOT real, leave it, turn around, come back.  After all, there are a TON of wonderful things waiting for you in the reality here.”  Go out, make some friends, play some hoops, help out at volunteer events, anything, don’t get trapped by the world of online gaming.

And so, this instructor voices her worries, and, her worries are warranted too, because a TON of children ARE getting taken, attracted, to the world of online gaming, and, some of those games are extremely violent, and, the kids are absorbing the violent ways that they’re stimulated by, playing the games, whether or not they like to admit it.

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Fearing Her Daughter’s Emotional Distresses, the Mother Didn’t Dare Go Visit Her

Let’s take a look at the family dynamics here, shall we???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The high school age girl who went missing, Chen, is the middle child in her household, and, is a simple-minded child in her parents’ beliefs.  After Chen was taken off the mountains, she’d disclosed that she was unhappy with the amount of pressures that her mother placed on her life and her studies, that, was why she’d wanted to run away.

For the forty-six days that Chen went miss, the mother used a TON of methods to try to find her, not only did the mother put up flyers everywhere, she’d even called the major of the city of Bade for assistance.  As Chen was taken off the mountains, the mother feared that the daughter would be emotional, that she didn’t even dare to pick her up in Yilan Station.

The school stated, that the girl was performing well in school, made decent enough grades, acted as the head of the English Conversations Club, got along well with her classmates.  Chen’s father said, that she’d head off to cram school after her regular school, and would come home at ten in the nights, a few days before she’d run away, she’d acted normally, and that the family did NOT get into an argument with her.

On the seventh, Chen, accompanied by her older cousin, went to the station, to retract the missing person’s report, on the tenth, the mother came to the police station, to explain the interactions with her daughter, back then, the mother was somewhat worked up, and somewhat out of it, she’d only stated, “So long she’s home safe.”

The manager for the Lifelines, Chang said, that the background of the parents and the children are not the same, and children now are affected by the social media online, their thoughts are much more active, and, it’s unfitting for the parents to use the way they grew up, and FIT the children; when there are huge conflicts, the parents should step back, to allow the kids to have room to breathe.

And so, you still see this generation G-A-P, between the parents and the children, because we are raised in different environments, so, naturally the generations don’t perceive things the same, and, in this case, the mother was afraid that the daughter might get too worked up, and that, was why she didn’t go see her, which was a wise decision, because you MUST allow those teens to cool down, because back when I was in high school, I’d wanted to be left alone, and his ex-wife just didn’t get it, just kept prodding, prodding, and prodding, and so, naturally, I BLEW UP!!!

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