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A German Newspaper Supported Charlie, and the Workplace Was Set Ablaze

In a world, where NOT all opinions are accepted, the indifferences, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Hamburg Morning Edition that had once printed out the comics making fun of Muslims on the early morning of the eleventh, was attacked, and someone set fire to the building where the newspaper agency operated, the place was seriously damaged; and, in these couple of days, the anti-Islamic marches had more members, and is gaining momentum.

The Hamburg Morning News, after the French Charlie Periodicals was attacked, had reprinted the comics making fun of Mohammed, with the title of: Freedom is Needed.  After the attacks of the morning of the eleventh, the two young men who were wandering close by were arrested, the German police stated, that there’s NO evidence, that this attack was tied to terrorism.

And because the incident occurred, late in the evenings, there was no one there at the offices, so, there was no casualties, but the equipments inside the building, including the main board of the computer were all destroyed.

There had been gatherings of anti-Islamic marches gathering in Germany recently, on the tenth, there were over 30,000 million people who openly mourned for the loss of lives in the Charlie Periodicals, and, at the same time, the public hoped, that the society will be more tolerant of the attitude of not supporting the anti-Islamic marches.

But, the Germans’ “Anti-Islamic Movement in Europe” Organizations will turn to the streets again on the 12th, and, the media estimated, that there would be more people joining in the march than usual.

And so, this hatred is still spreading, like that wildfire that can only BE put out with the rains that poured down for seven days and nights, and, this is still due to the intolerances of other people’s cultures, the ignorances, and the fears.

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Using the Virginity Test to Establish Morality

This is really SEXIST, from the New York Times that came with today’s Chinese newspapers, written by: J. Cochrane…

JARKARTA, Indonesia—Colonel Sri Rumiati made her career in the Indonesian National Police, but the day she was tested for it, in 1984, is one she would rather forget.

During a mandatory physical examination, a doctor administered a so-called virginity test, inserting two fingers to determine whether her hymen was intact.

“I was not comfortable with the test,” said Colonel Rumiati, who is now a police psychologist.  “The test can be stressful on women and embarrassing.”

It mattered little that the doctor who tested her was a woman.  It felt like a violation, she said, one that does not determine virginity, that has no comparable equivalent for male police recruits and that does not achieve its ostensible goal: evaluating a recruit’s morality.

“You learn about the morality of a candidate from prosocial behavior testing,” or evaluating a person’s actions, she said.  “It’s not about virginity.”

Women who apply to be police officers in Indonesia have been subjected to virginity testing since at least 1965.

But the issue has set off heated debate here since Human-Rights Watch released a report and a video last month with evidence that the police was still in force.

The organization said it had interviewed eight current and former female police officers and applicants in six cities, including two who said they had undergone virginity tests this year.  Married women are not eligible to become police officers.

The National Police chief said last month that female recruits did not undergo virginity tests.  But hours later, two high-ranking National Police officials in Jakarta were quoted by the local news media confirming that the police force conducts the tests.

While failing the virginity does not disqualify a police applicant, she “may get fewer points if her hymen is not intact,” Brigadier General Arthur Tampi told The Jakarta Post.

Local women’s and human rights groups have demanded an end to the practice.  Last year, the head of a local education office in South Sumatra Province suggested conducting virginity tests on high school girls to discourage promiscuity and thwart teenage prostitution.  Thousands of Indonesians took to social media sites to criticize the idea, which was quickly dismissed by national government officials.

Colonel Dede Rahayu, who runs the Police Women’s School in Jakarta, said she had never heard of any of her students or staff members having to undergo the tests.

The policewomen “who said they had that tests didn’t understand what a virginity test is,” she said nothing that all applicants undergo a rectal exam and they may have confused the two.  “Or maybe the want people think they were still virgins when they joined,” she said half in jest.  “A single woman not being a virgin is taboo in Indonesia”.

So, if there’s a need for a woman to undergo such examinations, to solidify HER status, what about men?  Don’t they need to also go through a virginity test too?  Oh wait, you LOSERS don’t have HYMENS like we women do, that can clearly SHOW if you’d had SEX or not, and, this idea of how unwed, single women are eligible to become cops is still way too STUPID, and this had happened, in the modern day world, believe it or don’t!  And, hello, hello, hello, virginity is NO determinant of morality, I mean, you DO realize, that someone CAN be a virgin, and act immorally, right???

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A Female Manager Was Pregnant, While She Was in the Hospital, She Received the Notice that She was Fired

Gender discrimination AND sexism here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Lin works as a manager in a consulting company, when she was eight months into her pregnancy, she was hospitalized because of an infection, and, in the hospital, she’d gotten the notice that she was fired from her company, the Taoyuan County government fined the company using the laws of discriminatory behavior toward pregnant women, $100,000N.T.s; the company was displeased, filed for an executive lawsuit, the judge believed that the company, firing the female employee before she gave birth was an act that would hurt the female employee, and mandated the company to pay the fines.

The Taoyuan District Court investigated, that two years ago in August, Lin was hired as the manager of the household items of the sales consulting company, in the middle of last April, she had an urinary infection that’s caused by her pregnancy, she’d been hospitalized until May, during which time, she’d received text message from her company that she’s fired, and they’d asked her to file the paper works after she was released from the hospital.

Lin believed that the company intentionally fired her when she was pregnant, that it was sexually discriminatory, she’d filed for a civil suit first, using unjust firing, at the same time, she’d reported her company’s behaviors to the Gender Equality Commissions in Taoyuan.  On the civil suit front, the company was willing to pay $60,000N.T. and the woman dropped the claims; on the complaints, the government found the company in violation of the gender equality laws, and fined the company $100,000N.T.s, the company was unhappy, they’re now, filing for executive fees severance.

In the courts investigation, the company pointed out, that it was because of how they were continually losing funds, is suffering a loss in business, they’d decided to close the household departments, that it had nothing to do with Lin getting pregnant; the company had treated the female workers exactly the same, from marriage, to pregnancies, to the month after giving birth, they had a complete and well-rounded systems to help, and they had given out bonuses to the ladies who’d given birth, that they did not engage in any sort of discriminations.

But after the judge reviewed the evidences, he’d believed, that the company’s household department had been set up not yet a year, and Lin was hired as a manager, apparently, the company wanted to use her expertise, but, in eight short months, she was fried, because the department is losing money, clearly, it’d showed that the company believed how Lin would be unfitting as the manager of the department after she got pregnant, and while she was hospitalized for the infection during her pregnancy, they’d sent her a severance message via text, that the company DID engage in pregnancy discrimination, and it’d broken the gender equality laws.

And so, because this woman was pregnant, and, the company figured that her pregnancy would cost them a lot more money they she can make them, and so, they’d fired her, and that, was gender discrimination, and the company still tried to weasel its way out by finding excuses, but gladly, it didn’t work, because they still lost.

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Legalizing Racial Profiling

Call this, steps taken, BACKWARDS if you will!!!  But, it’s all, EXCUSES if you ask me.  Found on the MSNNEWS websites…

The Obama administration will soon issue new rules curtailing the use of profiling, but over the objection of civil rights groups, federal agents will still be allowed to consider race and ethnicity when stopping people at airports, border crossings and immigration checkpoints, according to several government officials.

The new policy has been in the works for years and will replace decade-old rules that banned racial profiling for federal law enforcement, but with specific exemptions for national security and border investigations. Immigration enforcement has proved to be the most controversial aspect of the Obama administration’s revisions, and law enforcement officials succeeded in arguing that they should have more leeway in deciding whom to stop and question.

The administration is set to release the new rules in the midst of nationwide protests over recent decisions in New York and Ferguson, Mo., not to prosecute white police officers for the deaths of unarmed black men. President Obama and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. have sought to calm tensions between law enforcement and minorities.

The new rules expand the definition of prohibited profiling to include religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. They will cover local police assigned to federal task forces, but not local police agencies. They eliminate the broad exemption for national security, but F.B.I. agents will still be allowed to map neighborhoods and use that data to recruit informants from specific ethnic groups.

The debate over racial profiling in immigration enforcement, however, has delayed the release of the new rules for months. Mr. Holder, who was leading the policy review, told colleagues that he believed that border agents did not need to consider race or ethnicity. But the Department of Homeland Security resisted efforts to limit the factors it can consider when looking for illegal immigrants. Department officials argued that it was impractical to ignore nationality when it came to border enforcement.

“The immigration investigators have said, ‘We can’t do our job without taking ethnicity into account. We are very dependent on that,’ ” said one official briefed on the new rules. “They want to have the least amount of restrictions holding them back.”

The effects of any rule change could be felt far from the border with Mexico or Canada. Federal agents have jurisdiction to enforce immigration laws within 100 miles of the borders, including the coastlines, an area that includes roughly a third of the United States, and nearly two-thirds of its population. Federal agents board buses and Amtrak trains in upstate New York, questioning passengers about their citizenship and detaining people who cannot produce immigration papers. Border Patrol agents also run inland checkpoints looking for illegal immigrants. Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, has called the existing rules “a license to profile.”

Under the new rules, agents in those instances will still be allowed to consider race, national origin and other factors that would otherwise be off limits, according to several officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the draft rules. In an apparent nod to its critics, the administration will conduct a separate review into how agents conduct screening, border interdiction and inspections, the officials said.

The leeway in the rules reflected the fact that Border Patrol agents face challenges that F.B.I. agents and drug investigators do not, one senior official said. “They have a very short period of time to make an assessment as to whether further inquiry needs to be given,” he said. The rules will included new training requirements and will require federal agents to keep records on complaints they receive about profiling, several officials said.

The Obama administration’s revisions come on the heels of the president’s decision to grant legal status to millions of immigrants who entered the country illegally. The new rules are likely to upset some of the advocacy groups that pushed hardest for that action. “Of course we are disappointed,” said Tanya Clay House, the public policy director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, which has lobbied the administration on racial profiling for several years but has not been officially notified of the new rules. She said racial profiling is ineffective, both in general and at the border.

Mr. Holder, the nation’s first black attorney general, has spoken forcefully against racial profiling. He has recounted being stopped by police as a college student and as a federal prosecutor. But while law enforcement officials were generally supportive of his efforts to broaden protections for minorities, Mr. Holder ran into objections on the issues of national security and border protection.

F.B.I. agents opposed a wholesale ban on considering race and nationality in terrorism investigations. They said, for example, that an agent investigating the Shabab, a Somali militant group, must be able to find out whether a state has a large Somali population and, if so, where it is.

The Justice Department was prepared to announce its revisions to the racial profiling rules earlier this year, but the White House intervened and ordered a broad review that included the Department of Homeland Security, the parent agency of the Border Patrol. Because Mr. Holder cannot, on his own, tell another cabinet department what rules to follow, the new guidelines amount to months of negotiations between the Justice Department, Homeland Security and the White House. The broad exemptions for national security and immigration were eliminated, but several provisions remain.

The rules — both the current version and the revisions — offer more protection against discrimination than the Supreme Court has said the Constitution requires. The court has said that border agents may not conduct roving traffic stops simply because motorists appeared to be of Mexican descent, but agents at checkpoints may single out drivers for interviews “largely on the basis of apparent Mexican ancestry.” The court ruled that the government’s interest in protecting the border outweighed the minimal inconvenience to motorists.

But Representative Beto O’Rourke, the Texas Democrat who represents the border city of El Paso, said that because the United States was so diverse, such policies unnecessarily expose millions of people to being stopped. “How can race help a Border Patrol agent or customs officer do a better job in a city like El Paso, where 85 percent of the people are Hispanic?” Mr. O’Rourke said.

Last year, the Border Patrol settled a racial-profiling lawsuit in which Washington state residents accused border agents of racial profiling while making traffic stops near the Canadian border. The government admitted no wrongdoing but agreed to retrain its agents on the profiling rules.

Like the existing rules, the new guidelines prohibit federal agents from relying on broad stereotypes — that members of a certain race are more likely to deal drugs than others, for example. But the authorities can consider race when responding to specific leads, such as when a witness describes a gunman as tall, white and blond.

So basically, this still goes against the ACLU’s beliefs, doesn’t it? I mean, you can be discriminated against, just because someone has an issue with your religion, with your skin color and all of that BULLSHIT, and so, we’re now, BACK, in time, in 1960s, maybe??? Don’t really know the years, but, it was, somewhere ‘round there, I think…


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Why is a Woman Labeled as “Unfitting” When She Chooses to Follow Her Heart???

From a story I read up on, about a princess in one of those European empires, who chased after her happiness, instead of following tradition.

As the story goes, the princess is forced to marry someone she doesn’t even like, and, you can imagine how their lives went, BAD, and, later on in her life, she’d met someone whom she gave her heart willingly to, and, her parents are against them being together (what kind of parents would stand in the way between their offspring and their offspring’s happiness???), and, she ended up, eloping with the man she loved, and her mother used her tears, to coerce her to go back to the castle and live with her husband, the man who’d treated her like a baby incubator.

And this story just made me wonder: how COME when a woman chases after what she wanted, the world has so many bad things to say about it?  I mean, you don’t see the world, RANTING on how a man had sex with multiple women while still married to HIS wife, do you?  No, so, why was this woman shunned, for following her heart?

Because the genders are NOT equal, not even CLOSE, and, as long as there are TWO separate genders in this world, there will NEVER be any equality, and I’m still waiting on the day, that all of you, stupid sons-of-bitches (not name calling still) get ELIMINATED, and that still ain’t happenin’ anywhere NEAR my lifetime that’s for sure!

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Being Judged Based Off of Your Skin Color

And NO, the time machine still didn’t just CRASH, into the 1950s or 1960s either, because this SHIT is still currently ongoing, I’d encountered it, just six years back, and, the humans (yeah, I’m talkin’ to ALL of Y-O-U out there!!!) still hadn’t “advanced” all that much, I mean sure, the citizen of the United States of America DID pick out their FIRST African American (trying to be politically correct here, so, don’t SHOOT me!!!) president, but, guess what, a BLACK LOSER (as that, is what THAT one was too!!) FUCKING (oopsy!) singled ME and my family out, because our skin colors are of a different shade, and, it still goes back to being oppressed, because whites discriminated against blacks (and no, I’m still NOT a R-A-C-I-S-T, just making MY point???), and blacks against Asians, and Asians will discriminate against some other creed, race, or whatever, and whoever the HELL that ends up at the bottom of that “food chain” is still UNLUCKY, and I’d put an END to it in my own life!

And, in light of the shooting of that high school boy by the police, because of his skin color (Michael Brown, was it???), it’d gotten the small town raging, and it’s about time too, and, until your own kids fall victim to such atrocities, you will NOT make it into a cause, but, why must you, stupid people wait, just help put an END to this indifference right now, because you DO realize, that if someone gets SHOT again, and you felt the regrets, that’s still all gonna be, H-I-N-D-S-I-G-H-T by then, you DO know that, right?  And, this is still basic level things, or, am I still just, way too INTELLIGENT, for all of you out there to “handle” now???  Well, maybe I am then, this, is still the Q-U-E-E-N and HER BIG E-G-O talkin’…

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Marry While You’re Still Young

So, as men age, they’d become MORE valuable, but as we women age, we become more WORTHLESS, is that it???  translated…

My college classmate, Chien is a beauty inside AND out, plus she’d taken extra care of herself, even though she’s a cougar of mid-forties, approaching her fifties, there’s still NO tracks of time on her face.  Her headshots were posted on Facebook, she looked like one of the younger girls, and we called her, the “Frozen-in-Age Beauty”.

But, this beauty had it hard in love, after she’d ended one bad marriage, although she was involved with someone, for over a decade, but in the end, because the man had NO intentions of starting a family or marrying, it was over.  Even though, Chien had NO more expectations for her romantic life, but recently, because her mother showed extreme care and concern over it, she’d still gone to the matchmaking set up by her mother.

“The man is a professor, he was more than satisfied already when he saw my pictures, but when he’d heard about my age, he’d backed out!”

On a gathering of friends, Chien told us the story of what had happened in this set up, then, she’d added another, “He worried that I won’t be able to reproduce, but with the medical advances, I might still be able to, who knows?  Plus, I may NOT be at all, into him either!”

We can all get, that this last sentence from her was out of anger, but it’d also stressed how in looking for a partner in marriage, men and women DO have the tendencies to focus on what they see, and that’s caused the gender inequality.

Seeing how there are a TON of ladies around me, just like Chien, good looking, with great abilities in work, but, they’d waited, and waited, for so very long, for Mr. Right to show up; and, looking at the men in the same age group, even IF they’re already wide in the center regions, they can still get younger girls to fall for them, for instance, there was a forty-five year-old male friend of mine who’d just become a father recently, and his wife is ten years his junior.

And, there was another “older brother level” man who works in the same industry as I, because he never gave up on having children, so, even as he’s passed fifty, he’d still sought out younger, beautiful ladies, and doesn’t accept the ladies who are more mature in age, and so, year after year, he’d wasted them all away.  Seeing how there are so many older males and females around me who are sighing right now, all I can say, is, “Do get married when you’re still young.”

And once again, you still see this GENDER inequality, and it’s still ALL because of our biological make up differences, because as we women approach midlife, our reproductivity slows, and, while you losers are still able to “reproduce”, so, you are seeking out younger, more vibrant ladies, who many only BE into your money.

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Discrimination Against the Elderly, Ninety Percent of the Landlords Refused to Rent Houses Out to the Elderly

Ageism, discrimination, or whatever the HELL you want to call it is still fine by me, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Mr. Sun who is seventy-eight years old currently, who lives alone in Wanhua District, because of his living conditions being too awful, to damp, he’d fallen in his bedroom five times, causing his spine to displace, and he has difficulties walking.  He’d tried finding a brand new, better place to live in, but, when he’d called up the landlord, he heard that it was him, and the landlord hung up on him right away.

Mr. Sun not getting a brand new place is NOT an isolated case.  Wu, the CEO of the R.O.C. Elderly Welfare Foundation pointed out, that the rental market’s discrimination toward the elderly had become normal now, ninety-percent of the landlords refused to rent to elderly.

This, is totally B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!!!  I mean, sure, the elderly may have more difficulties, but, that’s still NOT valid enough a reason, to NOT give them the equal rights you would give to someone who’s a lot younger, is it?  And this, is still very B-A-C-K-W-A-R-D-S, and, yet, we are, already, IN the 21st Century, and, you will grow old one day too, what then?  Would you want someone to discriminate against you too?  Have some empathy here, and I still get that the concerns from the landlords are warranted, but it’s still NOT valid enough a reason, to NOT rent to the elderly in the population.


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Getting Out from Being Discriminated Against, They’re All Shining Brightly Now

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Everything I’d worked so very hard for, it’s for my kids, to grow up in a safe and kind environment toward the newly migrated.”  The Vietnamese teacher, Phoenix Chen had been living in Taiwan for thirteen years now, and she was the figure who helped push forth the merging of the cultures in Southeast Asia, and the dignities of the migrated women.  This, was a long and hard battle, to help both sides gain understanding of each other, it’s a love that’s from the mother to the child, the deepest kind of love.

When Being Discriminated Against, it Does NOT Feel Good at All

The Decisions to Step Outside the Family and Give Back to the Society

Phoenix Chen and her husband, Chih-Rong Chien met in Vietnam, after they married, they lived in Vietnam, originally, they were a more-than-ordinary family, but, all that changed after they moved back to Taiwan in 2001.

As she’d stepped into Taiwan, she’d felt the unfriendly gazes from all around, a ton of her newly migrated “sisters” would ask her, “How much do you mail back home a month?”  “How much did your husband spend, on buying you?”, and, there were a TON of ads on the streets that objectified women and marriage that made her really uncomfortable.  Later, she saw a news story, about a young Vietnamese mother who had communication troubles that took her young child, leapt off of a building and committed suicide, it shocked her.

Deciding to Step Outside, Started Volunteering at a Foundation

Phoenix Chen decided to step outside of the family, and started volunteering at Eden Social Welfare, and she’d made a TON of calls, showing cares and concerns for her new “sisters”, but, her calls would often get blocked by the ladies’ in-laws on the other end of the line.  Then, she’d transferred to the women and children’s hospital, and started the face-to-face interactions with her newly immigrated sisters, here, she’d come to discover, that the language and cultural barriers are the keys to causing conflicts in the homes, and slowly, that led her onto the road to instructing Vietnamese.

Phoenix Huang started a class, teaching Chinese to newly migrated spouses, and opened up a Vietnamese class for people in Taiwan too.  At first, this class was directed toward those who married the Vietnamese women, and the in-laws, she’d gotten a horrendous reply from all around, those who are retired, and in business, all fought, to sign up for her course, and she’d started teaching Vietnamese at local government office and industries too.

On the Television Vietnamese Teaching Sessions, She’d Always Appeared as a Guest

There were letters, written to her by the public, and those in jail, sighing on how they wanted to take up Vietnamese, but didn’t have the resources to.  She’d fought hard, for funding, and started hosting the Vietnamese Education Program on television, started with the basics of communications, President Am, the former director of the Internal Affairs, Hong-Yuan Lee, the former director of the Immigrations Offices, Li-Gong Hsieh, were also guests who appeared on her program.

For the Sake of the Children, Hoping to Add to Their Understanding and Acceptance

Recalling the hardships she’d weathered through, Phoenix Chen and Chih-Rong Chien said, that they’d never had too much hopes, and that it was simply “for the sake of our children”, they hope that they could help the children to learn to respect the multiple cultures, and grow up in an environment, where every single culture is accepted, to NOT allow their interracial union become a marker for the children’s heart, they wouldn’t want the discriminations they’d weathered through, to happen to their own offspring either.

For over a decade, Chien had supported his wife is speaking up and out for the women from Vietnam, he’d chauffeured her to and from the airports, help her with scheduling, help out with the odds and ends, “I’d encouraged her to do it, I didn’t expect it to be so well set up.”, in that plain and simple statement, there was a TON of pride and assertions hidden.

And so, it is, with her husband’s support, that this woman had been able to set forth, to help others who are similar to her, and, she’d focused on her children’s education, realized how important it is, for the kids to become culturally aware, as we ARE marching into a world without boundaries here.

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Behind Cartoon Masks, Immigrants’ Faces, from the New York Times

From The New York Times, by: K. Semple…

Ricardo Rodriguez did not arrive lightly at his decision to become a cartoon character.

Before stepping into the Times Square bustle of Elmos, Minnie Mouses and Batmen who pose for photographs and coax customers for tips, Mr. Rodriguez spent a week studying the competition.  He analyzed tourist behavior.  He calculated potential earnings.  And in the absence of anyone masquerading as a certain Nickelondeon star, he spotted an opportunity.  Thus was born SpongeBob SquarePants Rodriguez.

On his first day in Midtown Manhattan he made $80 in five hours, a better rate than the series of temporary jobs he had held since emigrating to the United States from Ecuador in March.

“I never imagined I’d be doing this,” said Mr. Rodriguez, 35.   “But if you think about life as a rich experience, the money will come.” In recent years, these costumed characters have become ubiquitous.  To some critics, they are little more than colorfully attired panhandlers and a chronic nuisance at the Crossroads of the World.

But interviews with the men and women behind the masks reveal a loosely knit population of freelancers that has turned one New Jersey city into an enclave of Mickey Mouses and supported a brisk trade in Peruvian-made costumes.  But it also is a world unsettled by low-level tension, pitting fluffy cartoon characters against sleek superheroes.

Most of the performers are immigrants and many of them undocumented, living day to day, struggling to negotiate a fraught relationship with the police while supporting families in the United States and in their home countries.

The performers have come under even greater pressure since a confrontation between a Spider-Man and a police officer.  The man was arrested after fighting with the officer, who had responded to the man’s aggressive solicitations.

The episode was the latest in a series of unpleasant encounters.  Two other Spider-Men were arrested in separate episodes in June, one charged with groping a woman and the other charged with assaulting a woman (he was found not guilty but was fined for harassment).

The performers say they make a lot of people happy, and that they should not be judged based on the actions of an errant few.

“We aren’t all the same,” said Manuel Fernádez, 24, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic.  On a recent evening he was impersonating the Statue of Liberty, holding a plastic torch and wearing blue-green robes.

Veteran performers say the first cartoon characters began to appear in Midtown Manhattan by the early 2000s.  One seasoned performer, Berta Guerra, 50, a Mexican immigrant, made her debut as Elmo a decade ago in addition to working two factory jobs.

The population exploded in 2011 after the creation of the pedestrian malls.

Many of the performers live in working-class neighborhoods in new Jersey, across the Hudson River from New York.

“Next door there are five Elmos,” said Miguel Lezama, a 27-year-old Mexican who lives in Passaic, New Jersey.  He pointed in another direction: “On that side, a Cookie Monster and a Minnie.  In front, a Winnie-the-Pooh and a Minnie.  Up on Main Avenue, there are lost more.”

He paused.  “I live with a Cookie Monster.” After arriving in the United States in 2007, Mr. Lexama found work in landscaping and construction.  But he followed a friend into the street performer business.  He invested in an Elmo costume, buying a used one for $150 from a Peruvian acquaintance, who had imported it from Peru, where some of the best knockoff costumes are from.  (New Peruvian-made outfits can cost as much as $400 in the U.S.)

City laws govern where the performers can work and what they’re allowed to do—there is a fuzzy line between collecting donations and aggressively panhandling, which is illegal.  Few performers seem to fully know the rules, in part because of language barrier: many do not speak English.

A quiet, low-level animosity simmers among the groups.  The cartoon characters blame the superheroes for ruining the community’s image.  The undocumented immigrants say the American citizens, not worried about deportation, arrogantly flout the law.  And the veterans blame the newcomers, saying they are just clawing for money with no respect for the trade.

“We are street artists,” declared Mr. Fernández.  “But the majority doesn’t have a sense of art.  They simply put on their costumes and make money.” He suggested that the work can approach the sublime.  “Treat the tourists well and they’ll feel like they’ve been treated well by the actual Statue of Liberty,” he said.  “It’s a precious, beautiful memory of the United States.”

So, we have more than two views here: those who are in it to make the bucks, those who took street performing seriously, and those who just wanted those IMMIGRANTS deported, but hey, had you ever considered, that the reason why your countries are so built up is because of those OUTSIDE immigrants?  Hello, and, weren’t those Chinese migrant workers who were the ones who LAID out those tracks to the railroads that span across the U.S.A. from centuries ago?  So, DO have MORE tolerance, because we’re ALL working hard, to make our separate ends meet, and, don’t be a stingy tipper, if the next time you see a street performer, under the scorching sun, wearing a THICK costume, after all, even though, they ARE at the bottom of the “food chain”, without them, how will you get on top?  Exactly!!!

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