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Accidentally Disclosed Her Location by Facebook

So, other than it becoming a way of connecting with your friends, these “newly developed” devices are also used in SPYING on someone, huh???  Translated…

My good friend Li-Feng dated a man named Jack for a while, she felt that they were too different personality wise, and decided to break up with him.  But Jack didn’t understand why, kept calling her up, begging her to get back with him, sometimes, he’d flash called her several times a day, making her troubled.

Awhile ago, we’d asked Li-Feng and a few of our good friends out to dine, May May used her cell phone, to “check in” on Facebook, with the tag of everybody who came.  Within the hour, Jack appeared in front of the restaurant, begged, to speak with Li-Feng in private, it’d shocked her.  We quickly stepped up and tried to get through to Jack, and then, finally, we’d gotten him to leave her alone, for now.  Li-Feng was so shocked, as she wondered, “How would Jack know that I’m here?”

Ting-Ting, who’s very good at using Facebook, quickly discovered the problem—there was NO privacy setting on Li-Feng’s Facebook pages.  Ting-Ting explained to her, “There is a function, for when you scanned in on Facebook, ‘could friends use the landmarks to register me’, if you didn’t check the cancel box, then, when you head out with friends, even though you did not scan the barcodes on Facebook, but your friends had checked you in, and, your whereabouts became known.”

“It must be how when Mei-Mei was checking in, that she’d registered you too, and, Jack saw it on Facebook.”  After Mei-Mei heard, she’d started apologizing to Li-Feng, it was just an act of fun, without knowing, that it would get her into this much trouble.

Ting-Ting then taught Li-Feng, “If you want to prevent your friends from disclosing your whereabouts, then, you must select ‘Set Up’, then, choose the box for ‘Who can see you in your posts’, and, select the option of ‘myself’, then, from here on out, even AS your friends checked themselves in on Facebook, your Face friends still couldn’t see your whereabouts.”

Ting-Ting went a step further, to remind us all, that even though, Facebook is convenient to use, but, it’s actually a half-opened social networking site, and the users may disclose things they didn’t mean to, causing themselves to be in dangerous situations.  And, based off of the news reports, some of the employers would check if the employees are posting bad things about the company.

And so, when we used Facebook, we must set up our privacy statements, and be careful in saying the words we want to say, that way, we wouldn’t put ourselves in bad situations.

This, would be one of the MANY downsides for using Facebook, you WILL get TRACKED down, even IF you don’t want to be, because you scan that barcode thing by the door, then, that, is how others will know what you’re up to, and this, is especially dangerous, when you have a stalking EX!

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An Elderly Version of Tsong-Rui Lee, Raped and Had the Footage of Him Raping on Tape, Eight Women Fell Victim

And you still don’t think that men should get C-A-S-T-R-A-T-E-D???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The owner of the designing company, Lin took his female employees to “visit clients”, and he’d spiced up the drinks, and, as he raped them, he recorded the footage, the female assistant Yu (a false name) called the police.  The police followed the leads, and found that there were several files of how Lin’s plans of drugging and raping the women, and there were up to eight victims total; and one of them, a college student was his daughter’s classmate who slept over because they had a project to do together, and the victim had NO clue of what had happened to her.  Lin claimed that it was all consensual, that he was worried that he might get scammed, that was why he’d kept the videos as evidence, but as the police came to his place with a warrant, he’d attempted to destroy physical evidence.  The Shihlin District Attorney’s Office believed that Lin’s behaviors was exactly like that of Tsong-Rui Lee’s, and the man was without remorse, and so, they’d prosecuted him based off of forced sexual assault and asked the judge to show NO leniency.

Lin (age 47) is heavyset and jolly looking, ran an electric company in Taipei.  Yu accused, that last year in August, Lin wanted her to accompany him, he’d drank the chocolate milk handed to her by him, then, felt drowsy.

After Yu came to, she’d questioned Lin, “Why are we in a motel?”  Lin couldn’t tell her why exactly, she suspected that she was drugged and lost her virginity, she’d notified the police for assistance.

The police found sleeping pills, tranquilizers in Lin’s home.  Lin’s wife told them, that Lin picked those up from the doctors, but barely took any pills, as the police came to their residence to search, she’d even asked them, “What’s happened?”

There were so many secret footages Lin shot in his computer, and they were separated based off of the scenarios, “Drugged in the Rooms”, “Falling into Deep Slumber”, “Penetration After the Drugs Kicked In”.  The police found, that other than Yu who was filmed, there were two other female employees, four bar girls from a Japanese-style drinking house, and, the other young woman who was sexually molested by him was his daughter’s classmate.

The bargirl, “Kiki” didn’t even KNOW that she was raped and taped, she angrily told the police, that she started feeling doubtful after she felt drowsy after she’d down the alcohol Lin had provided for her, and once, she’d looked closely, and found that the colors of the drinks are different, then, she’d taken the warnings.

Her daughter’s classmate felt scared and sad.  The young woman told, because she was finishing up her reports, that, was why she’d stayed over in Lin’s residence, and she and his daughter bunked on the floor, and after she was shown the footage, she’d learned of what had happened, that when she was fast asleep, her classmate’s father attacked her breast, “I just want to put it all behind me quickly!”, she’d stated.

And, that still just shows, that you still CAN’T keep a man from raping, just like how you can’t keep a dog from eating ITS shit!  And, this man is already OLD, and yet, his TESTOSTERONE is still raging?  Are you FUCKING kidding me here?


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An All-Star High School Male Student’s Nude Photos Was Spread Online Maliciously

Apparently, this young lad is still, TOO inexperienced, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male student from an All-Star High School posted forty of his own nude photos online, awhile ago, the photos went viral onto a gay porn site, then, forwarded to the Facebook Fans Page “Hate Jien-Guo All Boys High School CK Hate”, the male student two days ago, came forth to the police with his parents, and the police are zoomed in to the perp.

The male student discovered his own nude photos on a porn site on Mid-Autumn Festival, and was forwarded onto the Facebook Fans Page where his classmates usually go, he told the cops, that during March of this year, he’d forwarded these photographs to a man he met online in the city of Taipei, he had NO idea it was going to go viral.

The male student still showed up to school yesterday, and, he’d gotten upset, as his classmates inquired him, the school stated, that they couldn’t restrict the students’ friendships outside of school, but had already had someone counsel the adolescent.

The Fans Specialty page of Facebook “CK Hate” on September 7, there was a post, “This lower class member is making himself known to the world”, with the X-rated gay websites attached.  After the male student reported this to the police, the gay website could still link to his Facebook page, but this student’s nude photos had already been deleted.

The police stated, that they’d zoomed in on this specific online “acquaintance”, and, if the man had spread the photos maliciously, he would’ve broken the laws, and could be sentenced to no more than three years in prison and charged with five million dollar fines.

The originally opened to comment website had the online community raging, and had cussed out everything about Chien-Guo High School, the Fans page of “Hate Chien-Guo High School”, had already posted an apology and retraction notice, and the man responsible for the website stated, that he may be faced, with getting shut down.

The online community felt that this male student was taken advantage of, “What did the manager do?  Couldn’t they filtrate the articles first, this, is outrageous, that they’d put things that should’ve been private out there.”

And that just shows, how everything you’d posted online, is still fair game, and, what the HELL were you thinking, child?  You should’ve had better sense, to know, that everything you’d posted online, can and will get spread (like that infectious disease?), or, did they NOT teach you that in your session on web safety in school there?

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Enticing Adolescent Girls to Go Out on Photo Ops, He’d Pretended to Be a Female Model and a Photographer

Even AFTER SO many PREVIOUS cases, and you’re still falling for that OLDEST trick in the book, ladies???  When will you E-V-E-R learn???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Weng, who works in an architecture firm as a designer, on the friendship software online, he’d posed as a female model and photographer, and enticed female students to go out on scene for a detailed photography session, then, used the excuse of an audition to get the adolescents to a motel, then, rapes them.

The police examined Weng’s office and home computer, and didn’t discover any nude photos, and, the camera they took into custody had NO traces either, based off of Weng’s statements, he’d told the police that his laptop has NO more spare memories, and so, he’d deleted the pictures, and that he’d photographed three young women; the police suspected that there had been multiple victims, and booked him based off of obstruction of sexual freedom, the D.A. set the bail at fifty thousand dollars.

Based off of understanding, the thirty-four year old Weng works in an architecture firm in Taipei, has a gentle look about him, with a steady girlfriend, at the end of June this year, he’d used the communications program “Bee Talk”, and claimed himself as the female model who shoots on scene, “Jessie Wu”, and posted the pictures he’d found online, and struck up a conversation with a seventeen year old high school student in Hsinbei city, managed to talked her into the fact, that the business of modeling is easy money, that “she” had gotten paid $2,500N.T. an hour, and introduced the photographer, “Xing” to her.

The female student was moved, and Weng used the identity of “Xing”, through the “Bee Talk” program, and discussed with her how far she needed to go, and the price, he’d discovered that the girl has some issues, then, he’d switched back to the role of the female model and given her consultations, claimed that the photographer is excellent, and that she’d trusted him completely, “It’s just a photo shoot, it’s really safe!”

“Xing” invited the girl for an interview during the daytime at a café, the girl agreed, but, before she’d arrived at the café, Weng changed the location to a motel close to the Dome for an interview, said that there, they can talk about how far she’s willing to go, the girl didn’t suspect, they’d met up at the doorway of the hotel.

Based off of the statements, Weng used the excuse of “making you look more beautiful in the shots”, to have the girl take a bath, then, he’d used a camera to take her pictures, shot her hands, her back, then, he’d asked her to take her panties off, so he could photograph her pubic region, and started sexually molesting her, after the female student realized that something wasn’t right, it was already too late, Weng forced his finger into her, and managed to record the footage of him, raping her, afterwards, he’d tossed down $1,500N.T., then, left.

As the female student went home, she’d cried to her parents about it, that evening, they’d gone to the police, the Detective Squad based off of the IP address, and took the surveillance footage, and zoomed in on Weng, and made an arrest at the place he worked; he’d claimed, that the photographs he’d taken of the girl were for his own viewing pleasures, that it was a spur of the moment when he’d touched her inappropriately, and because the girl didn’t say no, that, was why he’d had sex with her, with her consent.

Yeah, just how D-U-M-B are THEY getting these days?  I mean, those modeling agency gigs should BE a RED FLAG themselves, and, how many cases of young teenage girls like this one there must be, for you all, to realize, that this, IS a dangerous world?  And, parents, DO teach your children to PROTECT themselves, I mean, at least, bring along a BOTTLE of M-A-C-E!!!



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Ways to Stop an Old Flame from Harrassing You

Now these, may OR may NOT work, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

  • Clearly, but in a mild manner, tell the person “no”, other than giving the other person a way out gracefully, it can also help prevent making the other person angry…

Here’s what I THINK: if you don’t CLEARLY tell the OTHER person that it IS O-V-E-R, then, wouldn’t that leave a window of opportunity, for the person to think, “hey, I might still have a chance”, I get that letting the other person down gentle, it’s safer, but IF you’re NOT clear-CUT on your methods, then, the other person might misinterpret it as “oh, I might have a slight chance”, then, you’d end UP with MORE problems than E-V-E-R, especially IF you’d started dating again.

  • Move away when necessary, to avoid opportunities for contact

Hello, what happens if the other person turns into a STALKER, then, wouldn’t you be in more danger than you’d begun with?  Uh, D-U-H!  And, moving away is just escaping the problem, NOT dealing with it, and, IF you don’t deal with it, then, it has an OVER-a-HUNDRED percent CHANCE, of coming back, and BITING you in the A-S-S!

  • Asking a mutual friend to act as the middleman, to convey the message, include the reasons of why the two of you are NOT fitting together, to avoid the misunderstanding of the parties involved, and allowing the pursuer to falsely believe that you’re playing hard to get.

Yeah, IF the person who’s harassing you is RECEPTIVE to outside opinion, but mostly, the harasser isn’t, and, even IF the reasons for why the two of you should NOT be together is dissected so clearly, the person who’s refusing to let go may NOT see it that way, and so, this, would have a very little effect, I think.

  • If the other person continues to harass you, change your phone numbers, and block the other person’s phone numbers
  • But, you KNOW what, those old flames turned PSYCHOS have a TON of resource, and, s/he will manage to TRACK you down, and, you’d get dragged BACK into the reality of getting harassed again, and, NO matter how many times you’d changed your addresses, your phone numbers, and, even IF you’d moved to a brand new city, and thought that you’re FREE from the person, you’d still be looking OVER your shoulders, and you’d get scared, at the sound of the phone ringing, so, how’s that effectively solving the problem? It is N-O-T!
  • When the harassment got to the point that it’d affected your daily lives, call the police, and ask for help.

Now, we’re finally involving the L-A-W, but, you know how well those god DAMN restraining orders worked already, don’t you?  And, the person who’s harassing will NOT stop, until the one who is getting harassed is back with her/him, or is killed, and so, it still doesn’t end well either way.


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They’d Dated Only for a Month, and She’d Been Hounded by Him for Three Years

Another one who just REFUSES to LET go, even AFTER love is OVER, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chou and his ex-girlfriend, Wen, who were dating for only JUST a month, and they’d broken up since three years ago, and Chou wasn’t pleased at how he was “dumped”, he’d called her up often, texted her nonstop, hoping that she’d meet with him again, and Wen could withstand the harassments, sued him.  The Shihlin District Attorney’s office found that Chou only sent text messages that is harmless, and so, they didn’t prosecute him.

The D.A. stated, that even though, Chou’s behaviors are not acceptable, and he’d created a TON of discomfort in his ex’s life, but, his behaviors did NOT constitute as criminal act, they’d suggested that Weng go through the civil courts to get this resolved.

Weng had once operated a lotto shop, and Chou had interviewed as her employee, after a month of dating, Weng felt that they are too different, and decided to break up.  Later, Chou went into the service, and Weng went to a hotel in Takoro to work, and they’d never met up again.

Weng accused, that while she was working at the hotel, her coworker told her, “There’s a Mr. Chou looking for you”, she was shocked, “It’s been so very long…”, she’d suspected that her personal information was leaked out.

“I swear I will NEVER use violence, can we meet up tonight?”, “You had gone off my radar, and, you’re probably doing lowly deeds right now!”  Weng put up the evidence of the messages she’d received from Chou as evidence.

As the D.A. opened up the case, Chou claimed, that what he was doing was NOT threatening, nor was it harassment, that he’d just wanted to have an amicable meeting with his ex-girlfriend.  The D.A. examined the text messages from Chou, and found, that mostly, they were about his state of being, “I’m hungry and tired right now”, “I hate Valentine’s Day”, etc., etc., etc., and he’d even reminded her of a movie that’s playing on AXN”, begged his girlfriend to take him back, that there were NO threats.

The D.A. stated, that even though, Chou had once stated to Weng, “You’re the culprit for causing your mother to turn demented”, but, the messages were sent to just his ex-girlfriend, that he didn’t spread it out to someone else, and so, it didn’t constitute as libel and slander.

Yeah, that’s just for THIS time, what about the NEXT time?  What if, the next time this LOSER decided to put HIS own words into action, and started harassing the woman even more?  After all, there’s a VERY thin line here, and because the boundaries are still very G-R-A-Y-E-D out, that, is how this, is a typically dangerous case scenario.

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The Man in Charge of a Borough Took Advantage and Touched a Woman Inappropriately, While the Neighborhood Gathered Around for a Meal

You M***ER F***ING horn dog!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man in charge of the neighborhood, Kuo, in Taoyuan, during a get-together, and touched the female in the same office as he, and was sued for sexual harassment.  Kuo insisted that he merely stroked the woman’s back, to remind her to eat, but the Highest Courts believed, that Kuo was NOT the host of the event, nor was he the eldest or the one with the highest status there, that it wasn’t his place, to remind the victim to eat her food, and, found him guilty of touching someone inappropriately, he is to either serve a jail sentence of four months, or to pay a $120,000N.T. fine.

The verdict stated, that last year on the evening of June 9, the leader of a village in Taoyuan took his wife to the home of a member of the village to eat; a female in charge of the neighborhood, because she wanted the person in charge of the village to help catch the strays running around, also came to say hi.

The female neighborhood leader, after having chatted with the man in charge of the village, walked over to the table, and bent over, to get a piece of goose gizzard, felt someone slapped her left buttocks.  She’d asked the wife of the man in charge of the village, “Aunt, did you touch me?”  The woman said, “It wasn’t me, it was him!”, pointed to Kuo, who was the manager of his neighborhood section.  The woman in charge of her neighborhood section screamed at Kuo, “You’re very OLD, and know NOT to be proper”, and she’d kicked Kuo’s chair, then left, after a few days, she’d called the police and pressed charges.

The first trial believed that Kuo indeed, behaved improperly, sentenced him to four months in jail.  Kuo appealed, claimed that he merely “stroked” the woman, that it wasn’t touching, nor was it hitting, to get the woman to sit down and have some food, but the collective courts believed, that it wasn’t his place, to invite the woman to sit down to eat, plus, he’d admitted to the fact, that he wouldn’t touch his own wife, or daughters’ buttocks to remind them to eat, and they courts decided that he’d intended to sexually harass the woman, toss back his appeal.

And so, that, just shows you how you NEED to be very careful, because you WILL get S-U-E-D, and that still just shows how men are ALL pigs too!!!

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A Predator Threatened a Woman with a Taser, and the Woman Didn’t Dare Scream

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-three year old woman two early mornings ago, had a spat with her boyfriend and wasn’t feeling well at all, she’d put on her earphones, and walked home alone, and, on the way home, she was attacked by a thirty-six year old man, Liu, with a taser, after she was shocked, she’d handed him her cash, and was forcefully taken by him to a motel where he raped her, then, she withdrew $20,000N.T. more and gave it to him, the police were able to track down the man, and charged him based off of robbery and forced sexual acts.

The police investigated, that two early mornings ago, at around three o’clock in the morn, the woman passed through the alleyways of the waterways, and, she was strolling back to her home about five kilometers away, and she was zoomed in by Liu who was looking for someone to rob.

Liu used the taser on her for several minutes, the woman fell limp on the ground, with serious bruising on her right upper arm and multiple contusions on both her legs and arms, and was forced to hand over the over a thousand dollars cash she had on her, but he didn’t think it was enough, the perp saw how she was wearing her shorts, became horny, and asked to have sex with her, and the victim begged him, “Can we NOT do it on the streets?”

The two of them walked over to a certain cheap roadside motel some five hundred meters away in the Luzhou District, and on the way, Liu had gone into the super convenience stores to buy medicines for the woman.  At around six o’clock, the two of them walked into a super convenience shop close to the motel, where the woman withdrew $20,000N.T., then, the separated.  At around ten in the morning, the woman was accompanied by her boyfriend and went to the police.

The police believed that as the woman walked to the motels, she waited for the suspect to go into the super convenience shops to get the medications, and they’d gone to the stores for her to make a withdrawal, she should’ve had multiple chances to call for help or to run away.  But the woman told the police, that she was so cared from the Taser zap, and that the passersby were mostly elderly or young children, and the suspect had taken away her cell phone and threatened her not to make a scene, and held a taser to her back, she didn’t dare call for help, she just wanted it to be over quickly.

After the woman told the police, the police went through the surveillance along the way, and found that Liu went into a certain community close to the motel, and, while they were reviewing the community surveillance footages, Liu walked out, and the patrol officers who saw him went up and made an arrest.  In interrogation, Liu admitted that he was turned on by the woman after he’d robbed her, and asked her to have sex with him, in the spur of the moment, and that she didn’t fight him off hard, or clearly stated “no”.

And so, this, is understandable why this woman didn’t call for help, and, just because a woman was so FUCKING scared to scream out “NO!”, doesn’t mean that it IS a YES, losers, and this M***ER F***ER (maxed out here!!!) was still caught, and, that, is the good work of K-A-R-M-A, and, if you do something bad, you will NOT get away with it!!!



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He’d Stolen Pictures of Hot Girls, and Asked Adolescent Girls to Strip on Webcam

Another SEXUAL predator, found, and caught, ONLINE, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-two-year-old man, Yeou used the photos of a hottie as his own, headed online to Facebook, to befriend young adolescent females, then, solicited them to take their tops off and webcam conference him, then, he’d tell them that he’s a man, and coerced them into having sex with him; the Taipei Detective Agency caught him yesterday, found that there were a TON of nude conversations with younger women on his laptop, and suspected that there were at least, EIGHT victims.

The Taipei Police Department reminded the adolescents, that when they were making friends online, they should keep the three “not’s” in mind: not getting too into it, not exposing one’s own body, not dating in secret”; to NOT get too trapped by the online world that it’d affected your routines, to NOT overly expose one’s own information via webcam or by photographs, to NOT meet out alone with someone you’d met online, and, you must choose a public place with great lighting if you are going out to meet up with someone you just met online.

The police pointed out, that Yeou last December, flagged down the photograph of hot women, to use as his profile photo on Facebook with a female name too, claimed that he’d just returned to the country from studying abroad.  Awhile ago, after he met a girl in Changhwa, he’d claimed that it was more open in foreign places that he’d wanted to see whose body looked hotter, and had sent the photograph he’d snagged of a woman, said, if I dared to do it, then, why can’t you?

He’d enticed her, said that if she was willing to take off her clothes in front of webcam, then, he’ll give her $3,000N.T.s.  The adolescent girl fell in the tempting offers, and stripped her top off, and, after Yeou had recorded the footage, he’d told her that he was a man, and forced the girl to meet with him, then, raped her, or, he will let the photograph go viral online.

The youth told the women and children’s department of the Changhwa police department, and cooperated with their investigations; but Yeou still kept going after the adolescent.  The girl told him she’d already notified the police, Yeou said he was out of the country that the police couldn’t track him down, he just wanted to have sex with her.

The police tracked down the ISP of Yeou’s computer yesterday, and made an arrest, early yesterday morning.

How STUPID can you younger ladies get?  And, it’s still for that little money too.  And you’d think, that these days, virginities should sell at a WHOLE lot higher, but it isn’t, and that just shows you how naïve those stupid girls are, to fall for trash like this one, and now you know, so, do NOT fall for it again, but I’m 99.99 (still living that .01%) PERCENT certain, that there would be another “victim” of similar case such as this one soon, I’m sure, maybe not tomorrow, maybe NOT the day after, but, soon…




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A Children’s Book about Gay Parents

How could you possibly EXPOSE our daughter/son to such atrocities???  Uh, just WATCH me!!!

We’re all coming OUT of the closets these days, and so, it’s NO surprise, that there would be books on gay parents, but, we’d never heard about a children’s book ON that topic, up until N_O-W, and, because matters as delicate as this, the government fears, would taint the minds of young readers, they’d DESTROYED the books, or rather, asking the rest of the public to do so.

A children’s book about gay parents, do you see anything wrong with that?  I mean, it’s NOT as if after you’d read books about gay parents to your kids as their bedtimes, they’re going to become gays OR lesbians, hello, hello, hello?  Homosexuality IS inborn, are you FUCKING kidding me?  And, IF you want to blame, blame it on the CHEMICAL imbalances during the women’s PREGNANCIES.

A children’s book about gay parents, that’ll totally SHOCK those religious fanatics all right!!!  How can public libraries support such an idea?  Do they NOT know, that children are easily influenced by what they read?

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