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A “Cougar” from Malaysia Came to Taiwan to be with Her Boyfriend, Got Trash Talked by His Mother

Look AT how much love cost here???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Malaysian woman of forty-two years of age, Lee, flew across the oceans, to be with her younger male friend whom she met online, by eighteen years of age, in the airports, when Wu’s mother saw Lee, she’d screamed at her, “How OLD are you?  Do you know how old my son is!?”, then, the mother took her son, and left, Lee didn’t have enough money, to travel back home again, Wu called up the airport police department to report the situation, and asked for help on Lee’s behalf, Lee’s family in Malaysia wired the money for her to buy the tickets, and last night, she was successfully, on the plane back home again.

Before Lee boarded the flight, she refused to blame Wu and her mother, Wu, who is currently unemployed, because of his mother’s being against it, didn’t get a chance, to take Lee home with him, but he’d promised that he’ll work hard, to make enough money, after he’d had enough saved up, he will fly Lee back to Taiwan again, and, be together with her.

The Airport Police Department received a call, late night two nights ago from Wu, said that a Malaysian woman was stagnant in the first terminal of the Taoyuan Airport, and was in need of assistance, the patrol officers spent three hours, looking, and finally found Lee, who was sitting, all alone on the benches.  Lee wasn’t wearing enough clothes, with a small bag, with her cell phone, and some other simple items, shaking like a leaf, and the police took her, to find a place for her for the night.

The forty-two year-old Lee is fluent in Chinese, she said, that she was married at eighteen, has five children, ages ten to nineteen, she’d been living under the violence of her husband, had filed for divorce.  A year ago, she’d gotten online, where she met the twenty-four year-old, Wu, they hit it off, she’d only asked him, if he’d minded that she was married before, and with children, Wu didn’t mind, wanted her to bring nothing, to fly to Taiwan to meet, promised that he’ll take care of her.

She’d spent over six months, finally saved up $6,000N.T.s, bought a one-way ticket to Taiwan, two afternoons ago, arrived here, in Taoyuan Airport, Wu promised that he was meeting her at the entrance halls.  But, Wu, being unemployed, didn’t have any money on him, and Lee had less than $1,000N.T.s, they couldn’t even afford the bus fares.

Wu called his mother in Kaohsiung for help, Wu’s mother and her family drove up north, but, when Wu’s mother saw Lee, she’d grilled her hard, “How old are you?  Do you know how old my son is?”, she’d dragged her son away, leaving Lee, all alone, in the airport.

After the airport patrol officer heard her story, he’d tried to contact Lee’s family in Malaysia, for them, to wire the money to the airport, so she could buy her ticket back, and, Lee was finally, able to get on the flight back home again.

Apparently, this, is what NOT thinking things through can get you, this woman thought that she was set to meet up with love, without realizing, that love had a fine print, and, because the man is still living at home, relying on HIS own mother, unemployed, he had to follow his own mother’s orders, and that just shows, how those LOSERS still RELIED on their mamas, and that still also shows, that LOVE is nothing, that love conquers NADA!

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The Complete Single Day, Life as a Single Parent


I’d been a single mother for five years, my son went with his father, and I have custody over my daughter.  After I’d had several honest to heart conversations with both our parents, as well as my children’s father, my ex-husband finally agreed, mid last year, that the older brother and younger sister could have four days out of the month to spend together.  And so, the very last weekend of the month, my daughter would head over to her father’s, and, these two days became my “single days”.

I’d gotten used to life with my daughter by my side, and, suddenly, from Friday evenings to Sunday evenings, I no longer had her company, her voice no longer resonated through the house, the bed became so spacious, it was, really hard, for me to adapt, I’d missed her so.  In order, to keep myself from missing her too much, I’d headed over to the office on Saturdays to work, buried myself in work; and on Sundays, I’d slept in, and take my leisure breakfasts, then, headed out, to ride, to hike, or to meet up with my friends.  And, all of a sudden, it came time, to pick my daughter up again.

During the two days my daughter was away, it was like an early onset of my empty nest, at first, I had troubles, filling up this void, but now, I’d gotten used to it.  And, life is just like so, when there came varied situations, we must all, make adjustments, to work, to transfer our attention elsewhere.

Recently I’d read the activities of the volunteers on the United Daily News, I’m going to sign up as a volunteer too.  I believe, that when my empty nest comes, or when I’m about to retire, I can already live this life I’d already planned out well.

So, your daughter going to spend the weekend with her father became your trial-run for your own empty nest, and, it is important, to have multiple hobbies, established, WAY before you’re retiring, or your empty nests really actually HIT you, because if you’d waited until then, to start planning it, well, it’ll be, too late then.

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Why Power Rape Happens…

Once again, it’s about, gaining that feel of POWER over someone else!!!

Power rape is defined as a rape that occurs with someone in a subordinate position of work, by a superior, whether it’s in the armed forces, or in an ordinary office.

And, the reason why this SHIT is happening, is primarily due to the rapists LACK of self-esteem, because the rapist feels incompetent in some way (I wouldn’t know what!!!), that, is why s/he feels the need, to DOMINATE someone else, it’s a show, of how insecure the rapists actually are, and because the one being raped is usually someone who’d depended, relied on the person who rapes her/him, that, is why, chances are, that the victim usually hushes up about it, and this will only make the situation exacerbate, so, STOP operating in the mindset of, “If I just IGNORED…”, because it won’t GO away, like an untreated common cold!

Power rapes are still happening, when your bosses use her/his place in the company, to FORCE you to do something you don’t want to, that, would constitute as ABUSE, and, IF you’d allowed it to happen, over, over, AND over again, then, you’d become, the ENABLER, and, NOBODY likes an enabler, or at least, I don’t!!!

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A Major General Found Guilty of Sexually Molesting a Female Subordinate, Was Court Marshalled

Women are once again, mistreated, LIKE WHORES in the armed services here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former major general commander, Wen-Cheng Yang was accused of molesting a young female officer four times, the army courts, as well as the Highest Courts of Taiwan all believed, that Yang had done wrong by the rules of the army, used his status of power, to sexually molest his subordinate, found him guilty, and sentenced him to one year, two months, but he can pay a fine, without serving any real jail time.  The case can still be appealed.

Wen-Cheng Yang entered into the armed services eight years ago, he graduated from the military school in 1980, is also the younger brother of the legislator of the KMT, Li-Huan Yang; after the incident, he received one major reprimand, and was transferred to an executive position, as a board member of the army, and was alleviated of duty early.

The victim, back in August of 2012, because she was there, to do the reports of her area of work, Yang caressed her left breast; and, not long thereafter, Yang bear-hugged her, and kissed her on the lips, stuck his hand into her panties, said, “I want to see if you have any pubic hairs, if you’re clean shaven, it would be great.”  On the evening of October 16th, Yang used the same measures, and sexually molested the woman again, he’d committed the crimes of sexual molestations a total of four times.

The victim was only twenty-one years old, at first, she’d complied with him, without wanting to, feared, that if she’d come out to the open, nobody would believe her, that she might be reprimanded, for not following the orders of her superior, and had only complained of the events to her close friends, and she’d had a melt down outside her sleeping quarters, “I can’t take it anymore!”, the victim felt that she didn’t do right by her boyfriend, and asked for a break up, and her boyfriend held her tightly, and they cried together.

Later on, the victim had finally had it, told the protections unit in the army about it, and, the court martial case was started, and Yang was prosecuted.

Yang denied the allegations, claimed that he did touch the female subordinate’s forehead with his lips, his cheeks, but he couldn’t recall each and every time clearly; and that back then, his intentions were to encourage her, to console the victim, and he’d used socially acceptable manners to touch the woman.  Yang claimed to have been set up by the female subordinate.

The military courts believed, that Yang is ranked higher, and didn’t uphold a higher standard of behaviors, had multiple times sexually molested his female subordinate, and after he was taken in, had tried to avoid the responsibilities of his own behaviors, and had not settled with the victim, but the military courts took into considerations, that the woman was willing to forgive him, Yang was sentenced to one year two months in prison, which he could pay a fine, and not serve the time.  Yang went for an appeal, and because the court martial cases were ruled as regular criminal acts, the High Courts in Taiwan, after reviewing over the case, agreed with the rulings of the military courts, threw back Yang’s appeal.

And so, here, you STILL have a man, in a status of power, forcing himself onto his female subordinate, and this, is power rape, and because the victim in these cases usually are too scared to speak up and out, that, is why they keep on being victimized over, over, AND over again, and, the reprimand or punishment this army officer received, was still TOO light if you ask me!

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Loving Her? Hurting Him! Scientific Proof of Transformation Therapy Causing Serious Damages, Obama: Stop Forcing to Treat Sexual Orientation

Because, SEXUAL ORIENTATION IS INBORN, and you just can’t change something that’s a part of nature, NOT even BY way of nurture here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The American President Obama called out, to NOT use psychotherapy to try to alter the sexual preferences of homosexuals or the transgendered youths.

Last year in December, the seventeen-year-old transgendered youth, left a suicide note, stated that her parents FORCED her into religious therapy, wanted to change her back into a boy.  After she’d posted her final note on Tumblr, she’d ran into the freeways, and allowed an eighteen-wheeler to run her over.  After Blake Brockington’s death, someone posted a petition on the website of the White House, called out to President Obama to support the signing of the legislature to prevent gender transgression therapy.

So, someone finally had it, huh?  It’s not this teen’s fault, that s/he is the way s/he is, it’s probably due to the chemical imbalance of her/him as a fetus, and yet, because the world is still so god DAMN narrow minded and unaccepting of the transgendered individuals, that, is why this young persons committed suicide, and, the parents’ attitudes surely still didn’t help, and, apparently, they’d preferred to have a “normal child” who’s DEAD, with the right kinds of sexual orientation, than to accept her as she is internally.

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A Male Instructor from the First High School in Taichung Got a Sex Reassignment Operation, the Principal: the Very First Case of the Kind, a Live Lesson for Her Students

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“There’s a woman living inside of my body”, a male biology teacher, Tseng from the All-Boys’ High School in Taichung, Tseng, after his wife passed away two years ago, decided to follow his own heart, had consulted the physicians, started taking female hormones, to changed his secondary sex traits, and became a beautiful “cougar” from an overweight man, the June, he will get his male sex organs removed surgically, “she” had traveled on this path for multiple decades now.

Tseng is the eldest son of the four siblings in his house, he’d told, “when I was younger, I’d often dreamed, that I was a girl”, but because of how narrow the world was when he was growing up, he kept suppressing his gender identity, and managed to marry too, and, after he was wed, he couldn’t let his lovely wife knew the “truth” about him, and would often gone on shopping trips with his wife, treated her well, he was known, for treating his wife really well in the minds of his students and the fellow members of his faculty too.

He thought, that there was NO way he could change in this life, but six years after he’d married, his wife died of cancer, and they didn’t have children, he didn’t have any other considerations, and decided to make a change in his life.

At the end of last year, he’d started undergoing psych evaluations and treatment, started dressing in a more androgynous manner, grew his hair long, wore make up, exercised, gotten his weight of ninety kilograms down to seventy, to shape up his own body.

In the recent six months, the students and teachers and started noticing his change, and said, “Mr. Tseng looks more radiant now.”, the Principal of the school, Chen said, that Mr. Tseng is the very first to have a sex reassignment in the one-hundred year history of the school, his courage should be applauded, and she is a live lesson for the issue of gender equality.

Tseng said, that on a biology club meeting last May, he’d used the documentaries of sex change stories as the opening, and what moved “her” was, that the other teachers not only didn’t reject, they’d given “her” the encouragements and affirmations, and after all the teachers from the school learned about this, they’d all respected “her” choice, the students didn’t look at “her” weird, not did “she” get grilled by the parents, it’d set “her” mind to ease.

Tseng said, his younger brother and sister-in-law, as well as his nephew all accepted his “change”, only his mother had yet to accept it, from before he’d worried that the school might reject him, and thought about the worst case scenario of retiring early, but now, “she” said, “The First All-Boys’ High School in Taichung is filled with tolerance and warmth, I’m so very lucky.”

Kai-Hsin Tseng changed from a “him” to a “her”, all the way there, the students and the fellow teacher never talked badly about her, showed an extremely high level of tolerance.  The principal, Chen said, that Mr. Tseng was the first instructor who went through the sex reassignment operations in the one-hundred years of the school’s history, that “her” bravery should be commended, and that “she” would be used, as a live lesson for gender equality, and through this past year, it’d never affected “her” lessons to the students, that it should be respected.

The last ye The last year student, Lin recalled, that during the second semester of his second-to-last year, he’d found, that Mr. Tseng became “prettier”, everybody originally thought that it was his way of grieving for his wife who had died, that he’d wanted to imitate the way she dresses, that, was why he’d become more and more feminine, and, they’d gotten used to it.

The student, Chiu said, that Mr. Tseng is very humorous in her lessons, talked very gently, with a very mild manner; after he’d gone home, he’d told his parents of how his teacher went through a sex reassignment operation, and the parents both thought that the instructor was really brave, feared that “she” might get some negative remarks, and kept reminding their son, “You must speak on your teacher’s behalf”.

The counselor at the school said, “Ms. Tseng’s condition is not a problem.”  The school, in order to fit to her needs, altered the handicapped restrooms, most of the restrooms for the handicapped only have toilets, and not urinals; they’d already installed urinals on the level of her office now.

The Chinese teacher, Chiao said, Tseng is very brave, faced up to the truest version of herself.  Tseng said, although at first, when she’d “switched” genders, she couldn’t do anything, he’d signed up for grooming classes, red the magazines, to help herself dress, and now, it’d become natural to her, and could dress herself us as she pleases, and the doctors are doing assessments, and in June, she will undergo a complete sex reassignment operation.

The former principal of the Taichung First Boys’ High School, Tsai said, the Mr. Tseng he knew was a rugged man, very unkempt; and through Facebook, he saw “her” now, searching for “herself”, loving life, and that “she” had become a living example, of the gender unspecific realm.

And so, this man was able to find the social support from his coworker, his students, as well as in his social circles, the strength he needed, to be his true self, and he is a great example for his students, because “she” showed them, that it’s okay, to be true to oneself, and sometimes, that will take a TON of bravery, like for this instructor…

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Cheated After the Engagement, on Relationship

This is because???  You’re about to turn yourselves in, to serve that LIFE sentence, so, before you signed your lives away, you’d gone crazy???  Translated…

My younger sister works for a public office, because how busy she is at work, her social circle is too small, although she’s already older, she is still single, with NO friends from the members of the opposite sex.  Last year, she’d taken a vacation in Europe during her time off, on the trip, she’d met a handsome, gentlemanly, boyfriend who works in trade.

As they returned back home, they’d started dating, became a couple, inseparable, and, all of our friends and families believed, that they were, a match made in heaven.

With everybody giving out the blessings, last year, the two of them were engaged, we believe, that our younger sister is about to put on that white dress, and march down the aisle soon.

But, out of expectation, recently, my younger sister started locking herself up in her room, never went out again, and, she’d started frowning a lot too, like she’d gotten taken or something.

After observing her like this for a couple of days, I’d asked her, “Did something bad happen to you?  Don’t keep it locked up inside, why don’t you tell it to me, you’ll feel a whole lot better.”

At the moment after I’d told her this, her tears slid down her cheeks, she’d cried and told me, “A few days ago, I’d gone to see the flowers bloom, and I’d bumped into my fiancé, with a hottie in his arms, acting so intimate with each other, taking selfies in the blooming flowers.  I’d turned around angrily and came home, and I’d decided, at the moment, to break it off with him, to never see or hear from him again.”

I’d felt much relieved after I heard, thinking, a man who’s unfaithful to love before the marriage, could we expect him to be faithful after the marriage?  Rather than finding out too late, it’s better to know beforehand, and just sever the ties.

Men and women must be careful when dating, because one wrong move, your lives will be filled with regrets forever.

And so, it’s still better to find out, before the two of you tied the knot, because if he’s cheating on you when the two of you were dating, or engaged, imagine how he will still keep to his old ways, after you are wedded, so, it’s better to have your hearts broken now, rather than later, isn’t it?  Sure is!

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Taken the Hard Road to Conception

Infertility issues here, and, it is, especially hard, for those in the Eastern cultures, translated…

I thought, originally that getting pregnant and having a baby would come naturally after I married, without knowing, that it was, actually, the beginning of MY nightmares.

I was a little over a month into my first pregnancy when the doctor believed, that the child didn’t have a heart beat, I’d gone to three separate doctors, and, they’d confirmed, that, it was, “a malformed fetus”, and so, I’d taken the advice of the doctor, had an abortion, and, because I was still quite young, I’d taken a few days of, then, headed, straight back to work again.

Without realizing, that that, was only the beginning of my trials, first, I had a hard time, conceiving, waited for a year, when I’d finally gotten pregnant, I’d taken extra care, but, two months in, I’d miscarried again.  Still recalled how rushed I was, to get to the hospital, and the doctor told me, that I couldn’t keep an unhealthy pregnancy, that I shouldn’t take it to heart too much.  Although I understood what he was telling me, but, I’d had to, swallowed down hard, those tears, it felt, like a bitter glass of alcohol, the sense of loss, was beyond my verbal expressions.

This time I’d miscarried, it’d waken me up, I’d decided, to take good care of my body, on the one hand, I’d gone to see the Chinese doctors, to get my body well, and on the other, I’d sought out western ways, to help me with infertility, during which time, I’m grateful to my husband, going everywhere with me, and, I’d gone to the Chinese doctors regularly by the week.  Because there were so many patients, we’d often had to wait for the entire evening, by the time I’d finally gotten home, it was, past ten o’clock, the very next day, I’d headed over to the Chinese medicine shops, to get the medications, and cook the meds myself.  In the morning and evening, I’d pinched my nose, and managed, to drink down the bitter medication.  On weekends, I’d rushed to the OBGYN’s office, to try an assortment of ways to help me conceive.

My mother-in-law’s side of the family also worked hard, to find an assortment of ways, and, they’d even done a ritual called, “exchanging flowers”, hoped that I can have a trouble free birth.  In all of our working hard together, finally, four years after we wed, I was, able to, have a son.

In the past, I’d had a smooth ride, in school, and at work, I’d thought, that everything I got, I worked hard for, and after going through this arduous process of getting pregnant, I’d understood, that other than believing in myself, and my own persistence, I’d relied even more on other people’s help and encouragements.

My son is truly, a gift from god, without this difficulty in conceiving, I couldn’t have gained the understandings I have for life, and I couldn’t have learned, to be humble or grateful, nor would I cherish what I have right now.

And so, this, is just, a lesson, that fate had you learn, the HARD way, because you’d had a smooth ride all the way, fate tossed you a curve ball, so you’d learned to not take things for granted, and, you’d learned your lesson well, which, is why things have worked out for you.

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Being Put Down by Her “Better Half”

The interactions of a husband & a wife, translated…

Meng taught at a private technical high school.  Her husband is a professor at a university, when they were just wed, it’d made everybody envious of them.  Unexpectedly though, a few days ago, Meng called me up, told me she wanted to divorce her husband.

Upon hearing, I was shocked, and I just asked her all about it, Meng told me she’d worked for a private technical high school, and is regularly under great pressure, every time she’d gone home, and said a few words of complaints to her husband, he’d put her down.  Meng said, that the purpose of her, pouring her heart out at him was not so he could talk down to her some more, nor was she looking for a solution from him, for her problems at work, she just hoped, that he could, keep his horses, and hear her rant for a bit, instead of putting salt on her wounds, and turning her down, invalidating her feelings.  After I’d heard, other than trying to calm her down, I’d shared my own experiences with her.

When my children were in the middle school years, they attended the school where I taught, and, as the children of teachers, the spotlight was often on them, and so, when my sons didn’t do that well at school, and was shown care and concerns by others, I’d told my husband, that I was under great pressures, he’d always acted so relaxed, as if it wasn’t even related to him; he’d even told me, so long as my children grow up healthy and strong, the grades don’t really matter.  Later on, my daughter had gotten into a very famous language school in the south, and my son, into a very good high school too.

When my son was in his junior year in college, he’d told us he wanted to drop out and start his own business, I’d almost passed out, I’d hoped, my husband could talk him out of it, but my husband told me, to take care of myself first, and that the children will have their own blessings in life, to not worry so much.  And now, my son had not only graduated from university, he’d also served his army terms, and is ready, to head off abroad for a graduate degree.  Two years ago, my daughter wanted to go to the States to study too, she didn’t want to go through a middleman company, did everything herself, in the end, all the schools she’d applied to for the first year didn’t take her at all, I was so totally worried, and, my husband said coldly, “why you so hurried, when the timing is right, she shall fly!”, turns out, my daughter flew abroad without any troubles last year, and is now, living her dreams of going to study abroad.

I told Meng, at the time when my husband said those words to me, I too, felt, that he was turning me down, and was very annoying, but later on, I’d thought about it, everything he’d told me was reasonable too, and, if the two of us got into it back then, then, the results may have been a whole lot worse.

And so, I’d told Meng, “it is difficult, making a marriage work, and if you can’t change him, then, change your thoughts, see him as your best guardian then!” but, I believe, that at the time of the events, as husbands, you should NOT say anything, just give your other half a hug, that, is the best way to soothe them.

And here, you still see the gender difference of the expectations of what we women are searching for, when we complained to you, and how you would automatically TACKLE our problems FOR us, when in actuality, all you need, is to just SIT, and listen to us rant, and, after we ranted whatever it was that was bugging the HELL out of us to you, we feel, a WHOLE lot better, but, you losers still take that “problem-solving” approach, and this, will ALWAYS be what’s between the genders when we communicate, because that, is how the male and female minds think differently!

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Buying His Wife’s Forgiveness with a Million-Dollar Property…

And, I used to think, that forgiveness CAN’T be BOUGHT, apparently, I’m, once again, MISTAKEN here, from Yahoo!.com Taiwan, translated…

A married man in Taipei, Bai, had saved the photos of intimacy that he’d had with his whore in bed together, on his home computer, and was found by his wife, it was found by his wife last year, Bai then gave his wife, the property he’d bought, worth around ten million dollars N.T. as his way of begging his wife’s forgiveness.  Bai’s wife had, sued the other woman, Chou, and the District Court of Taipei found Chou guilty, and mandated that she must pay Bai’s wife $400,000N.T.

Based off of The Apple Daily, after Bai’s affair went bust, he’d given a house of a hundred million dollars N.T. in worth, in return for her forgiveness, which worked, and, Bai’s wife sued the other woman, Chou for adultery.  But the judge thought, that because Bai’s wife just went after Chou, and not her husband, she’d violated the “No Separations Clause” of the suits, and, decided, to toss the case out.

The reports showed that Bai’s wife had sued Chou in the civil front for $600,000N.T. for damages, and, the judge believed, that Bai’s wife’s right of being Bai’s spouse had been violated, and found Chou guilty, and that she must pay Bai’s wife $400,000N.T.

Is that fair?  Hell NO!!!  I mean, WHY the FUCK (and NO, don’t “pardon” me this time!!!) is it ALWAYS the women who get sued, I mean, what about the losers who couldn’t keep their DICKS inside their pants, I mean, it DOES take TWO to tango, right???  And that still just shows how easily a woman can and will forgive her LOSER husband for HIS infidelities, but, think of it in another term, if it were the woman who’d cheated, do you think, that the husband would forgive as easily?  I think not!  And, this, is one MORE case (and I’m more than 100% P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E, that this, is NOT going to be the LAST “case” that shows GENDER inequality!!!).

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