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A Monster Had Moved into His Soul, Who Put it There?

This, is still, the “treatment”, NOT the “prevention” phase of things, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Jie Cheng shocked the myth of how we can feel safe, and it’d also reminded the society of TWO problems that it needed to consider.  First, the social responsibilities of the families of those who are mentally ill.  Jie Cheng was, no doubt, a psychologically ill person, the man who stood up to him in the MRT trains said, “It was NOT a man before me, but a beast.”  Most people would agree that this, was NOT libel or slander, even IF we were NOT there.  Does he still have that Japanese video game card wrapped around his neck?

Jie Cheng’s parents weren’t the ones to blame at all, instead, we must wonder, why, did he, starting in the fifth grade wanted to kill his female classmate, and, how come until now, the parents still hadn’t discovered that there was a MONSTER living in their son’s soul?  How come they’d never taken him to the hospitals for an examination and treatment?

The second question we must ponder on is: what responsibilities does the school he attends have in all of this?

The school after being notified, on the following day, sent the school officials to visit Cheng, even though, he was able to not get found out, but, the school still called in the therapy experts, it’s just that the investigations hadn’t even started, and Jie had gone up north, and committed this crime.

Jie Cheng’s claims on Facebook is his private issue; the igniting point was NOT the students or the instructors at his school; the place of the crimes, along with the victims, had nothing to do with the school.  In the end, his antisocial personality that had escalated since he was a child, was NOT the responsibility of the universities either.  Look!  The high school he’d attended was trying to rebut too.  But, since the events, the university had taken on such burdens of morality, and claimed publically, “Jie Cheng is our family”, it’s such an amazing feat!

Actually, Jie Cheng and his parents should say their apologies to the universities.  But, Jie had already asked previously, “Why should I apologize?”

Can the higher education BE responsible for the moral education and character education of someone?  This, is a difficult question.

And so, even though it was NOT their responsibility, after all, the guy DID act on his own free will here, the school still stepped up, and allowed itself to TAKE the blames, and that takes G-U-T-S!!!

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No Matter How Far the Roads, I Will Be There ‘Til the End


That day, my mother’s left eye got diagnosed with an illness that will eventually make her blind, as we’d sat outside the doctor’s office, we became silent to each other, since then, we’d NOT held our movie nights routine.

My mother did not get beaten by this, instead, she’d found information online on her own, worked hard with the doctor’s treatment plans for her; that illness comes without any abnormalities, like how the star light that was refracted into the eyes slowly, disappeared, first, the light was twisted, slanted, in the end, disappeared, into total darkness.

Those days, we’d often sang, “You’re My Eyes”, and had mocked the blind singers, singing and dancing, pointing into the distance, wanted to use this lighter atmosphere of having fun, to chase away the gloom brought on by this illness.

On the way back that day, my mother said she wanted to take a longer stroll, we’d taken the bus to the terminal station, and walked, for one and a half hour back home.  I’d carried my mother’s big bag on one shoulder, and my own on the other, one hand on the umbrella, one hand, to hold her hand, she’d lost her sense of balance too, passing by the shops in the night markets, we’d stopped by to see if there’s something we wanted to have, passing by the ice shops, we’d stopped and go for a treat, all the way home, we’d used our feet to record, and used our hearts to experience, as if that day was a special memorial, to give commend to my growth, to her strength.

Dearest mom, those words I couldn’t say before are here now: I’m willing to read for you, willing to be your eyes too; my dearest mom, no matter how far the roads will go, how long, I will keep accompanying you ‘til the end.

And this, is how a child takes care of her own mother, and, there’s a TON of adjustments that the mother will be making, because of her eye problems, and with this daughter by her side, the mother will have it easier.

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Calling Up Cancer-Prone Patients Who are Strangers to Me, Bringing Them Hope Through the Conversations

The kindness of “strangers” here, translated…

I picked up the phone, and started dialing an unfamiliar number, the phone rang for a short while, a weak voice came on the other end of the line, “Who are you?”, I’d quickly identified myself, “I’m friends of so-and-so, she wanted me to call you up, I’m also a breast cancer survivor who’d undergone chemotherapy.”

I know that you’re currently going through those days I’d already endured, they surely were depressing, if there’s any help I can offer you, don’t hesitate to let me know.”  After hearing me talk, there came sobbing on the other end of the line, as the woman had let down her guards now, started talking nonstop of the fears and the anxieties she’s had about being diagnosed with cancer.

I’d consoled her, “the pains are only temporary, after the therapy, you will be just like me, like a happy little bird every single day, traveling, hiking, going to community college for English, learning to cook, your days will be JUST as fulfilled as mine, if not more so.”  After hearing me out, she’d started laughing, I can hear that she’d carried a TON of hopes and expectations for her future.

During those days, we’d kept up the connections through the calls, it’d managed to close the distance between us two, even though we’d never met, it felt so very familiar.  I’d helped her through six months of chemo, it felt longer than a century, and, it’d finally ended in our cries and laughter.

And, just because I’d had my own experience with cancer, that’d given me even MORE empathy as I’d shared my experiences with my cancer prone sisters.

Whenever I’d recalled those days that I’d had gone through chemo, when I was trapped by my own panic and depression, there was a group of angel-like volunteers, using their own experiences, to motivate me, to throw those arms filled with love around me.

And, because there are a TON of patients who had turned into my close relatives, they’d helped me, encouraged me, cared for my wellbeing, I was able to transfer the love into a positive energy, and, I was able to carry forward in the battlefield of life.  Because I believe, that with our hard work, we are going to write an even MORE beautiful symphony together.

And, this, is how strangers connect, through common experiences, and, sometimes, these “unknown strangers” can offer MORE support than those around you, after all, your family members are NOT going through what you’re going through, so, at this time, OUTSIDE support would be deeply appreciated.

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Accompanying My Child as He Grew Up, a Gift from God

Accompaniment is the MOST important thing, especially when the child is growing up, translated…

On my Facebook pages came my son’s dialogue abruptly, “On the June 7th graduation, will you and dad come?”, and, it’s as if I feared he might retract the invitation, I quickly wrote back, “of course!”, this graduation is a gift from god to me.

Getting diagnosed with cancer, is it scary?  Not to be taken lightly, this is a huge challenge, not only to myself, and my family as well.  Those who hadn’t had the experience, wouldn’t get to know what it’s like, living “not knowing if there’s a tomorrow”.  And still, changing my mind, what’s wonderful is, that I do NOT need to live like the rest, wasting my time away on planning the futures, just need to take advantage of now.  And so, the word “dream”, is totally excluded from my dictionaries.

My friends would jokingly call me “type A”, and I’d made fun of myself as a “busybody”.  Actually, getting to the root of all of this, I just wanted that on the day I died, there would be NO unfinished business left for me to handle,

And, outside of my expectations, I’d gotten through over twenty harsh winters, I’d cried when my son was in kindergarten, believed that I couldn’t accompany him, the heavens granted me the wish, of seeing him all the way out of graduate school, how he’d gotten a full scholarship to Princeton University.

In order to repay the kindness from the heavens above, I’d made use of the remain of my years.  I’d stepped down from my public post, and started working as a reporter of events, with my pen, reported the scene of beauty, hidden in all corners of this place, to let everybody see, the wonders of this land.

I am a cancer survivor, I’d bore witness to how being diagnosed with cancer isn’t necessarily a death sentence, I hope, that all of you who read this, can find encouragements from my words.

And so, because this woman was diagnosed with cancer (that’s a near-death experience???), and now she’s free from it, she’d naturally taken advantage of ALL the extra years she’d been endowed, and, it’s with this sort of a good attitude, she will keep on doing things that matter, and she got to see her son grow into a man too.

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Becoming Lethargic at Work, Getting Depressed…are You Tired Emotionally?

Call it an “informative session” if you want to, translated…

As a working class, are you mentally ill?  The doctor from Tzu-Chih Hospital in Taipei, Lai said, that modern day man worked long hours, with a TON of pressure at work, not only would the body become strained, the mind too will become burned out as well, based off of surveys conducted, twenty percent of the working class in Taiwan showed signs of “depressed moods”, lost their interests in work, lost their goals in life, which seriously affected their work performances.

Lai had gone to the field of industries, and plus, his own researches found, that those who have a lowered organization skill, with sleep difficulties, who don’t exercise regularly, along with those working in high-stress environments, are those in the high-risk group of depressed at work.  And the owners of businesses should view this group of “dissatisfied and unhappy workers” as a problem, to avoid the negative emotions from affecting the business.

Lai told, that the signs included, becoming unmotivated to get involved in activities, unwilling to participate in social events, etc., etc., etc., are all signs of work depression.  And, those who are prone to this are usually those in a power position, like a manager, or police officers, etc., or those who worked in shifts.

He’d suggested that the employer should schedule the shifts based off of how the human biological clock works, for instance, schedule the hours in three shifts, to allow the employees to take turns during the daytime, evening, and the graveyard shifts.

And, those with constantly changing tasks at work, compared to those who worked in the same tasks are more prone to show depressive symptoms.  Lai suggested that the organizations can assign the workers based off of their personality traits, or to set up trainings that are appropriate, to help lessen the stresses from work.

Lai said, that when you feel pressured at work, regular exercises, talking it out with a friend, find outside support, go to therapy, or listen to music, seeing a movie, and getting a massage, etc., etc., etc. can all alleviate the person from the stresses.  And if you’d discovered that you’re still depressed, then, you should seek out professional help.

And, a LOT of working class after work, would get hooked up on their cell phones, their I-Pads, and condensed the time of sleep and exercises, Lai also suggested that changing this sort of “can’t go to bed at night and can’t get out of bed in the morning” schedule also helps alleviate from the depressed feelings you’d get from work.

And so, the MOST important point here is still how to DE-stress, and, there’s NO course on that, you just have to find a way that works for you, whether it be exercise, listen to music, go for a walk, etc., etc., etc., find what works and just keep at it, and, you don’t even need that prescription Prozac of whatever, and, you’d be “cured”, like a M-I-R-A-C-L-E!!!

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Waited for Four Years to Hear Her Grandson Call Her “Grandma”, the Child Was Mentally Delayed, But Was Mistaken for a Slow Developer

Prevention is still, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y better than treatment if you ask me, but, the families just thought that this kid was a slow-developer, that eventually he will catch up with the rest of his age group, from the Newspapers, translated…

The Hsinbei City’s Department of Sanitations scanned over 200,000 children from newborn to six years of age, and there were 2,700 confirmed diagnoses of developmentally delayed. The occupational therapist, Lu stated, that so long as interventions happen earlier on, with the current medical developments, children’s conditions will improve.

“Grand…am”, the sixty-six year old grandmother had waited for FOUR years for her grandson “Guan-Guan” to call her out. At age three, “Guan-Guan” had still yet learned to speak, and to play with other kids, the grandmother thought, that he was a “late bloomer”, but the mother felt that it was quite odd, and, brought him into the clinic for an examination just last year, and she was given the diagnosis of “autism” for her son.

And, this year, Guan-Guan can finally look at his grandmother and tell her, “Grandma bye-bye”, even though, he’d still stuttered a bit, but, the grandmother was so ecstatic hearing the child talk, she’d held him tightly, said, “I’m already sixty-six, and finally, my Guan-Guan can call me ‘grandma’”

Lu stated, that there are the misconceptions of “late bloomers”, but this view can easily have the kids, miss the deadline for treatment to become effective, but gladly, after consulting with the professionals, Guan-Guan’s grandma finally accepted that her grandson is autistic, and put him into three month’s worth of occupational therapy, and now, he can go on the swings alone, and walk the balance beams too.

And so, this merely shows, that you should NOT brush aside the small stuff, even though children will have their separate developmental milestones at various ages, but, if that five year old still can’t say complete sentences fluently, then, there might BE a problem, so, DO pay attention to your children, but, don’t compare how the next-door-neighbor’s kid was already on a two-wheel at age five and your six-year-old still can’t run well, or whatever, as each and every kid has her/his “clock” to follow…




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A Man Chained His Own Mother to the Walls, Two Days Later, the Mother Died…the Judge Gave the Man Two Years

Letting the circumstances guide the sentencing here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man in Hsinbei City, because his mentally ill mother would often eat things she should not be eating, he’d chained his own mother to the showerhead with a bicycle lock in the bathroom; because she was left standing up, two days later, her body couldn’t withstand the fatigue, she ended up, hung to death, the District Court in Taipei believed, that the man’s reason for chaining his mother to the bathroom was understandable, and that he’d turned himself in, so, it’d fitted the criteria for a reduced sentencing, and so he was sentenced to two years in prison.

The verdict stated that Chang (age 41)’s sixty-five year old mother was under limited cognitive capacity, couldn’t know if she’d done anything illegal, two years ago in November and last year in January, she’d committed theft twice, and would often throw trash all over her residence, and eaten unknown powdery substances too.

Chang’s mother originally stayed with her daughter, later, she’d moved in with her husband, her son, and her own mother-in-law in Shindian, in order to restrict his mother’s movements, Chang had used a motorcycle lock, wrapped it around his own mother’s neck, and locked her up in front of the steel window inside the bathrooms; Chang’s mother couldn’t break free, and could only rest on the faucets below the window, the meals were delivered and fed to her by her husband, and she’d urinated, defecated inside the tub. On September 10, she was found dead, and the medical examiners ruled that she died of hanging, because she was too fatigued that she’d fallen down.

Chang turned himself in, and his attorney used how he was the sole economic provider of his house, wanted to get him a delayed sentence. The judge pointed out, that before Chang locked his mother up, he should’ve sought out assistance from social services but didn’t, to help his mother feel better, but he didn’t, and he also didn’t loosen up the rope and the chains, to allow his mother to have time to rest, which had, in turn, caused the tragedy, that he should still be punished accordingly. The case can still be appealed.

And so, take this as an accident, or, a case of negligence homicide, or, you can see it as how this man failed to get enough support from the outside world, maybe he lacked the resources to, or he didn’t know WHERE he could get some help with his mother’s conditions, that had attributed to this tragic event.






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A Man Had a Late Night Spat with His Mother, and Ended Up, Beating His Own Mother to Death with a Baseball Bat

A history of mental illness, plus a heated argument, put the “ingredients” into the “blender”, and, you’d get M-U-R-D-E-R!!! From the Newspaper translated…

A man with a history of mental illness early yesterday morn, got into a verbal altercation with his own mother, back then, his father was out, his older brother was sleeping, he was suspected of using a baseball bat and beaten his mother until her skull was broken, as the older brother woke in the morn, he was shocked to realize that his mother had died, and he’d called the police, Wu admitted to murdering his mother, and was charged with murder.

The police investigations found that Wu (age 31) was diagnosed with mental illness, and lived in with his parents and older brother in an apartment in Wugu, the family rarely socialized with the neighbors; Wu thought himself to be sane, and was displeased at how his family would FORCE him into hospitalizations, and would start fights with the members of his family or throw a temper tantrum, and, to avoid altercations with him, the family had chosen to leave the site of the arguments.

The police said, that early in the morning at one o’clock yesterday, Wu had gotten into an argument with his sixty-three year old mother in the living room, the father who took it to be “normal” left home, the older brother had gone back to the sixth floor to sleep, and, Wu may have lost it, and started beating his mother’s head with a baseball bat that was lying around in the living room.

When Wu’s older brother woke up early in the morning, and went to the living room, that, was when he’d found his mother, beaten to death, called it in immediately; the police went to the scenes, and Wu showed up, and admitted to beating his mother with a baseball bat, and kept repeating, “I’m not sick, it’s my family who’d caused the traumas by forcing me into hospitalizations.”

Wu claimed, that he was displeased at how strict his father was, after he’d beaten his mother down, he’d run up to the seventh floor roof to contemplate suicide by jumping off, but, he’d squatted in the stairways for a long time, lost in thought, then, changed his mind about killing himself.

The psychiatric residential hospital’s manager in Bali, Chang, stated, that from the records, Wu other than being depressed, he’d also shown signs of schizophrenia, psychosis caused by emotional difficulties, started having auditory hallucinations, becoming paranoid, and being forced into treatment had caused him insurmountable pressures, that, was why he’d reacted so strongly.

Chang suggested that if the families or communities found someone with a mental illness, to NOT be ashamed to take them to the psych ward, and that there are community outreach programs to help too, and when there’s an emergency, call the police, or the fire department, to forcefully put someone into a treatment program, but this is only valid for five days, and that there is a lot of paperwork, and the effects are minimized.

And so, this, is how a history of mental illness had exacerbated what had happened, the man had been emotionally troubled, and he feels that he’s normal and was forced into treatment, and that, was why he’d held a grudge, and when his mother got into a spat with him, that, was what’d made him crack.

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A Gift that Brings Hope


My eldest sister sat, listlessly, beside me, shaking all over, with an unease on her mind.

After my eldest sister got married and had a child, she’d started having psychological troubles.  Other than having paranoid and feeling that others are out to get her, she would, from time to time, wander off from her home.  And, every time when my front door rang, I’d opened up, and saw my eldest sister there, looking panicky, not long thereafter, I’d get a call from my brother-in-law.

One day, I’d gotten the call from my brother-in-law again, but this time, my eldest sister didn’t return home.  We’d started searching for her frantically, not long thereafter, my cell phone rang, it was a cabdriver.  He’d told me, “There’s this woman who got on my car, and didn’t know where she’s going, and, after we’d circled around the block several times, she’d given me this number.”

That day, we half-tricked, half-consoled her, to go to the hospital with us.  Seeing how the doctors and the nurses in white, coming out to get her, she’d lost control and started screaming.  The doctor and nurses went up to her, and subdued her, I saw my eldest sister struggled hard, at the same time, she’d called out to me for help, hollered out my name, said, “Help me!”  But I was so shocked to the point that I didn’t move at all.  After they’d given her some sedatives, she’d finally fallen asleep on the bed.  Sitting next to her, seeing how she was subdued, in her dreams, she kept mumbling, “I’m not ill.”, and, all of a sudden, my tears I’d been holding back, came out.

In the help of religion, my eldest sister got better.  That day, my door bell rang again, I’d opened up the door, saw my eldest sister radiating with smiles, with a bag in her hand, smiling at me.  She’d handed the bag to me, said, “These couple of years, I hadn’t been the older sister you needed, this, is a birthday present for you, happy birthday.”

This gift, not only was it a heart, but it also symbolized how my eldest sister was getting better, and to me, THAT, would be the BEST present.

And so, you can see, how psychological difficulties can put strains on a family, and with treatment, this woman got better, and that just shows you, that asking for help when it counts is the most important thing in getting better.

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