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If you’re human, then, surely, you will go through the process of growing old, and falling ill, and die, but, it seems, that on the writings on such subjects, there are, gender specifications too.

Men, unless they’re Zen masters or Buddhists, they usually not talked about the direct effects of the body, deteriorating.  When men writes on the subject of ailments, it’s usually on someone else’s ailments; the patients’ (if the writer is a doctor), or the family members (if he’s a next-of-kin).  And, if the man is talking about his own experiences, then, he’d focused on fighting off the illnesses, like how after Dominique Bauby had a stroke, he’d used his eyes, and finished “Diving Bell & the Butterfly”.  If men wrote their experiences with their health ailments out into books, it’s usually, documenting how they were able to successfully beaten their conditions.  And the ailments showed how they are unrelenting, in battling their conditions, and how strong their will to survive is.


Of course, there are, also women who refused to be beaten by old age too.  But, at a certain age, women will eventually, admit to being defeated by the years.

This just shows how there’s this SHARP and contrasting difference to how men and women deal with the issues that they’re faced with, men are more active in writing about their experiences, battling their own conditions, while women take a more laid-back approach, and, women are more than likely to remember the days when they were once healthy, more than men, based off this article.

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Not Free to Love, as We Chose

We have here, uh, an ODD couple!

Not free to love, as we chose, because we’re of the same gender, and, although laws are currently being passed, to okay same-sex marriages all over the places, we’re still, SHUNNED, by the public, like when we’d gone strolling, we held hands, and, people would look at us weird, making us both uneasy.

Not free to love, as we chose, well, you know what, I NEVER chose my sexual preferences, it’s just how I was born, and, there’s NO way, I can change, what’s already, genetically prewired.

Not free to love, as we chose, sure, there are so many countries that are currently passing laws, to okay same-sex marriage, but, would we all be considered, equals?  Of course N-O-T, and, what IF me and my partner are both Catholics, and we wanted to be married, by a Catholic priest, in a Catholic church, oh no, no, I can already see their shocking faces: we’re NOT allowing GAYS or LESBIANS, to marry here, in this HOUSE of G-O-D!

Well, if God really, loved all of HIS children (there’s still SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many ways I can argue that!), then, why are we being given a hard time, in trying to marry who we love?

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The Japanese Teenage “Part-Timing Girls” Walked Along the Borderlines of the Law

Look how easily they’d all SOLD!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

On Hara Street in Tokyo, you see an assortment of adolescent girls, wearing uniforms from so many high schools, shoving the small flyers, into the hands, of the male passersby, “This, is what’s called the JK (High School Girl) industries I suppose.”, I’d thought to myself.  Based off of the small flyers, there are, pricings for massages, cleaning the ears, lying on your thighs, carrying on in conversations, with the separate price ranges.

The representative of the Colabo Group, Nito Yume gave a speech at the specialist organizations, estimated that there were, about 5,000 adolescent girls who are involved in the JK industries, “The government does nothing.”, the workers are wandering at the borderline of the law, like when those high school read your fortunes, hears you pour your heart out, and recently, there’s the shops, with the girls, folding origami in a glass room, with a single-direction binocular, the chairs are set up, for the customers who are peeping, to see what’s underneath their skirts.  But, because of the legislations, it makes the police hard to enter into the places, to do a search, to collect the related evidence.  In the whole of Japan, only Aichi Agata set up the bans for these JK industries this February.

Nito, who’d once wrote out her experiences into “High School Refugees”, in 2011, set up Colabo, to offer cares and concerns for girls in the high school level; she said, a lot of people believed, that those girls in the sex industries are from lower economic statuses, but they actually only made up one-third, “the other third was from well-to-do-families, but the students don’t get along well with the members of the families, or the classmates, and, another third came from children from good backgrounds”.  A lot of the teenage girls believed, that they’re not selling their bodies, they’d earned the easy money, working these easy gigs, and at the end, they were, PUSHED into the slave trade.

The way that Nito saved these girls is head to the streets, and strike up conversations with these girls on the streets, the very first line was usually, “You want to eat together?”  she’d told, that some of the adolescents never even had hot pot with the families, or had never even seen their parents cook.  She’d cooked with the girls, and sat with them, laughing and talking at the supper table, to give them a place of comfort.  Not everybody would immediately open up to her right away, some, after six months of hanging out with her had, told her about their own sexual abuses from the childhood years.

Nito said, that unlike how the U.S. would punish those who’d solicited sex from the younger children severely, the Japanese culture had, encouraged the adults, to seek out younger girls, and the society carried the attitude of how it’s the families, or the girls’ own fault”, and even the teens felt, that they’re to blame, so they couldn’t reach out for help.  A lot of the young adults feared getting sent into government facilities, Nito pointed out, she’d heard, that the “protection center’s” workers aren’t professional social workers, she’d heard, that all the children there should not maintain eye contact with each other, no exchange of names, no talking in private, and they go to the bathrooms, brush their teeth, under strict surveillance, “This, is not care and concern, it’s managing”.

She said, “It’s a shame, that those who are willing to show ‘care and concern’, providing them with food, shelter, and work, even afterschool tutoring, are the workers in the JK industries, no wonder the adolescent girls are so faithful to them.”

And so, because these teens can’t feel accepted by their families, and in school, that, is why they’d turned to the first ones who’d offered them that place that felt like “home”, and, oftentimes, those places that “felt” like home, are so far from home, that once they get in, they will NEVER have the chance of getting out again.

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Pride Stood in the Way of Apology

Pride stood in the way of apology, as that, is how it goes usually!

Pride stood in the way of apology, don’t know why, but that HUGE rock just won’t budge, it can’t be moved, at all!

Pride stood in the way of apology, although I knew that I’d done wrong, and, I KNOW, that I should be crawling back to you, but, I’m just not, because of my own pride, and, I can already foresee, what this pride’ll get me: losing you, and yet, I still can’t quite reason with my pride here.

Pride stood in the way of apology, and, there’s NO way ‘round that, as I got too much pride, always had, and, I just won’t be the first one, to raise up that white flag, in this war called L-O-V-E!

Pride stood in the way of apology, and, pride will eventually, RUIN us, and, by then, it would be, too late, to take back our prides, because the love had ended, and pride was, the CULPRIT, in murdering this love of ours…

Pride stood in the way of apology, it’d become this HUGE and impenetrable wall, and, we are on either of its sides, screaming our lungs out at one another, but, neither one of us heard the words coming out of each other’s mouth.

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A Mother, with a DEAD Fetus

This, is what I am………oh, wait a sec, I’m still a VIRGIN, meaning that I’d never done THAT!

A mother, with a dead fetus, how’d that happen?  Did someone CUT it (the sex is still unknown???) out, when she’s still pregnant, like in an abortion?  Or, did she actively, KILL “it”, because she’s NOT yet ready, to take on the responsibilities of being a mom?

A mother, with a DEAD fetus, how could she have gotten that abortion, on her own child?  Didn’t she see, ALL the things she would’ve gotten to do, with this supposed, but now, DEAD and NONEXISTENT “child” of hers?  Was she NOT excited, like all those first time mothers, mothers-to-be, expectant, of her first born?

A mother, with a DEAD fetus, it (the fetus) was, CUT out of her, as it was, agreed, by the family of the guy who KNOCKED her up, because he was, already married, and from a well-known family, that just couldn’t weather through ONE more scandal, and so, this woman’s ILLEGITIMATE baby boy or girl (as the sex is still, undetermined???), got CUT out of her, and, the mother had only  but a minute’s time, to say goodbye, to that DEAD, not-yet-formed completely FETUS of hers…………

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Teach the Children…to Love Life, Then, They Will Have the Abilities to Love Others

From someone’s hearts, after the observations of how a medical student murdered another for competing for the attention of a girl he liked, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The murders of love at Kaohsiung Medical University, because a person couldn’t get over the love, causing two medical students with bright futures to die.  How do we examine the events, treating it as love becoming murder would be too simplistic.

The students of medical schools would have that love for life originally, and, saving others is the basis of the profession’s moralities, and still, how, was the murderer able to, take the life of his dearly beloved friend in the instant.  Murdering for love, wanted another’s love, just to be saved for oneself, but had used the most extremes of measures, to take a hold of this love, all it takes, is to calm oneself, and would realize, that murdering the competitor is not the way to go, but still did it!  Why is that?

This is not an isolated incident at all, in this day and age, murders are a part of every day, and, those who were murdered, because of love, are mostly the competitors, the ones who one loved, oneself, or, anything that prevented oneself from the love.  The simplest reason for love to turn into murder is no reciprocations, toward a love that one can have, the person feels taken, and would rather destroy the love in the process.  The resentments, the hatred, the loss, the helplessness, all combined, into one, and can’t turn the thoughts around, with nobody to talk to, to console, and so, they’d ended it all, with the most valid ways.  Some would even use the actions of murder-suicide to justify that that, was how much they’d loved someone else, that they’re willing, to lose their own lives, for the sakes of love.

Love originally helps make life more complete, and, using love, to fulfill one’s own life, the more you loved, the more completed your lives are.  Love, is toward life, toward oneself, toward the other person, toward the lives of others, and only this kind of love can merge life with love.

But, the lovers would mistake the relationship between life and love, treated love as if it were, their lives, that life existed, because of love, and vice versa, and at the same time, they would treat love as the only source of ones’ own lives, when love is gone, life will become, dried up, and, the thoughts of murder will too, sprout out, because of this messed up value system, losing love IS losing life, I don’t have life anymore, so, why the HELL would I care about other people’s lives?

The murders that occurred because an extra person got involved, or from the loss of love usually occurred, because the person viewed love as the only important matter of one’s own life, life is priceless, love, even more so!  I will NOT allow someone else, to take that from me, how can love change as it pleases?  Asking those involved to let go of the love, is asking them to lose their lives, and so, naturally, the persons would use the most drastic of all measures, to defend the love, as well as life too.

The magic of love lies in that it’s easily believable, that love is the only thing in life, without the rooms for mistakes, and, if there are mistakes, then, it would be, a matter of, life, OR death.  Even in the 21st Century online world, this myth of love being life still didn’t get changed, instead, the views became even MORE narrow instead.

The unfortunate events keep on happening, over, and over again, emotional management, life education, love education, all of these, would come into the public’s attention, after something had happened.  From before, the Department of Education encouraged the universities have classes on love, and gave out $70,000N.T. per class held to the schools, there are a TON of forms to fill out, a TON of fees to write up on, who would want to apply for it?

If love is a mandatory course of life, then, breaking up is the mandatory course for students, why not start teaching the kids in elementary schools about it?  So they would understand, that love is only a process that occurs in life, that those who loved life can have the ability to love others.  And what needed to be emphasized, is how to deal with the losses of love, there may be things missing from a life without love, but, that, is the nature of love, also, a process of life.

The tragic events caused two lives to become lost, and made two families in pain, this will keep on happening, it’s that the roles are not exactly the same, the families’ way of facing the losses, can it be resolved at all?  So long as we have the ability to love life, to love others, maybe, it would, reduce the incidences of murders that happen because of love.

And so, this, just shows how little kids understand about love, and, there had been, SO many incidences of this sort, and, it will, keep on happening, because that, would be, the matters of love, and, when love wasn’t dealt with properly, then, it may get turned, into MURDER!

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The First Wife and His Fourth Spare Worked Together, and Divorced the Cheating Husband

Women gained up on a man here, from the Front Page Sections, translated….

Chang said, that his wife disregarded how dirty and covered with mud he was as he set foot into the house, and accused him for having an affair, and, because he was pressed, he’d told her that he’d had sex without a condom, just to piss her off, that his wife couldn’t accuse him of having an affair, having the recordings of what he’d said out of anger; plus, Chinese was not his mother tongue, sometimes, he couldn’t mean what he says.  But Jeng, his FOURTH spare came to court and told, that four years ago, she’d met Chang in a night club, after they’d started seeing each other for a month, he’d proposed to her, Chang said, that he loved her so, and would falsify a marriage with her, to stay in Taiwan, she loved him deeply, and had sex with him, it wasn’t until she’d gotten a call from his wife, did she realize, that he was already married for ten years, and had children.

It’s either that this woman is way too STUPID, or that this man, is truly, an EXCELLENT LIAR, but, either way, this cheating BASTARD still got caught, with his pants, DOWN to his ankles, and now, the wife is working with his FOURTH spare (I wonder what would the three OTHER spares say about that!!!), to SUE him, suits him right!

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The Taichung First High School’s Biology Instructor Became a Woman, His Mother Allowed Him to Dress as a Woman, But Hadn’t Nodded on the Sex-Change Operations

At least, his mother was willing to COMPROMISE here, and, it’s still all about BABY STEPS here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The biology teacher, Tseng from the First High School in Taichung went on the process of sex change, after she’d come out, she’d received a ton of supports, but, she’d cared most about her mother’s views.  Last week, she’d put on makeup, and worn a dress, as she’d gone back home, her mother who’d originally accused her of being “a joke” told her, “You can dress up as a woman, but, you can’t go through the sex reassignment operations,” her mother’s words against her having a sex-change operation had her mother’s love after she’d changed her mind.

The principal of the First High School in Taichung, Chen said, in the past week, there were over a hundred thousand members of the online community who caused the story of “Him Becoming Her” to go viral, he’d originally feared that there would be people who’d talked trash, but, surprisingly, he’d heard nothing BUT voices of support mostly, and, there were four calls that showed great concerns for the subjects; this story is a positive lesson, a few of the classes used this story as a discussion, to teach the teachers, as well as the students, to show respect to a person, no matter the gender, the sexual orientations, or professions of the person.

From Tseng’s Facebook pages, she’d received numerous supports from places like Malaysia, Singapore, as well as Hong Kong too, and, there are a ton of mails, from parents, sharing the issues they’d had with their own children’s sexual orientation, and identifications with the genders too.

Tseng said, after her mother saw the news about her getting a sex-reassignment, she’d gotten furious, and called her up, to blame her, last weekend, she’d accompanied her mother and aunt, to a religious gathering, and, she’d worked up the courage, to put on her dress, her makeup too, with earrings, and bracelets as well, “formally” appeared in a form of a woman in front of her mother.

“Even though I’d already received a ton of support from the society and all around, I’d wanted my mother’s blessings the most!”, Tseng had been taking female hormones for a year and a half now, and her secondary sex traits had already been altered, but because of how her mother was against it, in the past, she only dared to dress in androgynous clothes, and this time, she’d dressed herself like a woman, hoping, that she could gain the support of her mother, to finish the final step in transforming from “him” to “her” finally.

And so, despite ALL the support that this person received, what “she” needed and wanted the most, was still “her” mother’s support, and, “her” mother had compromised slowly too, from NOT allowing “her” to dress up as a woman, to only NOT permitting for the gender reassignment operations, and, that just shows how the mother’s attitude about what was happening is slowly, altered, and, I’m sure, that one day in the future, the mother will embrace this new “daughter”, who was once, her son!

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A “Cougar” from Malaysia Came to Taiwan to be with Her Boyfriend, Got Trash Talked by His Mother

Look AT how much love cost here???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Malaysian woman of forty-two years of age, Lee, flew across the oceans, to be with her younger male friend whom she met online, by eighteen years of age, in the airports, when Wu’s mother saw Lee, she’d screamed at her, “How OLD are you?  Do you know how old my son is!?”, then, the mother took her son, and left, Lee didn’t have enough money, to travel back home again, Wu called up the airport police department to report the situation, and asked for help on Lee’s behalf, Lee’s family in Malaysia wired the money for her to buy the tickets, and last night, she was successfully, on the plane back home again.

Before Lee boarded the flight, she refused to blame Wu and her mother, Wu, who is currently unemployed, because of his mother’s being against it, didn’t get a chance, to take Lee home with him, but he’d promised that he’ll work hard, to make enough money, after he’d had enough saved up, he will fly Lee back to Taiwan again, and, be together with her.

The Airport Police Department received a call, late night two nights ago from Wu, said that a Malaysian woman was stagnant in the first terminal of the Taoyuan Airport, and was in need of assistance, the patrol officers spent three hours, looking, and finally found Lee, who was sitting, all alone on the benches.  Lee wasn’t wearing enough clothes, with a small bag, with her cell phone, and some other simple items, shaking like a leaf, and the police took her, to find a place for her for the night.

The forty-two year-old Lee is fluent in Chinese, she said, that she was married at eighteen, has five children, ages ten to nineteen, she’d been living under the violence of her husband, had filed for divorce.  A year ago, she’d gotten online, where she met the twenty-four year-old, Wu, they hit it off, she’d only asked him, if he’d minded that she was married before, and with children, Wu didn’t mind, wanted her to bring nothing, to fly to Taiwan to meet, promised that he’ll take care of her.

She’d spent over six months, finally saved up $6,000N.T.s, bought a one-way ticket to Taiwan, two afternoons ago, arrived here, in Taoyuan Airport, Wu promised that he was meeting her at the entrance halls.  But, Wu, being unemployed, didn’t have any money on him, and Lee had less than $1,000N.T.s, they couldn’t even afford the bus fares.

Wu called his mother in Kaohsiung for help, Wu’s mother and her family drove up north, but, when Wu’s mother saw Lee, she’d grilled her hard, “How old are you?  Do you know how old my son is?”, she’d dragged her son away, leaving Lee, all alone, in the airport.

After the airport patrol officer heard her story, he’d tried to contact Lee’s family in Malaysia, for them, to wire the money to the airport, so she could buy her ticket back, and, Lee was finally, able to get on the flight back home again.

Apparently, this, is what NOT thinking things through can get you, this woman thought that she was set to meet up with love, without realizing, that love had a fine print, and, because the man is still living at home, relying on HIS own mother, unemployed, he had to follow his own mother’s orders, and that just shows, how those LOSERS still RELIED on their mamas, and that still also shows, that LOVE is nothing, that love conquers NADA!

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The Complete Single Day, Life as a Single Parent


I’d been a single mother for five years, my son went with his father, and I have custody over my daughter.  After I’d had several honest to heart conversations with both our parents, as well as my children’s father, my ex-husband finally agreed, mid last year, that the older brother and younger sister could have four days out of the month to spend together.  And so, the very last weekend of the month, my daughter would head over to her father’s, and, these two days became my “single days”.

I’d gotten used to life with my daughter by my side, and, suddenly, from Friday evenings to Sunday evenings, I no longer had her company, her voice no longer resonated through the house, the bed became so spacious, it was, really hard, for me to adapt, I’d missed her so.  In order, to keep myself from missing her too much, I’d headed over to the office on Saturdays to work, buried myself in work; and on Sundays, I’d slept in, and take my leisure breakfasts, then, headed out, to ride, to hike, or to meet up with my friends.  And, all of a sudden, it came time, to pick my daughter up again.

During the two days my daughter was away, it was like an early onset of my empty nest, at first, I had troubles, filling up this void, but now, I’d gotten used to it.  And, life is just like so, when there came varied situations, we must all, make adjustments, to work, to transfer our attention elsewhere.

Recently I’d read the activities of the volunteers on the United Daily News, I’m going to sign up as a volunteer too.  I believe, that when my empty nest comes, or when I’m about to retire, I can already live this life I’d already planned out well.

So, your daughter going to spend the weekend with her father became your trial-run for your own empty nest, and, it is important, to have multiple hobbies, established, WAY before you’re retiring, or your empty nests really actually HIT you, because if you’d waited until then, to start planning it, well, it’ll be, too late then.

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