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The Middle School Teacher Took Down Evidence of the Students Smoking, and Was Threatened

This is ME, asking for “assistance” here, and, can someone PLEASE tell me, what the F*** (‘cuz I’d “maxed out”???) is WRONG with the youth today??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A female middle school instructor, Lu, used her cell phone, to document four students smoking in the school, and the students shouted back, “What right have you to record us?”, later on, two of the four smokers stopped Lu on the stairways, and had gone to Lu’s class to flip the desks over to show their displeasures. Lu called the cops, and not only did the two students NOT show any remorse, they’d even claimed, “We should SPANK the instructor when she misbehaved!”

Awhile ago, while Lu, the instructor acted as the crossing guard, she’d discovered that Chang, Hsieh, along with two others, three males and a female, smoking, back then, it was right when the school was out, the four were puffing in front of the students AND the parents who came to pick up the students, their actions were outrageous; Lu had told the school, the school said passively, “there’s NO evidence supporting your accusations”.

Last week, as Lu worked as the cross guard instructor again, she’d found the four smoking right outside the school again, she’d taken out her cell, planned to show it to the school officials; the four students got angered, started cussing at her, and said, “We have the right to our own portraits, what right have you, to photograph us?”

After the four students are finished yelling and screaming, they’re NOT done yet, they’d waited at the stairs after Lu finished her crossing guard duties; of the four, the adolescent female, Hsieh intentionally walked close to her, and bumped into her, Chang, went into her classroom, and tipped over the desks and the chairs, to show their displeasures.

Lu the instructor had had it with the students’ behaviors, she’d called the cops, and said that the students humiliated her in public. She’d claimed, that she was NOT the only one whom the students had cussed out, but because the school doesn’t do anything, the other instructors can only get angry on their own times, and so, she’s SUING the students, NOT as the school’s teacher.

The police three days ago, called Chang (age 16) and Hsieh (age 15) into questioning, they’d admitted openly, to cussing out the instructors, and claimed, “It’s NO big deal, we merely used verbal reprimands, IF the instructor misbehaves, we will spank her too!”, the attitudes of the adolescents shocked even the police, after the interrogations, they were sent to juvenile court to be processed.

The police pointed out, that on the part where the students destroyed the furniture in the class, because the school didn’t press charges, so, they’d only be prosecuted for public insults; the two students who were found guilty were also involved in theft and damages from before; just two months ago, they were sent to the police for calling up a crowd, to BEAT on a woman.

And, you still must wonder, what the FUCK (pardon the “French” here!!!) is WRONG with the adolescents today? I mean, back when I was growing up, and no, that still wasn’t in the 1940s!!! We would get mad, sure, but, we still didn’t CRACK that easily, so, it must be the food, the air pollution, or maybe, how the kids are being exposed to some DEADLY, but UNIDENTIFIED chemicals then???



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The Boy that Fell from the Thirteenth Floor Window WAS Thrown Out by a Grown Up

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The sixth grade boy, Hsu two nights ago, fell from the topmost floor, the thirteenth, to his death, in his community, the police found, that he was bear-hugged by a mentally retarded man, Jiang, and tossed, from the thirteenth floors, and when Jiang was taken into the police station, he’d stared, straight into space, didn’t even KNOW he’d done a bad thing.

The family of the deceased when to the place where the child had died, to call on his spirits, cried, “My son, please, come back to us”, it was heart wrenching to see. The family stated, that the son is very well-behaved, that they couldn’t believed that he’d picked on Jiang, suspected that their son was beaten by the other elementary school kids who were gathered there at the time, hoped the police would look into the matter.

The subprecinct in Taoyuan found, that the sixth grade student, Hsu, was playing with Jiang (age 23), Wang (age 20), along with Chiao, plus two more kids from his elementary school, and they’d decided to go to their friend, Li’s house to visit.

Chiao and others claimed, that the five males and a female had gone downstairs, someone told Hsu, “You’re asking for it”, and the entire group had gone up to the topmost floor, for a “confrontation”. Hsu the sixth grader, and Wang started arguing and they started calling each other bad names, Wang was angered, and he’d put the coat over Hsu’s head, then, beaten him, and had whipped Hsu’s right leg with an iron stick.

The three playmates told, that after Wang had done, beaten up the sixth grader, he’d gone downstairs with them, leaving only Jiang up there. Jiang claimed that he took over, beating Hsu up, Hsu was fighting back, and begging him to stop, in the end, he’d bear-hugged him, dragged Hsu to the side of the walls, and, threw him down from the thirteenth floor.

Afterwards, the police arrested Jiang, along with four others, the three elementary school students who were there said, that they saw the two older guys beating on their friend, they went downstairs, and didn’t see what happened next, or how Hsu had been thrown off the building. Some of the neighbors claimed, that Jiang and Wang pushed Hsu off the buildings together.

The police found out, that both Jiang and Wang had mental illnesses, and both are registered as such; Wang claimed, that after he and Hsu got into an altercation, he’d beaten him up, and then, left, that he didn’t push Hsu off. Jiang said, “I was picked on by Hsu, and I got angry”, but he didn’t say why he threw Hsu off the building, to kill him. After interrogations, the police booked Jiang on murder charges, and Wang on damages.

The police pointed out, that Jiang and Hsu had known each other for over a year, that Jiang was 5’6, weighed over 140 pounds, and Hsu was only 4’9, he couldn’t have fought him off, that, was why he was “thrown off” the building.

And so, that, still showed how you should NEVER provoke someone, with a history of mental illness, and plus, the man has issues, he didn’t even KNOW what he’d done, and so, WHOSE fault is it??? Certainly NOT mine, because I HAD a bulletproof, SOLID A-L-I-B-I………


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How to Have Civilized Conversations wtih Barbarians

Recall how I’d told, that there ARE no DUMB questions??? Well, boy, was I W-R-O-N-G!!!

How to have civilized conversations with barbarians? Well, if you can master it, then, you are, above the REST of us here, as we should NOT even BE involved in such a feat. How to have civilized conversations with barbarians, you don’t, you don’t ACT civilized, instead, you would HAVE to STOOP down to their level (if not lower), to GIVE them a TASTE of their own medicines.

How to have civilized conversations with barbarians, there’s NO way you’ll EVER win out on this one that’s for certain, as barbarians can’t reason with you (kinda like those TWO year olds???), and, they would MORE than likely, to resort to barbaric ways anyways, and so, the BEST way you can deal with barbarians, is by BECOMING one of them, after all, IF you can’t beat ‘em, JOIN ‘em, right???






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His Girlfriend Refused to Get Back Together with Him, He’d Force-Fed Her Dish Detergents and Sent Her Nude Photos to People

Wow, and you believe by doing that can get HER back???   Are you fucking (oopsy, my B-A-D!!!) kidding me, this, is VERY B-A-D behavior!!!  From the newspapers, translated…

A man, Su, in order to get his girlfriend, Lee, back, he’d tied her up at their rental home with electric wires, beaten her, and had even, forced dish detergent down her throat; Lee fought hard, and would NOT allow him to get back with her no matter what, and Su had gone to China, and, falsified himself as an unknown person, sent her her nude photos as way of threatening her, the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office indicted him based off of obstruction of freedom, along with other charges.

The thirty-year-old Su had dated his girlfriend, Lee, for about two years to date, they’d lived together, at a rental place they’d shared in Banciao; last year around April, Lee wanted to break up, and Su had bound her wrists and ankles with electric wires, and dragged her into the bathroom, used the showerhead, gotten her all wet, threatened to take her nude photos and that he’ll spread it out online.  Lee was so scared, that she’d dropped the thought of wanting to break up.

After Lee put up with Su’s violent ways for another two more months, she’d mentioned breaking up again, and this time, Su tied her up like he’d done before, beaten her, then, force-fed her dish detergents, made her deprived of oxygen, and then, rushed her to the emergency rooms; after Lee recovered, she’d cut herself completely from Su, wouldn’t even see him again.

Last year during the month of July, Su called Lee, to threaten that he will make her life a living hell, and Lee texted him back, “I’ll hate you for the rest of my life”, “Even if I’d died and become a ghost, my hate will still be just as strong”, “You can destroy me, but you will never see me again”; Su was angered, and wrote back, “You’re the one who wanted to play it this way.”
Later, Su went to China, falsified his identity, to become someone else, and sent Lee’s nude photos to her home and her workplace; after Lee had called the delivery services in China herself, she’d suspected that Su was behind this, she’d reported this to the police, and accused Su of stealing her cell phone, with her nude photos on it.

The D.A. went to search Su’s residence, and found the nude photos; Su claimed, that Lee must’ve saved that onto his cell herself, and onto his desktop too, that he had nothing to do with it, and denied having abused her, or sent her nude photos as a threat.  But the D.A. believed, that Su had premeditated all of it, and that he was trying to weasel his way out, wanted to escape punishment, showed NO signs of remorse.

And so, this woman had finally HAD it, and when she wanted to pull the plugs, he wouldn’t let her, and, instead of letting this woman whom he “claimed” to have loved go gracefully, he FORCED dish detergent down her throat, and threatened to spread her nude pictures, and how is that a show of love?  Uh, I dunno, you TELL me then!!!

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A Husband Sued His Wife for Domestic Violence for Disciplining Their Son, the Son Refused to Pursue the Charges Further

Going overboard, perhaps???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Chen, couldn’t find the remote for the AC, asked her middle school aged son to help her look, but her son was busying, playing video games, ignored her requests, in the end, the remote control was found, inside the son’s quilts; she’d asked her son to stand straight up, against the walls as a punishment, they’d gotten into a fist fight, in the process, the son had a minor abrasion, and Jia, her husband, who’s having marital spats with her took this opportunity, and SUED his wife for child abuse and damages.  The District Court in Shihlin believed, that the son has a very strong personality, and that the mother merely tried to discipline him, that there was NO fault on her part.

Before this suit on damages, the couple had another suit going on.  Jia said that his wife suspected that his work colleague had affected him, asked the P.I. to spy on him using Skype, he’d sued her for privacy and criminal acts using a computer, but the statute of limitation had already expired, so, there’s NO prosecution.  Jai also sued his wife for transferring the deeds to their place, and he’d lost that too, which caused even MORE tension between them.

The courts investigated that two years ago, late on July evening, Chen couldn’t find the remote control for the AC, asked her first-year middle school son to help her look; but the son was busying, playing his computer games, wouldn’t even looked at his own mother as she’d inquired, and told her, “Go and ask the maid”.

In the end, Chen discovered the remote in the son’s bed, underneath his quilt, she’s unhappy about how her son had been too intrigued by the computer games, took up his mouse, wanted his attention, the adolescent got angered, and slammed the computer that it fell onto the floor, they’d started fighting like crazy, and started pulling on one another, the woman had the son stand against the walls as punishment, and the son banged on the glass windows, to take out his anger.

Jia saw how there are scratch wounds on his son’s chest and palms, to him to get his wounds documented, the wife was prosecuted by the D.A.  As the wife went into the courts, she’d told the judge, “I merely disciplined my son, why was I sued?”

The judge examined the youth’s right hand, and believed, that it was caused by when the adolescent hit the glass windows, and NOT caused by his mother, and the chest wound was also, NOT caused by the mother, out of malice, that the mother was merely disciplining the son, so he gave her the verdict of “not guilty”.

When the court was in session, the son stated clearly, that he didn’t want to sue his mother, but in criminal cases, unless the legal guardian also retracted the case, that it isn’t UP to the son to say.

And so, there’s still this huge HOLE in the justice system, and, because the husband was having displeasures with his own wife, surely enough, we should ALL suspect, that he’s NOT going to drop the suit, and thus, another day, at the Family Court Circus…

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Making Peace


As she’d installed the Line program on her cell, she’d found his name on the list “People You Might Know”, she’d added him to her friends list, and, with her quick fingers, she’d sent a series of words.

“There was once that nobody was there in your home, the instructor had told you to come to my house.”
“Do you remember that?”

Her house and his were only a street away.

Knowing he’s coming, as the bell rang, she’d ran fast home, locked up the doors.  Very short while later, the doorbell rang, she’d quickly hid away on the second floor bedroom, then, peeked from the crease in the draperies, seeing how he was with his yellow backpack, like a soldier, standing guard, at the front door of her apartment.

Every time the door bell rang, her heart raced a little more, she’d prayed silently, that her mother doesn’t return home yet.

Like the time that took for one period of class to finish, the doorbell had finally stopped ringing, she’d made sure that he was no longer at her front door, then, she’d let out a sigh of relief.

That, was a Wednesday, the day that the elementary kids expected the most, instead, she’d played with her dolls, and munched down on the snacks her mother prepared, and she couldn’t feel happy at all, as if something had managed to clog the flowing river inside of her heart.

Later, she’d always had him in the back of her mind, where did the backside of that yellow backpack go?  Her heart raced, as she’d waited, on him to reply.

“I seemed to have forgotten about that.”  Three minutes later, he’d tossed back his replies.

How could he have forgotten!  She was shocked, and then, mildly disappointed, that, was the most important thing that she’d remembered about them.

“Back then, I didn’t like boys, so, I didn’t answer the doors.”

“Hahaha, must be at least thirty years since?”, he pretended to make a joke about it.

Actually, how could he have forgotten?  That day, he stood, underneath the scorching sun, like he’d been punished for the entire class period, to stand behind the classrooms, he had seen her, behind the drapes, but, why wouldn’t she answer the door?

She was very beautiful, the one in charge of the class, the model student, and he, merely a small pawn who gets overlooked easily.

She didn’t like me then!  He’d made the conclusions.

After he’d left, he’d paced to the park in town, watched the elderly played chess, looked at the ducks, swimming in the ponds, lay on the stone benches, and counted the clouds up in the skies, then, he must’ve fallen asleep, when he woke again, the dusk had settled down, he’d walked home in silence.  At dinner time, his mother asked him, did he have fun in the home of the head of his class?  He’d forced a smile and nodded.  The next day, he’d gone across her desk intentionally, she pretended as if nothing had happened, just kept to her assignments, without lifting up her head.

Ever since, he’d never spoken to her again.  “When I’d grown up, I’d realized, that my odd behavior came from how I didn’t know how to interact with boys, thankfully, you’d forgotten about that already!  How’s this, I treat you to lunch in a few days?”, she’d used a cute picture, and sent the messages to him.

He saw the face, with the expression that’s heartfelt, with tears in the eyes, and, he’d seen a saddened, crying face in his mind………at nap time, the boys in his class were talking of playing a prank, and he normally didn’t take part, and this time, for some unknown reasons, he’d picked up a dried up frog that’s already dead, stealthily, shoved it into that pink backpack behind her chair.

“Actually, I………”

Things we did when we were younger, ahhhhhhhhhh, those are the days, aren’t they, when we were free to love, free to be, and, the two people from the story reached a silent agreement on letting bygone BE bygone, I’m sure, and, who knows, maybe, they’d started back up from where they’d left it in their childhood days???


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Lost Her Virginity After Getting Drunk, She’d Tricked His Friend to Tell Her What Had Happened, and She Was “Taken” Twice

Because the legal drinking age here in just EIGHTEEN, and this, is PRECISELY W-H-Y one should NOT get drunk, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fifteen-year-old high school girl in Hsinbei City went out drinking mixed alcoholic beverages until she’d passed out, after she woke, she suspected that someone had raped her, in order to get the truth, she’d told the friend from the next classroom to “do it again”, found out the truth of what had happened to her, and called the police.

The Hsinbei District Court believed, that Tsai, along with two other males, took advantage of the high schooler after she was out from drinking, prosecuted the three based off of taking advantage to rape; Tsai then had sex with the high schooler alone, it was consensual, but, because the high school age girl is NOT yet sixteen years of age, Tsai had another charge of obstruction of sexual rights slapped onto him.

Last year in the early morning hours of August 19th, this high school age girl was asked by her classmate, Lee, to go to his place to hang out; back then, there were three other boys from the same school, and all of them were drinking and smoking.  The female saw that everybody’s drinking, told them, that she’s thirsty and she’d wanted a drink too, the classmate from the next class, Tsai, mixed sorghum alcohol, beer, and punch for her.

After the girl had just one glass, she’d passed out and fallen asleep, Lee, Tsai, and Lin, the three high schooler saw it as a great opportunity, they’d stripped her bare naked together, took turns, kissing, fondling her; Lai didn’t dare to, and was called “chicken” by the other two males.

The three males took turns touching her, in the end, Tsai raped her; and then, the three guys put the girl’s clothes back on, when she woke, she felt pains in her vaginal region, and wasn’t dressed property, so, she’d suspected that she was raped by them.  She’d first asked Lee, and claimed that she had NO memories of what had happened before, but she wasn’t going to go after them for it; Lee believed her, told the other two guys, and, Tsai asked her, “so, you want to do it again?”

As the young woman was having intercourse with Tsai, she’d gotten the details of what had happened from before, after she’d gotten home, she’d told her father, and they’d called the cops and pressed charges.  Tsai admitted to raping her all on his own, and the other two males claimed that all they did was kiss, fondle, and that they did NOT rape her.

And so, this young woman, in order to GET to the truth, put herself in a BAD position again, and, there may be a BETTER way to do this, like going to a hospital for a rape kit, and yet, she didn’t take that way, and I’m still NOT saying that what the girl did was right or wrong, it’s just seeing how easily those girls give themselves away that’s so shocking is all…






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The Salt in Formula Incident, It was the Child’s Father’s Older Brother’s Wife Who Done It

Here’s how the tale developed, from the case where the infant girl drank the formula containing too much salt and ended up dying, from shortly ago???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s a big break in the case where the little girl, Xiang-Xiang had drunk formula with too much salt and died, the district attorneys discovered that the wife of the father’s eldest brother wasn’t getting along with the infant’s mother, and the displeasure that was between the two in-laws had led to this murder, the woman had multiple times added sea salt and refined salt into the child’s formula, causing her to die, and yesterday, the police took the woman in on murder, and erasing the evidence, along with other charges, and asked the courts for custody, which the courts allowed.

The D.A. yesterday called Zhou (age 33) to appear in court, and showed Xiang-Xiang’s photograph to her, asked, “Do you know her?”, “Did you add the salt?”  And Zhou, because she could NO longer stand the tortures of her own guilt, started crying in court, and admitted to what she did.

Zhou told the truth, that from September to October of this year, she’d started spicing up the formula with salt, twice per month, and each time, she’d added NO more than the size of her palm, the investigators asked her if she knew, that having a too high content in salt in one’s diet can cause cardiovascular diseases, Zhou said she didn’t know that.

The judge also asked Zhou in court, “Do you have children?”, she replied, “a son and a daughter”; then, the judge continued, “Are they on formula or on breast milk?”, “On formula”, she’d replied.  The judge then asked her, “Would you spice up the formula with salt, then, feed it to your own kids?”, to which she’d replied immediately, “no!”

Based off of understanding, Zhou claimed that she has two kids in court, but the elders played favorites with Xiang-Xiang, and didn’t love her children the same.  She believed, that Xiang-Xiang’s father would pick on her own daughter a lot, and they got mad at each other, in order to get back at him, that, was why she’d brought the salt from her own home, to add it into the infant girl’s formula.

The D.A. talked with Xiang-Xiang’s parents, relatives, a total of eight others last week, and cross-examined the evidence, and Chen, the mother, had suspected that it was Zhou, who’d added the salt to her daughter’s formula; the D.A. used the process of elimination to zoom in on Zhou, who had the most to gain.

The D.A. searched Zhou’s resident, and took in all the salt as evidence, along with other items; the D.A. received the toxicology report of the infant girl, but the autopsy report was NOT yet out.

The D.A., Deng, called the parents, the grandparents, the aunt and uncle, a total of EIGHT members of the family in.  Based off of understanding, that day, after the police did the investigations and the cross-exams, the mother of the child had told that she and her older sister-in-law had issues, getting along, because of the children, and told, in a round-about kind of way, that it was Zhou who did it; even though Zhou denied it, but from the testimonies of other members of the family, it disclosed how the two women aren’t getting along, the police believed, that Zhou was a suspect.

The detectives also discovered, even though, Zhou had a son and a daughter herself, but she’d felt that the elders in the family loved the infant girl, Xiang-Xiang more than her own children, and she’d thought that the father of Xiang-Xiang would pick on her kids a lot, and they started having spats.  In the period between September and October, Zhou took advantage of the times she was in the infant girl’s house, and added huge amounts of salt into the formula, then mixed it all in evenly, and it killed the child.

And so, that merely shows, that a little anger still goes a L-O-N-G way, and it’s because of how this woman felt that everybody was favoring the baby girl that she’d spiced the formula for, and, it said here, that the parents of this infant girl had some idea of what had happened, and yet, they still went on the press about how the infant formula was the one with the problems.

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Planning Your Divorce

Bet that you’re WISHING that you never got married now, huh???

After you decided to “go through” with your divorces, the next thing is to plan it out, work out A-L-L the possible scenarios that can and WILL go wrong (Murphy’s Law, remember?), because they W-I-L-L.

You meet with your attorneys to figure out which way to S-P-L-I-T any AND everything, then, you would follow through with NO regrets in mind.

After you had finally finalized your divorce, gotten rid of her/him physically, emotionally, and OTHERWISE, then, you still have some emotional building LEFT to do…

And this, is only the F-I-R-S-T S-T-E-P to planning your divorces.

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Suspected that Her Husband was Having an Affair, a Female Teacher Found an Affair Online

Call this the REVENGE of a W-O-M-A-N, if you want to, translated…

A female teacher, Chung, suspected that her husband was having an affair, she went online to pour her heart out, and, met an already married high school employee named Chou, they started seeing one another and had a physical affair, afterwards, Chou came clean to his wife about what he’d done, the wife got pissed and SUED Chung for hurting her family; the instructor’s husband, after his wife got sentenced and sent to jail for two months, SUED Chou for two million dollars in payment, the judge mandated that Chou had to pay the husband $300,000N.T.

The judge investigated and found that Chung, who worked in an elementary school, logged on to a social-networking website two years ago, to pour her heart out about how unhappy she was in her marriage, etc., etc., etc., and met the high school employee, Chou, who is two years younger than she, on an afternoon last February, after they’d gone to a hotel and had sex, they started chatting on MSN on how great it was and how they were both looking forward to the next time that they get together again.

Within a month, Chung told Chou that she had made up with her husband, but still wanted to see him too; Chou believed that Chung had used him as a tool for revenge, and felt bad about cheating on his wife, and so, he came clean about his affair to her.  Chou’s wife forgave him, but was insistent on SUING Chung for bringing damages to her family.

The judge found that on the day that they’d met up at the hotel, Chung had a free afternoon, and plus, Chou was able to give a precise description of the car that she drove and the place they’d gone to, and believed that the two individuals DID indeed, have an affair, and, the judge sentenced Chung to two months in jail, which can be replaced for paying a fine for it.

Chung’s husband also SUED Chou for damaging his family, causing him to be emotionally distressed, asked for $2 million for payment.  Chou stated, that in the process of the criminal trials, he had already apologized profusely to the husband of Chung, and that he only made $300,000 per year, that he couldn’t pay the $2 million; and said that the one with the most responsibilities was Chung, wanting the judge to reject the payment suits.

Wow, so, this is what you’ll end up paying, for getting caught cheating?  Hello, hello, hello, the husband was the one who made that very FIRST mistake, to make his wife believe that he was having an affair, if he was truthful to his wife, then, would she have needed to go “elsewhere” to pour her heart out?  I think N-O-T, and, the male that this teacher had an affair with told his wife out of guilt, and so, this, is still a HUGE C-I-R-C-U-S in the Family Courts here.

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