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A Tall & Handsome Last Year Middle School Male Fell in Love with His Female Instructor, He’d Lost His Virginity, and She Got Sued

Just because he looks tall AND handsome, still doesn’t mean, that you can have SEX with him, you are, a teacher, hello, hello, hello??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fifteen year old last year middle school boy had a crush on a new math teacher, after he’d professed his love to her on Facebook, they’d had sexual intercourse twice; and even though after the parents found out, they did not pursue it, but the Hsinbei City District Attorney’s Office gone by the school’s report, and confirmed that the instructor DID have sex with a minor, and still charged her with obstruction of sexual freedom.

The criminal law states, that those who’d had sex with children over fourteen but under sixteen is subjected to getting a jail sentence of seven years or less.

The D.A. investigated, this female instructor who graduated from a public university, in July of 2011, passed her teacher’s exam, and was sent to a school in Hsinbei City to teacher, back then, she was twenty-seven, very beautiful, with long hair, was popular among the students, and she’d often chauffeured the students to and from school.

The fifteen year old student that the female instructor taught was over 5’9, and handsome, after he’d traded Facebook information with her, he’d gone online, to show her that he cared about her; on the new year’s eve of 2011, he’d asked her to spend the night, and professed his love for her, she was moved by him, they held and kissed one another, and decided to go steady in secrecy.

At the end of January, 2012, the male student told the instructor “I want you”, the teacher didn’t turn him down, they’d gone to a motel to have sex, and two weeks later, they’d gone again. Even though, the female instructor asked the male student to NOT show any signs of intimacy toward her in school, that nobody else can know about their ongoing relationship, but, the female instructor was infatuated with the student, and, after she saw him outside of school, she’d taken him into the alleyways and started kissing him, and other students found out.

The students of the school started talking, and said that the male student was “awesome”, “in love with the teacher”, and the words got into another school instructor’s ears; after the teacher checked into the facts and found out that it was true, she’d reported it to the schools.

The School’s Gender Equality Group made investigations, the female instructor, along with the male student both admitted to having sex twice, and the school fired her, but the woman fought an executive suit, and won, the school, at the end of last year, told the D.A.

Even though, when being asked by the D.A. the female instructor denied having had sexual intercourse with the student, but the D.A. used the statements of the male student, along with the school’s investigations, and believed that they did have intercourse, and the D.A. pursued the female instructor.

Are you fucking kidding me, you’re his SCHOOL instructor, the ADULT, hello, hello, hello??? And what this woman did was IMPROPER, and, it still wouldn’t matter IF the boy is “of age”, of IF the sex was consensual, it IS, immoral here!!!

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The Instructor Beat on the Student’s Head as If It Was a Percussion Instrument, the Student Went Deaf

Improper behaviors of an EDUCATOR, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A student, Wei, from a certain Chinese Instrument Class in a certain middle school in Taichung, he’d made a mistake playing the lute, and the instructor, Lin, hit the student’s head FOUR times with the sticks from a Chinese percussion instrument, it’d caused his right ear to go deaf, and the parents were too distraught about how their son’s right ear had turned deaf, they’d sued, and the Taichung District Court yesterday found Lin guilty of over disciplining, gave the instructor eight months.

The instructor, Lin, felt bad about the verdict, said that he would consult his attorney, then decide, whether or not to go for an appeal. The school said, that the instructor had left the school since the incident, and the student, Wei, he’d transferred too, and he is currently studying in a high school.

Lin the instructor said, that the reason why he’d hit the student’s head with a stick was to help the student focus in class; that he’d hit twelve students’ heads that day, he felt that it was improper of him, and so, he’d hit his own head in front of his students too, and he didn’t believe that that, was what caused Wei’s deaf condition.

He believed, that even though he’d made a mistake in hitting the students’ heads, that he was willing to pay a settlement, but, the parents and him couldn’t agree on the amount.

The District Court in Taichung at first, because there wasn’t enough evidence, the courts tossed it out, and Wei’s parents are displeased, after the D.A. in Taichung reviewed the case again, and based the decision to prosecute, based off of the hospital reports, that Wei’s deafness is caused by blunt object trauma, and they’d indicted Lin, the verdict came out for the first trial yesterday.

The verdict pointed out, that on the afternoon of October 12, 2010, when he was directing the band, because the first-year student, Wei, played at the wrong places, he’d used a 23 centimeter long stick, and banged on Wei’s head four times, after the doctor’s diagnosis of how his deafness is caused by being beaten.

Lin claimed, that Wei had had a cold from before, and he has nasal allergies, that the deafness is probably caused by viral infections, or arterial disorders. Wei said, that since he was beaten on the head, he couldn’t hear from his right ear, the judge got the hospital records, and that before being hit, Wei did NOT have any hearing issues, dizziness, or headaches either.

The judge pointed out, that the instructor had banged on the student’s head, causing the right ear to go deaf, that it would affect his future, but because the instructor had reached an agreement with the student’s parents, and so, the judge sentenced him to eight months in prison.

And so, that, would be disciplines, gone OVERBOARD, and maybe the instructor didn’t feel that he’d used such force, but, you NEVER know what SORT of damages hurting someone like that can cause.

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A Male Instructor Had Sexually Molested Thirteen Male Students Over a Total of Three Hundred Times

From the news headlines, translated…

A man, Feng, was accused of sexually raping thirteen young boys close to three hundred times anally while he worked as a teacher for a church institution.  The Highest Court today, sentenced him to twenty-three years for forced sexual laws.

The verdict pointed out, that the twenty-nine year old Feng, during the period from April to June, 2012, took advantage of students, using the excuse of them, NOT paying attention, wanted the child to sit next to him, and forced him onto his own lap, stuck his hands down the child’s pants, other than fondling the children, he had raped them with his hands.

At this time, Feng works as a bible study instructor for children at a church, since 2010, he’d been threatening the boy, using the name of the “Holy Father” that if they didn’t comply, then, the children will NOT be able to be readmitted into church again, and he’d successfully used that to rape many more boys.

During the trial, Feng’s attorney stated that Feng admitted to being a pedophile, during his first trial, the courts confirmed that Feng had raped fifteen boys, and one of the children was raped as many as 120 times by him, that he’d raped the young children over three hundred times, and, the judge gave him a heavy combined sentence of twenty-nine years.

And the lawyer of this LOSER appealed, and got HIS sentence reduced down to just twenty-three, and that the case can ALL be appealed.  Are you FUCKING kidding me?  For starters, what happened to a STRICTER background check IF you want to work with children?  After all, those P-E-D-O-P-H-I-L-E-S still don’t have that VISIBLE tattoo you know???

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Dragging a Child by the Hair to Cross the Streets, the Daycare Center Claimed that They Were Wiping the Sweat Off of the Child’s Forehead

This would be considered, IMPROPER behavior of a school instructor, hello, hello, hello???  And, it’s amazing that people like that are still getting hired, what’s happening to the WORLD today???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A person in charge of an afterschool program, Pan, was responsible for getting a third-grade boy to afterschool program, but would pull him by his hair across the walkways all the time, after the child’s mother learned this, she’d asked for the school’s street surveillance cameras, and she is suing Pan for damages, and forced hurtful behaviors.  The Shihlin District Court believed, that Pan was guilty for dragging the child by his hair, forced him to cross the roads, and, gave him fifty days in jail, which he could pay a fee out of serving the time.

The worker of this afterschool center said, that the little boy was misbehaving a lot, would pick on his classmates, and would horseplay as he crossed the streets, as he screamed out to the workers, “Come and get me!”, that the parents did NOT get the afterschool program’s story, and were hiding, in the gardens, collecting their evidence, and told the center that they will be suing for $300,000N.T. in damages, that the afterschool program will go for an appeal too.

Based off of understanding, the child, Shih’s mother is a middle school teacher, and the child and his older brother had been coming to the afterschool center for over ten years to date; and the parents knew the instructor well; and now, the boy’s been withdrawn from the center.

The child’s mother said, that last year, her youngest told his grandma, “the teacher had picked up one more extra student, then, he’d grabbed me by the hair, to go across the streets.”  At first, she thought that the child was playing with the instructor, but after her son complained, time and time again, she’d asked to review the surveillance tapes on the school’s crossways, and found footages of the person in charge of the afterschool program, Pan, pulled the child by his hair twice, and decided to sue.

The person in charge, Pan said, that he knew the boy well, that they were horseplaying on the way, that the surveillance footage doesn’t tell the whole story; that he was merely wiping the sweat off of the kid’s head.  But the judge had reviewed the footage, and found NO such behaviors, and believed that the little boy’s hair was indeed, yanked, that he could only go along with what Pan had done; that he’d forced the child to do something he wasn’t willing to do, so, Pan was charged, with crimes of forcible behaviors.

And so, this man still should NOT be working WITH children, IF he cracks that easily, and yet, anybody CAN open up a daycare center, because it IS really easy, to get qualified, and, there’s still NOT a strict enough background checks either.




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Getting Touched by Her Elementary School Teacher, the Female Students in the Class Made a Protective Wall Around Themselves

Like I said before, MORE is better than O-N-E, from the Front Page Sections, translated, and, you CAN file this one under IMPROPER behaviors of school instructors, I know I would…

The male instructor from a certain elementary school in Nantou was accused of slapping his female students’ rear ends in class, and was also accused of rubbing himself up on her, every time class starts, he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to harass her, the other girls in the class felt that it wasn’t right, so, one girl asked the rest of the females in class to BAND together, to protect her; the school later had fired this male instructor, but he’d claimed that it wasn’t intentional, that it was a mishap, and had asked the school, to take back firing him, and was tossed back by the court in Taichung.  The judge said, had it been unintentional, then, why had it happened continuously?  Even IF the male instructor did apologize for his actions each and every time.

The principal from the school told, that this male instructor had already been FIRED from his teaching post, and, at the time of the incident, the school set up a gender equality board of trustees to investigate the matter, and gave the instructor time to explain his actions, that everything was done, based off of the legislature’s requirements.

The person in charge of the education department of the local government, Yee said, the process of filing the complaints, they did ask the school and the instructor, to explain what had happened, the male instructor denied having sexually harassed the student, but the frequency of his “unintentional bumping into her” was way too high, that it’d made the student fear for her own safety, the members of the gender equality board also asked the students of the class as to whether this DID indeed, occur during class session, and they’d proven that it had, and the whole process of the mediation was more than fair AND just.

The investigation group found, that the victim had her parents accompany her to school, to accuse the instructor for slapping her buttocks multiple times, and as they took exams, he would lean in to her, to see her thighs, and when it wasn’t class time, he would get near her too, and it had made her feel threatened and she’d cried, and would walk up behind her in class, to rub his own lower extremities up on her too, and, FIVE other female classmates testified to this.

The male instructor denied the accusations, claimed that he’d taught the class wholeheartedly, that he’d accidentally spitted onto her, that, was why he’d tapped her on the shoulders to apologize for it; that he’d walked around the room as he’d held class that it wasn’t intentional, that he’d touched her.

The female student, however, accused that the male instructor had become worse in his sexual harassments of her, whenever he’d gotten close to her, she’d start to melt down; a TON of the other female classmates knew this, and would circle around her seat, to protect her, to NOT allow the instructor near her.

And this, is still IMPROPER, from the male instructor, and, this happened in her elementary school year too, and, can you imagine this young woman, carrying this PAIN, for the REST of her life, because a LOSER can’t keep his hands to himself?  And, NO amount of punishment will SUFFICE, to cover the loss that this young woman has to endure!!!


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The Department Head Raped, His Wife Forgave Him, and He Did it Again

That, is W-H-Y, males should get N-E-U-T-E-R-E-D here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A former department head, Huang, from Aletheia University, seven years ago, raped a female student, and was FIRED from his teaching post, Huang’s wife was his student too, not only does she forgive him, she’d even took out a loan from her mother’s side of the family to help him.  Later, the couple immigrated to Singapore, without knowing, that Huang had cheated on his wife, with a Chinese woman, Huang’s wife wanted a divorce, and was beaten up by him.  The District Court in Shihlin yesterday, granted his wife the divorce.

But because the two kids are studying in Singapore, and wouldn’t come back to Taiwan, so, the custody went to the husband; but the courts allowed the mother to call them up, to write them, any time she wanted to, and could go over to visit her kids during the winter and summer vacations, and that the father should NOT stop her from doing so.

On December 23, 2006, the Aletheia University held a ocean sports seminar, on that same day, the sport department head, Lu, called up Huang, Wu, the department head of the same major from another school, along with other instructors and some students to a luncheon.

After the meal, Lu had asked two female students to help Huang and Wu, who’d gotten too drunk to their hotel suites, but, after Wu went into his hotel room, he’d ripped the female student’s shirt, and raped her, the student did all she could to fight him off, and Huang was found guilty of obstruction of sexual freedom, and given a year and a half prison term, which he was waiting three years to serve.

And Huang had lost his job because of this, without the source of income, Huang’s wife, who’d just had a second baby, could only call up her own family for help, and they’d lived off of the borrowed money.  In 2009, the family of four immigrated to Singapore, and his wife found out, that Huang had been texting a Chinese woman sexually illicit messages, he had betrayed her in their marriage once more.

The wife, Hsieh told, that after they’d married, her husband had cheated on her habitually, and when the world came down on him for his rape of that college student, she’d chose to hold it all in, but her husband still didn’t change his bad behaviors.  She’d accused, that in July of 2011, she’d talked to him about getting a divorce, and that same night when she’d gone to bed to sleep, he’d attempted to murder her, by suffocation; later, he’d become more violent toward her, and chased her back to Taiwan.

The judge reviewed the medical records of the hospital in Singapore, along with the damage reports the wife had here, at Cathay Hospital, and believed that she wasn’t lying.

The Shihlin District Court believed, that Huang could NOT hold a teaching post because of his rape prior, his wife followed him to Singapore, stood by his side, and was often beaten up, and that her situations matched the law that stated that beating up someone who lived with you is illegal, and granted her divorce.

And so, there’s another L-O-S-E-R, who’d cheated on his wife, and the woman was DUMB enough (feel free to take offense!!!) to forgive him, and, after this LOSER lost HIS job, because of how he’d FUCKED a student, the wife still STOOD by HIS side (are you FUCKING kidding me here), and, it wasn’t until he’d cheated on her AGAINST, when they were overseas, did she pull the “plug”?  How much of this CAN a woman take?  And, a woman has a LIMIT, and, she will keep on holding it all in, keep on lying to herself, that he’ll change, when she’s only anesthetizing herself in life…………

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Right Before He Was to Be Married, He’d Had Sex with His Sixteen-Year-Old Student, Calculated the Time Just Right

Improper behaviors of a SCHOOL instructor, and he calculated the time just right, so that he won’t get CHARGED with having SEX with a M-I-N-O-R too, can you believe it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elementary school instructor in Pingdong had been dating his female student for several years, and was reported for having SEX with her right on the eve of his own wedding, the day that the student turned sixteen, and awhile ago, he was suspended by the Department of Education in Pingdong, and this case is still pending investigation.

Based off of the laws, if both individuals are sixteen or older, and had BOTH consented to having sex, then, it would NOT be a crime, unless the older person enticed the younger to turn against her/his family or legal guardian, then, it would be a enticement charge.  This instructor’s behavior had been talked about for a while now since it happened, and, those who’d heard the tale believed that the instructor, even though, he’d committed NO criminal acts, but his behaviors are still very bad.

Based off of understanding, the female student was the male instructor’s elementary student, she’s currently studying at a technical high school, after the girl graduated from elementary, they’d continued seeing one another.  Last year, the male school instructor got married, and, on the eve before his own wedding, which was the date of the girl’s sixteenth birthday, they’d had sex.  Afterward, when the female student found out, that the instructor was married already, she’d cried to her classmates, and that, was how the whole thing blew wide open.

The female student worried that she will get scolded by her family, so, she didn’t tell them, and she wouldn’t sue the instructor, because she didn’t want to let go of this feeling about him that she has; but her friend believed, that this man was immoral, and is NO longer fitted, to teach, and so, the friend wrote an anonymous letter to the school, disclosing what had happened.

The education, along with the legal realms believed, that the male instructor knew the laws, and as the female student turned sixteen, and had consensual sex with her, there’s NO criminal charge to be had there; but, on the night before his own wedding, he’d lied to his own fiancée, and had sexual intercourse with his own female student, is clearly unfaithful to his own marriage.

The Department of Education of Pingdong stated, that the male instructor had applied to the school in Pingdong from another place just last year, and, at the start of his work back in August, the principal got an anonymous letter, stating the bad behaviors of this male instructor, and that, was when the school placed the male instructor on suspension, and started investigating the issues.

And so, maybe, the girl had a CRUSH on this instructor, and the instructor feels good about it, and, because he KNEW that he was going to get caught for it, and so, he’d hooked her, and, until she was NO longer a “minor” (age 16), then, he’d had sex with her, and yeah, maybe, it WAS consensual, but, the way he’d calculated the whole thing is just EVIL!!!




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The Twenty-Seven Year Old Mother Who Had an Active Arrest Warrant for Abusing Her Daughter is Living Off Easy, Like a Noble

There is still NO justice, not immediately, but, in the futures, you CAN be certain, that this woman is NOT going to get away with it, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman Chen, was suspected of abusing her own four-month old daughter to death, was charged with abuse to death, as the hearing happened, she’d made a point NOT to show up in court, but, she’d posted the photographs of her, traveling to places, eating out and living a life of luxury, and there was an arrest warrant out for her, two days ago, while she’d accompanied her husband to go fishing, the police picked her up.

The police investigated and found, that Chen (age 27) with drug addictions, in April of 2011, gave birth to a baby girl, in August of the same year, the baby was found in a coma, and after being rushed to the hospital, the infant still died.

And because there are so many wounds on the child, the hospital notified the police immediately.  The D.A., along with the medical examiners found, that other than the broken ribs, which were old wounds, there were also contusion on her head, and subdural hematoma, which were all new, they’d confirmed that the child was abused to DEATH by Chen.

And when Chen was taken into questioning, there was an inconsistency to her statements, claimed that the child died, from choking on milk, and said, that she “might have dropped her after she got high”; as the Keelung district court was overseeing the case, she’d failed to show up for the procedures, and had an active arrest warrant two years ago by the courts.

The Detective Squad in Keelung chased the leads on Chen, found that she was active in Keelung, and on her Facebook pages, she’d posted photographs of her hanging out, dining, enjoying herself, and on the day that the warrant of her arrest was issued, she’d even posted, “I can finally buy a house, get a brand new car, and start living like a noble, starting tomorrow…”

Two nights ago, the officers followed the lead that Chen would show at an island, Tuman, in Keelung, and went, to make an arrest, as the police took her in, she claimed that she’d never gotten the notices for her arrest, that she didn’t k now that she was due in court; and as she was taken to the court house, she couldn’t help but cry, claimed, “I’m innocent”, and the judge found that she was guilty, and, she was to be in lock up.

And here, is still, ANOTHER bad mother, who’d abused her own child to death, and sees NOTHING wrong with her bad behavior.   Hello, can someone (ANYBODY!!!) tell me, what, is WRONG with THIS picture?  Morality is still dropping, quickly, kinda like the temperature in the deserts in the winters here.

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Golf Coach Charged with Sexual Molestation

By Kris Sanchez and Chris Roberts, from…

A well-known youth golf coach in Livermore has been charged with 65 felonies for allegedly sexually assaulting at least three of his students. Kris Sanchez reports.
Livermore Golf Coach Accused of…
A well-known youth golf coach in the Bay Area has been charged with 65 felonies for allegedly sexually assaulting at least three of his students.
Andrew Nisbet, 31, taught students at Las Positas Golf Course in Livermore, where he allegedly met some of his victims. Livermore is located at the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Prosecutors allege Nisbet used his persona as the “cool coach” to gain trust with his victims, some of whom were as young as 14, according to the San Jose Mercury News.
He’s now behind bars at Santa Rita Jail being held without bail in light of the number of counts and the multiple victims alleged.
“He really used the coach-athlete relationship to his advantage,” Livermore Police Officer Steve Goard said.
Nisbet is said to have abused teenage boys from December 2009 through March 2012 “in his car, at events and also in the parking lot of the golf course.”
  He was arrested at the golf course at 10 a.m. Saturday, one day before he was to be honored as the 2013 Northern California PGA Junior Golf Leader.
Nisbet “admitted” to lewd acts during an interview with police, the newspaper reported.
He has since been fired from the course, where golfers contacted by the newspaper called Nisbet a “nice guy” who didn’t put out any bad “vibes.”
Neighbor Jeremy West said he saw detectives at Nesbit’s Jackson Avenue home on Saturday. The news of the alleged child molestations have neighbors concerned.
“There’s going to be some people freaking out in the neighborhood,” West said. “I don’t want to see him again. He doesn’t need to be around here.”
Livermore police said, that as a nationally acclaimed golf coach, Nisbet had access to hundreds of children and used his position to sexually victimize at least three of them — likely more.
“He showered them with expensive equipment,” Goard said, “picking them up to and from practice and also having parties at his house, providing them alcohol, getting them drunk and then figuring out which kid he could get close to and which kids would keep it a secret.”
Livermore police said the suspect could have more victims elsewhere around the country.
“We have been giving information that he potentially victimized children in Michigan, Alabama, Mississippi and North Carolina,” Goard said. “And some of the kids were victimized at these golf events.”
Nisbet is charged with 65 counts of child molestation and lewd and lascivious acts on a minor for performing oral sex on two students — and forcing them to do the same — and distributing lewd material.
He developed a successful junior golf program and traveled the country, which is why police here are alerting law enforcement in four other states.
Nisbet appeared in court Tuesday to face the 65 charges related to two of the victims. Police will ask the district attorney to file charges related to the third victim later this week.
Calls to Nisbet’s attorney seeking comment were not returned Tuesday.
And so, the lesson learned here is still??? Oh yeah, reputation ain’t worth SHIT, and, schools, districts, I.S.D.s, private schools, DO make sure you conducted a THOROUGH background search BEFORE someone gets H-I-R-E-D, to work with children, and even then, the kids still won’t be entirely safe, because some of those cases had NEVER been reported, after, you DO realize, how EASY it would be, to PAY those victim off, right???

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A Tae Kwon Do Instructor Sexually Molested Her Male Students

Another case had happened, and, could it have been prevented, hell yeah, so, why did this happen still, I mean, this is still NOT the first, NOR the last of its “kind”, from the newspapers, translated…

A Physical education instructor who also coaches Tae Kwon Do started an affair with a third year male student, they started having sex on campus, they’d even touched one another in the backseat of the student’s father’s car too; later, the female instructor wanted to break up, causing the student to almost commit suicide, and the student told his counselor that he’d fallen for someone he shouldn’t have, that, was how the whole thing blew out.

The female instructor (31 years old) paid a huge price for this, she was fired from the school, and the highest court had stopped her appeals yesterday too, and she is looking at two years of prison time, which she is to serve, in its entirety in jail.  The parents also sued the schools for three million dollars, and, during the first trial, the judge mandated the school pay $320,000N.T.

The female coach, along with her Tae Kwon Do coach ex husband had two children, and, two years ago, because they couldn’t get along, they divorced.  The fifteen year old boy went to talk to her about something, and she’d disclosed about how unhappy she was married, and, they fell into a deep state of infatuation.

Two years ago on March 25, the coach, after taking the students on a competition, took the male student’s father’s car home, in the backseat, she started touching the student inappropriately, and the parents who were seated up front had no clue.

Later, because the female instructor thought that they are too far apart in age, and are student and teacher, she distanced herself from him; the boy on his blogs, wrote: “Can age and status actually break apart two lovers?”, he wanted to commit suicide by swallowing pills, he sought out help from his counselor, and this incestuous relationship blew out in the open.

During the first trial, the instructor claimed that she was the one raped by him.  But, because she had once texted the parents for a meeting, and wanted another instructor to accompany her to apologize to the student’s parents for her misbehaviors, the judge didn’t believe her statements, sentenced her to two years in prison, and the second and third
appeal didn’t work in her favor, the sentence stands.

This, is why you should NEVER talk about your own marital, relationship issues with a member of the opposite sex, especially when he’s your student.  Hello, hello, hello???  Where IS the ethics?  And, the instructor KNEW what she was doing, and, when she finally pulled out, the boy was already damaged, and, NO amount of money can give this male student BACK his innocence, simply because he’d developed a CRUSH on his instructor.

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