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She’d Murdered Her Own Mother, Gotten High on Drugs, in a Daze for Five Hours…Then, Turned Herself in, to the Police

From the Front Page Sections, a tragedy of a family, translated…

She was displeased at her mother’s words, “You had dragged me and your younger sister down with you”, after she’d murdered her mother, she’d told her younger sister, “You’re finally free”, her younger sister told, “We had a very unhappy childhood…”

A thirty-one year-old woman Pan in Kaohsiung, because she hadn’t gotten along with her own mother for long period of time, two afternoons, she’d bought a fruit knife, gone to her mother’s place, to confront her, Pan started stabbing her mother using the fruit knife twice on the right side of her mother’s neck, the fifty-three year-old mother died, had her throat slit.

After Pan had murdered her mother, she’d started using ketamine, and fell into a daze next to her mother’s corpse, and five hours later, she’d told her younger sister what she’d done, told her younger sister, “You’re now, delivered from pain”, and was accompanied by her sister, to turn herself in.  After the D.A.s interrogated her, they’d asked her to be taken into custody, which was approved.

The police investigated, that Pan had medical history of being diagnosed with bipolar, is currently unemployed, and got into a drug habit, lived with her mother, who has a mildly mental illness manual, also diagnosed with bipolar mother, and the two of them would argue a lot, over the smallest matters.  A week ago, after Pan had a verbal altercation with her mother, her mother kicked her out of the house, and changed the lock on the door, and so, Pan could only move in with her younger sister.

When the police interrogated her, Pan told them, that lately, her mother had come to her younger sister’s place to harass her, she’d gotten more and more furious, as she thought about it, two afternoons ago at five in the afternoon, she’d gone to the marketplace, bought a fruit knife, at close to six in the evening, she ran back to her mother’s house, after the mother opened the door, they’d started fighting again shortly; the mother just kept putting her down over, and over, and over, and cussed at her, “You are the one who was dragging both me and your younger sister down!”, in a moment of heated anger, she took out the knife, SLASHED her mother on the right side of her neck twice hard, her mother fell, and, blood came pouring out of her neck.

In the process of hacking up her own mother, she’d accidentally cut herself on the left side of her own palm, she’d dressed her own wound, and washed the knife off, sat on the chair next to her mother’s dead body, started using ketamine; she left, at around a little past ten in the evening, rode her motorcycle to her younger sister’s, she’d accompanied her mother’s corpse for almost five hours after she’d killed her.

The moment Pan saw her younger sister, she’d told her, “I’d saved you from your miseries!”, the sister became confused at what she meant, and, after she’d forced the truth out of her sister, she’d learned that her older sister had murdered her mother; after the younger sister consoled with her for an hour, Pan finally turned herself in to the police in the early morning hours.

The police investigated, that Pan had two prior records of domestic violence, four years ago, she’d injured her own mother with a knife, after the police were called, they’d reported the incident to the Department of Social Services; last year in September, Pan became verbally abusive toward her mother, the mother notified the police, but never got a restraining order.

The man in charge of the local borough said, that Pan’s parents were divorced when she was young, eleven years ago, her mother moved into the borough with her, and back then, Pan still had a job, but five years ago, she got fired, and took to drug abuse, and, that, was when everything started going south; because neither the mother and her had work, they’d lived off of the mother’s handicap payments by the government, as well as her younger sister’s support, and the two of them would often argue about money, and, every time when the mother was unhappy, she’d kicked her daughter out.

The police disclosed, that because Pan didn’t have any money, she’d often starved, in the first half of March, she’d once taken a knife, to rob a super convenience store, called, “I’m going to ROB you!”, begged the cashiers to call it in, because she wanted to be on the “free meal plans of jail”.

After the incident, Pan’s younger sister didn’t blame her, and, toward the inquiries of the outside, she’d started crying, told, that her mother had been emotionally unstable for long term, would kick the doors down, and use verbal insults on the two of them a lot, that they had a very unhappy childhood, “Nobody would kill her/his mother without reasons at all.”, this was all too painful, for her older sister too.

The coroner examined, that the cause of Pan’s mother’s death was from the loss of too much blood of the severing of her right carotid, as well as her windpipes.

And so, she finally CRACKED, and, this, is still a BUILD-UP over time, and, because the woman was high on drugs, she’d become impulsive, and, unable to judge her own behaviors, and this, could’ve been avoided, had someone STEP in earlier, but, it wasn’t, because this had gone on, for WAY too long, and this time, the woman finally CRACKED!!!

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The Millions of Possibilities in the World You May Have Missed


That, was a game of our childhood past—a piece of scratch paper, a pen, using the pen, to draw out several parallel roads, several intersecting lines: then, we’d rolled up the paper, showing the starting point, making our friends choose a path: to the left, or the right?  With the moving forward of our fingers, the one who’d made up the games of the page slowly, unveiled the sheet, and, the ending results, slowly, appeared, before us, what’s waiting there at the very end would either be a dead-end, or some treasures.  We’d giggled, as we’d played this game, nobody really cared the results of this game; plus, the paths are too simplistic, the end, painless, and, usually, after a few more times, everybody would start to get bored.

As children, none of us knew, that this game of “lost journeys” made up by childish lines, is the simplest type of decisions we would be making, later on in life.

Had I only known, I wouldn’t have chosen the answer I’d selected.  Had I know, I wouldn’t have alighted that bus.  Had I know, I wouldn’t have fallen for that person.  Had I know, I would’ve put ALL my money in, and let the die roll………I must admit, there are constant little things that made us regret, the smallest being having the wrong food items, the biggest to writing down the wrong majors to take up in university.  Regrets are surely unpleasant, because the experiments from psychology showed, the feelings of “knowing that there’s a possibility of you losing” is WAY MORE intense than “I’d already had”.  Even a rat being tested showed, that it can show regrets—when it’d discovered, that the food item it’d chosen for this time wasn’t fitting to its desires, for the next round, it will turn around, and start, lining up, at the other region.

In “The Place Promised in Our Early Days” by Mokoto Shinkai, described how in a parallel universe, in it, he’d romantically pointed out, that this parallel universe is the dream world of the people from this universe, if people are able to get to the end results of those other universes, could they, make the perfect decisions for themselves?

But, unfortunately, even IF all the stories on time traveling has the theme of making the wrongs in the pasts right again.  This world still kept on, turning nonstop.  During my daily life, every single second of every single minute, I’m standing on a crossroad, and most of the times, the choices are not as simple as turning left or right, instead, it’s like the branches of a tree, fanned out; possibilities, time possibilities, the endless numbers of possibilities will eventually, pass me by, and yet, I was destined, to see just, the END result.  Sometimes, I’d contemplated, or maybe, it’s because how we can have time to do over again, we must accept our own mistakes, that, is probably why, the brains of living organisms have developed the optical cortex to process regrets, so we can change our behaviors for the future—it’s about survival, and the next time, don’t make that mistake again.

Don’t know why, my elementary school teacher told me, who was still in the elementary years abruptly, “I decide, if I’d thought the consequences of a behavior through thoroughly, no matter the results, I will NEVER regret about it”.  This, was probably, the most important declaration I’d ever heard, I suppose.  Back then, she had that serious look, in her twenties, and, from my point of view right now, the speaker of this, my former elementary school teacher, was still a young girl herself.  I guess, perhaps, she’d had the bitter tastes from the fruits of regret, but she’s not alone.  After all, history stated, in the key moments in time, the choices of man are always wrong.

So, this, is wisdoms that someone had gained, from walking through her life, and, that still just shows, the most important of all the values we learned, were instilled into our minds, in our earliest days, which is still why, early childhood education is so very important still…

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After She’d Scammed Him for Money, She’d Faked Her Own Death, the Engineer Felt Guilty…Was Scammed, Again

Stupidity, stupidity, AND, more of that, S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, with priors in fraud, after putting her make up on, she looked like a female star, she’d used her beautiful photograph, to seduce a man who’s an engineer for the Southern Scientific Park, De (a false name), used the excuse of needing money to get her dance recitals set up, and borrowed one million dollars from him, after they’d met up, she’d shown her “true self” to him, but, refused to give him back the loan he’d gave to her, and, she’d faked her own death, and, took the identity of the man’s friend, and managed, to scam an extra three million dollars N.T. from him, the D.A. charged her with fraud yesterday.

The woman, Lin (age 33) from, Hsinbei City, weighed about 154 pounds, with long eyes, voluptuous in figure, is the mother of two.  Four years ago, she’d used MSN messenger, to meet De (age 37), she’d told him she was a school dance instructor, would ask him how he was every single day, plus, Lin’s photo resembled that of a female actress, De had fallen for her, and, in three months on interacting online, they’d started referring to one another as boyfriend, girlfriend.

But, as they’d dated, for not yet three weeks, Lin lied about how she’d lost her purse, and needed the money to put on a dance exhibition, needed the money for her outfits, etc., etc., etc., and managed to get De to lend her a total of over a million dollars.  In De’s requests, the two of them met, and, De’s dreams were shattered immediately, the very next day, he’d asked to break up with her, and asked her to give back the money he’d loaned to her in three days’ time, Lin started crying into the phones, on how poor she was, and told him that she’d swallowed some pills to commit suicide already.

Not long thereafter, Lin took on the identity of her younger cousin, Wang, said that Lin couldn’t be saved, after being rushed to the hospitals, and had owed a lot of debts before she’d passed, hoped that De would help her pay it up, so she could go ahead, get the paperwork sorted out, and that she will be paying him back, on her “cousin’s” behalf.

De took it to be real, believed that he had pushed Lin to commit suicide, and felt awful, and paid up Lin’s medical bills and her debts, also, he’d paid for her child’s hospitalization fees from getting the stomach flu.

The character of Lin’s cousin whom Lin impersonated later on said that she was hospitalized due to a car wreck, and, she’d taken the persona of her female friend, Hsiao, as the window for communication between De and the ladies, but it was still just her; and, the persona, Hsiao told the sob story of how she’d owed debts, and was sold to the strip bars, and, De felt sorry for her, and started wiring the money, to help get her out.

In just six short months, De had wired a total of one-hundred fifty times, in the total of four million, one hundred thirteen thousand, dollars N.T., and, all of his own savings are now, gone, but, he couldn’t get the autopsy reports of Lin, that, was when he realized, that he was scammed by Lin, who took up three different persona, he got angry, and sued, and, they’d reached a settlement of $2.5 million N.T.s.

Who’s the SUCKER here???  You ASSHOLES are!  And, that just shows how easily, you DUMB-ASSES would fall for these BULLSHITTING S-O-B stories, and, it all started with the intentions of “hooking up” too, so once again, love, was the primary way, used to SCAM.

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Had Someone Spoken Up

This is still, ALL in H-I-N-D-S-I-G-H-T…

Had someone spoken up, then, maybe, lives would have been spared, had someone prevented that little boy from getting picked on, a classmate, a teacher, even, then, he may not have turned into the killer he’d become today, but, nobody had, shown ANY cares or concerns, to even, acknowledged that, he was, in pain.

Had someone spoken up, but, nobody HAD, had anyone?  Of course not, and, it’s always, easier to JUDGE others, and NOT see the truth about oneself, after all, it’s always been, easier, to POINT your fingers, and not realizing, hey, when I’m pointing a finger AT someone, three are pointing RIGHT back at me, (I’ll wait, for you to “check” it out!!!).

Had someone spoken up, then, this tragic event may have well been prevented, like that shooting at that elementary school?  Or, how ‘bout those deaths that could’ve been prevented, had someone taken a little extra time, to show care and concern?  Well, it’s ALL water under the bridge now, you won’t have a chance, to redo all of that again that’s for sure.

Had someone spoken up, but, NOBODY had, and now, we look at ourselves, in this mirror, of truth, and, what, do we see?  Had someone spoken up, if only…………

Start speaking UP, and stop operating in the “mode” of hey, I can’t be the only one who heard that child who’s crying upstairs or downstairs ALL night long, because, if we all operated in that mindset, then, a LOT more people are going to D-I-E, and, we would’ve, stained OUR hands with blood, without ourselves even knowing.

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Etched into the Hearts

This, is something that cuts so very deep, isn’t it???

Etched into the hearts, and, you won’t be able to remove it, like you could that tattoo of that ex-lover, with laser or whatever either!!!

Etched into the hearts, are the experiences of your painful childhood years, those years that you’d spent, all alone, with NOBODY to care for your emotional needs, because those god DAMN adults just, don’t have a SINGLE clue about how to love you, do they?  Nope!

Etched into the hearts, are the lies that he’d sold you out on, and, you knew damn well, that they’re just that, and yet, because you feared losing him, you’d allowed him, to feed you his lies, out of the palms of his hands.  Etched into the hearts, and, there’s NO way you can get rid of them all now, oh no, they’d become engraved completely, so deep down inside.

Etched into the hearts, are those painful memories, that just keep on, comin’ right back to haunt, to gnaw on you, each, and every night, and, you’re still losing your sleep………

Etched into the hearts, are the images of that child, being brutally, beaten up by her mother’s boyfriend, because she wouldn’t STOP crying, because she needed a bottle, or that her diaper is wet, and needed changing, but her mother’s boyfriend was getting high, and became really annoyed, and so, he’d picked the child up, and, tossed her, out the window, where the baby landed, into the dumpster down below, and, she’d died, from the fall too!

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Spoiling My Demented Mother, So What IF I Needed to Treat Her Like a Child from Time to Time

So here, we’re treating our demented elderly parents like our children? Would that work? I wonder, translated…

Both my parents resided in the southern regions, but my father feared that we may worry, and kept the fact, that my mother started showing signs of dementia from us, for instance, she’d forgotten to cook when the skies turned dark, or how she’d buy the same items of clothing over and over again, how she didn’t know how to pay for her meals at the breakfast shops, how she’d neglected to pay attention to how messy the house became. It wasn’t until my mother strayed from the group when they’d gone on tour at 101, did the family decide, to ask my younger sister, who runs a afterschool care program for kids.

But, from the mentioning of my younger sister, as my mother saw the kids misbehaved, she’d scolded them harshly, making them cry; my mother loved sweets, and would drink the juice boxes that belonged to the students; without watching her closely, she’d wandered out of the front gates of the school, and, they’d have to send our search parties for her.

In order to alleviate the stresses of my younger sister, caring for our mother, I’d picked my mother up during the summer and winter vacations. At first, toward my mother’s inquiries and blames, I’d automatically reply to her, using my teaching methods. For instance, my mother often forgot to eat, and, in the midnight hours, she’d said she was hungry. I’d tried very hard, to convince her, that she already ate, but she’d scolded me, “Are you trying to starve me to death?” Afterwards, I’d thought about it, make her a cup of milk, problem solved!

After just a few short days, staying with me, my mother hollered about how she wanted to go home, and stared out the windows a lot. Missing home, she’d missed the paper flower, that was planted outside her front door, it’s just, that she will never, find her way back, to the home she was familiar with again.

Because of my mother’s dementia, she’d forgotten about the miseries of her life previously, I’d wondered often, if I could have this last parts of her life to do over again, I would’ve certainly, gone from the angles of her needs, to love her, to allow her to have things her way, so she, who loves looking pretty, can have a happier life.

But, you can’t, and this, is all, regrets talking, but hey, it wasn’t your fault, because, NO demented elderly person comes with a “manual”, and, each situation is different, meaning that the signs in one demented elderly, may not apply to the behaviors of another, and so, we still must, live with what we’d done, or didn’t do, and move on…



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Of All the Successful Entrepreneurs, Ninety-Percent Had Once Worked in a Corporation

Laying the brick works here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Should the newly graduated youths start working for a company, or, should they, start their own businesses?  The junior and about-to-be entrepreneur, Lin said, IF you want success in entrepreneurship, from the practical point of view, there are over ninety-percent of people who’d worked for the businesses, and had been trained.

Lin used his own experiences, at first, when he’d started his entrepreneurship, he was among the “cofounders”, there’s a little bit less of the pressure, although he’d gotten the opportunities to learn back then, but, what he learned, wasn’t that much at all, because the leader of the group lacked real-world experiences too, and, they’d all, buried their heads, and worked without a purpose; after a decade’s worth of experiences in entrepreneurship, he’s finally able to, start on his own.

He’d pointed out, that in ALL the successful entrepreneurs in the society, over ninety-percent had once worked in a corporation, because when you’re making your own businesses, you must know the products, the sales techniques, the operations, the managing, the finance, the laws and the regulations, if you didn’t work as a nine-to-five, everything starts at zero, it’s really hard, to learn, to manage all of these skills quickly enough; if you can enter into a corporation to learn, then, you’d be able to learn these needed techniques, instead of you, doing things blind.

Secondly, from the environmental angle, the society in Taiwan isn’t at all friendly toward those new entrepreneurs, and would NOT actively cooperate with those fresh-off-the-farm entrepreneurs, and so, you’d must accumulate the experiences, the connections, and, entering into the workforce is one way of achieving this.

There are a lot of the successful entrepreneurs who’d dropped out of school, then, set up their businesses, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and the like.  Like the creator of Paypal, Peter Thiel, he’d also gotten involved in the 20 under 20 plan, encouraged those in college to DROP out, and start their own business.  Lin reminded, that those who were able to successfully make a business work after dropping out of college are the “geniuses of geniuses”, and it’s not for everybody to try; on the contrary, if you have great qualifications, and, if you are interested in entrepreneurship, you should first, work for the corporations, to gain some experiences first.

And so, this, is someone, sharing HIS experiences with those who are interested in embarking in entrepreneurship, and, he’s right on how it is hard, being an entrepreneur, especially IF this, is your very first attempt, you’re without the experiences, without the connections, you may have a degree, but that’s about it, and, in the real world, we care about working experiences and work abilities, NOT just a higher degree, so, what this guy suggested, to work for a corporation FIRST, then, STRIKE out on your own, is quite workable!  And besides, it’s from someone who’s BEEN THERE, and DONE THAT too, and he’s just, sharing his own experiences, hoping that it could save those in the community who wanted to STRIKE out, from making the errors that he’d made, because he was inexperienced at the very beginning of HIS own entrepreneurship.

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The Biggest Fear of the Elderly, Tripping & Falling Down, Use Exercise, as Well as Looking After Coronary Health to Resolve the Problem

Watch out!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former whip of the KMT, Bo-Hsiung Wu accidentally broke his ribs from a fall, causing him to need emergency surgery because the fluids accumulated in his lungs, it’d reminded those with an elderly person at home, to prevent tripping and falling down.

As Taiwan marched into the elderly population exceeding the younger, in order for the elders to live on healthy, with a good quality of life, the worst that could happens is tripping and falling down, it may break the bones, and cause immobility.  Because once the ability to move is lost, the elderly would become long-term bedridden, not only would this cause stresses on the families, a lot of the elderly also deteriorated quickly.

My own father is quick-tempered, he’d hurt his ankle from a car accident many years ago.  And, he’d thought, that he was an athlete when he was younger, so he didn’t pay any attention to the injury, in the end, he’d had to undergo surgery.

Before the screws on his joints healed back up, and because he couldn’t stay still, lying down, he’d walked around using his cane, visiting his friends.  And, one rainy day, he’d slipped, and had to have another surgery.  And this time, the doctor only managed to stable his legs from the outside, and, screwed the screw on outside his body.  After the screws were removed, he’d lost function in his ankle, and, his legs became uneven too.  And because he’d relied on his healthy leg long-term, it’d caused a grown inside the bones.  I his elderly years, maybe it was because of how his legs wasn’t strong enough to carry his body weight, he’d fallen from the stairs,  hurt his brains, and died.

We’re advocating that the elderly, to move around if you want to stay healthy, if you want a high quality of life, you must establish the habits of exercising regularly.  But, we must remind the elders, to NOT be too hurried, to take things easy.

And so, the elderly should prevent from tripping and falling, because, a LOT of complications would come after tripping and falling, not only physically, the broken bones, being in a cast, the immobility, etc., etc., etc., there’s also the mental state to consider, when the elders are injured, so, keep watch over your older adults, and, have them use a CANE, whether or NOT they want to, it’s for their own benefits!

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A Man Used His Words, Took Up Over Hundreds of Different Identities, in Just Three Years, Managed to Scam Seventy People

Getting SCAMMED here, and, LOOK at the total number of SUCKERS who fell for it too!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man who had an active arrest warrant on him for fraud, Jia-Xing Lin used the name of “Jun-Yi Lin”, to scam people, he’d often made huge orders at the shops, and lied about how his car got towed, “Please just loan me $2,000N.T., so I can get my car back”.  He was very articulate, kind and gentle, claimed that he’s the older cousin of a certain city councilman, that he knew a lot of big names in business, and, so many shops fell for it.  Two nights ago when he’d gone to scam again, the police found, that three years ago, after his release from jail, he’d started scamming people over seventy times, and they’re now, looking at it, on a grander scale.

“He’d told of how rich he was, like it was real, with the ultimate goal of scamming others for money!”, as the shops that fell for it notified the police, they’d all, gotten angered and started, cussing him out.  And because he’d scammed in both Hsinbei and Taipei, as well as Taoyuan, Yilan, a lot of the shops had even set up self-help network fan clubs, to remind one another, to not fall for the scams.

The police investigated, that the fifty-year-old Lin had gone in and out of jail for fraud cases; in 2012, after his release, he’d started scamming again, and had an active arrest warrant out on him by the Taoyuan District Attorney’s Office.   In order to evade arrest, he’d started scamming smaller amounts in couple of thousand dollars at a time, and because the victims thought that it was grueling to have to notify the cops, so, they’d let him slide, which, was why he’d changed his criminal behaviors.

In the three years’ time, Lin had targeted the golf specialty shops, the jewelry stores, the pharmacies, places that sold the high-priced items, claimed that he was going to buy something that’s high priced, for instance, “I need a fish tank of half a million dollars…”, as he’d gone into the golf specialty shops, he’d talked like he knew the sport and was an expert in the game, and had claimed, I knew Yani Tseng’s parents well.

And, the shops would always thought, that he was some VIP customer, and welcomed him, but he’d always ran out of the shop in a hurry, then, returned back to the shops, told of how “my car got towed, my cell, my wallet, are all in my car, can you loan me some cash?” if the shops are doubtful, then, he’d told them, “Do I look like a scammer?” or claimed himself to be the cousin of some councilman, friends of some television star, to get himself out.

The police said, that before Lin committed his scams, he’d always dress up accordingly, like if he’d gone to an aquarium, he’d put on his glasses, and wore his Polo shirt, pretended that he was, a Yuppi man; gone to the jewelry stores in a suit, making himself look like a businessman, and had even dressed himself up as a woman, confusing the shops that he’d managed to scam.

And so, this, was how a chameleon worked HIS magic, and, because those shops bought into this man’s lies, that, was why they fell victim, and that still just shows, how when someone tells a story that too believable, that, should RAISE a red flag for you…

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When You’d Become My Only Life Line

When you’d become my only life line, boy, oh boy, am I, totally SCREWED or what?  Because what if, you weren’t there, to answer my life-threatening calls, then, I will, die, for sure, wouldn’t I???

When you’d become my only lifeline, I only got myself to blame, for becoming utterly, completely, so totally, reliant and codependent on you, and, I’m to blame, to allow you to have that much control over me.

When you’d become my only lifeline, then, I will surely, die, because I can’t count on you, to save me, at least, NOT, when it really counted, can I?  Think about it, how many times had you been here for me?  N-O-N-E, so, why is it, that I have yet, to take you off, of my lifeline?  I dunno………

When you’d become my only lifeline, then, I’m a goner for good, because you’re, unreliable, and, you will keep on breaking ALL the promises you’d ever made to me, and I’m still waiting, for my heart, to get that, and, after all of me (body, mind, soul, AND heart!!!) got that, well, the four of “us” will then, move on, to bigger, better things that life has in store for “us”.


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