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A Man Was Charged for Sexually Molesting a Fifteen Year-Old Online

One more reason W-H-Y one should NEVER agree to meet up with someone s/he had met ONLINE, because, you don’t know WHO you’re dealing with when you’d only had shared conversations, from the newspapers, translated…

A man, Liu, met a fifteen year old girl through a website, last year on November 23, when they had first met up, he took her to where he lived, and, over the next three months, he had raped her ten times, took photos of her naked, and, threatened her not to tell.  The father of the young woman knew she was going out with him, but didn’t know exactly what happened until the girl had a melt down on February 4th, and he called the cops.  And, Liu is now faced with a five-year-one-month jail term for sexual molestation.

That just shows you how UNSAFE it would be, to meet up with someone you’d only had a few “casual conversations” with online, and this time, the young woman was still “taken”, by the BIG BAD wolf, and it’s already too late, because the girl had already been “damaged”, and, there’s NO turning that around, is there?  That just shows you that you should always question the people you “meet” online, because even IF they sounded nice or okay, they may be under disguise, and, if you were DUMB enough to meet up with the person, then, it would be too late for you as well.  So, WISE UP already, how many cases like this would you need?  Until you are the VICTIM, or your daughters had become victims too?

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A Virtual Threesome


A man cheated on his “spare wheel” got caught, and W-H-O does he blame it on?  Peter.

A man named Chen had caused his affair partner to get pregnant, and abortion, and because his wife found out his cheating ways in an e-mail on his computer, the wife sued him; Chen claimed that he let Peter “borrow” his e-mail accounts, and the woman also

let Peter “borrow” his e-mail accounts, and the woman also claimed that it WAS Peter, who had impregnated her, but, they could never “produce” the character of Peter, and so, the D.A. in Shih-lin believed that they were having an affair, so the man and the woman were charged with adultery.

The man and the woman attended the same school in the U.S.  Together, they were alumni.  Last April, the woman returned to Taiwan, had sex with Chen, and got pregnant, she had an abortion when she was four months into her pregnancy.  In May, the wife got reminded of how close her husband and the woman had been by a friend, she checked his e-mail, found that he’d been having discussions with her on pregnancy and abortion, she got angry and sued him.

The wife said that her husband on the 15th, e-mailed the woman saying “baby, when I saw the picture of the ultrasound today, I felt moved, I love you so much, I will have a lot of babies with you.” The next day the woman replied, “I felt shocked as well, especially when the doctor told us we will hear his heart in two weeks, I feel so sad, I really want him to grow up strong, you need to keep this picture, it’s a prove of our love.” Thus, proven their adulterous ways.

Chen had denied the allegations of infidelity, claiming that he’d let Peter, a friend, borrow his e-mail account, and that he’s unclear of what’s written in the e-mail correspondences; Fang had admitted to getting pregnant and abortion, but, she claimed that it was Peter who had knocked her up.

The D.A. believed that Chen and Fang could NOT reproduce any evidence of information of this man named “Peter”, that “Peter” is made-up, and the woman claimed to not know Chen well, so, why would Chen let her send an e-mail using his account?

And, the fetus started having a heart rate, based on the words, “there will be heart rate in two more weeks”, Fan was pregnant last April, and, after Chen and Fan had corresponded online, they’d gone on business trips from May 13 to May 17, clearly, this showed that they’re not just everyday friends.

What happens when your affairs BUSTED wide open?  You can’t admit to it, because OMG, my wife’s gonna divorce me and take everything, so, you L-I-E, because that, is the only way to go, but, is IT morally responsible, the cheating and the aborting of the fetus?  Of course N-O-T!!!

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Looking for a One-Night-Stand Online, After Drugging the Man, She’d Stolen From Him

One MORE reason W-H-Y we should NOT be looking online for L-O-V-E, translated…

A woman named Chen, on in an online chat room, said that she wanted a one-night-stand, lured a friend, Weng out to a motel, after putting drugs to knock him out, she’d “drained him dry”, took his more than twenty-thousand dollar’s worth of case, and his cell phone too.  The Banciao District Court found Chen guilty of robbery, and sentenced her to a three year eight months prison term.

The judge found, that the 24-year-old Chen on January 20 of last year, used the alias of “Accompany Me Tonight” to a chat room online, to pretend that she wanted to have a one-night-stand with Weng; Weng was too turned on by her come-ons, they’d decided to meet up at a motel in the Sanchung region.

At first, Chen drank with Weng in the hotel room, and, when Weng went to the bathrooms, she put some sleeping pill into Weng’s beer, and, when he’s out, she’d drained him dry, took all of his cash of $25,000N.T., and his cell phone, then, she ran.  After five hours of slumber, Weng woke, found that he’d been drained dry, called the cops, and, the cops were able to find several sleeping pills, along with Weng’s photograph at Chen’s residence.

Chen originally denied having drugged Weng, claimed that after she had sex with him and he’d fallen asleep, that, was when she’d taken his money, that what she’d done was considered theft, NOT robbery, but, she’d confessed to ALL the charges, reached an agreement with Weng, and Weng said he wasn’t going to pursue the case further.

It’s THAT easy, all you need is to get some UNSUSPECTING IDIOT (b/c, let’s face it, that, is what the man is) to get drunk in a hotel room, and, steal his money, then, when he catches you, you just play coy, with the sad puppy eyes and pouty lips, and, surely enough, that’ll give you only just ONE slap on the wrist for the BAD things you’d done, right?  The man should SUE this woman, until she became B-R-O-K-E, that’ll teach her NOT to do that again, but, because the man didn’t want to, and plus, they’d reached a settlement on their own, and so, the whole case ends right here.

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Birthday Wishes Online

Everything’s done, VIRTUALLY these days, on Facebook, translated…

My husband’s birthday just happened to land on the Chinese New Year’s, a LOT of his friends from Facebook left messages, wishing him a happy one, there was a hottie, with an English name, who’d wished him a happy one, “My daddy whom I’d missed out on, happy birthday!”

So, what’s going on?  Is it an unspoken secret, that got revealed, the woman’s decision to let her child be known as his?  Or, is there really ANOTHER wife that my husband was married to from his hometown?  My husband, who’d never played online games, could NEVER have added friends for fun, but this time, he’d shook his head continually, said that he didn’t know her at all.

In order to prove his own innocence, he’d decided to send her a private message, to get to the bottom of this, but she, seemingly wanting to keep being mysterious, just wouldn’t reply him back.  And my husband kept explaining, “I really don’t know her!”, at the moment, my two sons and I, are staring him with questioning eyes.  Even though, he’d fended himself, we’d seen his actions as him, covering up some unspoken secrets of his past; he wanted to go and take a shower, and we’d interpreted his claims as him, wanting to get on the phones with her.

And so, this denseness in the air, lasted for a very L-O-N-G twenty minutes, the hottie finally replied a private message, to apologize, turns out that she’s a female colleague who’s left the office shortly after she’d started, to go to Australia to study, she’d played a prank on him on his birthday!  The changes from girl to woman, the naiveté young lady, turned around, and became a modern woman, no wonder my husband couldn’t recognize her.

This time, he’d gotten his reputation back, thankfully, it did NOT become a revolution in the family.

This, is ALL a joke, and, the woman felt threatened, because of the messages that the girl sent to her husband, and, that just shows you, how EASILY, how fragile a marriage CAN be, and it was only a joke too, but thankfully, this “joke” did NOT go too far, and cause this family to break up.

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Getting “Stuck” with a Relationship Online, the Lover of Horror is Ill

Due to the recent case of how a Taiwanese girl got brutally murdered by a Taiwanese male in Japan, translated…

The tragic events of the traveling Taiwanese girl, causing the shattering of three separate families, the suspect, Chang, committed suicide, making the families even more upset. The psychiatrists all agreed upon that if you have a low tolerance of failure, of anger, if you’re unhappy, or had been suppressing your anger, without dealing with them, then, this could end in your impulsivity in behavior, the parents are suggested to pay strict attention to children who often lie, are often emotionally distraught, who would do just about any and everything to get her/his way.

Turning into a lover of horror, if you can’t get the love reciprocated? The child and teenage psychiatrist, Dr. Zang, in the hospitals pointed out, after the one involved is no longer living, a lot of things will be left unsaid, but those who had taken a stronger step, like committing suicide or murder? And the reason of all of these behaviors are due to the “eruption” of the suppressed emotions.

The doctor worries, that a lot of children now are currently entrapped in the world of online communities, without societal cognition, real-life experience, the techniques interpersonal interactions and learning, without being able to correct one’s emotions and behaviors, once you’d been established as “stubborn “and self-centered, and without empathy, there’s a HIGH possibility for dangerous behaviors.

The Tai-An hospital’s psychiatric doctor pointed out that with a low tolerance for failures, one must learn how to interact with members of the opposite sex and members of the same sex, in order to prevent all those emotions being pent-up on the inside, without the right outlets, low impulse control, easily angered, these are the signs of behavioral difficulties.

The formation of personality doesn’t happen overnight, Dr. Tsang pointed out, if the parents discovered that the child spends a whole lot of time online when s/he is not doing homework assignments, often say that it’s not her/his fault when something goes wrong, then, it is advised that the youth be taken into behavioral therapy, or counseling, and, when needed, put on medication.

How to avoid psycho lovers? The doctor pointed out, that the public can observe from the individual’s actions, language, and psychology, heighten up the senses, when you realized that the other individual is making you uncomfortable, or is trying to assault you, to push you, to threaten you with words, even to stalking you, or confronting you, etc., etc., etc., the individual is advised to seek help from family, and even from classmates, or relatives.

Dr. Zheng-Dian Hsu said, that if the other individual makes you feel unsettled, you are advised to use a steady attitude, using a mild tone of voice, to turn someone down, to tell the other individual that it IS impossible between you and the other individual, like “I already have a boyfriend, and now, I have NO heart for you anymore; I’m too focused on my studies, I got NO time to think about relationships right now, etc., etc., etc.” Remember to NEVER go see someone alone, to avoid giving the other individual the wrong ideas, to give yourselves the unwarranted troubles.

It IS hard, to avoid those P-S-Y-C-H-O-S out there, because it’s N-O-T like all those PSYCHOS out there have that tattoo on their foreheads saying, “Hi, I AM P-S-Y-C-H-O!!!” And, they (those P-S-Y-C-H-O-S online???) will say anything, do anything, to make themselves “sound” like good people, with nothing BUT the best of intentions for you (still leads to H-E-L-L, remember???), and, that, would be them, “dangling” the B-A-I-T, for you to come and take that B-I-T-E, and, if you’re STUPID (not saying that you are or aren’t!!!), then, you’d take the bait, then, you’d be H-O-O-K-E-D, and, you simply can’t get out, because OMG, you’re already “in too deep”!!!

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