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What a Mother Learns from Her Deaf Child

What a Mother Learns from Her Deaf Child…

Found on…

I was a first time mother, far from home, when I discovered that my three-year-old son had a hearing impairment.

It was a shock because he had passed all his hearing tests and was even one of the first babies in my mothering group to say “bye-bye” on cue. I thought he was not only developing by the book, but excelling too.

was a first time mother, far from home, when I discovered that my three-year-old son had a hearing impairment.

It was a shock because he had passed all his hearing tests and was even one of the first babies in my mothering group to say “bye-bye” on cue. I thought he was not only developing by the book, but excelling too.

In retrospect, there were signs that something was amiss. When he played alone he was so deeply concentrated that he was hard to reach (“he’s just ignoring you”, people told me), he had a deep physical attachment to me (he would never just run off on his own), he hit other kids in daycare and kindergarten (anything to get a reaction he could understand) and he had started to mouth the words I was saying (apparently he was teaching himself how to lip read).

I was relieved when we received his diagnosis. The worst part was not knowing what was wrong. It also explained so much, and of all the things that could have been ‘wrong’ with my little boy, deafness was certainly not the worst. His father took the news less well. “But I wanted him to study music!” I remember he exclaimed.

We later learned that it’s quite normal for a parent to experience this depression and mourn the “perfect” child they used to have. The trick is to see that your child is still perfect, that they are the perfect expression of what they are meant to be.

Kai’s world blossomed after getting his hearing aids. It was obvious that he needed them from the moment he put them on. Having not heard for so long, he appreciated how this piece of technology could change his life completely.

Fitting in

But even though he took to his new technologically-improved life, I needed him to know he wasn’t alone. I made sure he was surrounded with imagery of other children with hearing aids and brought him into contact with other hearing-impaired children.

Ironically, he isn’t actually “deaf enough” to join the deaf community and we did not have the choice to send him to a special needs school for deaf children. If we had, he would have learned to sign and would now be part of – what I have experienced to be – a proud parallel society with its own culture, identity and role models. Instead we gave him hearing aids and sent him to ordinary schools where he received additional learning support.

This approach is called ‘mainstreaming’ and superficially it sounds like a good idea. If we could choose to be part of a bigger society, wouldn’t we? However, studies have shown that children like my son with moderate to heavy hearing loss tend to experience a lower quality of life than children who are more profoundly deaf. The latter go to school with each other, where they learn sign language and spend time with people who have the same issues as they do. This trend has been changing, to great debate.


Kai is now a teenager and seems to be thriving. His father’s fears were unfounded and he has already been in two bands, playing guitar in the first and drums in the second. He is even experimenting with music production. I’ve seen him design his own t-shirts and his father told me he’s a great skier. I know he’s not too bad on a skateboard either.

He still sticks out, though. One morning, a little girl came up to us and asked me, “Do those hearing aids help him?”

She was sweet – I love it when people just come right out and ask instead of gawking at him. And I understood why she asked. I was on my way to pick Kai up from school one day, when a group of kids from the deaf school boarded at Østerport Station [in Copenhagen, Denmark] and sat across from me. Despite having a deaf child, and against my better judgment, I stared at them.

I stared at their hands and the speed that they signed. I stared at their hearing aids and wondered if Kai would have preferred hearing aids like the blue pair worn by one of the boys. They didn’t notice me, so wrapped up and secure in their own little world to give me notice. I wish that my son was sitting next to me so we could witness this silent beauty – the incredible ability of human beings to adapt.

Then I remembered the little girl who so openly approached us the other morning. Some day, she and Kai could get on a Copenhagen train and talk, and continue their lives together with everyone else in the city. He too has adapted and, despite his limitations, is thriving.

I remember when he first learned about Einstein and he asked me what type of scientist he was.

“A physicist,” I replied.

“Well, I want to be one like him when I grow up.” I smiled, knowing that Kai didn’t necessarily want to be a physicist; he just wanted to earn people’s respect like Einstein had.

Kai may go on to learn about general relativity. He may even study music at the Royal Academy. We really don’t know what he will do. As long as the society he finds himself in is committed to accommodating everyone, the only limits he will ever experience are the limits he chooses to accept.

[This essay was originally published in The Murmur, an English language newspaper in Copenhagen]

And so, this, is what the mother learns from her child who’s hearing impaired, and, raising up a normal child is hard enough now, and, she’s doing an amazing job with her deaf son there, and this boy is slowly achieving his own independence from his mother, despite his hearing troubles, because the mother was not afraid, to let him strike out on his own, and, this boy has dreams that he will see come true on his own, because of the amazing people he’s surrounded with.

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Giving Up His Career as a Doctor and Becoming a Teacher

A man with a purpose here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The CEO of the Cheng-Chih Education Foundation has the halo of graduating from the medical school of NTU, but gave up his high-end job, with high salaries, and, went into providing education for the children in distant regions, he’d made over thousands of videos teaching, and, there are over millions of viewers already.  Lu said, he never regretted giving up medical school to become a teacher, he hoped, that the kids from the distant regions can one day, test into NTU medical school, and after they graduate, they can head back to their hometowns, and benefit the people.

Lu wrote his experiences from being the looked upon “Dr. Lu” to “Mr. Lu” in his book, “A Man Who Dreams During the Daytime”, and shared his experiences of “ability to dream, ability to turn dreams into reality”.

Started in his second year in high school, he’d worked as a tutor, and, in his sophomore year in college, he’d set up the Dream Schoolyard, to help teach the children in elementary schools, but he’d quickly found, that the program he’d started can only help those kids how can pay for the services, that, it couldn’t help the children who are from poorer backgrounds.

As he’d interned in his fifth year in university, he was inspired by the founder of the Khan Academy, and started filming teaching courses in high school and shared it online for free, and, there were over millions of viewers, and after he got out of the armed services, he’d poured his heart and soul into using the internet as a platform to teach.

Lu was the best intern for the dermatology department from NTU hospital, he’d also gotten his practicing license, but instead, he’d chosen an alternative path.  He said, his wages are only half to a-fifth of what his classmates who became doctors made, but, an educator treat the mind, and that by going into education, Lu feels he’s giving more to the world.

And here, we have a guy, who went against the norm, found something that mattered to him, worked toward it, and, achieved greatness, in that he’d made a difference, to the children, whose lives he’d touched through teaching them, and that still just shows, how personal satisfaction weighed more than the amount of money you are able to earn here.

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3526. A Twenty-Seven Year-Old Son of a Farmer Donated a Bus for Rehabilitation on His Birthday

Because he’d been there, and so, that, was how this man gained a bit more empathy, from the Newspapers, translated…

So young, and, he’d donated, a pot of gold.  A man who is only twenty-seven, Wu, donated a rehabilitation bus to the city, and was named “the youngest donor of Hsinbei City”, he said, “I wanted to give myself a meaningful birthday present.”  The second-to-the mayor, Chen said, that he was a hard-to-come-by, young man who was willing to give a TON of money to the city’s government.

“Actually, at first when I’d donated, I’d felt a ton of heartaches.”  Wu jokingly told, he works in the land offices, and would normally save up on his wages, last year at the end of December, he’d bought himself a convertible for himself, and was contemplating how he was going to outdo himself this year, and, he’d discovered that one of his car-loving friends had donated an ambulance, he’d thought to himself, “hey, I can do that too!”

After he’d donated an ambulance, the heartache turned quickly to gladness, within a month’s time, he accidentally fell and broke his leg, in playing “Bubble Football”, but, the very first time he needed the wheelchair, to use a cane, at the very start, walking just 100 meters would make him sweat like hell, “I’d experienced the immobility firsthand, and now, I’m realizing how important this bus really is!”

Wu’s home is in Chiayi, the parents are farmers, they’re not at all well-to-do ether, after he’d come up north to study in the high school years, he’d lived with his aunt, and, his aunt took care of his daily living, and, even though he didn’t have any monetary worries as a student, but he’d still learned the values.

Wu’s aunt said, “He’s started working since college, saved up on his money, until he’d started working, he’s still saving as much as he can.”  Even his girlfriend stated, “he lives simply, his clothes were from his college days.”  But, the aunt and the girlfriend are both very supportive of him, to donate all of his saving, when he didn’t have a set place to live in.

Every donor gets to write her/his names on the busses, Wu used the names of his grandparents, his parents, and himself to donate, and left five names, other than helping to save up for his elders, he’d even made a promise, “When I get better, I will use my parents’ and my name, to donate one more bus!”

And so, this man got a firsthand experience of how the handicapped needed the transportation, because he’d broken his legs, and, this getting his legs broken had helped initiated his kindness, it’d made him have more empathy, and, he’s doing good work here.


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The Turbulent Path that Led Us to Become Parents

We had, traveled, a turbulent path, in order, to become parents, there was nothing wrong with either one of us, biologically, but, for some unknown reasons, when the two of us get together, nothing happened, and, we’d tried, tried, and tried, over, over, over, and over again, and still, failure, after failure, and we felt beaten…

Then, we’d decided, to adopt, but, as we filed for our adoption papers, things in our personal lives started coming unwind, and, all of a sudden, we’re both, incapable, to handle ourselves, let alone, a new baby!

And yet, despite everything, we’d still, become parents, when neither one of us was ready for it, that kid still came, kicking, AND screaming, demanding our undivided attention day in and day out, keeping us sleepless through the nights, and, both of us still had to get up for work in the mornings.

And, that, was only the beginning, and, what people often talked of when they talked about babies, their first words, their first steps, we can’t seem to find any joys in that, at all for some reasons, I think it was, because neither one of us was ready, for the baby, and, he’d come, just the same, causing us, a TON of stresses!

The turbulent path that led us to become parents, maybe, we weren’t, supposed to be parents at all, after all, we are still, just children, aren’t we???  But, oopsy!  I didn’t keep that “receipt” from the Storks, and so, I’m guessin’, that the Return Policy is out of the question here???

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Giving Up My Career to Take Care of My Son

Once again, this, is a choice, translated…

I was in the workforce for several decades, even though, I’d done the entry level work positions, but I’d had a stable source of income, other than having three meals on the tables, I can afford to buy things that I loved.

The month before my son was born, my in-law clearly stated that I needed to quit my job, to focus on taking care of my newborn child.  To tell the truth, at first, I was totally against it, I’d felt, that at most, I’ll take six months’ maternity leave, and when the six months are up, I’d send my son to a baby center, or hire a professional nanny.

But, in the end, my husband begged and begged me, plus my in-laws had helped us out monetarily, I’d decided to become a full-time mother, and that gave me chances to get in touch with the multitude of resources in the society.  For instance, I’d taken my son to the libraries and read to him, to the art museums, to the education centers, to the parent-child play centers, and met a TON of people who worked in education, who taught my son to sing, dance, art.  It’d allowed my son to get more friends his age, to learn how to interact with others well.

As my son grows up healthy by the day, plus, there are a lot of moms who shared with me their caretaking ways and methods, it’d allowed me to have the time to focus on household chores.  All of these extra gains, it’d made my decision at the very start more meaningful.

In the multi-valued society, everybody’s choices, their gives and takes, are necessarily never the same, there’s no wrong or right, career women are just as great as stay-at-home mothers, they’d given everything that they have to their separate families.  Even though, I’m without my paycheck, I’d had to face up to the realities of things, to cut my own spending down a bit.

But, my household had gained another kind of wonderful things outside of money.

So, this, is the conclusions you arrived to after you’d quit your jobs and stayed at home, to take care of your child, at first, you were a bit angered, by having to make that choice, but, as the day goes on, you feel, that you didn’t sacrifice that much, because you’d gained something you never thought you could have.

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Before She Married Him, She Realized that He Was a Letch, But Because She Didn’t Want to Lose “Face”, She’d Put up with Him for Eight Years, and Now, She’s Finally Filing for Divorce

Was it worth it?  Of course NOT!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lai married eight years ago, his wife found that after they had their wedding photos, the very next day, he’d gone to a motel with another woman, and, in her friends and families urgings, she’d still followed through with the marriage, but, after they wed, the man is still uncontrolled she’d gotten so many phone calls from her husband’s whores, begging her to set him free, and, eight long years later, she’d finally filed for divorce and it was approved by the judge.

The man, Lai and his wife both worked in the technology industry, they’d met at a matchmaking party, and, before they marched down the aisle, the woman found out that the man had not been faithful to her, from the very next day after they’d had their wedding photos done, she’d found on her credit card statement that he’d gone to Kaohsiung on vacation with his whore, it’d angered her.

Lai’s wife had originally wanted to cancel the wedding, but, the families and friends from both sides all prevented her from it, believed that the date was set, the invitations printed and sent, that canceling will make them lose face, that people are going to laugh about how short-lived their love was, so, the two of them got married according to “schedule”, but, during the honeymoon phase, the woman found that her husband had been seeking out one-night stands on an online website, she’d grilled her husband about it, he’d told her it was just “for fun”, that he didn’t actually sleep with that other woman.

They’d worked up north originally, but after they married, they’d agreed to work in the southern regions, four years ago, Lai transferred first, lived in the dormitories provided by his work, and, shortly thereafter, he was caught by his wife for bringing another woman to his dorm, but Lai claimed that she was only a friend, that he’d invited her over to watch television, nothing else.

During the course of her marriage, Lai’s wife was not only harassed by just one whore that her husband had, there was also a woman who phoned her up, told her, “your husband left his clothes at my place, I’ll send it home to you.”; two years ago, the woman’s friends and relatives had found that her husband took the hands of his whore, as they strolled the night markets, and that, was when the wife broke down, decided to NOT put up with his ways anymore, moved out of their place, and asked him for a divorce, but Lai had refused to sign.

Lai’s wife this year received yet, another photograph of her husband nude from a whore, and she’d told her, that she’d been with Lai for over three years, and, she could no longer withstand the emotional tortures, asked the courts for a divorce.  Lai told the judge that what his wife said were all true, but she’d already begged for her forgiveness on his knees, and wrote out a confession, that he’s still in love with his wife, hoping that the judge won’t rule on the divorce.

The judge believed, that the two of them had separated since two years ago, and Lai’s wife still hadn’t forgiven him, and that it would be impossible, for their lives to return to the way it once was, allowed for the divorce.

So, this, is a very short-lived marriage, followed by a very long and winding divorce, and, it’s still ALL because that loser couldn’t keep his DICK inside his pants, and how his whores just won’t give up on harassing his wife, and that, just shows how long a woman had to put up with a man, until she finally realized, that hey, this marriage ain’t worth SHIT, and I’m out!  Had she signed the divorce sooner, she would’ve suffered less, but, because of the outside noises, she couldn’t, and now, it’s mandated by the judge that the divorce is final!

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A Self-Reliant Woman

The features of a woman, translated…

My cousin’s husband earlier on worked as a business man in China, she took her two daughters, lived on like the rich in Taiwan, she’d gone shopping at the high-end shops regularly, asked along her rich friends out to afternoon tea, and took up floral arrangements, Chinese painting, calligraphy, turned herself into a rich, elegant woman with the flairs.

A few years later, the light on her face had faded out, she’d no longer hollered for a cab when she’d gone out, instead, she’d rode that old motorcycle to and from work, the previous rich lifestyle had been cut off from her.  Turns out, that her husband took up with another woman in China, and, with his new love, he’d forgotten about his old wife, thus, stopped, supplying her with the money she needed.

My cousin didn’t go all out in her ways, to accuse her husband of being unfaithful in the marriage, she doesn’t file for divorce either, instead, she chose to use her own strength, to help herself back up again.

A few years later, that same rich woman came back.  Other than the elegance that she’d carried with her from before, she’d also gotten an extra confident flair.  My cousin had earned all she has now.  In the family gatherings, a lot of people are sliding on their cell phones, and that, was when my cousin said gloatingly, that the outershell of most electronic devices were made by her company.  She is now, the CFO of an electronic company, she’d moved to China, and is not too far from her husband.  Her husband had parted with his spare, and they’d gotten back together once more.  From the way the two of them interacted, it’s clear, that they’d walked through the lows of their marriage.

My cousin used everything she has, gotten out of the storm clouds of her marriage, other than earning everybody else’s respects, what’s more important was that she’d become an example to us: women MUST become self-reliant.  My cousin is a hard-to-come-by strong woman that’s for certain!

And so, after her man cheated on her, she didn’t get depressed, instead, she’d FORCED herself to get BACK up from the fall, worked hard, focused on her career, made a name for herself, and in the end, her cheating husband returned to her, and now, she has the life she’d always dreamed of.

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Kindness Returned, in the Workplace


When the city of Tainan was about to merge, Hsiu-Fang remained in the original unit she worked in, but her good friend, Ru got transferred, and must work at the main office, she’d rode her motorcycle to the train stations at six in the morning, and, after she arrived, she’d taken the bus to the office, and gets off work at five, by the time she’d gotten home it’s already seven in the evenings.

Hsiu-Feng felt blessed that because she has her family, that, was why she wasn’t transferred, but Ru was single, and an only child, her father had died many years ago, she lived I with her blind mother, and so, she feared being transferred.

When Ru received the notice that she was to be transferred, she’d cried and begged Hsiu-Feng to look after her mother, in the one and a half hour lunch break, she usually needed buy her mother’s lunch for her, and now she’s transfer to the main stations, she doesn’t know how she will be able to take care of her mom, as she’d be leaving the house early in the morning, and returning home late in the nights.

None of the coworkers wanted to get transferred, and Ru can only talk to Hsiu-Feng, who’s like a sister to her, it’s just that Hsiu-Feng lives in the countryside, and if she moves to the city, she must buy or rent a new place, and her husband would naturally not want to go through the process, after all, moving is a huge and troublesome business.

But, seeing how worried, Ru became, how she’d become dumbfounded and would cry often.  Hsiu-Feng empathized with her, and told the personnel offices that she was willing to take Ru’s place in the transfer, so she could stay in the original unit.

Hsiu-Feng’s husband, on the weekends, took her to the main offices with the kids, to look at properties, and, there was a mansion on the market, that’s not too expensive and at the right locations, going to work, school, shopping for groceries would be very easy, and so, the entire family moved into the cities.

And, after she’d moved away, a TON of people fought to rent Hsiu-Feng’s original home, and, the place they’d bought is right next to the future MRT stations, and the price of the land rose a lot, none of this was in her plans, she thought she’d just wanted to help her friend out, that she’d never dreamed of making money, and everybody told her, that it’s her good karma that’s caused all the good things to happen to her.

And so, this still proves that good things come to those who do good, because this woman was kind enough to switch with her coworkers, and she’d given up her original life, and moved into the city, and, because of her kindness, the heavens shined down on her.

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Leaving the Technology Industries and Becoming a Small-Scale Farmer

Changing tracks here, translated…

My good friend, Wu used his weekends, drove his wife to Miaoli to visit with her parents. During lunch, his father-in-law talked of how because of his knee deterioration, it’d become hard for him, to go to the fields to work, he’d wanted to take a short break, but he couldn’t let go of the ties he felt with the land, fearing that the weeds will take over his field, that he wouldn’t have done right by the ancestors.  And so, he’d forced himself to work the land, despite his joint problems.

After Wu heard his father-in-law, he got it into his head, that he’ll move back home, to help his father-in-law with his land, so the elderly can take it easy; plus, he’d gotten weary of the stresses from his high-tech job, and, he wanted, desperately, to escape from the tense environment, he thought, maybe changing the scenes can help him change his mindset somewhat.

That same evening when he went home to Taipei, he’d struck up this conversation with his wife and three children. His wife was extremely grateful for Wu to give her the opportunity to spend more time with her aging parents; and the three kids who are going to grad school and university also told the parents, that they could handle their daily living well in Taipei, that they need not worry about them.

After Wu and his wife went home to Miaoli, they’d taken up the responsibilities for watching and planting a strawberry garden, and insisted on organic methods. After two years of trial and error, and testing his methods, the strawberries he’d planted not only looked plump, they’re also sweet and juicy too.  When Wu has the time, he’d set up a website, to sell his produce that he’d planted himself.  When the three kids are free, they’d also come from Taipei, to spend a day in the country side.

Even though, he doesn’t make as much as he used to now, but, Wu has this more leisurely mindset compared to before. Working as a farmer, with his hands, maybe, he sweated like crazy, but, it’d given him back his health, along with the right kind of tempo of his life.

And so, this man needed a change of scenery, and, he’d changed his tracks, and, it IS a huge adjustment, to go from being a hi-tech industry worker, to a professional farmer, but this man decided that having a healthier lifestyle is more important, and so, he’d made the transitions, quite successfully too.

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Stop Focusing on the Starting Salaries

We have here, someone who’s “fresh off the markets” here, translated…

My son recently got discharged from the armed services, and is about to start working, from before he was discharged, he’d started looking online for opportunities for work, and sent out some of his résumés to the companies that are hiring, he’d gotten a TON of opportunities for interviews, and, just like all the others like him, he was filled with expectation, as well as uncertainties.

Every time there’s a new work opportunity that came along, he’d always asked me, “Mom, what do you think of this job?  I wanted to work closer to home, so I can save up on my gas.”, and that, was the major considerations of his life.

I’d encouraged him, “Son, whatever you want to do, we’ll be supportive, start with a job that’s of interests to you!”

Before he’d found that job that fitted his interest profile, he didn’t stay at home and acted leisurely, instead, he’d gone to where his classmate worked, in a wood factory, and temped there, every day after work, he’d be filled up with dust and piece of chopped up wood, he’d never complained, he’d even told me naively, “the owner of the factory is very kind, even when I didn’t do much to help them out, he’d still paid me salaries.”

One night, he’d worked late, returned home late, as he’d gone into the bathrooms to take a shower, he’d flipped his feet, and told me, “there was a nail that went into my shoes.”  I’d examined the wound and asked him, “Must hurt, huh?”

He’d replied, “Don’t worry, it looks worse than it is, I’m still helping out tomorrow.”

My son’s practical nature and hardworking stance, it’d set my mind to ease, and, as he’d searched for a job, he’d often mumbled, “What good is a degree, like how I’d majored in the traditional industries, and I’d still needed to be trained in the techniques, and start at the entry level positions.”

One day, he’d told me excitedly, “That big company finally called me up, wanted me to work there.  The big company has a better system, and they should have better benefits too, I will be living in the employee dormitories, finally, I’d found a job!”

I too, feel excited for him, after all, a lot of the working experiences are acquired through time, I’d encouraged him, “You must put your heart and soul into work, and, get along with your coworkers, congratulations on finding that first formal job, how much do they pay you a month?”, he’d answered, “I really don’t know, all I know, is that the job is in the realms of electric engineering, at least, I can put what I learned into use, I didn’t inquire exactly, how much the wage is.”

As I watched my son go off to work on his first day, I felt nothing but blessings toward him, glad, that he’d taken everything, in baby steps.  The starting salaries are only a stepping stone as you entered into the workforce, if you’d worked hard, and accumulated the experiences, your wages will surely get increased accordingly.

So, it doesn’t matter IF you’re paid a VERY low amount, like I was, so long as you’re willing to learn the skills required on the job, all the skills would be yours then, and, nobody CAN and WILL ever be able to take that away, and, in the end, you’d have the skills, which will lead you to find a better fitting job for yourselves.

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