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When You’d Become My Only Life Line

When you’d become my only life line, boy, oh boy, am I, totally SCREWED or what?  Because what if, you weren’t there, to answer my life-threatening calls, then, I will, die, for sure, wouldn’t I???

When you’d become my only lifeline, I only got myself to blame, for becoming utterly, completely, so totally, reliant and codependent on you, and, I’m to blame, to allow you to have that much control over me.

When you’d become my only lifeline, then, I will surely, die, because I can’t count on you, to save me, at least, NOT, when it really counted, can I?  Think about it, how many times had you been here for me?  N-O-N-E, so, why is it, that I have yet, to take you off, of my lifeline?  I dunno………

When you’d become my only lifeline, then, I’m a goner for good, because you’re, unreliable, and, you will keep on breaking ALL the promises you’d ever made to me, and I’m still waiting, for my heart, to get that, and, after all of me (body, mind, soul, AND heart!!!) got that, well, the four of “us” will then, move on, to bigger, better things that life has in store for “us”.


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Beaten to Death, as an “Unintended Result” of Discipline

Beaten to Death, as an “Unintended Result” of Discipline

Bring out ALL your excuses, people!!!  From…

The woman accused of fatally beating her 4-year-old nephew for refusing to complete a spelling assignment never intended to harm him, her lawyer said Sunday.

“This could only be described as being the result of excessive discipline with horrific unintended results, said Michael Gold, lawyer for Christen Dale.

Dale, 21, was arraigned Friday on manslaughter, assault and other charges in the death of Ethan Ali.

Gold called the death a tragedy for the Brooklyn family and the defendant.

The 21-year-old Dale told a detective Ethan was having trouble spelling and refused to finish an assignment for the first time Tuesday, according to a criminal complaint.

The next day, Dale struck the boy repeatedly with the belt, prosecutors say.

A medical examiner found extensive bruising on his body, back and head, as well as internal bleeding.

From the “angle” of the human interests, JUST because you NEVER meant to hurt the kid, beaten him to DEATH, hello, hello, hello???  Are you FUCKING shitting me here?  Just because the kid REFUSED to complete some spelling assignment, hello, hello, hello?  Which one of you as children had sat in front of your desks, and managed, to finish YOUR homework assignments, all at once, without getting distracted by what’s on television, or the raucous on the outside of your rooms, or even, your houses?  So, the reason for “overdisciplining” her nephew to death still would be quite invalid, don’t you think???  Uh, D-U-H!!!

The kid was having troubles, doing his spelling assignment, because???  Oh yeah, he couldn’t understand it, and, instead of teaching him, patiently, like a GOOD adult should have, you’d lost your tempers, and, beat him to death, now, how’s that right?  And, his life is lost, so, who’s gonna PAY for that, huh???

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Anti-Bullying Law Set into Motion Because of a Young Girl’s Suicide Caused by Being Bullied

This is still, all in HINDSIGHT, in case you hadn’t guessed it yet, from, by: T. Connor…

An Indiana legislator is scrapping parts of a bill that would gut an anti-bullying law after more than 150,000 people signed an online petition drafted by a mom whose 14-year-old daughter hanged herself from a tree.

“It’s bullying that killed me. Please get justice,” tormented teen Angel Green wrote in a note found by her mother, Danielle, after her death.

Danielle Green said she tried to do that — joining other parents in crusading for a law that broadened the definition of bullying and mandated prevention training and incident reporting by schools across the state.

Green, 36, said when she learned last week that a new education deregulation bill would reverse the requirements enacted a year ago, “it hit us like a ton of bricks.”

“It was like a slap in the face,” added Angie Stagge, who also pushed for the law after her own teenage daughter attempted suicide three times.

A week ago, Green posted a petition on, with photos of Angel, asking that Senate Bill 500 be stopped in its tracks. By Tuesday morning, it had 153,000 signatures.

Sen. Pete Miller told NBC News that that in response to the outrage, he plans to introduce amendments this week that will leave the existing law intact.

In an odd twist, the Avon Republican was actually the Senate sponsor of the original law.

He said the provisions in the latest legislation were buried in 307 pages of proposed changes drawn up by a law firm on behalf of two dozen school districts and groups who want to get rid of costly mandates.

“Some bills that I introduce are ideas of mine. Some are ideas that people will bring to me,” Miller said.

“No schools were saying, ‘We don’t care about bullying,'” he added. “But obviously parents were concerned that was going to be in the final version of the bill. I knew we were going to have a chance to take it out.”

Yet the controversial changes were still in the bill when the first public hearing was held Wednesday — where Green testified and read a note that her daughter had written to her eighth-grade classmates before she took her life.

By Green’s account, harassment of her daughter, Angel, began when she was in the sixth grade with taunts about her weight, red hair and freckles. It took a more sinister turn in eighth grade after Angel’s father was arrested for molesting her; he later pleaded guilty and is serving an 18-year sentence.

“I was in the school so much I had my own visitors’ pass,” Green said.

The teen had a case manager at school, began seeing a therapist and was taking an anti-depressant, her mother said. She repeatedly wrote suicide notes, but did not want to leave school and the small group of friends she had there, her mother said.

The morning of March 5, 2013, she left the house before 6 a.m. Her mother went out to look for her and came upon a horrific scene at the school bus stop down the road.

“There was a girl standing there and I said, ‘What’s going on?’ because there were police trucks and everything,” she recalled. “And she said, ‘Some girl is hanging from a tree.’ And I just knew.”

No one was charged after Angel’s death. In a statement, the Tippecanoe School District said “administrators are confident the school made all social and emotional resources, internal and external, available to this child and family.”

Green said she is certain that her daughter was bullied and that pushed her to suicide, and she believes the law signed in 2014 makes schools more accountable for harassment.

Seamus Boyce, an attorney for the firm that recommended undoing those measures, said bullying is already covered by federal anti-discrimination laws, making the state requirements time-consuming, confusing and “unnecessary.”

Even though he endorsed the existing law, Miller said he believes it’s imperfect. For instance, he said, when schools began reporting how many bullying incidents they had handled, “some said they had none and some said they had like 400.”

“So you have a report, but I’m not sure how valuable it is,” he said, adding that instead of reversing the current law, he may now introduce legislation to fine-tune it.

Green welcomed the about-face and said she was overwhelmed by the amount of support her petition drew, along with signers’ personal stories about bullying.

“I sat down a little bit ago and started reading some of the comments,” she said. “And I just sat here and cried.”

This, is still, ALL in hindsight, and, I’m sure, that had this law been set up earlier, there would still be, JUST as many cases of children bullying one another, causing the victims to suicide.  And this, is due to a mother’s plea to the world, in hopes that what happened to her own child doesn’t and won’t happen to anybody else’s offspring, and, because the girl felt tortured, she saw her only way out by killing herself, and this, could’ve been avoided, sure, but, why wasn’t it???  Was it the laws that were set up too late?  Was it the adults’ not paying enough attention, was it the bullies?  Or, was it the victim?  It no longer mattered, the important thing is, someone’s child is dead, and now, she’s making it into a cause, to STOP this sort of SHIT from happening to someone ELSE’s babies out there!


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An Eight-Year-Old Child Chimed in with the Criticism of a Councilman on Facebook, and Got Sued

This, is precisely, you should WATCH what you say, especially in this day and age, where information are being transmitted on the information super highway, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An eight-year-old boy, during the time of the nine-in-one elections, he’d posted the line, “Karma will come back to her”, on his friends’ and families’ Facebook accounts, the female councilwoman, Hsieh felt that it was directed toward her, and sued the little boy, along with five others for defamation; the child’s family claimed, that Hsieh was abusing her status, while Hsieh said, that it might be an adult, who used the name of the little boy, to post the message, that she won’t take back the lawsuit.

The thirty-year-old Kang last year on November 24th, posted on Facebook, claimed that a certain councilperson was blaspheming her, “if you didn’t get on, I will totally bring a whole case of firecrackers to your headquarters, and congratulate you on losing, with high votes…” After the message was posted, Wang, a woman, Hsieh, a man, along with another woman, Kang, and the eight-year-old child, Kang all left messages below, after the country councilwoman saw, she’d accused all five for defamation and for breaking the laws regarding voting, after the police inquired, they’d taken all five people into custody.

In recent days, Kang, the child’s family got a subpoena from the D.A.’s office, that the child is due to appear in court on February 9th, the child was accompanied by his father, as well as the Miaoli Foundation for the Less Fortunate, Weng, they spoke in a press conference, urged Hsieh to “not pursue the child.”

Kang’s father said, that the person who’d posted the statement was his cousin, and because the Hsieh’s owed the Kang’s over $200,000N.T. five years ago at another election, and after Hsieh got the position, she’d severed the ties of owing the money; his son has a Facebook account, and he saw that the adults are posting, said that he’d wanted to leave a statement too, and, had his older sister wrote on his behalf, “Karma will soon come after you”, and these couple of words, had gotten the child sued, it’s outrageous.

“The child is innocent, he was just listening to the adults’ views, and typed the words,” Weng said, that back when she was accompanying the little boy to the police station to get his statements taken, he was so scared and nervous, and she hoped, that Hsieh could let this go, to not allow the goings on between the adults, to cause the darkness in the child’s life.

Hsieh said, that the criticizing words of the article was directed toward her, back then, she wasn’t aware of the age of the person who’d left the messages, so that, was why she’d sued them all.  But she also questioned, how come an eight-year-old child can chime in, “could it be, that an adult was using the child’s name to leave the messages?”, and that the child’s family never brought the little boy to apologize to her in person, “so, why must I retract the lawsuit?”

The judge for the juvenile court in Miaoli, Lee said, that children under twelve who were accused of breaking laws, if there are no evidence that the children committed the crimes, they will be returned to the parents to be disciplined.

And so, this, is how Facebook got this young boy screwed, and, how would an eight-year-old know, so, in this case, the older family members, or whoever it was that has the access to the child’s FB accounts may have posted the messages, and this still just shows, how you MUST watch what you say online, because, there would be those who are prone, to misinterpret you.  So, DO post with discretions there…


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“I Absolutely Didn’t See Her”, a Tow Truck Driver Ran Over a Seventy-Year-Old Woman

How can you MISS a HUMAN BEING???  It’s an tragic accident, I suppose, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Hsu yesterday was riding from Wanhua to Banciao to attend a gathering for elderly folks, as she’d walked across the intersection of Wen-Hua and Ju-Guan Road, she was hit by a large-scale tow truck that was making a left turn, she’d died on the scene, after the accident, the driver, Liu told the police, “I didn’t see her at all”, the police suspected that it was the blind spot of the driver that’s caused this traffic accident death.

As the paramedics rushed to the scene, they’d found Hsu, with broken bones all over her body, clearly, she was already dead, so they’d given up on trying to resuscitate her.  Afterwards, the police notified her next of kin, as her children saw how her mother died, she’d started crying, and, Liu and her daughters kept apologizing the family.

The police investigations found, that the seventy-nine year old elderly woman was cross the road at eleven thirty in the morning, going toward Ju-Guan Road, Liu (age 59) was driving a large-scale towtruck, turning left, going toward the MRT Xinpu Station, and, was suspected to have obstructed view by the arms of the tow, and the arms of the tow first, knocked Hsu over, then, the car ran over her.

The police stated, that Liu wasn’t at all intoxicated, and that his large tow truck has a legal permit to be on the roads too, that neither parties was breaking the laws, but because Hsu was crossing at the cross sections, she has the right of way, and so, Liu is to take full responsibility, and after they’d interrogated him, they’d already taken him in on negligence causing death, and had taken the tow truck that hit the woman in.

The police called out, that as the drivers bumped into the pedestrians at the crosswalks, even if the drivers’ lights are green, they still must slow their speed down; even though pedestrians have the right of way, but they’d still must watch the roads, “don’t believe that all drivers are going to be attentive!”, to prevent tragedies from occurring.

So, this, is a case of pure accident, and because the tow truck is huge, therefore, it has a larger blind spot, and, it’s due to the driver’s carelessness to not check twice, that, was why the elderly woman got killed.

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A Stowaway

Wanting to SNAP out of the VICIOUS CYCLE of behaviors, but can’t seem to find the motivations to, translated…

Turned on the shower, I’d waited.  If there are no mishaps or accidents, a little bit later, the icy cold water should turn hot, then, I’d lifted up the showerhead, then poured the hot water onto my skin.

You feel that you’re like a pickled radish, lightly stretched out, washing away all the wrinkles, and the dust and the dirt.

Back then, you may be away from home in the dormitories, and, there may be books and homework assignments piled on your desks, waiting for you to get to; or maybe, you’re at home, and, after you’re down with your shower, you just need to curl back onto your computer desks, and, tapped the screens with your cursors a few more time, and, continued, on your soap-opera ventures.  And, the things that are pressing, that are important, and things that are pointless and wastes, are squeezed together at the other side of the doors.

But, the moment when the hot water finally comes back to cover all over you, you’d always felt, forgiven, kinda.

Everybody has a different value towards spending money, for you, you can careless about food, so long as it maintains your life and health, as for the rest, you’d saved as much as you can.  Awhile ago, the host of a show had lost money on his investments in LED, and was asked why he still spent a ton of money, taking his friends out, he’d answered, “What I’m needing in the large amounts of cash, and the smaller amounts, I don’t mind it at all.”  You’d kept wanting to try to save up some of your wages by the end of the month.  That way, you can get to enjoy a movie, buy one more book, or, have one extra outing with friends where you don’t feel so horrid about having to take money from your own wallets.

But, all of these ideals, are limited, to your “value system.”

As you’d returned to the dorm, feeling hungry, what are the ways to solve that?  One, take a hot shower, hit the sack quick; secondly, buy something you can munch on.  Is it milk?  Junk food?  Am I going to have Doritos, or chocolates tonight?  In the end, you’d bought both, it’s just the way you’d relieved your stresses, you just feel compelled to spend some money.  And so, long term, you’d cycled on this format of living, in the end, after you’d chewed out the chemical tastes you’d felt fatigued, and the spiritual foods you sought became plastic and rubber, then, you’d controlled yourselves for a short while, then, let yourselves loose again.

But this, is the miniscule kind of failure.  Naturally, there are, more painful ones.  Like your studies, your families, your interpersonal connections, the ones you can’t ungroom or untangle from.  The articles that has the guide to dissect the human emotions, the greatest negative kind is not sorrows, nor is it regret—“shame”, that, was what the article said.

It’s as if, you’d secretly understood something now, but you weren’t reminded of more.  Your days are still, lived around the orders, and, there would be mishaps, interjecting between the moments, waving their hands at you.  But, there would always be a single moment, without the need of language, symbols, or anybody around, in that almost filled with steam small enclosed space, you feel, that you’d been forgiven, once more, lightly, quietly, by the world around you.

So nice.

Even if you’re cheaper now, it’s okay too.

After you’d opened up the doors again, you tried to think on the brighter side, make yourself more energetic, that don’t lose control, buying up the snacks, don’t turn in your papers or your proposals to work late again, don’t fight with the ones you love again, you must suck it all in, and apologize first.  Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Who doesn’t smuggle the days like this.

And so, you still get trapped in that vicious cycle of repeated way you behaved, because even though, you’d wanted change, but, you’re NOT motivated enough to MAKE the changes to make your lives better, and so, you keep on repeating the same way of lifestyle over, over, over and over again, and in the end, you’d become, totally STUCK!

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The Redundant Script

A short prose, translated…

“The script you wrote had been done already, there’s no way we’ll be using it.”, and, just like so, my scripts were, returned back to me, I’d told the director, that this was the story of my ex-wife and I.

Turns out, that our story was way too ancient, no wonder my wife didn’t want it anymore either.

So this time, an outside perspective gave you the insight on WHY things ended the way they had, and that sometimes, is what is needed, an outside perspective, because you’re on the inside, and, you’re bound to have those blinders on…

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The Turbulent Path that Led Us to Become Parents

We had, traveled, a turbulent path, in order, to become parents, there was nothing wrong with either one of us, biologically, but, for some unknown reasons, when the two of us get together, nothing happened, and, we’d tried, tried, and tried, over, over, over, and over again, and still, failure, after failure, and we felt beaten…

Then, we’d decided, to adopt, but, as we filed for our adoption papers, things in our personal lives started coming unwind, and, all of a sudden, we’re both, incapable, to handle ourselves, let alone, a new baby!

And yet, despite everything, we’d still, become parents, when neither one of us was ready for it, that kid still came, kicking, AND screaming, demanding our undivided attention day in and day out, keeping us sleepless through the nights, and, both of us still had to get up for work in the mornings.

And, that, was only the beginning, and, what people often talked of when they talked about babies, their first words, their first steps, we can’t seem to find any joys in that, at all for some reasons, I think it was, because neither one of us was ready, for the baby, and, he’d come, just the same, causing us, a TON of stresses!

The turbulent path that led us to become parents, maybe, we weren’t, supposed to be parents at all, after all, we are still, just children, aren’t we???  But, oopsy!  I didn’t keep that “receipt” from the Storks, and so, I’m guessin’, that the Return Policy is out of the question here???

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A Young Couple Who Were Married Because of Their Child, Abused Their Son to Death, and Tried to Cremate Him Secretly

Young parents, scapegoating on their child???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A pair of couple, nineteen years old, Wang, married because of their child, the parents were emotionally unstable, when their son starts to cry, they’d cussed him out, and hit him, last month, the father lost control and threw his son, who was just three months old down to the floor, killed him, had originally wanted to cremate him secretly, but the social workers found out, and reported the parents; the courts mandated that this young couple get taken into custody.

The D.A. found, that the infant was born prematurely, at before seven months, and, in the three months he’d lived, he’d lived a life of being tortured, not only did his parents not feed him regularly, he was so thin that there’s only skin and bones on him, there were also, multiple bruises, wounds, and fractures on him.  The coroner’s report came awhile ago, it showed, that his brain was like tofu that was mixed, and, it’d made the investigators shiver, “How could there be parents like this!”

Wang works at night as manual labor at a shipping company, and early in the mornings, he’d part-timed in delivering milk, his wife stays at home to take care of his son.  He’d claimed that he was under great economic stress, and the child won’t stop crying, he lost control, and that, was why he’d murdered his own son.  He said, on the day, the infant won’t stop crying, he got angry, and slammed his son hard, onto the bed, and the child fell off the bed, back then, the infant became limp, his face turned purple, the father was scared and sent him to the hospital immediately.

The police investigated, that after the Wang’s sent their son to the hospitals, never once did they visited him, on November 28th, the hospital had declared the child dead, that, was when the parents came forth, and wanted to cremate the child in a hurry, “it’s probably domestic violence,”, and the hospitals notified the police.

Wang’s grandmother stated, that the couple would fight often, and it’d annoyed the neighbors; she’s already in her seventies, couldn’t manage to help out with the care of the child, even though she’d told her grandson’s wife to check on the baby often, to feed him once every four hours, but, the grandson’s wife and the baby lived on the second floor, she, on the first, they rarely interacted, and so, she couldn’t know what was happening.  She said, as her grandson was in school, he’d gotten into a ton of trouble, and, that her son became handicapped because he was injured on the job, and, the grandson not only didn’t show an ounce of understanding, still constantly takes money from his own father, the grandmother never imagined he would hurt his own child.

And so, this, is still the case of abuse to death, the parents are way too young, they can’t even take care of themselves, how can they possibly take care of a child, and, the man’s the one with the issues, he’s the one who couldn’t sort through his emotions, that, was why he’d taken his angers out on is three months old baby boy.

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It Took Just Two Seconds for the Police to Open Fire on the Twelve-Year-Old African American Boy Who Brought a Toy Gun to the Playground

The videos of the shooting of that little boy that took a toy gun to the playground is finally released here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Police Department of Cleveland, Ohio showed the surveillance footage of the little boy, getting SHOT by the police, holding a toy gun, the footage showed that the police who’d answered the call came to the playground, and shot the child with the toy gun, Rice, to seriously injured, the very next day, the boy died, from the moment that the cops arrived on scene to the child, getting shot and fallen onto the ground, the entire process took no more than two seconds time, and, this got the public to question if the police acted too rashly.

Two days ago, the white officer, who’d shot the eighteen-year-old African American, Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri didn’t get prosecuted further, it’d initiated this nationwide protest in the U.S., there were over a hundred individuals who’d marched onto the streets of Cleveland, for the miscarriage of justice in the death of Brown.

The footage publicized by the police department showed Rice, playing with his toy gun on the playground, later, he’d sat down at a resting chair, at which time, the police had arrived, Rice walked out of the resting place, toward the police squad car, two officers came from the car, pointing their guns at Rice, and, Rice’s body was just blocked by the patrol car, when an officer opened fire on the child, twice.

The police also publicly named the two officers who’d answered to the calls, the one who’d shot the child was the twenty-six-year-old rookie, Loehmann, he just joined the police force this March; another was the forty-six year old, Garmback, he’d worked on the force for six years already.  The Cleveland police deputy chief said the officer told Rice to raise his hand up three times, then, Loehmann got out of the squad car, and fired at Rice twice.  The police stated from before, that Rice was reaching for his toy gun, but the footage showed that the squad car had obstructed the views, and so, they weren’t sure if that, was what had happened.

The police chief publicized two tape recordings, one was from the caller, to report seeing someone on the playground with a gun, the caller was originally sitting in the resting area, and reported that he saw someone taking a gun out, pointing it toward everybody, that it might be a fake gun that the person was holding, but everybody is freaking out.  Before the patrol cars arrived, the caller had already left the rest area.

Another tape recording showed that the two officers got the call, and the operator told them, that there was a black man, pointing a gun toward people, but it didn’t showed that the caller said that the person might be holding a toy gun, or that it was a teenager who was holding the fake gun.

The two officers, after they’d reported for duty called in, “Fired a couple of shots, the man fell, he was black, maybe in his twenties, with a black handgun.”

The gun Rice was holding was a toy air gun, it looked like a semi-automatic, the police stressed that the orange tape that would show that it was a toy had been removed, and it was hard, for the officers to tell if it was real or fake.

The chief said, that the police publicized the tapes at the asking of the Rice’s families, not to help anybody get off the hook, or to find an excuse, or to show who did what wrong, losing a young life like Rice’s is a tragic loss; and “our two officers must do a job that nobody wanted to do, in order to protect, and serve the citizens.”

Looks like that RIOT will keep on raging after this, because apparently, the police department is trying to evade their responsibilities for shooting this child, and, it’d only taken no more than just TWO fucking second, for this young boy to get shot, and you still don’t think that “shoot now, ask later” is wrong???

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