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A Man Used His Words, Took Up Over Hundreds of Different Identities, in Just Three Years, Managed to Scam Seventy People

Getting SCAMMED here, and, LOOK at the total number of SUCKERS who fell for it too!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man who had an active arrest warrant on him for fraud, Jia-Xing Lin used the name of “Jun-Yi Lin”, to scam people, he’d often made huge orders at the shops, and lied about how his car got towed, “Please just loan me $2,000N.T., so I can get my car back”.  He was very articulate, kind and gentle, claimed that he’s the older cousin of a certain city councilman, that he knew a lot of big names in business, and, so many shops fell for it.  Two nights ago when he’d gone to scam again, the police found, that three years ago, after his release from jail, he’d started scamming people over seventy times, and they’re now, looking at it, on a grander scale.

“He’d told of how rich he was, like it was real, with the ultimate goal of scamming others for money!”, as the shops that fell for it notified the police, they’d all, gotten angered and started, cussing him out.  And because he’d scammed in both Hsinbei and Taipei, as well as Taoyuan, Yilan, a lot of the shops had even set up self-help network fan clubs, to remind one another, to not fall for the scams.

The police investigated, that the fifty-year-old Lin had gone in and out of jail for fraud cases; in 2012, after his release, he’d started scamming again, and had an active arrest warrant out on him by the Taoyuan District Attorney’s Office.   In order to evade arrest, he’d started scamming smaller amounts in couple of thousand dollars at a time, and because the victims thought that it was grueling to have to notify the cops, so, they’d let him slide, which, was why he’d changed his criminal behaviors.

In the three years’ time, Lin had targeted the golf specialty shops, the jewelry stores, the pharmacies, places that sold the high-priced items, claimed that he was going to buy something that’s high priced, for instance, “I need a fish tank of half a million dollars…”, as he’d gone into the golf specialty shops, he’d talked like he knew the sport and was an expert in the game, and had claimed, I knew Yani Tseng’s parents well.

And, the shops would always thought, that he was some VIP customer, and welcomed him, but he’d always ran out of the shop in a hurry, then, returned back to the shops, told of how “my car got towed, my cell, my wallet, are all in my car, can you loan me some cash?” if the shops are doubtful, then, he’d told them, “Do I look like a scammer?” or claimed himself to be the cousin of some councilman, friends of some television star, to get himself out.

The police said, that before Lin committed his scams, he’d always dress up accordingly, like if he’d gone to an aquarium, he’d put on his glasses, and wore his Polo shirt, pretended that he was, a Yuppi man; gone to the jewelry stores in a suit, making himself look like a businessman, and had even dressed himself up as a woman, confusing the shops that he’d managed to scam.

And so, this, was how a chameleon worked HIS magic, and, because those shops bought into this man’s lies, that, was why they fell victim, and that still just shows, how when someone tells a story that too believable, that, should RAISE a red flag for you…

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Ready to Embark on the Journey Called Love Yet???

Ready to embark on the journey called love yet???  Nope, still NOT packed up completely, plus, what, would the weather be like there?  I must, be prepared, for any and everything here!

Ready to embark on the journey called love yet???  Perhaps, you’d been waiting, for this day so long, as your last love had left you, brokenhearted, and in pain, and you’re just, eager, to getting yourselves, back on the “market” again, after all, getting WITH someone, IS the best way of getting OVER someone, right?

Ready to embark on the journey called love yet???  No, not really, but, since you’d left, my friends kept setting me up for blind dates, trying to get me to go out more, without knowing, that I needed time, to mourn for you, for us, even, I know that their hearts are in the right place, but, I just wanted, to be left alone, with the memories of you, of us…

Ready to embark on the journey called love yet???  Don’t worry if you’re not right now, because, you will soon be, as, everything will eventually, heal back up, and becomes, brand new again, you’re not just, quite ready, to move on from your last yet, and, sometimes, these wounds, caused by love, takes a BIT longer than expected, so, just, give it time.

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Help Put an Unknown Strangers Through School

It’s all, out of the goodness, the kindness of my heart, or, is it now???

Help put unknown strangers through school, because I feel the need, to overcompensate, for not being there, when my offspring were getting raised up, because I had to work, after all, money still doesn’t grow on TREES, does it?  Naturally N-O-T!!!

And so, when I’d made a lot of money, I’d started, making UP for not being there for my kids when they were younger, but, they’re all, all grown up now, and so, I’d turned my “assistance”, in another direction, started, helping put those strangers’ children who are not well-to-do, who are from poverty stricken regions, through school.

Help put unknown strangers through school, it’d gained me the reputation of being someone who’s generous, who’s too kind, who tries to help someone in need, but, in truth and reality, I’m only, merely, trying to fill up that void inside of me, from missing out on my own offspring’s coming-of-age processes…

So, IS, helping to put unknown strangers through school, an act of kindness from you in this case???  Of course N-O-T, and, yeah, maybe those strangers’ children will be grateful, and call you “daddy”, but because you’d missed out on your own children’s growth processes, they are now, not dealing with you, and it still wouldn’t be because they were UNGRATEFUL for you for SHOVING those hundred U.S. dollars at a time UP their FUCKED up asses!

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A Dummy that Smiles Forever, as it Hears the Minds of the Elderly in the Population

This, is what “appeals” to modern day men, translated…

As the average age of man keeps on increasing, how do we face up to the challenges of the aging community?  The Creativity Center in Taiwan put forth the “Love & Care: Designs for Elderly”, from Holland, it’d displayed fifty items that the Dutch designer came up with, to help the elderly population age even more gracefully.

“Rose, the Robot” can manage the smaller scale household chores, including preparing breakfasts, help with mobility, finding and retrieving items one may need, cleaning, and can even answer the doors, and examine the residence.  The users can use the i-Pads to manipulate the robot, and they can keep their privacies and safety, and not rely on anybody else.

Another “Good Friend Robot” is measured at 4’9, with two arms, and four wheels, and is capable of cooking, cleaning, along with other household tasks.  “Good Friend” comes standard with cameras and laser distance measuring capabilities, it has three-dimensional vision, and would log online, to learn from other robots.  Not only is it able to do the tasks it was designed to, it can also react in situations it’d never encountered before.

Other than taking care of the elderly, the elderly who live alone also may need a companion.  The designer, Bart, designed a fake man, “A.D.D.”  It’s a life-size dummy, and it can be made into various skin colors; and would wear its smile all the time, it enjoys being a listener.

And that, is what, is required, you will be needing these robots, these dummies, to accompany your aging parents, because you are all working, busying, making ends meet, without the time to spare, for dear old pops and mum too.

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Farewell to Applause, Farewell to Wealth…The Comedies & Tragedies of Their Lives, Curtains Fall

The greats we’d lost this year, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Life is like a train

Speeding towards the various exits

Some are forgotten, after they’d left their seats

And, some are missed, after they’d gotten off by people who were riding with them

As 2014 is about to come to an end, it’d taken a ton of colorful people with it; before the footsteps of the year had exited, we’re starting to miss those who’d passed on.

The comedian who brought his audience a ton of laughter and happiness, the Oscar winner, Robin Williams, shocked his fans with his own suicide.  In that he, being a comedian, wasn’t at all happy.

Robin Williams Saved All the Sorrows to Himself

Even though, there were hints of sorrows on his funny face, but, until he’d slit his own wrists, hung himself by the neck, insisted on dying, did the world come to know, that he’d lived under the shadows of depression too long, and, those outrageous funny moments he’d put forth for the world to see, was only a mask, his way of handling the world.

The Oscar Best Actor, a talented performer, Philip Seymour Hoffman too, died, in pain, as he’d died, there was still needle on his arms, with heroin close by.  The worldly applauses, the countless trophies, the money, still couldn’t fulfill the loneliness that he’d felt when he’s all alone.  The mask of the comedian had finally stopped working, and, the effects of the overuse of materials had worn off as well.

Hoffman Battled His Addictions Throughout His Entire Life

Alcoholism and drug addictions, is the demons that Hoffman worked hard, to fend off his whole life.  Sometimes, he’d win, sometimes, the habits would.  When his mind was winning, his talents shone through, he had impressed his audience with his awkward performances on stage and in the movies.  The New York Times named him the “most ambitious, more looked upon American actor of his generation.”  Hoffman told, that he wasn’t searching for the negative characters to play, he’d sought out roles that “fought hard against one’s own life”, because in real life, he’d had his share of fighting hard already.

So, this year, the world’s lost a TON of greats, and, even though they’re gone, their legacies will live on, because that, is what legends are all about, and they are, all legends in their separate realms there.


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Her Husband Just Won’t End His Affair

In need of an answer here, a Q&A, translated…

Q Mrs. M wrote…

She had been a neighbor to her husband since they were younger, she’d met him at age fifteen, married him at twenty-two, Mrs. M had been married for thirty-four years now, and she’s having troubles, getting her husband to sever his ties with his spare who is a foreign hired help. M had been working as a full-time housewife for over thirty years, she’d relied on her husband who brought home the bread and bacon, and everything in the house, he says, he didn’t even need to discuss the matters of important decisions with her.

M lives with her in-laws, and, they’d hired a foreign bedside assistant, and even though M believed that her husband was having an affair with the help, but emotionally, she didn’t believe, that her husband would do such a thing. Later on, the elders passed away, and the hired help went to another household, but, the husband still had ties with her, they were caught after they checked into a motel, by the police whom M notified, and that, was when she realized, that their affair had continued for four to five years, and the new boss would not renew her term and so, she’s been sent back to her own country now.

And still, the two who were having the affair still communicated closely, she is a woman, with a husband and children, what, are the two of them up to? M is feeling very unsettled these days.

A My Advice

M’s marital relationship with her husband is servant-master, everything is whatever he says, goes. Even though, she’d caught them in their affair, and had the foreign hired help extradited, but she didn’t get any benefits from that, because after the foreign hired help was extradited, the husband started getting physically violent toward her, and still kept up with communications with his spare.

From before when the spare was still in Taiwan, the husband would, from time to time, give her spending cash; and now, they’re separated, and she lives with her husband and children, what does she want from M’s husband? And this fantasy had been shattered already, what, is on the mind of her husband?  M hadn’t planned on telling the other woman’s husband about this at all, feared that they would get divorced, and the woman would stick to her husband like glue.  M doesn’t know what to do, she’s totally unsettled.

M has absolutely NO way of controlling her husband, and both her children are already in their thirties now, if she couldn’t use the kids, to restrain her husband, I think, it would be over for M. And, all I can say is this: the spare isn’t in Taiwan anymore, M shouldn’t scare herself like this, she can get out of her family, try to make some friends, play some team sports, to sing, slowly, establishing herself with her hobbies.  And, if after a few years, the other woman still returned to Taiwan, maybe the conditions would be different, and by then, she should get herself some alimony; and, if they really got divorced, the impact on M would be lessened, by a whole lot too.  change yourself, to strengthen yourself up, so, you’d have the chance, to turn the tables, being a sitting duck is the worst way you can handle this matter.

So here, we still have a woman, troubled by her husband’s affair, and, the husband and the wife are actually friends from childhood too, perhaps, it’s because he’d known her his whole life, and, it’s getting bored for him? Who knows!  And the advice columnist was right on how this woman need to enlarge her social circle, and focus on herself, and for now, because her husband is the breadwinner, so, he can speak louder, but, if the woman found work too, then, it would NOT only give the husband the right to push her around anymore, it also could help lessen the economical impact of their possible divorce later on.

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A Man Falsified as a Rich Man and Pretended that He Was a God-Fearing Man, to Scam the “Cougars”

SCAMMED!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Two nights ago, the Taipei City police arrested two men, Cheng and Chen, they’d found, that one had enticed gay males; while the other was dating “cougars”, and when they’d gone on dates, they’d read the Bible, to mask up their real selves, and to scam the men and women, an estimation of ten males, twenty females fell victim to them.  The police booked the two men based off of fraud, along with other charges.

The police pointed out, that Chen (age 28), is a holder of a master’s degree from a public university, and because he’s out of a job, and had a drug habit, started in September, he’d started looking online, for gay men, to have one-night-stands; he’d asked the men to trade photos of penis with him, and after he’d gone to the hotels, if the other person isn’t what he was into, he’d steal the other person’s credit cards and cash while the other men were taking their showers, then, used the excuse of something came up at home, or that after they’d had intercourse, he’d found reasons to leave, then, stolen the credit cards.

The Taipei police squad got a tip, and learned that he was about to go out on a date with someone, and the moment he’d walked out of the hotel, the police made an arrest.  He’d admitted to committing ten cases, and the victims include people from Singapore on business here, and Japanese on business to Taiwan too.

And, the handsome man, Cheng (age 40), claimed that he was an avid Christian, three years ago, met a cougar on a social networking site, claimed that he wanted to go out with her, with the intentions of marriage; in order to put her mind at ease, he’d dressed himself up to the nines, and read the Holy Bible on their “date”, and the “cougar” fell for it.

He was a self-proclaimed real-estate agent who sold houses that were repossessed by banks, and used the excuse of needing cash, and would borrow money from the “cougars” from time to time; in the three years, the “cougar” had loan out over three million dollars that she has herself, along with the cash from her own parents, out to Cheng, at the start of this year, Cheng found, that the woman is broke, and stopped contacting her altogether, and the cougar realized that she’d been scammed and notified the Da-An police subprecinct.

The police investigations found, that Cheng was NOT a first time fraud offender, that over a decade ago, he’d posted an ad, looking for “cowboys” on the papers, and managed to scam the close to one-hundred men who’d replied for their cell phones, and nearly half-a-million dollars’ worth of cash, he still has an active arrest warrant for his fraud charges.

Two nights ago, the police arrested him, and found that recently, he’d gotten close to “cougars”, claimed that he’d worked for a large corporation that seeks out nannies for children, then claimed that the boss had iPhone as a key card, enticed the ladies to get iPhones, and took them outside the large corporation’s buildings, then, took their phones, and the ladies waited outside the doors for so long, e before they finally realized, that they were scammed; he’d admitted to scamming almost twenty women using this method.

Wow, how vulnerable are you, ladies?  And, just because a man claims he’s something, that still doesn’t mean that he is, and, anybody can falsify her/his statuses, it’s that easy these days, so, DO beware, and don’t fall for this sort of SHITS again, and this LOSER is still appealing to the weakness in humanity too.

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Living in Agony, Before Dying in Peace

What, an AWFUL way to die!!! All the onlookers who came to his burial commented, well, at least, he’s now, at peace…of COURSE he’s AT peace you IDIOT, he’d finally stopped breathing you M-O-R-O-N!

That, was what had happened, he was, living in agony, he was diagnosed, with an unknown illness, something happened to his blood cells, his white blood cells started attacking his own red blood cells, so basically, he was, EATEN alive by his own body, can you imagine the kind of pain from that? I sure as hell can’t!

Living in agony, before dying in peace, that, was what had happened, his family let his cancer drag him out, way too long, and, he was kept on life support, for nearly six months, because his family wasn’t willing to let him go yet, thus, they were the ones, prolonging his sufferings.

Living in agony, before dying in peace, he still passed away, peacefully, or, so I was told by those who were there, to watch, and I just couldn’t go, for one reason or another, can’t really remember that now. Living in agony, before dying in peace, why?  Why couldn’t you just ACCEPT death as it IS a part of life, and just welcome death, in your warm embraces?  Is it, because of the bad things you’d done, that makes you fear, constantly, what might happen next???

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She’s Way Out of His League

A Q&A, translated…

Q A pair of worried parents wrote…

Their daughter who graduated college this year, all of a sudden told them, that she fell in love with a man who is nine years her senior in high school, the man was twenty-six then.  And U only graduated from middle school, comes from a single-parent family; his eldest brother is unwed, his second eldest has two children.

After U divorced, his only daughter was in the custody of his ex-wife.  And, the whole family lived off of the shows they’d performed, only U started working odds and ends, to help supply for the family’s expenses.

Their daughter is very into her boyfriend, the mother said that U wasn’t well-educated enough, that he wasn’t from a good enough family, the daughter told her, “a high degree doesn’t mean good character either; nor does it mean, that he’ll be nice to you, to take care of the family, and may not have a steady job.  The boyfriend, U, wasn’t well-educated, sure, but he’s willing to work hard, doesn’t spend carelessly.  As to why he doesn’t have any money saved up?  Because he took care of his family, is a good son, took home ALL of his pay, didn’t keep a cent to himself, would rather have it hard himself, rather than having his mother deal with the hardships of life.  And, it wasn’t his choosing, to be born in such a lousy family, how could he be blamed?”  After knowing each other for so long, U had always been kind toward her, if he didn’t have good intentions, she would totally know, so why wouldn’t the parents let go of their stereotypes, and accept him?

The parents believed, that the daughter is WAY too good for the man, that she’s way out of his league, and that they’re worried, that their daughter might get tricked or scammed by him, because his twenty-six, and she was merely a high school student back then.  Neither wanted to back down, the parents didn’t have any other thoughts, they just wanted to pull their daughter back.

A My Opinion

The reason that the parents were against this, is mostly due to their socioeconomic statuses and level of education, feared that after their daughter married, she will have a TON of hardship to bear.  The problem is, the daughter had set up her mind, “I’m old enough, have my own thoughts, and can make my own decisions.  If he’d lied to me, or treated me wrong, there’s NO way I would stay by him for so long.” My advice, is that the parents should meet the man first, to get to know one another better.  And, even IF they’d met, it still may NOT change their prejudices.  It seems, that the daughter’s persistence is like a carriage with nine horses, pulling outward, and there’s nothing that the parents CAN do, to pull her back for the time being.  And I’m really surprised, as to how come this daughter had been dating U for over seven years, and the parents didn’t know about it, and, in these seven years, they’d already lost the influence over their daughter’s choice.

Change a thought, maybe, just open up about the rules, allow them to date, for another one, to two years on end, and, whether or not she’s way out of his league, so long as your daughter is willing to bear the consequences of her decision, however hard or easy it will be for her, it’s all her choice then.

And so, these parents fell absolutely HELPLESS, over how their daughter was insistent on dating this man, whom they believed, was LOWER in the status quo, than they are.  Well, parents, who the FUCK gave you the right, to judge someone, because he came from a bad family background?  Because you’re way too worried about your own flesh-and-blood’s wellbeing?  Isn’t it more important, that your daughter’s happy with this man, that she loves him, and isn’t it also important, that he treats her kind, takes care of her, even though, he doesn’t have ANY money?  The parents’ values are the ones that needed resetting in this one.

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Three Sexy Men Showed Their Hot Bodies, Drained a Rich Woman from China Dry

Here, we have a case, where women fell prey to sexual shits too!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“We’d heard that those cowboys in Taiwan are extremely handsome”, wanted to come to have a taste, found two hotties, they’d whispered into her ears, they sang all night at the karaoke, and, put it on her tabs, and, after she’d hung over the next morn, she realized that her credit cards had been swiped for $250,000N.T.’s

A female Chinese merchant, Lee came to Taiwan, to check out the business, and wanted to see just how HOT those cowboys in Taiwan are, had called on three handsome men with her Taiwanese friend to sing and drink together; but, the female Chinese merchant couldn’t fight off the men, who tried to get her to drink until she passed out, as she fell asleep, the men took her credit card, and, managed to swipe away $250,000.  The City Police in Taipei were notified, they’d tracked down the three cowboys, and charged them based off of theft, and other charges.

The police pointed out, that the female business woman, Lee was about forty, would travel to and from the other end of the strait for her clothe wholesales business; awhile ago, she came for business, and had a conversation with a Taiwanese friend, who’d told her that the male public relations offers great services, at the spur of the moment, she’d put up some money, with her female friend, and through the PR managers, found three young and handsome guys, to come to sing karaoke and drink with them at a karaoke bar in the Chungshan District.

Of the three hotties, there were a pair of brothers, the younger (age 19) looked like a movie star, the older brother (age 22), is into workouts, and is a cyclists; the three of them did all they could to make Lee happy, the older brother had even shown his sexy body, and the female business woman, and her friends took them back to her friend’s house to continue the party.

But, the three men were bad, they kept downing glasses of alcohol into the business woman from China, and in the end, she couldn’t handle it, passed out; as the woman woke the next time, she didn’t even have the time, to recall last night, the banks called her up, told her, that someone had swiped her card, to buy high-end bicycles, gold jewelries, watches, along with other merchandises, a total of over $250,000N.T.

The female merchant immediately called the police, the police reviewed the surveillance of the stores, and found, that the men who swiped her card were the ones who’d partied all night with her, the police followed the leads, arrested the three men, and is getting down to the truth of whether or not they DID “dry-wash” this woman.

And so, in that moment, you’d let your defenses down, and, the men knew that you were so into them, and, they manipulated you, and you were just WAY too FUCKING (oopsy!!!) retarded, to fall for their tricks, that still just shows, that sex sells, and, there’s still NO gender specifications in W-H-O sex appeals to.

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