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Keeping Kids Locked Up for Twenty-Two Hours a Day…

This, is NOT only JUST being unfit parents here, from, by: M. Gillespie…

A husband and wife accused of making three of their adopted children virtual prisoners inside their home pleaded not guilty Wednesday in a case that began after prosecutors say two girls crashed the family van while trying to make their escape.

The 58-year-old adopted father is charged with sexually abusing the two girls, now ages 17 and 14. He and his 64-year-old wife are both charged with kidnapping, felonious assault and endangering children in Ashtabula County, east of Cleveland.

The Associated Press is not naming the suspects to avoid identifying the girls. County Prosecutor Nicholas Iarocci said the couple also abused and neglected an adopted son, now 21, who is mentally disabled.

Iarocci said Wednesday that the couple “repeatedly and harshly” beat the girls and older son with a paddle that eventually became stained with blood. The three victims were given little to eat and were malnourished, Iarocci said.

He called living conditions inside the home “deplorable.”

The victims were typically allowed out of their rooms for two hours a day for school lessons and to use the bathroom, Iarocci said. They were not allowed to socialize with other children in recent years, he said.

Iarocci could not explain why a younger adopted son, now 13, was not abused.

Indictments allege the abuse occurred over a two-year period starting in September 2011. The investigation began after the two girls escaped from their shared bedroom in August 2013, sped away in the van and got into an accident, Iarocci said.

The girls were cited in juvenile court, which led them to tell a probation officer about the abuse, Iarocci said. The three children and the man were removed from the home and placed in foster care a month after the crash.

The couple adopted the four children about 11 years ago. The abuse began after two teenage boys who also lived there left the home after turning 18, Iarocci said.

The abuse inflicted psychological damage on the girls, but they and their older adopted brother have thrived in foster care, Iarocci said.

“They’re almost different children,” he said, adding that the girls are being adopted by another family.

So, this case, is quite weird, if you ask me, because if you have the heart, the desire, AND the mind, to adopt children, then, what would, lead you to, abuse and neglect them so, or maybe, because pain was inflicted onto you when you were growing up, and, you’d just, wanted to be the hand that hurt now, and this, is how abuse still rolled on down…and by cutting these kids off of contact with the outside world, I’m thinking (then again, I would not know here!!!) that the parents are trying, to isolate them, so they’d become totally, completely, dependent on them, so, this may also have something to do with how the parents wanted their adopted children to not grow up and move away………


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When the Monsters Underneath the Beds, Started, Babysitting the Children

When the monsters underneath the beds started, babysitting the children, you’d abandoned your own offspring.  When the monsters underneath the beds started, babysitting the children, then, you wouldn’t be, doing your jobs correctly, parents, because, HOW can you, IF you were, better parents, leave, your offspring, in the cares of something so scary like them monsters under the beds?

When the monsters underneath the beds started, babysitting the children, are you sure that it’s a good idea, leaving your offspring, under the care of something that had, frightened them so in the nights?  And, would you be, doing right, by your own offspring, by, leaving them, in the cares, of those monsters underneath the beds???

When the monsters underneath the beds started babysitting the children, then, one thing IS for certain, because none of you, god DAMN parents, are doing YOUR jobs correctly, and so, the monsters, they will, TAKE charge, over the rearing and raising of your offspring, and, we should all, have a SENSE, of H-O-W children turned out, underneath the watchful eyes, of those monsters now………

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Toddler Bathtub Drowning Incident

This, is PRECISELY W-H-Y you should NEVER leave children unattended, from, by: M. Glenn…

A toddler died at the hospital after she and her twin sister were pulled from the bathtub of the family’s Pearland home, authorities confirmed Tuesday.

A Pearland woman called 911 about 11:30 a.m. to say she found her two daughters, both 15 months old, in the bathtub at the home in the 1400 block of Crystal Lake Circle East.

Pearland police and paramedics rushed to the scene.

The twin toddlers were flown by Life Flight helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center, officials said.

One of the girls was pronounced dead at the hospital while her sister remains on life support, Pearland police said.

Their father was not at the house at the time the children were discovered, authorities said.

Harris County medical examiners will conduct an autopsy to confirm the cause of death.

Pearland police said they are continuing their investigation into the case.

Police have not identified the child who died.

Hello, you DO realize, how this constitutes as NEGLECT, right???  And, because the mother was the one who called the cops, we can speculate, that she wasn’t around, to keep an eye out on her babies, at the time of the drowning incident, and that leaves the babysitter or the father of the children responsible, but, we don’t know WHO will be PAYING for these two young lives yet, because there’s not much more information being reported yet…

And this still just shows, that you should NEVER leave a young child unattended, because god KNOWS what CAN happen, during the time you’re out and about, running your errands or whatever.

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The Child Was Shot by BB Gun in the Eyes, the School Claimed it Wasn’t Bullying

It’s either that the school is trying to DODGE the responsibilities, or that the children are too naughty, OR, the instructors weren’t paying enough ATTENTION!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A second grader from Lihu Elementary School was suspected of being shot by a BB Gun by his classmate I the eyes, and the elbows too, the parents sued the schools for not paying attention, for taking a passive approach, that it’d caused their son to get traumatized, and to have to be transferred to another school.  The principal at Lihu Elementary School, Hu said, that the isolated incident was the misbehaviors of a single student, that it wasn’t bullying.

Hu said, that the parents accused, that on the field trip the children went on last March, as they rode on the tour busses, a student verbally threatened the student, Lin, to allow him to have his seats, and, on the toy sharing day on June 25, the student who’d asked Lin to lgive him the seat used a BB gun, shot at Lin and the bullet hit Lin’s eyes, after school on November 12, the student pulled on Lin’s elbow until Lin started bleeding.

Hu said, after the school was notified, they’d set up a bullying prevention committee, to discuss and investigate the matter further, and they’d found, that the student DID use a BB Gun and SHOT Lin, and DID pinch Lin’s elbow, and when these events happened, the teacher did put an end to the behaviors, and punished the student who bullied Lin, and the bully’s parents also apologized to Lin and his mother too, and, the anti-bullying committee voted, that the student’s misbehaviors were ordinary misbehaviors, not bullying.

But Mrs. Lin told sadly, that after the incidents, her son would lock himself up in his room, and stopped talking to her, and would often have nightmares, and his ability to learn deteriorated, and, other than taking her son to see a therapist, she’d hoped, that the school can take a more active role in this matter.

Mrs. Lin said, that she’d already transferred her son to another school, but the school’s way of handling matters of bullying so passively, not teaching the right values to the students, it’d made her regret.  And, she’d already saved the letters she’d sent to the other child’s parents, and, she will be suing them for damages.

So, the school still played a huge part in this, I mean, hello, hello, hello?  Clearly, that kid WAS picking on this child, and, the child got SHOT in the eye with a BB Gun, and the school still called it “boys WILL BE boys”???  Are you FUCKING kidding me here?

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A Ten-Year-Old Boy Fell Out of His Tenth Story Apartment Window While the Parents are at Home

The news, NOW!!!  Translated…

“What???  My son’s in the hospital?”, at nine o’clock last night, a ten-year-old boy was horse playing on the lanai, of his fifth story home, and was suspected of misstepping, fell from the air-conditioning systems outside, to the yard down below, after the fire department substation rushed to the scene, the boy was conscious, with contusions on his left chest cavity, with a broken bone on his left leg, was rushed to the hospitals immediately.  The police and fire department then notified his parents, they were shocked, to discover, that the parents were at home, watching television, without any awareness of what had happened to their son.  But gladly, the child was blessed, he didn’t die.  As the parents went to the hospital, they’d stated, that their son had been playing out by the lanai these couple of days, and because neither one of them was paying attention to him, plus the television was turned up too loud, that, was why they failed to notice, causing this accident to happen.

Hello, hello, hello???  Can someone say NEGLIGENCE???  And, what kind of parents ARE you?  Sure, the kid climbed up and down in the past couple of days, and maybe you DID warn him not to, but, you weren’t watching him closely, that, was how he managed, to fell out the window, and this time, he’d only suffered minor injuries, and the next time, who knows, he just might, LOSE his life entirely, then, what WILL your excuses be?  Oh, I know, we’d WARNED him, but he still didn’t take HEED???  Are you FUCKING shitting me here!!!


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A First-Year Middle School Girl Crossed the Streets & Got Hit, the Mother Was Prosecuted

The carelessness of the adults, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Parents should NOT allow children under fourteen to cross the streets on their own”, the car was parked opposite of the school, as the daughter crossed the streets alone, she was hit by a motorist, both were injured, and, the motorist was found not guilty.

When the parents drop their children off to school, when there’s an accident as the kids crossed the streets, the parents may be faced with the charges; there were cases like this in Yilan and Taidong, ht mothers who’d allowed their young to cross the streets along and the children were injured or had died, the mothers were all prosecuted based off of causing injuries and death.

The woman who was charged with causing injuries, Chen lived in Yilan, in December of two years ago, she’d taken her thirteen-year-old first year middle school daughter to school, she’d parked the car opposite from her daughter’s school, allowing her daughter to get off and cross the streets, as the daughter jaycrossed the streets, the motorist, Wu, couldn’t avoid her, and hit her, the daughter fell to the ground, with a bruise on her buttocks, and the motorist, Wu, also got injured.

Chen used the fact that her daughter was hit, to sue Wu for damages, but the Yilan District Courts believed that the girl got to the hospitals six days later, that it was hard, to tell if her injuries were related to the car accident, at the start of last month, the courts found Wu not guilty, and tossed back the mother’s civil suit, along with her demands for payments.

During the time when the courts was investigating, both parties had asked for the surveillance, along with the records of the accident, and the reports showed that Chen was careless, in letting her fourteen-year-old daughter cross the streets on her own, and the cause of the accident was because she didn’t use the crosswalk being the main cause of the accident, the secondary cause being Wu did not reduce his speed, and so, Wu sued the woman for negligence and damages.

The Yilan District Attorney’s Office had once again, asked for the review of the accident, and the results still showed that because the girl, while crossing the streets, didn’t look, as the primary cause of the accident, and the mother too, was responsible.

The D.A. pointed out, that the roads safety laws number 139 stated that the parents “should not allow children under fourteen to cross the streets on their own”, back then, Chen could’ve turned her car and parked right in front of the school, so her daughter could get off right in front of the school, had Chen driven a bit farther, or accompanied her daughter across, then, the accident could well have been avoided, and so, the D.A. indicted her.

There awas a woman who took along a one-year-old young boy to visit friends, and wasn’t paying attention to her young son, and he got killed by traffic, the district court found the driver and the mother guilty of negligence homicide, and gave them both five month in prison.

The District Courts in Taidong believed, that the cause of the accident was because the mother wasn’t watching her son, that it was clearly, negligence, and the traffic accident reports also stated that it was the mother’s carelessness that caused this accident.

The Mother Felt Helpless, “the Motorcycle Passed Across the School, without Reducing Speed”

“I feel so helpless!”, Chen said, that her daughter getting rn over was caused by the motorist, not reducing his speed, but she and her daughter are end up, with the blames.

She said, back then, there were so many cars at the front of the school, there were also, tour busses, she feared that if she’d driven to the school’s entrance, the traffic would be even harder to manage, that, was why she’d let her daughter out from across the streets, and watched her as she passed.  But, the motorist, Wu ran through a yellow light at high speed, and, still didn’t reduce his speed, and hit her daughter.

Chen said, the place her daughter was cross had a crossing mark, but, because the roads were being redone, that, was why it wasn’t there, and after the crash, the motorist filed charges first, asked for $800,000N.T. in payment, that, was why they’d sued him too; and to date, her daughter is still traumatized, and needed her classmates to hold her hands in order to cross the streets.

Wow, are you FUCKING kidding me?  You were the one who allowed your minor child to cross the streets unsupervised, and now, you’re blaming the man who ran over her?  Are you freakin’ kidding me? What KIND of a parent ARE you?

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The Turbulent Path that Led Us to Become Parents

We had, traveled, a turbulent path, in order, to become parents, there was nothing wrong with either one of us, biologically, but, for some unknown reasons, when the two of us get together, nothing happened, and, we’d tried, tried, and tried, over, over, over, and over again, and still, failure, after failure, and we felt beaten…

Then, we’d decided, to adopt, but, as we filed for our adoption papers, things in our personal lives started coming unwind, and, all of a sudden, we’re both, incapable, to handle ourselves, let alone, a new baby!

And yet, despite everything, we’d still, become parents, when neither one of us was ready for it, that kid still came, kicking, AND screaming, demanding our undivided attention day in and day out, keeping us sleepless through the nights, and, both of us still had to get up for work in the mornings.

And, that, was only the beginning, and, what people often talked of when they talked about babies, their first words, their first steps, we can’t seem to find any joys in that, at all for some reasons, I think it was, because neither one of us was ready, for the baby, and, he’d come, just the same, causing us, a TON of stresses!

The turbulent path that led us to become parents, maybe, we weren’t, supposed to be parents at all, after all, we are still, just children, aren’t we???  But, oopsy!  I didn’t keep that “receipt” from the Storks, and so, I’m guessin’, that the Return Policy is out of the question here???

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