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Twelve Year-Old Girls Stabbed Their Friend Nineteen Times

The world had fallen I-L-L here, from…

Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls accused of holding down and stabbing their 12-year-old friend were charged as adults in court Monday.

Police in Waukesha say the girls lured their friend into a wooded area Saturday where one girl held her down and the other stabbed the victim 19 times.

Both suspects were charged as adults with attempted first-degree intentional homicide, as a party to a crime. If convicted, they could each serve 65 years in prison. (NBC 5 is not naming the suspects or showing their faces due to their age).

The 12-year-old girl survived the attack, and police say her condition is stable.

The girls may have been motivated by a fictitious character named “Slenderman,” a criminal complaint revealed Monday.

Slenderman is a character thought to have originated as an Internet meme around 2009. He is often depicted as a tall, thin man wearing a suit with a blank face.

According to the criminal complaint, one of the girls stated that “many people do not believe Slenderman is real,” and she “wanted to prove the skeptics wrong.” Their goal may have been to become a “proxy of Slender,” which required the girls to “physically kill someone,” the complaint says.

Authorities said the two suspects had planned to kill the victim for several months before Saturday’s attack. The girls all attended the same middle school, according to police, and were together at a sleepover over the weekend.

The two suspects are accused of luring the girl into a wooded area near Rivera Drive and Big Bend Road under the premise of playing a game, police said.

The victim was stabbed in the torso, legs and arms but was able to crawl out of the woods to a road, where she was discovered by a passing bicyclist.

Authorities say the suspects were arrested several hours later. A knife believed to have been used in the stabbing has been recovered.

And so, these couple of teens still STABBED someone because they “felt like it”, and this, is what’s going on with the current youths today, and, there is still NO cure for this problem in the world, and this still happened in YOUR (well, maybe) backyards, so, what does that make you T-H-I-N-K?

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Someone Criticized Her on Facebook? The High School Aged Girl Called on Someone, to Bully Her Classmate

And yeah, they’re still resorting to V-I-O-L-E-N-C-E here, what the HECK is happening to today’s Y-O-U-T-H, I wonder???  From the Newspapers, translated…

Two nights ago, she’d called on students from other campuses, and asked the victim out to confront, someone had poured hot soup all over his face, unsure if they were a couple from before or not.

In a private institution in Banciao, a second year high school girl, suspected that a guy from the same school criticized her on Facebook, two night ago, she’d asked along others from outside the school, to confront the guy, they’d taken the victim to a dark alley, and poured hot corn chowder all over his face, the student’s parents got so furious and went to the cops, stated, “We wouldn’t dare let our son out of the door now.” Based off of understanding, in their first year of high school, the girl and the boy were in the same class together, they were in different class the following year, people from within the school said, that the two of them were very close, they were very intimate with one another, but they couldn’t tell if they were a couple or not.

Based doff of understand, the female student found that awhile ago, the male student left criticizing statements toward her on Facebook, two nights ago at around ten, she’d called on four to five students from other schools, asked the victim to a fast-food shop to confront, and she’d bought corn chowder beforehand, after the victim was taken into the alleyway, someone splashed the hot soup on his face.

The victim ducked, but the hot soup still spilled on his cheeks and shoulder, there was a slight burn; the victim, after going home, he’d gone to school yesterday still, but, after he’d gotten home, he’d locked himself in his own room, the parents told the police, “My son is afraid!”, after they’d inquired, they’d found out, that he was bullied outside of the school.

The mother of the victim told the police, “that girl called upon kids from other school to pick on my son, they’d hauled him away outside of McDonalds, and bullied him, it’s awful what they did!”, later, the mother asked the school, wanted the female student and her group to apologize to her son, and there was still NO replies on the bully’s part, that, was why she’d gone to the police about it.

Toward this, the school stated, after knowing this event yesterday, the disciplinary office had already gotten into contact with the parents, the girl denied having abused the guy, and the male student said, “I’m okay, it’s fine”.

The police stated, that they’re still looking into the cause of this incident, and they’re NOT ruling out emotional difficulties, and that they are going to ask the students, the parents, along with the disciplinary officials of the school, to talk, to get to the bottom of what had happened.

And so, that, is still how easy they’d CRACKED, and, maybe it’s those TEENAGE hormones, who knows?  And, what the HELL happened to “USE YOUR WORDS”?  And, just because your original lover is distancing her/himself from you for whatever reasons there might be, still doesn’t give you the RIGHT to hurt the person, does it?  Of course NOT, and that, is just how VIOLENT teens are getting these days!!!

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Online Bullying that’s Way Too Easily Overlooked

I wonder, why that would be???  From the Newspapers, translated…

Awhile ago, the Departments of Education in Denmark and Sweden both reported, that the bullying in the school campuses had gone from verbal insults being passed among peers, mockery, insults and physical violence, slowly, turned into online messages that attacked children verbally, the countries in northern Europe took this seriously mainly because social networking and the internet had become the younger generation’s mode of interaction, and the children are becoming more and more psychologically reliant on such sources, if someone was hurt or damaged online carelessly, then, the aftermath would be unimaginable, it might even affect the children’s psychological developments in later life.

Based off of the research done by the Center for Educational Environment in Denmark, one-third of the adolescents (ages 10 to 16) had been bullied online; the statistics for Sweden was NOT far off either.  And, those who were given verbal insults online are predominantly girls, over fifty percent of these adolescent girls had stated, that they’d received verbal insults on their own Facebook accounts, and most are on how they looked, their weights, along with other personal attacks.

The news media of Sweden had reported a real case, a twelve year old girl originally had full confidence, and posted a photograph she believed she looked good in on Facebook, in the end, the classmates left the messages, “How do you put up with yourself.”  It’d affected her, to the point, that she’d lost ALL her appetite for food.  Awhile ago, a female newscaster in the U.S. had been “dissed” about how overweight she is by the online community, she’d used her airtime, to fight the comment, said that it was a discrimination toward the obese population, and she’d gotten all worked up, and it’d gotten the audiences to go along with her, as if she’d spoken up, and stood up for a TON of women out there too.  But this also showed, that at the time of social media spreading quickly everywhere, a woman’s appearances can make her the butt of everybody’s jokes.  As for the boys in Northern Europe, most were discriminated or attacked, based off of their skin color, or their races.

“Online bullying” had already become a HUGE problem across the school campuses in northern Europe now, leaving messages anonymously had exacerbated the abusers’ attacks, and it’s more damaging compared to the face-to-face exchanges of insults.  Puberty is a time, when the emotions run up and down, and the period of unstable emotionality, and, children during this time cared especially about the way they looked, and are easily affected by the words of their peers.  Back then, we’d thought that the kids would fear going to school because they were getting picked on by their classmates, and now, the children can be affected by the mean words they’d received online, feeling damaged and hurt, and feared and disliked going to school.

Plus, for the teenagers who are extremely sensitive, even IF they’d gotten an anonymous insult, based off of the interviews by the Departments of Education in Denmark and Sweden, most of the children who were picked on knew well, who, was behind the online insults, and sometimes, that would make them really upset, because those words came out of the lips of those whom they trusted, cared for, and loved dearly.

The northern European communities that stressed helping out those lesser also couldn’t avoid this campus bullying, but, with the advances in online social networking, the internet had aided in the enlarging of the places where bullying DO occur, through online transmissions, even IF the students returned to their homes, they can still be insulted.  The departments of education in both Sweden and Denmark are already flashing the warning signs, maybe in the past, because the methods of communication is different, the instructors and the parents would easily brush off the messages left online, but, the hurt and the pains caused by the online bullying is NO less than the physical kind of bullying that used to happen on school grounds, and so, they suggested to the parents and the schools, to get to know the effects of the damages that online bullying can cause teenagers in their personality formations.

And, this still ain’t YO daddy’s way to bullying whereas back then (in the OLDEN days???), the kids would POUND on each other’s heads, and make one another eat DIRT, but this day and age, that, would be considered, way too OUTDATED, besides, with the “onset” of the online networking systems, it would be easy for kids to spread those bad rumors about someone, and, things still spread, like that WILD fire, and by the time the instructors, along with the parents realized that there’s a FIRE situation, well, the fire would NOT be contained anymore, because some kid will C-R-A-C-K, and SHOOT someone DEAD, and, it’s all because you did NOT take the time, to P-R-E-V-E-N-T, as preventions is always BETTER than treatment!!!






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Calmly, Helping My Child Sort Out His Interpersonal Relationship Difficulties

What happens to LET your children SOLVE things on their own???  Oh yeah, you CAN’T, because when your BABY B-O-Y-S came crying, you’d have that maternal INSTINCT, to take OUT your T-I-T-S, don’t you???  Translated…

As my son entered into middle school, he’d found a best friend, Kai, they were inseparable, but, their smooth interactions came to a halt when my son reached his last year in middle school.  I’d asked my son if they’d gotten into a fight, my son told me truthfully, that he didn’t know why, Kai stopped talking with him anymore, not only so, Kai would have the rest of his classmates, to isolate him, making him feel ignored.

After I’d heard about this bully of my son by his peers, my heart ached, I’d told my son, that I really wanted to go to school, and tell his teacher about it, and he’d “warned” me, “If you go to my school, then, I will NEVER tell you anything else again.”

Even though, my sound judgment told me, that I needed to have a chat with his school teacher, but, emotionally, I’d feared, that I would lost my son’s trust, so, I really didn’t do anything about it.  Or, maybe, my son was focused solely on his examinations, that he didn’t have great emotional upheavals about this issue.

Don’t know if it’s affinity or what, but later on, Kai and my son got into the same high school.  After my son realized that the two of them will become classmates again, he’d said to me plainly, “I’ll just treat him like a stranger, it’s NO big deal!”

And, after the freshmen orientations, my son and Kai started laughing and talking as they’d entered my house, they interacted so well, that it seemed, as if NOTHING had happened between the two.

Later, my son had helped me “let go”, “After Kai arrived in school, he’d called out to me, and held this long-winding conversation with me, I couldn’t believe that for NOT speaking for a year, we’d still have lots to talk about.”  I could see, that my son was real glad that he and Kai made up, he’d even told me, with an “adult-ness”, “Friends are those even AFTER something’s happened, they’d still gotten along well!”

The emotions that flowed between the kids, they’d all find a way to sort through them, as adults, maybe, the best way we can help them out, is by watching on the sidelines, and to NOT jump out to solve their interpersonal difficulties FOR them.

And so, the mother had HER worries, and, in the end, the worries had been proven as unwarranted, after all, the son DID resolve his issue with HIS own best friend, and that just tell you, STUPID (b/c you still A-R-E!!!) parents, that you should just LET go, and sometimes, when kids tell you stuff, they’re merely looking for a TRASH can, to DUMP their emotional baggage, they don’t necessarily NEED you to do ANYTHING for them!!!




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Children With MORE Self-Confidence Would Be Less Likely to Compare with Their Classmates


  • Recently, Flower, who’s in the sixth grade, before school, she’d always have a TON of disagreements with what her mother picked out for her to wear to school, “This makes me look chubby, my friends will ALL make fun of me!”  “None of my friends dress like this.”  Flower started caring about the opinions that her classmates have on her on her appearances, after school, she’d also loved to complain to her parents, “May’s got the newest cell phone, my cell phone is so outdated…”

The parenting blogger, Choyce said, that at around age ten, when children start off in puberty, they’d start to care about how they appeared, and what’s more importantly, when the child feels a lack of self-confidence toward her/his appearances, s/he will use various ways, to make oneself stand out, to try to get her/his peers’ respect by using materials.

Cultivating an Ability Will Help Improve the Level of Self-Confidence

Choyce stated, that when the child start telling the parents what s/he wanted to wear, or would spend HOURS in front of the mirrors in the morn, this, is due to the effects of the teenage hormones, the child started to realize, that s/he is different from everybody else.

For instance, the girls start having breast developments, the boys’ voices become hoarse, and more importantly, the parents MUST let the kids understand what is happening to the children, physically, and the changes in their bodies too.

Choyce said, that when the child didn’t have enough self-confidence, they would be more than likely to use materials to overcompensate, and wonder why the classmates have newer, more advanced cell phones, while one has only an older style.  At which time, the teacher and the parents must work together, to tell the child, that the value of a person does NOT rest on the outside or what one owns, the importance is how one makes use of these items.

Choyce analyzed, that the sooner the child learns to care for her/himself, the sooner s/he will build up her/his own self-confidence level.  The parents can help them, starting with having them do chores around the house, to take up talents, to train the child to become independent.  Once the child has the ability to complete a task on one’s own, then, s/he will have a great sense of achievement, and would NOT be needing anybody else or any materials, to prove her/himself.

Giving Hugs and Praise Will Yield a Greater Result

Mom Mee, an expert on child rearing said, that children enjoyed comparing what they have with one another, this has something to do with the district of school the kids are attending, and the areas that they lived in; when the parents decided to place children in an all-star school, or a costly private school to study, problems like this may surface more.

Mom Mee pointed out, that the parents’ values will directly affect the children’s, if the parents had used materials to entice the children, and, the kids will internalize that, and become MORE materialistic as well, for instance, when the child performs well on an exam, the parents give them gift, or red envelopes, in this method, the children will BASE their own value on the materials they’d gotten.

Mom Mee said, that she is NOT at all in agreement with giving materials as rewards, a word of praise, body contact, constant companionship, are ALL great ways of rewarding the children; writing a card that commended the child for a job well done, or give the child a big bear hug, all of these will have a TON of great effects.

Mom Mee said, that when the children have self-confidence, they will NO longer compare with their peers anymore, and, it still goes BACK to how the parents hold the children in their minds, to how it affects the child in establish her/his level of self-confidence.

Mom Mee believed that parents should NOT base love off of how well a child does or doesn’t do anything, instead, you must love your child as s/he was yours, because the child can LEARN from her/his own mistakes, then move forward, what’s more importantly, parents MUST use the view of praise and commend, to treat their children.

And so, a lesson on P-A-R-E-N-T-I-N-G, and, how MANY of you out there, STUPID (b/c that, is what you ALL are!!!) parents actually DID that?  My guess would still BE: NOT very M-A-N-Y, because AT this day and age, we’re still too focused on materials, and, there is NO way that any of THIS sort of bad values will stop, because, you are still WAY too STUPID as P-A-R-E-N-T-S, as for me, I KNOW I’m still an A++ parent!!!









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Not Fitting in

Just because I don’t fit in the “norm” of things, because I’m neither male NOR female, doesn’t mean that I deserve LESS respect compared to the next guy or gal.

Not fitting in, because I got NO need, to place these boundaries around myself, after all, I do NOT want to be “caged in”.  Not fitting in, because I see NO need, to alter myself, to FIT in your expectations of WHO or WHAT I should be, because NOBODY else can define me, except, for ME, and, at the end of the day, MY definitions of myself would OUTBID all your definitions of me.

Not fitting in, and, this, had always bugged me, ever since I was a child, other kids would single me out on purpose, because they didn’t like me, because they ENVY this special gift that I was endowed.  Not fitting in, and yet, I desperately want to be accepted, by the group, I just don’t know H-O-W, to get them to see me, it’s like I’m invisible here.

Not fitting in, and I never will, because there would be NO boundaries on what I am, there would be NO restraints, placed, by ANYBODY, on my abilities.  Not fitting in, and, there’s NOTHING I can do, to change that, and I’m still a “weirdo”, it’s just that the outside world can NO longer affect me in how I see myself…

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A Female Police Officer Struck Up Conversations with Wandering Teenagers, and in Just Six Months, She’d Helped Recover Eleven Runaways

From the newspapers, on “search & rescue”, translated…

The police officer from the first subprecinct of An-Ping District, Hsieh, just graduated from the academy last October, because she loved children, she would often head over to Park #4 close to the precinct, to hand out pamphlets to children and teens, and played with them too, and, in the six short months she’d started working as a police officer, she’d helped recover eleven run away teenagers already.

The twenty-one year old Hsieh is cute looking, but, she’d had that maturity in her speech. She was from Chiayi, the eldest of the family, in order to help out with her family’s economic issues, plus she was “influenced by the shows”, believed that being a female police officer is “awesome”, after she’d graduated high school, she’d decided to take the police academy examinations.

Hsieh would often go to Park #4, to strike up conversations with teenagers who were wandering about, to be accepted by them, several times, as she’d looked into the identities of the teens, she’d found that they were reported missing by members of their families, Hsieh had once encountered a high school age daughter, who was angered at how harsh her father had disciplined her, and she’d run off from her home several times, and when Hsieh took the girl back to her house, the father was at wits ends, at how to get through to the daughter.

Another middle school teenage girl who’d dropped out of school, even though Hsieh was able to get in contact with her mother, however, the mother couldn’t come and pick the teen up, and so, Hsieh had found other relatives who would take her in. Hsieh said, that she often worried about these kids, “Where are they supposed to go? How will their futures turn out?”

And, because she’d come into contact with teens a lot, Hsieh had made a TON of observations about teens. She’d said, that teens are influenced most by their peers, “The words of a friend weigh a WHOLE LOT heavier than the words of the parents’.”; and when she’d found a rebellious teen, she’d used herself as an example, told them, “You must hit the books hard, that way, you’d have the competitive edge in life.”

Hsieh said, that when she’d taken the runaway teens back to the parents, she saw the look of gratitude in the parents’ eyes, it’d made her feel that what she was doing was worthwhile.

The man in charge of the An-Ping police office station, Lin said, even though, Hsieh is quite young, she’d just started working as a police officer, but she’d found her purpose in police work.

And so, this YOUNG woman had the empathy, that, was why she was able to reach out to the teens, and, she’d gotten the teenagers to accept her, by NOT being forceful, by NOT lecturing to them about life the way that the teachers and the parents had, which made her more acceptable by the teens, because the teens are usually, in need of someone who understands them, who don’t tell them what or what not to do, someone who can be a friend, and this, is exactly what this young woman did, while making her influence, subtly on them too.


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Patiently, Coaching the Children on the Issues of Love

This, is what the parents CAN do, translated…

Lee suggested the parents, that when the children encounter that first taste of love, are having relationship or interpersonal issues, to NOT assign their own values on the matter, or to scold them, “You’re way too young to know what love is”, to prevent children from putting their guards up, and completely shut down from the parents; if they’d taken their classmates’ bad ideas, then, it may be a whole lot worse in the end.

Lee said, that parents should listen close to what the children are saying, to find the problems together, for instance, why is the person I’m into not liking me back? Could it be my forceful attitude normally, treating others mean, if you didn’t like being treated like so, then, should you NOT change?

Because of a group project, Li was split from Chih-Hou, and they’d no longer talked as much as they used to. Lee said, that the parents can encourage Li to find time after class to talk to Chih-Hou, to find topics interesting to him, to do some “homework”, to collect that data, to talk about what Chih-Hou is into, for instance, cartoon, video games, or sports.

If she couldn’t get what Chih-Hou was into, she could also ask his best friend about it, or to make observations of him in class, to find a common interest, that way, the distance between them can be closer, and they can continue being good friends, and she would NOT need to fear that Chih-Hou would be interested in the other girls in her class anymore.

And so, this still just shows how “mature” they are getting, and this, is still very bad, and there’s NO way of preventing the kids from being interested in the opposite sex now, all the parents can do, is to MAKE sure that the kids are taught, to PROTECT themselves, because this day and age, there’s NO telling what the kids are up to, I mean, you can’t possibly keep your eyes GLUED on them 24/7, can you??? Nope!!!

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The First Taste of Love that Came in Elementary School, What are the Parents to Do?

You can’t just BAN them from falling in love, can you??? Who do you think you are? Their “masters”??? Translated…

The Daughter Told the Parents, and the Parents are Panicky

The national teacher’s guild’s national secretary, an elementary school instructor in Hsinbei City, Lee pointed out, that these days, children are maturing earlier than their parents had, plus coming into contact with blogs, Facebook, even LINE, the elementary children are taking a more open approach to love nowadays too.

Lee said, that children in the third and fourth grade years are still not really clear on the differentiation of gender differences, that their mindsets are simpler, that if they feel an affinity toward a member of the opposite sex, it would be more like a best friend, it’s just that the best friend happens to be a member of the opposite sex is all, that they wouldn’t think too much into it.

Listen More, Lecture Less

Lee said, that children like Li who’d told her parents about her troubles, they’re naturally more outgoing; those who are truly introverts and shy, would keep the feelings of affinity, locked up on the inside. And, when the parents hear the kids talk, do NOT lecture, or tell the kids right away, that they’re still too young for love, instead, they should really listen to what the kids have to say, and then, discuss with the children, which way to best solve the issues.

But, as the children marched toward the higher grade levels, slowly getting into their puberty, they may find the members of the opposite sex more intriguing. Especially in the big cities, there are cases of little boys and little girls, writing love letters, and proclaiming the love for the ones they are into.

Lee said, that some children would also go to their teachers in private, to consult about their young affinities, and made the instructor swear to NEVER tell the person that they liked about it; and some had even asked the instructors bluntly, for the photos of the ones they have the eyes for too.

Having a Crush on the Instructor, Transfer Out of the School Became the Only Option

Lee recalled, that she had a fourth grade female student who fell madly for the tall and handsome single male class instructor, she’d become crazy about it, would often block him to let him know that she loved him, it got to the point that the male instructor didn’t know what to do, and had other female school teachers to give her guidance and counsel, but it still didn’t work.

In the end, the school contacted the mother, and the little girl got transferred to another school, the child didn’t understand why the mother forcibly transferred her away, but, because they had good parent-child relationship, and, after awhile, they’d interacted on good terms again.

Enlarging the Social Circles, to Learn to Interact with Each Other

The Child Development Specialist, Lee pointed out, that with the advances and frequencies of cell phones and I-Pads, the children are more and more acquainted with online interactions, but the down side was that they didn’t know how to have face-to-face interactions.

Lee suggested the parents, that they should help the children enlarge their social circles, for instance, encourage them to go for band, or other extracurricular activities, or to sign up for camps, to meet and interact with more children their age, that way, they would NO longer focus their attention on JUST that one person, and, they would be more at ease, in dealing with issues of gender too.

And so, because children are maturing younger, younger AND younger still, and the parents are becoming more, and more worried about it, that, is why this issue was brought up, and, it is hard, for a kid who had NO “priors” in relationship to know how to deal with a brand new situation, and, the parents and the instructors, along with the guidance counselors can only stand on the sidelines, and give them advice, as to HOW the kids will handle their relationship matters? Well, they’d have to get BURNED, to learn.

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The Middle School Teacher Took Down Evidence of the Students Smoking, and Was Threatened

This is ME, asking for “assistance” here, and, can someone PLEASE tell me, what the F*** (‘cuz I’d “maxed out”???) is WRONG with the youth today??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A female middle school instructor, Lu, used her cell phone, to document four students smoking in the school, and the students shouted back, “What right have you to record us?”, later on, two of the four smokers stopped Lu on the stairways, and had gone to Lu’s class to flip the desks over to show their displeasures. Lu called the cops, and not only did the two students NOT show any remorse, they’d even claimed, “We should SPANK the instructor when she misbehaved!”

Awhile ago, while Lu, the instructor acted as the crossing guard, she’d discovered that Chang, Hsieh, along with two others, three males and a female, smoking, back then, it was right when the school was out, the four were puffing in front of the students AND the parents who came to pick up the students, their actions were outrageous; Lu had told the school, the school said passively, “there’s NO evidence supporting your accusations”.

Last week, as Lu worked as the cross guard instructor again, she’d found the four smoking right outside the school again, she’d taken out her cell, planned to show it to the school officials; the four students got angered, started cussing at her, and said, “We have the right to our own portraits, what right have you, to photograph us?”

After the four students are finished yelling and screaming, they’re NOT done yet, they’d waited at the stairs after Lu finished her crossing guard duties; of the four, the adolescent female, Hsieh intentionally walked close to her, and bumped into her, Chang, went into her classroom, and tipped over the desks and the chairs, to show their displeasures.

Lu the instructor had had it with the students’ behaviors, she’d called the cops, and said that the students humiliated her in public. She’d claimed, that she was NOT the only one whom the students had cussed out, but because the school doesn’t do anything, the other instructors can only get angry on their own times, and so, she’s SUING the students, NOT as the school’s teacher.

The police three days ago, called Chang (age 16) and Hsieh (age 15) into questioning, they’d admitted openly, to cussing out the instructors, and claimed, “It’s NO big deal, we merely used verbal reprimands, IF the instructor misbehaves, we will spank her too!”, the attitudes of the adolescents shocked even the police, after the interrogations, they were sent to juvenile court to be processed.

The police pointed out, that on the part where the students destroyed the furniture in the class, because the school didn’t press charges, so, they’d only be prosecuted for public insults; the two students who were found guilty were also involved in theft and damages from before; just two months ago, they were sent to the police for calling up a crowd, to BEAT on a woman.

And, you still must wonder, what the FUCK (pardon the “French” here!!!) is WRONG with the adolescents today? I mean, back when I was growing up, and no, that still wasn’t in the 1940s!!! We would get mad, sure, but, we still didn’t CRACK that easily, so, it must be the food, the air pollution, or maybe, how the kids are being exposed to some DEADLY, but UNIDENTIFIED chemicals then???



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