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A Swim Coach Put Up Cameras in the Showers, Claiming to Be Doing Some “Research”

Yeah right, you MOTHER-F***ING peeping T-O-M, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elementary school swim coach used the excuse of doing a study on sanitations in the swimming pools, climbed up to the ceilings of the shower room, and put eight small cameras in place, a plumber who was there to change the water pumps found it, the students were too frightened to go to swimming lessons, the school’s gender equality investigations group suggested that they FIRE the swim coach immediately.

“Could their nude photos be taken already?”, the parents, after they’d learned about this, brought up the inquiries, the police examined the cameras, and assured them that no videos or photographs had been taken by the cameras yet; and now, everybody who comes in and out of the pool areas must sign their names, and the school had put in an anti-surveillance system, along with infrared light detector, so that whenever someone climbs UP to the level of the ceilings, the alarms would sound off.  And the police booked Lin based off of invasion of privacy, theft of electricity, vandalism, etc., etc., etc. charges to prosecute Lin.
Based off of understanding, the swimming coach, Lin, had been subbing for the school for three years already, regularly, other than giving swim lessons, he is also the computer teacher, and in his spare time, he’d give private swim lessons too, and the way he did things was talked about a lot by the other staffs at the school too.  Lin was on a leave of absence right now, when the police took him in for questioning, he stated how sorry he was, to have done such deeds.

The school stated, that because Lin part-timed at the swim coach, he used the name to doing research, and could stay all day long by the poolside, without anybody getting suspicious of him, not knowing that he had set up hidden cameras.

The school, awhile ago, in order to add another water pump, and change the pipes of the pools had a plumber come by, as the plumber climbed up to the girl’s shower, he’d found that the ceiling was HOT-WIRED with hidden camera wires, after the school was notified, the officials learned about this.

The police used the statements of the plumber, opened up the ceilings, found a digital recorder, discs, along with a wireless server.  The patrol officers said, that the shower room ceiling was set up with thin plastic plates and light steel, and that if Lin had placed those cameras there, he would have to tip-toe on a ten centimeters wide light steel frame, if he wasn’t careful, he’d fell down.

Sounds to me, that police are questioning whether or NOT this swimming coach had indeed, set up the hidden cameras here, I mean, it IS too soon to tell, after all, there are still a TON of evidence to sort through here.  And that just shows you how close those PEDOPHILES are to your kids, and this time, it had happened, with a swim coach at an elementary school, but, he wasn’t able to “complete” his “work”, the cops already found him out!!!  So, the kids are SAFE, for this round, as for the next round?  Who knows, maybe they might NOT be as lucky as those kids here…

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Wanting to Marry a Sixteen-Years-Old Former Student, an Elementary School Instructor Got Fired

This, didn’t end too well, NOT like the case in the United States, translated…

An elementary school male instructor dated a former student who just turned sixteen, he gave her thongs and underwear as presents, and had sex with her.  Later, the student told the university that she’d applied to that she’d been raped by him, the male instructor got FIRED from the school, and was displeased, and, he sued her, but the judge wouldn’t allow for it.

The male instructor pointed out that he was dating her, and they had both reached a consensus, and, what they did is private and off the record; the school should NOT impose upon the instructors the “perfect moralistic standpoint” onto its instructors.  The highest executive courts in Taipei found that as a school instructor, one should uphold a set of strict values, and that the male instructor had crossed the line, and that the school didn’t do anything wrong.

He said, that after this young girl went to middle school and high school, she’d gone back to the elementary school instructor’s office to study, and, they became boyfriend and girlfriend, and had talked of getting married.

The instructor spoke for himself, that although it is morally wrong for an instructor to have feelings for a student, but, when they had sex, she’d been out of elementary school for five years, just turned sixteen, that it wasn’t against the laws, and the D.A. won’t prosecute him based off of this.  And, he had already reached an agreement with the student’s family, why won’t they give him a chance to make up for what he’d done?

The male instructor said, that as a female turned sixteen, then, she is allowed to have sexual freedoms, can get married, and, even IF he did give her thongs, and underwear, it wasn’t used as payments for sex.

He also used the examples of the American president, Clinton, along with numerous executive officials in the government, showing that so long as his personal life doesn’t intervene with his professionalism, then, the school should NOT make a federal case out of it.

The elementary school stated, that after the girl went on to middle and high school, she would return to the elementary school from time to time, to seek out advice from the male instructor, and they were still in a student-teacher relationship.  The male instructor took advantage of the girl, when she was NOT yet mature enough to have sex with her; although the D.A. didn’t prosecute the case, he’d also pointed out how dangerous it was, for the rest of the student population in the school, how it posed as a danger, that he was NO longer fitting as an instructor.

The government in Yilan also fined the instructor $300,000N.T. for his misbehaviors, according to the laws for the children and youth social welfare.

The highest executive courts found, that the instructor had crossed the line, had intercourse with the student; and, the court appointed psychiatrist found that the girl’s self-worth, her future as a nurse, along with her interpersonal relations will all be affected by this event, and that the instructor was fired, for justified reasons.

And, that is still NOT the end of this “circus”, because the instructor would feel “taken”, after all, it WAS consensual, and, the girl is NOT at all as innocent as they (the media) had painted her out to be, because sex usually happens under consensus, and if it didn’t, then, why the HECK did this young girl wait until many years later to point it out?  I mean, if she’s afraid, that, is understandable, but W-H-Y now, did she only come clean?  That, would be the Soup of the Day, served in today’s K-I-T-C-H-E-N…

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A Tae-Kwon-Do Instructor Sexually Molested Male Student

Another case had happened, and, could it have been prevented, hell yeah, so, why did this happen still, I mean, this is still NOT the first, NOR the last of its “kind”, from the newspapers, translated…

A Physical education instructor who also coaches Tae Kwon Do started an affair with a third year male student, they started having sex on campus, they’d even touched one another in the backseat of the student’s father’s car too; later, the female instructor wanted to break up, causing the student to almost commit suicide, and the student told his counselor that he’d fallen for someone he shouldn’t have, that, was how the whole thing blew out.

The female instructor (31 years old) paid a huge price for this, she was fired from the school, and the highest court had stopped her appeals yesterday too, and she is looking at two years of prison time, which she is to serve, in its entirety in jail.  The parents also sued the schools for three million dollars, and, during the first trial, the judge mandated the school pay $320,000N.T.

The female coach, along with her Tae Kwon Do coach ex husband had two children, and, two years ago, because they couldn’t get along, they divorced.  The fifteen year old boy went to talk to her about something, and she’d disclosed about how unhappy she was married, and, they fell into a deep state of infatuation.

Two years ago on March 25, the coach, after taking the students on a competition, took the male student’s father’s car home, in the backseat, she started touching the student inappropriately, and the parents who were seated up front had no clue.

Later, because the female instructor thought that they are too far apart in age, and are student and teacher, she distanced herself from him; the boy on his blogs, wrote: “Can age and status actually break apart two lovers?”, he wanted to commit suicide by swallowing pills, he sought out help from his counselor, and this incestuous relationship blew out in the open.

During the first trial, the instructor claimed that she was the one raped by him.  But, because she had once texted the parents for a meeting, and wanted another instructor to accompany her to apologize to the student’s parents for her misbehaviors, the judge didn’t believe her statements, sentenced her to two years in prison, and the second and third
appeal didn’t work in her favor, the sentence stands.

This, is why you should NEVER talk about your own marital, relationship issues with a member of the opposite sex, especially when he’s your student.  Hello, hello, hello???  Where IS the ethics?  And, the instructor KNEW what she was doing, and, when she finally pulled out, the boy was already damaged, and, NO amount of money can give this male student BACK his innocence, simply because he’d developed a CRUSH on his instructor.

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Tripping the Student as a Warning, the Instructor Got Reprimanded

The WRONG KINDS of D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E-S, translated…

A parent accused of an elementary school instructor, Lee in an elementary in Hsinbei City, that she had disciplined the children by tripping them with her feet, to straighten up their bad behaviors, there were ten “victims” who were students from the class who were subjected to this sort of “warning”, Lee also forced the students to sign a statement, claiming that she never physically disciplined them, the school board met yesterday, decided to give the instructor a warning, but the parents believed that this wasn’t severe enough, so they went to the representative of the district, to ask the instructor to be transferred out of the school, or, they’d lead a group down to the department of education to march, to “voice” their dissatisfactions.

The stand-in principal, Chen from the school pointed out, that the school had contacted the instructor, Lee, for her to appear before board members to plead her case, but, Lee replied via text message that she’d fallen ill, and couldn’t appear, then, turned off her cell phone.  But, before, Lee had explained her behaviors as she was picking up her phone, that she’d accidentally tripped the student, that it wasn’t physical punishment at all.

Yuan, the woman responsible for the parents’ association at the school pointed out, that she’d gotten complaints from other parents, pointing out that as their children attended the first class in the third grade from September, 2010, the instructor would use an assortment of reasons to punish the students physically.

The woman responsible for the parents’ association stated that when the students who’s done something wrong were made to stand UP in the back of the class, the instructor would attempt to trip the students with her legs from behind them, causing the children to fall and get hurt.  Another way of punishment was the students would do push-ups, Lee would grab the legs of the students who were punished this way from the back, and, without a warning, she’d let go of their legs, there were girls who had fallen flat on their faces because the instructor had used too much force when dropping the legs of the students downward.

The victims of the parents, after voicing their complaints to the principal, the school waited until January of this year, to get her off the teaching roster.  The city councilman, Jing, stated that Lee might be worried that the parents would sue, that was why this year in March, when she’d handed the students a survey, she’d asked the now-fourth-graders who were in the class to sign the statements, “proving” that she never used corporal punishments.

Upon being told, the parents got angry, believed that the instructor used her power to pressure the students to act her way, although the school had voted on giving Lee a bad marking, but the parents insisted that she shouldn’t be allowed to be near their students.

So, here is another case of “He-say, She-say”, but, because one “party” were the students, so, the parents automatically believed that their offspring shouldn’t have been “punished” like so, which is also right, but, based off of the articles, the instructor is NOT a good teacher, because she would punish the children for NO apparent reasons at all, and, to keep her on “staff” at the school?  Of course the parents are going to be P-I-S-S-E-D!!!

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Judge Gave Teacher Thirty Days for Sex with a Fourteen-Year-Old

Written by M.A. Johnson, staff writer for NBCNEWS

As protesters planned pickets outside the courthouse, a Montana judge Wednesday defended his decision to order a high school teacher to spend just 30 days in jail for having sex with a 14-year-old student — who later killed herself.

State District Judge G. Todd Baugh of Billings sentenced the teacher, Stacey Rambold, to 15 years in jail on Monday, then suspended all but 31 days of that term for the 2007 incident with the student, who killed herself in 2010. One of those 31 days was knocked off for time already served

Calling himself “a blithering idiot,” Baugh acknowledged that “what I said was demeaning to all women, not what I believe in and irrelevant to the sentencing.”

“I owe all our fellow citizens an apology,” he said.

“We’re working hard to make sure every child is safe,” said Bouck, who took office last year, five years after the incident. “We think it’s appalling what happened … and we are going to look at what we did in the past, and we’re going to get better at it.”

Rambold, 54, a technology teacher, pleaded guilty in April to a felony count of sexual intercourse without consent in a case that began in 2008, when officials at Billings Senior High School first learned of the sexual relationship.

The teacher was charged with three felony counts in October of that year. But as the case progressed, the girl committed suicide in February 2010 — depriving prosecutors of their leading witness.

With its case weakened, the Yellowstone County Attorney’s Office agreed to defer prosecution for three years in July 2010 and to dismiss the charges if Rambold completed a sex offender treatment program.

But in November, he was kicked out of the program for violations that included missing meetings and having unsupervised visits with minors — his nieces and nephews.

Prosecutors reopened the case, and in April, Rambold pleaded guilty to a single felony count.

At a sentencing hearing Monday, prosecutors asked Baugh to send Rambold away for 20 years, but the judge said he didn’t believe the violations were serious enough to warrant such a long term.

Baugh said he listened to recorded statements given by the girl and had concluded that, while she was troubled, she was “as much in control of the situation” as Rambold.

He added that she acted “older than her chronological age.”

After the sentence was announced, the victim’s furious mother fled the courtroom, repeatedly screaming, “You people suck!”

And so, because he was a FIRST-TIME offender, who’s gonna say that there wouldn’t be a “next time”?  And, he DID act so regretful toward what he’d done, and so, the public (those who didn’t know the victim, or have children that attended the same school districts???) should just forgive this LOSER, right???  And, the girl that was raped by the instructor had committed suicide, leaving the D.A. without their KEY witness, and so, because there wasn’t ENOUGH solid EVIDENCE to CONVICT this sexual predator who posed as a school instructor, we set him free, back into the wild, until the NEXT time it happens again, and maybe, IF the victim didn’t kill herself this NEXT time, then, we WILL have a SOLID conviction, right???  Are you I-N-S-A-N-E?  How do you feel SAFE, sending those kiddies OFF to school, now that it’s happened, close to home, in the U.S.A.?

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$6,900,000 Awarded to Boy Who Was Molested by His Teacher


A jury ruled Tuesday that the Los Angeles Unified School District must pay a boy molested by an elementary school teacher $6.9 million — among the largest awards in the history of the school system.

The decision comes as the district’s attorneys were attempting to quickly settle high-profile sex abuse suits involving nearly 200 plaintiffs stemming from Miramonte Elementary School teacher Mark Berndt, who is alleged to have fed his students semen and has pleaded not guilty to 23 counts of lewd conduct.

The jury found the district liable for the repeated molestation of the 10-year-old student in 2008 and 2009 by teacher Forrest Stobbe at Queen Anne Elementary School in the city’s mid-Wilshire district, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In September 2011, Stobbe pleaded no contest to lewd acts on a child and continuous sexual abuse of a child under 14.

But the civil lawsuit was concerned only with the liability of the district.

Stobbe was a veteran teacher with a clean criminal record, but plaintiff’s attorneys argued that administrators including the school’s principal should have heeded complaints about Stobbe that preceded the molestation.

School attorneys argued that despite the horrible ordeal of the victim, there was no credible evidence known to the district that Stobbe posed a threat.

“We take our duty to protect our students seriously and are continually looking for ways that we can strengthen our screening and reporting processes to ensure that no child is ever hurt in this way,” said general counsel David Holmquist. “Although we can’t change what happened in this case, we remain committed to doing everything in our power to promote healing and improve trust with those impacted.”

The ruling was especially significant with the Miramonte lawsuits looming, setting a high bar financially and demonstrating a jury’s willingness to blame the district for the actions of a teacher. Berndt also had a clean record, but parents had raised concerns about the way he had photographed children.

“Some of the same issues in the Miramonte case are highlighted here,” said attorney Don Beck who represented the victim’s family in the Queen Anne case. “The same lack of monitoring teachers, the same lack of supervision that allowed these events to happen.”

Holmquist said earlier this month that he hoped to settle all the Miramonte lawsuits and legal claims by the end of January, but some attorneys and plaintiffs have recently dropped out of settlement negotiations, and a Los Angeles judge last week lifted a litigation stay, allowing the cases to move toward court.

And so, closes ANOTHER “chapter” on how MONEY solves EVERYTHING, you can pay off your “victims”, but, don’t get extorted because we ALL know how money IS still “running S-C-A-R-C-E, and we all must GRAB a hold onto what we can here, don’t we???  We sure DO!!!

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When a Teacher is Knocked Up by a Student

From…by: S. Omer, for NBC News.

A 35-year-old Texas woman accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy and then claiming to be pregnant from the relationship may have worked as a substitute teacher at least once in the boy’s classroom, a school official said.

Amanda Sotelo, a resident of Von Ormy, was booked into a Bexar County jail on Nov. 1 on a charge of indecency with a child, Louis J. Antu, spokesman with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, told NBC News. Bond was set at $75,000.

School district officials learned of the allegations Oct. 31 after the boy’s mother alerted them of the relationship, Anne Marie Espinoza, spokeswoman for the Southwest Independent School District in San Antonio, told KSAT-TV.

Sotelo stated that the relationship developed over time. She and the victim were both going through problems and confided in each other. It wasn’t until the end of this last school year that they began having a se

admitted that she and the victim had sex about once a week. Sotelo further stated that she found out she is pregnant when she went to the emergency room the first week of September.

Sotelo further stated she loves the victim and he loves her.

“She’s in jail but that’s about the only thing we’ve heard. We’ve got a lot of family problems going on right now,” Johnny Lopez, Sotelo’s son-in-law, told

Lopez said Sotelo is married, and her husband was out of town. They have other children.

Espinoza confirmed that Sotelo had worked as a substitute in several of the district’s schools, and possibly, substituted at least once in the boy’s classroom, reported.

Esponiza told NBC News district officials refused to further comment.

“The district learned of an allegation of inappropriate behavior of a substitute with a high school student,” said the district in a emailed statement. “The district immediately took appropriate actions to ensure the substitute was not on any campus pending an investigation. The district made contact with appropriate agencies including law enforcement. The substitute is no longer employed by the district.”

Yeah, just BLAME it on your students when OMG, he knocked ME up, I mean, aren’t YOU supposed to be the ADULT?  And, shouldn’t YOU know where that “line” is, or, did you have TOO much to drink that you couldn’t tell?

xual relationship, ‘like grown-ups’ … She further

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Middle School Teacher Pleaded Guilty to Assault

On the Houston Chronicle…

A middle school teacher has pleaded guilty to a student’s sexual assault, reports say.

Andre Thomas, 32, raped a 13-year-old girl in a classroom at Spring ISD’s Roberson Middle School in August 2011, according to KTRK-Channel 13 and KPRC-Channel 2.

The plea deal reportedly gives him 180 days in jail and 10 years probation. There’s also a $1,000 fine, KPRC says.

Cellphone records showing suspicious text messages between Thomas and another student led to the rape investigation, KPRC says.

“She was interviewed as another child that might have known about the other child’s cellphone, and, when she was interviewed, she disclosed about the sexual abuse,” prosecutor Denise Oncken told KPRC.

Thomas reportedly taught sixth- and seventh-grade industrial technology classes.

Do you still feel safe, taking your kids to their schools now?  I mean, there are TOO MANY sexual predators out there, and, they can pass the background checks and be placed in the schools out there, working with children, just like yours.  Now, you have to ask yourselves: Do I feel safe, if this man/woman works in my child’s school?  Or even teaches my kid’s classes?  I wouldn’t think so!!!

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Indecency with a Child by a Catholic School Music Teacher

Happened in Houston, Texas…

Lawrence Patrick, 65, is charged with three counts of indecency with a child for allegedly touch the then eight-year-old girl in a private piano lesson.  Another child who was in the next lesson time frame said that the instructor had touched her inappropriately as well.

The student, who was in the third grade back then, alleged that the instructor had touched her 32 times during her lessons with him.  She said, that he would stand behind her as she played the piano, and puts his hands down her shirt, and moved them around her chest.

She was afraid to speak up, because she worried that he might be mad at her.  In February, the girl told her mother finally, and, she stopped taking lessons from him.  The girl knew that there was sexual intent from the instructor, because he told her that he’s already married, and that she would be too young to be his girlfriend.

The instructor was put on “administrative leave” after the scandals were brought out into the open.  In 2007, another student accused Patrick, the instructor of inappropriate behavior, this student told another instructor at the school, that Patrick had touched his crotch close to her knees.  The archdiocese did NOT comment immediately.

So, there WAS the intent for SEXUAL abuse by this MALE music teacher AT a C-A-T-H-O-L-I-C school, and, he’s still NOT reprimanded HARD enough, and, how hard, exactly would BE hard enough?  Jail time, a HUGE fine?  And, how is it going to REPLACE the innocence that had been stolen from the children he had had inappropriate behaviors with?

And what happened to a STRICT and FORCED BACKGROUND C-H-E-C-K, that the SCHOOLS should’ve made sure happened, to ENSURE the safety of the students?  That, is what I want to know!!!

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Middle School Teacher, Accused of Having Sex with a Student

Found on

A thirty-two year old science and math teacher, Shaw, was charged with FIVE counts of child rape.  She is accused of performing oral sex and having sexual intercourse with a student for over a two-year period.

First time it had happened, the young man was in her eight grade class.  After that first time, the instructor went to the bank, withdrew $80 for the boy, as payment.

This did NOT get reported until this year, when the boy was in

church and heard a sermon of sexual abuse, then, he told his mother what had happened.

The instructor was hired by Tacoma District as a substitute back in 2002, and became a full-time teacher back in 2005.  According to the county prosecutor, the abuse started at the end of the boy’s sixth grade year, when he was re-taking an exam in her classroom, Shaw caught the student, gazing at her, and asked him if he was turned on.  The instructor then forced the student into the next room, to have sex with him, and told him not to tell anybody about it.

That July, the instructor drove the boy home, and, because his mother was away at work, she proceeded to have sex with him in his bedroom.  More encounters were reported, as the boy got older in his teenage years, after the boy came back to the school to visit his old classmates, after he’d transferred away.

The incidences happened when the boy was from 12 to 14 years of age.

Are you kidding me?  If you’re INTO your student, at least WAIT until he’s a REAL man, age 18 or 21???  Then, you can have SEX with him, if he wants to, but NOT before, and, this is still RAPE, and, just because the “child” doesn’t know any better, doesn’t give you the right to take advantage of him, and, you SHOULD BE the adult in this, but, are you?  I think N-O-T!!!

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