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A Tightening Noose

An ongoing discrimination…


It would be a lie to say that the past week has been an easy one. It would be a lie to say that international events have not affected me. The only reason I have not posted about the issue is because at times I have an urge to pen a post and then at times I give up in despair.

I am of course referring to the events in France which I am sure you are aware of. When I read the news these days and in the aftermath of the terrible event, most of it is the same. Sometimes I find something which gives me hope, an article which does blame an entire religion for the actions of a few. At the bottom of these articles, I may find comments from ordinary people who make me smile. They allow me to hope that there are still people out…

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Don’t Take Away the Rights of Children to Challenge Themselves, on Education

The “song” of letting go, translated…

Still recalled that two years ago, my daughter stepped out on the journey to work-study abroad after she graduated from her studies, but as I saw how her small frame had hauled the large bags, I thought of how she needed to take the flights alone, and she must transfer in another nation.  Back then, I was filled up with worries, unsettled, and not willing to let her go, but in the end, I’d still given her my blessings, and watched her go off.

On the winter vacation of my son’s freshman year in college, he told me he wanted to go on a self-help trip to Japan, try on the life of a backpacker for a short bit.  After that, he’d searched for cheap flights, and tour guides, to plan out his own trip.  I thought he was just saying that, until I saw him, holding his tickets, that, was when I realized that this, was happening.  Seeing how his slim body of 5’7 in height and 120 pounds, hauling a heavy bag, stepped out on his own for the very first time in his life, my heart filled up with worries.

But gladly, thanks to the modern day technology of internet, even though my kids are overseas, but they’d send me messages daily, sharing with me, the goings on of their lives overseas, it managed to shorten the distance we have between us.

Two years ago, the ten months studying trip to the States had given my daughter the courage to build her own dreams, it’d opened up her horizons too.  And now, she’s about to take another big leap, to go to the States, to study, and what’s different compared to the last time is, that this time, she is ready, and full of confidence.

And after my son’s first backpacking experience, he’d set up a second, and a third trip.  From this experience, I saw the bravery in my own son, how he is very independent and courageous too.

For most people, the “unknown” is scary.  And so, toward the kids, we’d often use our own experiences or cognitions, to judge them, without knowing that this may well create a breach in communication between us, and it also takes away the chance the child has, of challenging her/himself.

Learn to “let go” and to “relax”, is the work of modern day parents, all you need, is give them a TON of love and blessings, and trust, support your children, the children are bound to find their own ways in life.

And this, is the END of letting go, the mother learned that by letting go of the kids, they’re more able to soar, and so, she’d retracted her “protective wings”, so her kids can fly freely, go to places they want to travel to, to live their lives that THEY want to live too.

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Didn’t I…?

Effects from Taking Care of the Demented Elderly Person Long-Term, Resentment Starts to Build Up…

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A Prayer

the Woes of Parenthood: Not Being Sure if the Child Will be Safe & Sound in Her/His Life

Style and a Half

“Yes, you may play.” She watched her daughter run off. “But be careful, okay?” She called the words to ears that would hear, but could not yet truly comprehend. So she spoke them like a blessing. A prayer.

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World Suicide Prevention Day

Helping to End Abuse, One Case at a Time…

no longer silenced movement

To Write Love On Her Arms is hosting their annual National Suicide Prevention Day campaign, which across the nation is recognized as September 10th. TWLOHA (for short) “is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery” according to the vision statement that you can view on their site.

Like any resilient survivor, it is hard to overcome a life of tragedy without carrying scars with you everyday. While you might not feel them or reflect on them everyday, the days you do, it can prove unbearable. According to, 80% of survivors of abuse suffer from depression, anxiety, and emotional disorders. Without the proper help, survivors of abuse can turn to a life of crime, teen pregnancy, or become abusers themselves, while many others…

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Even though, my mother’s been gone five years now, I’d still think of her from time to time.

I was reminded of her and her motto “simplicity”.

After my father died, my mother packed up a few simple clothing pieces into her suitcase, she didn’t even consider the seasons, and came up north with me in a hurry.

In the cramped up space of the dormitory, every day, my mother went to work, just as I, it’s just that, her work is spontaneous and simple: making waste papers into trash boxes, ironed my shirts, or, leaning by the windows, and watched the passersby.  Waiting for the clock that’s not on time at my work place.

The long days treaded so slowly by, sometimes, a late return call from me, and so, my mother could only head to the fridge and find some leftovers, then, keep on waiting.  If I’d come home too late, then, she’d be accompanied by her unsettling nature, to take her to the next morn.

And, tomorrows, is usually, more of the same.

I believe, that the simplest feeling that my mother had was loneliness.  One day, I’d taken out the newspapers, collected, over the years, and asked my mother to help me sort them out.  Being elderly, she couldn’t sit up straight, with her wrinkled hands, she’d started swimming, in a very concentrated manner, in the papers, all of a sudden, it’s, as if she got taken back to the days of old where clipping off newspapers was the it thing to do.  Back then, a pair of scissors, a bottle of glue, a stack of paper, everybody in the family gets involved, and, we were all having a grand time!  And still, even if now, it’s just her there, doing all the work, it was able to put the light back in my mother’s eyes again.

Memories, for my mother, I think, may be the simplest kind of happiness, perhaps?

Later, the school called me, as my mother said goodbye to me at the door, s he’d reminded me, “If you have need to clip the papers, don’t forget to bring them by again!”

Even her wishes, were all too simple too.

Simple, it’d let me have a closer look into my mother’s gentle and forgiving nature, and my own faults.

And so, because you’re grown, and you have too busy a life, you don’t have the time for your elderly, and yet, because she is your mother, whatever you’d asked her to help you out with, she’d do it, willingly, without a word of complaints, and that, is the difference in treatment for parents to children and for children toward their parents.

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Are They Just Writing and We’re Thinking Too Much?

So, are the parents reading too much into it???  I dunno!!!  Translated…

That day, the teacher called me up, said, that early in the morn, my daughter handed her a slip, it was with a red hard, with a sword right in the center of the heart, with the words, “Just Kill Me!”

When the instructor asked what had happened, she’d learned that when my daughter had a fight with Rui said, “I want to kill you.”  And Rui shouted back, “I must kill you too.”  And my daughter had asked her friend to ignore Rui, Rui felt awful, and so, she’d handed my daughter the note.

And so, the instructor told Rui, “If you did kill her, your mother would get very sad, and you won’t be able to see her either.”, then, Rui started weeping.

And when the instructor told my daughter, “If you killed someone, and got locked up, you too, can’t see your mom.”, and, my daughter’s careless eyes, it’d shocked her instructor.

After I’d heard the teacher told me this, my heart got wrenched together.  I thought, I’d had a soft heart, I can’t see other people get hurt, and my husband when he’d watched the soaps and saw something that’s saddening, he would cry too, how can my daughter be so cold blooded.

With an unsettling heart, I’d come home, about five thirty, my husband picked up my daughter, I’d asked her what had happened in school early, my daughter told me the whole thing, she’d told me, “Rui is really a cry baby, that it’s so not worth it, that she’d cried over something as menial as this.”  When I asked why she didn’t cry, she said, “My instructor read too much into it, what she spoke of is NOT a possibility at all, why would I cry?  Because I couldn’t kill Rui, and so, I couldn’t be jailed.  Secondly, if I don’t get locked up, how can I not see mom?  Third, daddy told me, that crying solves NOTHING, and crying would get the teachers in trouble too.”  After I’d heard my daughter’s explanations, I’d realized, that “the adults were defeated by the children………”Turns out, she thought in such simplistic terms.

After I’d understood my daughter’s point of view, my tears started falling uncontrollably, and I saw my daughter told me, in an all-too-adult tone of voice, “You adults are so weird, and you’d cry for NO reasons at all, and you’d taught us, that crying solves nothing!”

And that, would be just how S-T-U-P-I-D (and yeah, that would be a “mean word” to call someone!!!) you, FUCKING (oopsy!!!) adults are, and, the instructor made an unimportant disagreement with the kids into something H-U-G-E, and, the kid still thought in simpler terms than the adults do, because that, is how their minds work, and, DO remember, that their minds are NOT as complex as ours, and, to have a more complex mind, you must weather through a TON of shits, and, I’m sure, that you would NOT want your kids to weather through all that S-H-I-T now, would you?

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They Couldn’t Kill Enemies Together in Virtual Reality and in Reality, the Thirty-Eight Year Old Father Killed His Own Sixteen-Year Old Son


There ARE better ways, to CONNECT TO your child, you DO realize that, don’t you???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The sixteen-year-old son invited the thirty-eight year old father to play an online strategy game, they got into an argument, the father three the machines away told the son, “You will NOT play it again!”, then, he went to the kitchens, grabbed a kitchen knife, stabbed his own son twice on the chest.

The father-son pair, Liu yesterday stayed up all night long, got drunk, and played an online game where they’d posed as characters from the Sanguo Era, fighting their way out from being ambushed together.  The son was displeased at how the father didn’t come and offer him assistance, causing him to get killed in the game, blamed his father for not knowing how to play, and Liu got embarrassed and then angered, picked up a kitchen knife, and stabbed his own son in the chest twice in a row, and, a game where they’re supposed to share “quality time” together had become a tragedy where the father killed the son.

The teenager, Liu went to a private technical high school’s night department, he will become a junior after the summers, he’s outgoing, interacted very well with his classmates and school instructors.  He’d once disclosed to the school’s disciplinary officer and his homeroom teacher that he’d gotten into arguments with his father because of how different their values are, and at the beginning of this month, the school intervened to counsel them, and, the tragedy was the last thing they’d expected to have happened, after the school instructors learned of this, they were all very saddened.

The police investigated, that yesterday early morning, the father-son pair were drinking together, the thirty-eight year-old father started playing online games, and the sixteen-year-old son was playing video games; later on, the son invited the father to play “Real, Pair of Excellent Fighters from the Sanguo Era”, and, they’d both picked fighting generals and got their ways into the enemies’ campsites.

Because it was the first time that the father’s played the game, he wasn’t familiarized with the buttons or how the game worked, and couldn’t offer his son the help he was needing, and, the son got killed in the game, the son got angered, and blamed his father, “Can’t you even play?  There were arrows, pointing on the map, to tell you where to go…”

“It was my very first time playing, I don’t know how to go over to you to help you out!”, Liu’s father got angered, and shouted back to his own son, he’d rammed the machines against the floor and broke it, and, said to his son that he shall never play the game ever again.l  After the pair got into a serious argument, the father ran to the kitchens and grabbed a sashimi knife, pointed it toward his son, they were still shouting at each other.  The stepmother who lived with them woke from her dreams, and tried to console both men.

Without knowing, that as his son went up to him to try to get the knife away, in the chaos, Liu managed to stab his own son twice in the chest.  The father who was all worked up, saw his son fell into a puddle of blood, he became wide awake, quickly took his shirt off, and applied pressure on his son’s knife wound, to try to stop the bleeding.

The stepmother called 119 immediately to ask for help, and took the son to the E.R., but it was already too late.  Liu’s father was charged with murder, and took into the precinct for questioning, his eyes became dumb, and couldn’t speak a word.  After the police interrogated him, he was charged with murder and taken into custody, the D.A. set the bail at $200,000N.T., but the amount was too high and the family couldn’t manage to get that much, it was lowered to $60,000N.T.

The family pointed out, that about a decade ago, the youth’s parents divorced, and the child was raised by his aunt and maternal grandmother, it wasn’t until he was in the first year of middle school, did he move back in with his own father; later, the father who works as a construction painter remarried, he’d gotten very well along with his stepmother too.

And so, you still get, how A-L-C-O-H-O-L would be the CULPRIT that caused this “story” to turn bad, right?  I mean, had the two men not been drinking, then, maybe, the argument would NOT have gotten out of hand, but, alcohol impairs the judgment, and it can make people perceive things that aren’t really there, and so, that, would be how alcohol had secondhandedly, caused this murder of the son by the father.


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Giving Out Allowances to the Homeless in the Neighborhood for Them to Help Clean Out the Ditches in the Area

A good way, to help those back on their feet, wouldn’t you agree???  From the Newspapers, translated…

The Linkou area of Hsinbei City, on the roads next to the oceans, during rain or flood seasons, they would overflow because the ditches close by are clogged up by trash, and the manager of the district, Lin, started hiring the homeless who lived in shelters with $115N.T. per hour, for them, to take shifts, cleaning up the clogged drain pipes, to help out with the flood issues of the local area.

The fifty-six year old homeless person, “Ming” yesterday stated, that he’s very old already, when he was younger, he took to drinking, caused him to have a light stroke, and he had served time too, and nobody would hire him, he’d lost his self-confidence, felt that there was NO hope in his life; and now, he’s able to help clean the ditches, to pick up the trash, that even though, the pay is NOT really high, but he’d regained his self-worth, he cherished this, and worked hard, alongside his companions.

The homeless shelter in Linkou was set up during SARS when the government was afraid that the homeless might become the carrier that spread the illness, and had set the place up at an abandoned campsite of a military unit, and was managed by the volunteer commissions, and currently, it’s the home of twenty-nine homeless individuals.

And, the district office had worked with the program and found that the homeless are not at all lazy, that they’re very willing to work, even IF the pay isn’t that high, and the time frame for work was two hours each time, but the homeless population is still fighting over work opportunity.

The person in charge of the shelter for the homeless, Tseng said, that there’s NO vacancy in the shelter now, that some of the people who stayed there had mental illnesses, or lived at hospices, and the work provided by the local government is a kind of “career rehabilitation”, and so, they’d picked those who are healthy physically and mentally, and those with the wills to work, and even though, they were only paid $230 N.T., but it is a hard-to-come-by allowance for the homeless.

The homeless man who walks around Tucheng, “Ming” said, he has a son and a daughter, on the year he was twenty-five, he’d taken to bad habits of smoking, drinking, and chewing betel nuts, and he’d totally let his family slide, and later on, he’d been convicted of a crime and sent to jail, his wife divorced him, his two kids hated him, and so, he’d become homeless, two years ago, he’d gone to the shelter, and was NO longer starved or homeless, and now, he has a paying job, “I’m already very happy!”

And so, this, is ONE way, to help those who had fallen down, BACK, on their feet again, and that just shows you that people are very willing to work, so long as you’d given them a chance, and this, is a very good program, to help people BACK on their feet again.

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Getting Doors Slammed in My Face

Getting doors slammed in my face, this, IS what I’d learned to deal with, for a very long time in my life, I’d been turned down, turned away, rejected, over, and over again.  Do you KNOW how annoying it is, to hear a ZILLION “NO” on a day-to-day basis?

Getting doors slammed in my face, but, I still kept the faith, that there would be, O-N-E door, opened, with my name on it, and that, was my blind faith, keeping me, going, since this whole thing started.

Getting doors slammed in my face, it wasn’t at all easy, for me to deal, because I didn’t understand W-H-Y, I’m being rejected, and, ever since I was younger, I’d been rejected, and, it’d hurt, and, I just can’t deal with another DOOR, getting slammed, in my face, I just can’t have one MORE rejection again………

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