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Forcefully Saving the Terminally Ill IS Torturing Them


If you have a loved one who’s suffering right now, consider this, translated…

The amendments for terminal care on January 9, 2013 had been passed into law.  Based off of this newly amended clause, the terminally ill can choose whether to be kept alive on a respirator, or to be unplugged, but, even though, this new law had been set up for more than a year and a half, the public still knows too little about it, and, those who’d registered for this service in the total populations is low to the point of unimaginable.

Naturally, for any social services education to be successful, it would be very slow, just like organ donations, and, the issues relating to life and death is even harder, and, for these values to become mainstreamed, it will need a long-term education of the public.

The Laws are Set Up to be More Lenient

The amendment this time focuses on lowering the standards of the use of CPR and the respirators.

So long as the patient her/himself agrees, or without the papers signed, there would only be two doctors to confirm, along with a family member, like a spouse, an adult child, a grandchild, or parents, and, there would NOT be a need for the decision to go through the morality department of the hospital to evaluate, and the person can be taken off life support, and this, is already more workable compared to before the amendments were written out.

This amendment, IS based off of morality of medical treatment, and is a very forward legislation measure.

Actually, CPR is used to help people who’d gone into cardiac arrest, for instance, drowning victims, electrocuted, in a car accident, or someone who’s having a heart attack, and it’s a necessary measure.

But, to the “terminally ill” who’d suffered for a long term, like cancer patients, and those with heart, lung, liver, kidney, or brain deteriorations, you can’t save them with CPR, and the individuals can only die after they’d been tortured and wasted by the advances in medical measures.

Actually, the National Health Insurance Agency spends of four hundred billion patients on saving the terminally ill, which is over a-tenth of the total amount paid into the national health insurance; of them all, most attempts are in saving those who couldn’t be saved, even WITH the advances in medicine AND technology, the already terminally-ill.

It shouldn’t be that hard, to differentiate those whose hearts stopped and those who are terminally ill.  If there’s trouble, then, the medical world should define more clearly, so, there would be clear-cut guidelines.


In an article on my blog, “If I can’t wake up again, do NOT conspire with the doctors to torture me”, in the article, I’d stated how I viewed the issues of do-not-resuscitate, and, right after the post, my article had been passed all over the internet.

All the replies, are all in support of DNR; only some, had focused on the precisions of the words I’d used, and they’d had a difference of opinion.

Terminal care would naturally be used for those with a detrimental deteriorating condition, if the doctors knew that emergency measures, such as CPR or tracheotomy couldn’t save the lives, and these measures are merely lengthening the sufferings, then, they should consider NOT tubing the patients up.

Take Away the Fears Toward Death

If it’s pointless to put the tubes into the terminally ill, then, there must be responsibilities to help the patient to unplug, so they can pass away in peace.  Not using tracheotomy and not hooking the patients onto the respirators, naturally couldn’t be thought of as the last resort that the doctors can give to the patients and the members of the family.  But, if the patient is lucid and clearly showed that s/he would like to know all the options, the doctors must tell the options truthfully to the patients.

I believe, in order to make medical treatment for the terminally ill understood, education is a must, but, the point is in taking away the fears that people may have toward death, and lessening their expectations of the hopes that the treatment options may bring.

Death is a natural part of life, also a part of life itself, it’s the basics of life education.  And, the mythical belief of a magical cure must be take away too, the paramedics must have the courage and the duties, to tell the patients along with the families the truth about the patients’ conditions, along with the limits of the medical staff and the medical measures too.

Maintaining the Dignities of One’s Life

What’s more importantly, the education of the paramedics.  The paramedics’ lack of understanding of what terminal care is, and waiving the rights to tell the ill about the options, and forcefully saved the lives of those who are going to die, in my opinion, is torturing the patients.

And so, this, is a very SERIOUS issue that we’d encountered today, like it or don’t, you MUST be prepared for it, because, nobody CAN know the precise moment, or HOW one will die, and so, it’s better to be prepared for death, and, there are so many options out there, and, you just have to sort through them, and figure out, what, exactly it is that you may want, and, talk to your kids about it, so they’d know how to handle these issues, if and when it does come up in the future.










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The Conclusion of the Case Where the Pregnant Woman Became Brain-Dead

This is, after many, many, many days, along with a total of one-hundred forty-two “children” of mine had been “created” too, the JUDGE had R-U-L-E-D!!!  From the News online…

A Texas judge ordered a Fort Worth hospital to remove a pregnant and brain-dead woman from respirators and ventilators on Friday, perhaps ending a wrenching legal debate about who is alive, who is dead and how the presence of a fetus changes the equation.

Erick Munoz, husband of Marlise Munoz, broke down in tears after Judge R.H. Wallace told John Peter Smith Hospital to act on his order by 5 p.m. Monday.

Munoz and other family members had been fighting to have the body released for burial. Hospital officials resisted, saying they were trying to obey a Texas law that says “you cannot withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment for a pregnant patient,” in the words of the hospital spokesman.

Munoz left the courthouse without talking to reporters, but the family’s lawyers spoke out. Jessica Janicek argued that the hospital was “utilizing (Marlise Munoz’s) body as a science experiment.”

A breakthrough came when the hospital and the Munoz family agreed on crucial facts listed in a court document: that Marlise Munoz, 33, has “met the clinical criteria for brain death since November 28” and that “the fetus gestating inside Mrs. Munoz is not viable.”

The woman’s husband repeatedly made these claims in his efforts to have her removed from the machines.

Mom of pregnant woman: Change the law

The story may have more chapters. The hospital could appeal or decide to remove Marlise Munoz from a ventilator and respirator before that deadline. The judge did not rule on the constitutionality of a state law regarding the treatment of a pregnant patient.

Erick and Marlise Munoz, two trained paramedics, had been awaiting the arrival of their second child when she was found unconscious on her kitchen floor around 2 a.m. November 26. She was rushed to the north-central Texas hospital.

Once there, Erick Munoz said, he was told his wife “was for all purposes brain dead.” The family also says the fetus may have been deprived of oxygen. Erick Munoz had contended doctors told him his wife “had lost all activity in her brain stem” and an accompanying chart stated that she was “brain dead.”

Husband said wife didn’t want to be on ventilator

During Friday’s hearing in Fort Worth, representatives of the hospital — in this case, from the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office — argued that state law was correctly applied.



Erik Munoz and other family members said the hospital should abide by her wishes — which weren’t written down but, they said, relayed verbally to them — and not have machines keep her organs and blood running.

In an affidavit filed Thursday in court, Erick Munoz said little to him now is recognizable about Marlise. Her bones crack when her stiff limbs move. Her usual scent has been replaced by the “smell of death.” And her once lively eyes have become “soulless.”

After the Friday hearing, another family lawyer, Jessica King, said, “Pregnant women die every day. They die in car accidents, of heart attacks and other injuries. And when they die, their fetus dies with them.

“It’s the way it’s always been and the way it should be.”

Lawyers: Records back claim that woman is brain dead

In his lawsuit, Munoz claims subsequent measures taken at the hospital — and, in turn, the state law used to justify them — amounted “to nothing more than the cruel and obscene mutilation of a deceased body against the expressed will of the deceased and her family.”

The hospital and the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office, which defended the medical facility, did not offer the same level of detail as members of the Munoz family.

But earlier this month, hospital spokesman J.R. Labbe told CNN that his hospital believed “the courts are the appropriate venue to provide clarity, direction and resolution in this matter.”

Late Friday, the hospital issued this statement: “JPS Health Network appreciates the potential impact of the consequences of the order on all parties involved and will be consulting with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office.”

So, this woman, in the end, still got her way, in death, and, the hospital wasn’t right in keeping her on life support, after all, the autopsy of the fetus does prove, that it was, abnormal!!!










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Removing Her from Life-Support, a Husband’s Decision

Respecting HER wishes, as she’d told him that IF this were to happen, she would NOT want to be kept alive, from
Marlise Munoz was thirty-three and fourteen weeks pregnant when she collapsed in her home in November, from what doctors called pulmonary embolism.
Her husband, Erick Munoz says the doctors described her as brain-dead, and his wife was clear, that she did NOT want to be kept alive under those circumstances.
But the hospital in Fort Worth said, that it was illegal, from pulling the plug, because a law stated that “a person may not withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment under this subchapter from a pregnant patient.”
In court papers, Munoz argued that the law does NOT apply to his wife’s case.
“In fact, Marlise cannot be a ‘pregnant patient’—Marlise is dead,” the suit says, “To further conduct surgical procedures on a deceased body is nothing short of outrageous.”
And this woman’s DO-NOT-RESUSCITATE was NOT applied, because she was pregnant, because the hospitals believed that in cases such as this, there are MORE to consider, than a person’s final wishes, because there’s another life at stake, the child’s, but, does THAT mean that this woman needed to be KEPT alive, because the LAW prohibits unplugging her because she was pregnant? I still don’t have a say in this, I’m merely still just PRESENTING these “cases”, and, do NOT shoot me, as I’m still just the “messenger” here…………

And, imagine the STRAINS on the husband, seeing his own WIFE like that, and, he was merely showing HIS final respects, to HER final wishes too, and, her own family stood behind him, so, who the HELL was the hospital, to say, that she should NOT be taken OFF life support???

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Keeping You in a Medically-Induced Coma

Keeping you in a medically-induced coma, because there’s NO treatment for what you have yet, and so, by keeping you in a medically-induced coma, we, the doctors, the teams of experts, your families, hope to find a cure for your condition, and, the next time you wake up, you WILL be, a BRAND new person.

Keeping you in a medically-induced coma, because we need to prevent more brain cells from getting killed, as you’d lost oxygen in that bad crash, and, because your families and friends are NOT ready to let go of you yet, so, you must be MADE, to SUFFER the consequences of them, NOT willing to, NOT wanting to, let you just D-I-E.

Keeping you in a medically-induced coma, because you’re so very young, and I KNOW, that a treatment (or rather, a C-U-R-E!!!) will be found, if we let go, then, you will D-I-E, and that, is simply not something any of us, your loved ones (friends AND families) are willing to deal with yet.  So, we are, keeping you in a medically-induced coma, with absolutely NO sense of how this would be unfair to you, and, by the time you DO wake up again, you will find yourself, like Rip Van Winkle, in an unknown world, quite different from the one you fell asleep in before………

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In Hopes She’ll Wake Up Again Someday

Even though, she’d been declared brain dead, her family is still quite hesitant on “unplugging” her, after all, it is, their baby girl that they are letting go.

And so, they kept her, plugged in, in hopes she’ll wake up again someday, and recognize them all.  Days turned into nights, days became weeks, weeks turned into months, months, to years.

In hopes she’ll wake up someday, her parents believed, that so long as she’s still breathing (even IF it is NOT on her own!!!), there’s still a very slight, chance, that they will have their daughter back one day.

In hopes she’ll wake up someday, there is NO other way, and, the family is keeping their fingers crossed, it is, still, very unlikely, as she stopped responding, and now, when we go into her room to visit, death filled the air, and there is NO other way…

In hopes she’ll wake up again, her parents stayed by her side, watched her, as she lay there, on that hospital bed.  In hopes she’ll wake up again someday, but does she?  Of course N-O-T, and, there’s NO way, to giving her loved ones that harsh dose of reality, the fact, that she is gone for good, and that the only thing that kept her alive would be the machines, beeping, beeping, beeping, in the room…










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Kept Alive, Against the Family’s Wishes


The last time that Erick Munoz saw his pregnant wife conscious, she had gotten up before 2a.m. to give their son a bottle. 

When Marlise didn’t return to bed and with the boy still crying, Erick went in search for her.  He found her unresponsive, on the kitchen floor, her face blue, from the lack of oxygen.  A short time later, the doctors at the Fort Worth hospital declared her brain-dead.

Munoz had been clear about her wishes, never to be hooked up to life support if she were fatally injured.  But when the unthinkable happened to the 33-year-old mom, doctors told the family, that they could NOT respect her wishes.  Because she was fourteen weeks pregnant, and they’d have to follow a Texas statute that made it illegal, to unplug a pregnant woman.

“The doctor told us that even if a pregnant woman has a DNR, or a living will, the law will supersede that,” Munoz’s mom, L. Machado told NBC News.  So any pregnant woman MUST be kept alive, because of her fetus.  We had never heard of this, and we wanted to get the information out there, because NO families should have to go through this, it’s pure hell.”

Although the doctors have been sympathetic to the family’s plight, they feel that they have no other choice.

“We follow the state law on this”, J.R. Labbe, VP of communications and community affairs for JPS Health Network.  “We cannot withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment for a pregnant patient”.

Nobody knows exactly what happened to Munoz before she was found and rushed to the hospital on Nov. 26, but the doctors suspected that blood clot traveled to her lungs, and blocked her oxygen.  

When Machado and her husband arrived at the emergency room, they found doctors and nurses, hovering over their daughter, assessing her condition.

“They did a CAT scan and EEG and there was NO brain activity,” Machado said, “She was clinically declared brain dead.  The doctors said she’d been without oxygen for well over an hour.”

And, the doctors did NOT disconnect her, because she was pregnant, and, they did it, because the laws of TX stated that you MUST save the baby, and, maybe, from a humanistic angle, they did what was right, but, the members of the family is the one with the wrenching pains in their hearts, watching their daughter and wife got needles all over her body, hooked up to an oxygen machine.








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